Settled in

I’m still not feeling at all well, but today is the first day since I arrived home that I feel better. The coughing has finally eased up enough that last night I slept in the bed with Joe (Joe’s working this week and there’s absolutely no point in both of us being up all night. I gracefully removed myself from our bed so he could sleep on- thus preserving his strength so he could cook, clean and work. We both thought this was very considerate of me) and the real sleep in a comfy bed did me some good. I’m still so tired that the kitchen seems far away and the coughing has left my neck, back and stomach sore in places I didn’t even know I have places, but none of that matters, since I don’t need any of them at all to knit, which, besides sleeping, is pretty much all that I’ve done. So, while I’m settled in, arse on chesterfield, yarn on lap… perhaps I’ll do an overview of what (besides Juno from yesterday) is on the needles?


Large men’s socks, STR Medium-weight (I forget the colourway, somebody will know.) in my standard issue sock pattern. Though these are technically off the needles, they just came off this morning, so I say it still counts. These are destined for the long range planning box.


More socks, this time in STR Lightweight “Henpecked” with a bit of a pattern and en petit peu of a pattern at the tops. Almost done.


Err…more socks. (I’m starting to look a little fixated, aren’t I?)

These are Jaywalkers in Vesper sock yarn “Tartan”. (If these don’t look quite like your Jaywalkers, don’t worry. I bet you’re right and I’m wrong. I didn’t look at the pattern when I started them, so it’s possible I’ve strayed from the path. They match each other though…


Damn. Socks again. For crying out loud. Thing is…I’ve been travelling and socks are a small good project and…. These ones are my standard issue socks in … well. It would appear I’ve misplaced the ball band on that. Probably left it in Minnesota or Colorado. Anybody know what yarn that is? It’s wool for sure, maybe German?

This is … more socks. (I fear myself some days.) I promise it didn’t look like this many on the needles when I started…I just hadn’t put them all together in one place like this and…


These are Cookie A.’s German Stockings. Coming along nicely, though the shaping I’ve done may resemble my legs the way that applesauce resembles an anaconda. I should really put my stitches on a thread and check, but if I’m right I’ll have to rip back pretty much the whole thing and I’ve knit so much that I can’t face it at the moment, especially since there’s no excuse at all. Cookie’s pattern gives so many sizes that the failure is entirely mine. Bummer.

Whoa! Not socks!


This is a secret project I’m working on that you’ll get to see when it’s off to it’s recipient. It’s working out very, very well and I’m having a wonderful time. If you know what it is…don’t guess out loud. The knitter I’m sending it too could be lurking around here. I’m 1/3 of the way done and it has a deadline of “soon”.

Naturally, The Gansey.


The Gansey is in temporary time out in a nice bag thinking about what it has done. (I have to fix a little problem.) Lucky for me, spring has come to Toronto (I can say that out loud. There is a daffodil in my garden.)


Snowdrops make mistakes. Scilla can rush in…but the Daffs, the Daffodils are spring, and since spring lasts about 10 minutes in Toronto before we are blasted with an inferno of a summer….nobody here will be needing a gansey for a bit.

NB: to the list of projects admitted to here today: This is not a complete list. I shall never admit publicly to the full, complete and real list and any references to an project that is on the needles that I am ignoring or have abandoned will be ignored, even if you have photographic proof…even if I provided you with that proof myself through the miracle of blogging. Every knitter has abandonment issues and a rate of disownment. Mine’s not too bad, but I’m still not copping to it. Besides…do you want to discuss what projects you have you stuffed in the back of the linen closet lately?

195 thoughts on “Settled in

  1. It’s so comforting to know that a bevy of socks and then a multitude of other unfinished projects is not only my curse!

  2. Beautiful socks!
    Daffodils and tulips are blooming in E. Washington! Yes, spring is here!

  3. Wow, I’m impressed! maybe if I got sick I’d finish some knitting too…but now we have this new puppy who takes a bit of attention. And isn’t spring just wonderful?!

  4. Ahem. I just confessed to ten on-the-needles projects on my blog, and… well, I didn’t mean to lie. It’s just there are things that aren’t being actively knitted upon, the scarf in the basked BEHIND my chair (so I can’t see it so it’s not there… y’all know) and the couple of things I found in the yarn room last night that I’d forgotten…
    I. didn’t. mean. to. lie.

  5. So, you’re saying that it’s all right to have multiple pairs of #4’s, 6.5’s, etc. Right on. Back to the needle shop for me – “A dozen please!”
    It must be spring, the bunnies are eating the tulip tops here in Elora.

  6. Hey, Steph – you’ve been traveling nonstop so it’s no surprise about the socks. I’ve just started knitting them this year and I find they’re good to knit in faculty meetings – knitting prevents me speaking up when I shouldn’t. I can totally see how you end up with so many, with your schedule!
    Our daffodils in mid-Michigan came out, and then got snowed on . . . so now they bloom horizontally, but they still bloom!

  7. I just started a second pair of socks just so I didn’t have to print out the next page of a pattern yet, so your abundance of socks makes perfect sense to me.
    I think it’s cool that you did the audiobooks. I just finished the last book, and I love it, as I do all the others.

  8. Oh thank God–someone else is a knitting slut and willing to admit it! I have seven projects that I can think of and surely more besides. I had to start new socks when the ones I was working on were making me nuts! It’s their fault, really.
    And–you must still be a pirate, as I get your site when I type in ‘yar’ in my browser. Avast ye!

  9. Oh thank God–someone else is a knitting slut and willing to admit it! I have seven projects that I can think of and surely more besides. I had to start new socks when the ones I was working on were making me nuts! It’s their fault, really.
    And–you must still be a pirate, as I get your site when I type in ‘yar’ in my browser. Avast ye!

  10. Ooooh, Stephanie, that last paragraph made me squirm. But I refuse to confess!! In fact, the rebel in me is thinking I might as well cast on for something else since the situation is so far gone that it’ll hardly be statistically significant if I add one more project. . .

  11. Do you have any rules on how long something stays on the needles before you finally put it out of it’s misery and free the needles to play with new yarn?

  12. we just got our first daffodil about a month ago. and then it snowed. chicago sounds pretty similar to toronto as far as ridiculous weather goes. i’m hoping we get at least a full week of spring before the sauna that is chicago-in-summer begins.

  13. I’m on a sock kick now too… must be the Spring weather. And planning for a class on sock-knitting, so my sample socks have to be ALL IDENTICAL! Pray for me?

  14. No discussion of hidden projects needed! Not allowed!!! Although, I’m not sure I am capable of having that many socks in progress. Maybe I should try.. 😉

  15. I’m working on the German stockings too. The size I cast on first came out way too big, so when I started over I figured I wouldn’t commit to a certain ankle size. I would just decrease until it fit my ankle. It didn’t work out very well. I had issues with the placement of the heel flap that I couldn’t figure out at all, so I ripped back (for the third time) and now I am going by the pattern exactly. Just in a smaller size. And so far so good. But it is hard to rip back all that work. I really love the pattern. It’s my first pair of socks that have any design to them.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  16. Ugh, I just made myself put together a box of WIPs, and it was profoundly depressing. I too lie on my blog about what’s actually on the needles (my WIP sidebar has no bearing on reality).
    I can’t wait to see the German stockings completed. I have the pattern, but I’m not ready to take them on yet (busy fussing over that incessantly cabled Morrigan sweater).

  17. Glad you’re feeling better! I love seeing all the socks – they might all be socks, but they’re all different so I totally understand why you’d need 200 pairs going at once. The pink whatever it is looks pretty, can’t wait to find out what it is!

  18. Girl, I’ve got the components of quilt that are nearly old enough to vote. One of these days. As for knitting projects, not too many, about about 5 or 6. Maybe 7. Hmmm.
    Glad you’re feeling better! Happy daffodils.

  19. Daffodils are blooming on the coast but spring is so not here. It is freezing (well, not literally but certainly for us it feels like it)!! Right now I would give anything for Ottawa’s 15 minute springtime that I had for four years.
    The socks are amazing, btw.

  20. Ha! You caught me at a bad time since I just picked up a three-year-old project and added a good 10 inches to it. I’m feeling so virtuous as a result that yes, I think I will discuss it. What DO you have stuffed back there?

  21. you’re supposed to CONFESS to ufo’s?!?!? pas moi! I’ve told my kids I don’t have finishing issues. Knitting is a process, not a destination. Some day’s I’m happy just casting on…what’s that lovely petit pattern in the henpecked?

  22. What abandonment issue? I am giving my wips time and space to mature on their own.
    I am just amazed by the number of sock needles that you own.

  23. Glad you’re feeling better! That first night of actual SLEEP is always wonderful.
    I am trying not to buy more sock needles because then I will have more socks. Since I tend to knit one pair of socks for myself for every three pairs of socks for others, that means I have to finish socks cause people start demanding socks.

  24. Ummm, No we will not look to the back of any linen closet or search under the bed or behind chairs. Nope…stay out……nothing there.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  25. Ummm, No we will not look to the back of any linen closet or search under the bed or behind chairs. Nope…stay out……nothing there.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  26. I’m making some off-white German Stockings as well! I definitely had to rip back and start over – the sizing for my calf was too big, so I had to scale down. Apparently 200+ size options don’t work for me. Hurrah for being oddly-shaped! 🙂

  27. I hate to tell you, but anyone in the Midwest (US) could tell you that, at least this year, Daffodils are not a reliable sign of spring. Most of ours were very short-lived in 2007, just before the coldest Easter in history. I only tell you this that in case it turns out that winter isn’t finished in Toronto, next year you’ll know what went wrong.
    I’m jealous of all the socks. (Darned big feet.) Someday I swear I’m going to write a sock pattern book for size 10’s and up, and all you women with your dainty arches and delicate toes can just sigh and think, “I wish I could knit those for me.”

  28. Personally, I think you can never have too many pairs of socks. Really now, they are socks after all. 🙂 Coincidentally, I too am knitting with STR henpecked with a bit of a yarn over cable pattern on the leg.

  29. I just finished a project that’s been on the needles for 5 years, 4 months. I’m trying to encourage a case of finish-itis. I have to do the sleeves and yoke of my nieces sweater next, but I cast on the little ruffled tank from Knitty and a pair of socks last night…
    That doesn’t sound like finishitis, does it?

  30. By the way, did I ever tell you that you are the reason I acquired my knitting addiction? I knew how to knit before, but hadn’t done much, and then my friend Tracy pointed me to your bee shoes. I was hooked after that, and I started seeing all the cool things I could make, and, well. I just ran with it. Thanks for that, anyway.

  31. Good to know that I’m not the only one amassing a set of “hiatus” projects, I thought there was something wrong with me when I felt like knitting a whole bunch of different socks at once!
    All of the socks look great, and I’m sure are just what the doctor ordered for a day of rest and recuperation. I’m convinced that wool is also a good cold remedy, in addition to being flame retardant, strong and waterproof.

  32. Sigh. So many great socks! I really like the mystery green pair. (Meilenweit, maybe?)
    The German stocking pattern is truly amazing. I really hope you don’t have to rip.

  33. Glad you are feeling better!
    Now I don’t feel so bad having so many socks on the needles at once. I just got in an order of vesper, and have been oh so good not to cast on yet…but seeing yours…I don’t know how much longer I can hold off!

  34. the one sock – sort of speckled and striped that is missing its ball band looks a bit like the striping pattern of Austermann Step yarns – but I don’t recognize the color.
    Lovely socks, all of them, regardless of the yarn!
    I hope your coughing and soreness soon improve

  35. i had a small cold this year for the first time in a decade (i am oddly resistant to colds). anyway, it felt miserable and i remembered that colds tend to hang on a while, so i wasn’t happy. i took a homeopathic remedy from the health food store called “cold calm” by boiron labs, and man! my symptoms were GONE the next day. i felt 1000 percent better. i know it might be a littel later for that this time, but you seem to get a lot of colds, so maybe it will work for you next time.

  36. I have been feeling guilty for weeks about the rate at which I have been starting up new projects– Now I know I’m not alone. Maybe I’m actually (gasp) a “normal” knitter…?

  37. I’d give my left eye to finish a pair of socks. . . .to find 10 minutes to knit. . . but I keep using all my knitting time to make googly faces as the little guy. It’s lame but scads of fun. The socks are all lovely–Megan’s too!

  38. Our family has WIP’s that are now multi generational. The most notable of which is a granny square afghan started by my grandmother, now in the possession of my mother that I suspect will be willed to me at some point in the future. Guess I better figure out how to crochet, huh?

  39. I won’t mention your Highland Triangle Shawl if you ignore my Fiddlesticks scarf, (or any of its friends lurking around my house…)
    My favourite white daffodils came out, and got snowed on. Now, I think they’re afraid. Bt the peonies are poking through!

  40. Wow! Love the socks, love the daffodil! Way down here in So. Cal. the daffodils have come and gone. But I do love them. Just wanted to say that I love your sock “recipe” in your Knitting Rules. Very cool. I’m making my first pair with some hand painted from Yarn Pirate. I can already tell that they will be a favorite. Blog on, and feel better!

  41. I’m with Marcy–knitting keeps me from getting (more) irritated and saying things I really shouldn’t at faculty meetings. Maybe someday the Powers that Be will notice this and lift the “no knitting” zone warning on faculty meetings. Great socks. And I agree–no one is looking into my boxes, cedar chests, bags, bags on doorknobs, closets…fortnuately I don’t have a blog, so only my lives-far-away daughter knows.

  42. Um, how many years have you been working on that gansey? I know that he deserves the perfect sweater, but he also deserves to get to wear it…
    Really, this is just the pot calling the kettle black. My husband is still waiting for a sweater that has only half the back knit for the third time, and has been for exactly 18 months. Feel free to chide me back.

  43. I completely understand about CookieA’s socks! I’m knitting Milicent, and was almost finished with the gusset on the first foot when I could no longer remain in denial, and had to rip it back to the beginning and start all over again. So, does ‘3rd sock syndrome’ exist?

  44. I love the name “henpecked” for sock yarn. Let’s just say socks from that would be appropriate for a friend of mine. Heh.
    As for shoved to the back of the closet – remember that great laceweight cashmere from the K/W knitter’s fair a couple of years ago? Yup, in the naughty chair.

  45. I love the colors on those socks! Actually, that’s one reason I took up knitting, because I tend to wear through socks fairly quickly. The irony, of course, is that I haven’t knitted any socks yet. Ahh, daffodils! They make me glad I have a May birthday.

  46. Hiya!
    I actually have that green yarn, but lost the band also. What is the world coming to?
    Look on the bright side of knitting socks, at least you’re not on a mission to knit socks in every one of the Big Ten Conferences’ school colours. I’m working on all 11 schools and hopefully will eventually finish them by the time I die.
    I really admire your work and love your blog. Thanks for everything, which includes your basic sock pattern. =) Thanks Stephanie. AND COME TO IOWA SOMETIME!!! =P

  47. Hiya!
    I actually have that green yarn, but lost the band also. What is the world coming to?
    Look on the bright side of knitting socks, at least you’re not on a mission to knit socks in every one of the Big Ten Conferences’ school colours. I’m working on all 11 schools and hopefully will eventually finish them by the time I die.
    I really admire your work and love your blog. Thanks for everything, which includes your basic sock pattern. =) Thanks Stephanie. AND COME TO IOWA SOMETIME!!! =P

  48. Of course- everything is gorgeous…. but those henpecked socks? They are just about the happiest socks I’ve ever seen!
    The STR project is killin me…. I LOVE pink.. that is like fresh lilacs pink or hydrangea pink… spring spring spring! Prettiful. Truly prettiful.
    Hope you continue to heal;) ts

  49. I think you have the same virus that I had a couple of weeks ago. My cough also left me sore in places that I didn’t know I had. Also, I think compulsive knitting was in the DNA of that virus, because I did. I have a one and a half socks to prove it! (My first pair, too!) Oh, and I really like that stitch you did on the second pair up there; makes me want to scour my Babara Walker pattern books for alternative ribbing ideas for my next pair of socks.

  50. The colors are gorgeous, and I greatly admire your sock handiwork. I, on the other hand, am still working on a pair from Christmas, although they should actually be finished tonight.
    My lace cardigan, however, is another story. I’ve got the back done, but am afraid it’s too short for the recipient. I’m still in the denial phase of “blocking = cure all”, in hopes that I won’t have to rip it back and make adjustments.

  51. MMMmmmmmm…love the socks! I can’t wait to see what the surprise project is!…when are you coming back to Ottawa?

  52. Yes, spring in Maine is about a half hour long and we have daffodils too!! Black flies can’t be far behind….but then our summers tend to be misty/foggy with occasional sunny days.
    Up until last week I had six pairs on the needles. When one gets close, I give it my full attention. This approach yielded two finished pair (including one in STR “Stormy Weather” heavyweight which I think is the same colorway as your first pair).
    I’ve ordered some STR heavyweight in rose quartz in anticipation of your revelation of the secret project…
    Feel better soon! Hope you haven’t cracked any ribs with all the coughing. I did that two years ago during a particularly nasty pneumonia bout.

  53. Whoa Sally! I mean Stephanie:) That is a whole lot of socks…. But hay I know what you mean socks are totatlly portable and addictive. I have 4 pairs on the needles now and am pretty close to casting on another pair for those Diamond Backs that just came out.
    I hope you feel much better soon. Looks like you are on your way though:)

  54. Does stuff waiting to be frogged count? I still have a Mary Maxim sweater from 1985 hanging in my closet waiting to be seamed….argh.

  55. Hey, us knitters need a Code of Honor. We don’t mention the size of others’ stashes, and we certainly don’t need to be pointing out the multiplicity of others’ WIPs.
    And if it’s OK for you to have all those socks on needles, it’s certainly OK for me to start another pair, right?
    I think the green stuff is Trekking. But I’m just talking out of my arse, I really don’t know.

  56. Oh how I wish I could churn out socks like you do! They’re all amazing. Mine take forever…oh well! I hope you continue to feel better and better! 🙂

  57. You gave the gansey a time out, lolololol! It looks really naughty too, made to sulk down there in the bottom of the bag.
    Glorious socks! Yes, I’m sure the yarn savants will have the mystery yarn identified in no time. You know, one of these days, I’d love to see a competition where the yarn intelligensia can go head to head, guessing at random swatches and competing for a really cool title like “The Yarn Oracle.”

  58. Sounds like you are at least on the way back to healthy.
    Glad you mentioned THE gansey. When I was spinning this morning I thought of it and wondered where you were with it.

  59. I love all your socks! I bought some yarn to try your pattern from Knitty Gritty but I hate the yarn so I am on the lookout for new yarn. The yarn I picked was way too thin. I like thicker yarns. Maybe I’ll try STR medium.

  60. I don’t want to talk about project that have been put aside, as they are not weather appropriate…but my 15 year old asked me the other day if I had issues finishing things. Her lizard ridge may be in danger of getting put aside! (The one project I WANT to finish up is visiting a friend, therefore I had to start a different project, until I can finish the visiting project.)

  61. “nobody here will be needing a gansey for a bit…”
    Right. Because the time to work on a honking great tithebarn of a sweater which is still going to take months of one’s life is when it’s the season to wear it. Yep. Yep.
    And besides, it never gets cold in Canada in the summer. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  62. It all sounds reasonable to me. WIP confessions probably ought to fall under the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” clause, don’t you think?

  63. No, I do NOT wish to discuss that which I do not wish to discuss. And I solved the issue of my husband’s unfinished sweater – by not even starting. Happy recuperation from your nasty bug.

  64. The yarn looks a lot like a yarn we have in our store, ‘Ditto’ by Universal Yarns. I’m on the fence about Universal as a whole, because they seem to put out an awful lot of ucky novelty yarns, but Ditto is just gorgeous and really soft. Anyway, the look of the yarn and the striping pattern makes me think of Ditto.

  65. I have been in the throes of vertigo-induced by allergies or some wicked thing. Makes knitting a bit precarious-never know if you are going to impale yourself on a needle. Still, I valiantly struggle ahead with the sleeveless sweater I am making. Actually, I should just rent myself out as a drop spindle at this rate(2 weeks of this hell already). Got the spinning down to perfection.
    Here is a question-best sock pattern for someone who has never made them(yes, I admit it)? Your photos have inspired me(plus they may be more vertigo friendly).

  66. Forgive me if this has been said all ready, but the mystery sock yarn is ON-Line, 75% wool, 25% something else. I think it’s a German company, but the label I have with me says “made in Italy.”
    I made my dad socks out of that colourway. He almost refuses to take them off.

  67. I don’t even wear socks 9 months out of the year, but I keep signing up for sock exchanges so I have an excuse to make them. 😉

  68. Love the socks. But spring is here (I have daffodils too, just north of Toronto). I will remain sockless, despite the weather, until next November. Welcome back Birkenstocks. Someone above asked about frogging to reuse needles. NEVER. One just buys more needles. Right?

  69. I have a couple of projects in “time out” because they behaved badly, and since I’m the knitmommy, it’s really my fault. Bad concept, wrong colors, who measures, can’t count, oh, lots of reasons. No, I don’t want to say how many.
    I too went back to Jaywalker to clear my palate. Thank goodness for Grumperina.

  70. You have quite a few nice socks on the go there. I won’t discuss what is in my abandoned project case, but since this is your blog, shouldn’t we be discussing you and your stuff? After all, you brought it up.

  71. Spring is a very good time for socks. Small, and they don’t warm up your lap too much.
    Admitting to all the UFOs sounds like a crazy idea. The whole reason why we blog and write about these things is to … fool ourselves? Oh, nevermind.

  72. sigh. I love your colors and patterns! The socks are all beautiful! I am so excited – I recently bought me some basic knitting tools and yarn so I can quit drooling over everyone’s projects and start learning myself!

  73. Glad you are feeling better. I have strep throat. Trying to knit and work but keep falling asleep.
    YOUR NEW BOOK IS AWESOME! There. I yelled it. =) Got it from Amazon the other day and lurrrrrve it.
    You rock! Oh, and your little girl’s socks rock, too…and don’t let her tell ya she isn’t a little girl. Mine is 15 (will not knit, geez Mom I am not a grandma) and she is still a little girl. MY little girl.

  74. Your knitting is beautiful — I am just amazed at how fast you complete things. I plod along thinking I have whipped up something pretty quickly and then see how much you can accomplish while you’re sick…………I saw Cat Bordhi on Knitty Gritty this afternoon and saw that she knits Continental and with great speed (even behind her back she can cast on stitches for the mobius!) Do you think changing to holding the yarn in my left hand would make a huge difference? I noticed when you were on Knitty Gritty with your sock demo you hold the yarn like I do. Unfortunately, I have a full time job and a husband who interfere with my knitting – yeah, that’s where the blame belongs.

  75. You’ll have to find them (one I really don’t know where it is, cottage perhaps?) before I’ll discuss them & the back of the linen closet isn’t where they’re at!

  76. I love the German stockings – what is that, like seventy eleven billion stitches? Yikes! I have 7 (yes, seven) sets of wristwarmers on DPN’s as we speak. I thought I only had 5 but a few days ago, I found 2 more that I had thrown behind the couch. Apparently I am less than impressed with DPN’s – they make me cuss and throw them – a lot.

  77. How kind of you to sleep else where and I am glad you feel better, being sick or down in the dumps or what ever is no fun and gets old fast.
    My jaywalkers don’t look like the pattern either, they are a ball of yarn, almost done and then poof, little people try to knit (or stab either other with DPNs)

  78. I’ve been on a sock bender lately too. Jaywalkers in Vesper are on my needles too, but mine are Aqua Melon instead of Tartan. I love Vesper Jaywalkers even more than I loved STR Jaywalkers.

  79. I should show this to my husband — he laughed at me the other night when he asked me how many pairs of socks I had going, and I responded “technically 3, the other 3 locked in the spare bedroom don’t count.”
    One of those 3 active pairs is the German Stocking, in Lorna’s Laces chino. I also had to rip because (a) I misinterpreted the chart when starting the motif and all the dropping and re-cabling could not put Humpty-Dumpty back together again (maybe because I was still misreading the chart… ahem), and (b) it was too big, anyway. I figured it was my guage, but now I wonder if there isn’t any negative ease figured into the sizing? I went down a size and started over, and it’s fitting better now. (Yes, I try it on while on 4 dpns — I only drop a stitch or two if I’m not careful.)

  80. Ahh… Spring time in the Rockies! My kids had a *snow day* yesterday, but the forecast for Sunday is 80 degrees.
    I, too, have WAY too many WIP and my friend just sent me a sweater to finish for her. Unfortunately, it will all have to be frogged, so it is going to the bottom of the frog pond.

  81. Since I consider my husband and children ongoing projects- do they count if I stuff them in the linen closet that exists in my head? Notice I’m not mentioning the ruffles scarf from hell or the crayon box jacket that I’m not sure I like but have spent over $200 in yarn for!!!!!

  82. Wow. Sick and yet producing socks like a rabbit!! Way to go, sick-o. I brought out and project recently on my blog (Confessions of a Embarrassed Knitter). I started it in 2002, after attending Knitting Camp. I’m going to camp again in July, so I figured I better get it done!!

  83. How dare you! I NEVER stuff projects into the linen closet. The nerve of some people!
    They go into a rubbermaid tub to compost of course. 😉

  84. Hey, cheer up. I’ve got a hot pink sweater from Vogue Winter 1993 (I think) in Lamb’s Pride Bulky. The front and half the back are done. I’m not sure if I still have all the yarn, and I’m still not entirely ready to frog it.
    I have a lot of socks on the needles, too, but now I’m considering making entrelac fish mittens out of one set. And thanks for the Juno sweater link. Now I have one more to add to the “must have, no idea when I’ll make it” list. No, really, thanks.
    I’m 5’1″, and I think we’d both rock that sweater hard.

  85. I don’t think the green stuff is trekking…but I’m talking out my arse too. I swear I had one or more balls of this in my hand last week and it was either Opal or Reggia…I’m thinking Opal, but for the life of me I can’t remember. Now that I see your socks, I’m kind of wishing I had bought some. I bought Lorna’s Laces in Rainbow instead…making a pair of children’s socks for DS #1 (age 6).

  86. Dear Joe’s Gansey:
    Please don’t be mad at your designer. After all, she is the Yarn Harlot and can’t help that she is obsessed with knitting socks right now. (Yes, I agree with you that the henpecked socks are a beautiful color too). The Harlot just can’t see past the socks to your beautiful grey color that she spun herself lovingly, albeit annoyingly at times, for months so that she could knit you and present you to her beloved, a treasure and heirloom for all times.
    You really can’t blame the Harlot for not speaking to you right now. After all, it is your fault she stopped working on you. You turned yourself right-side-to-back, upside down and/or inside out. The Harlot knows it will take some time (days) to rearrange (rip back) you so that you are back at the place where she can start again anew.
    Never fear Joe’s Gansey. The Harlot has spent too much time on you, and has put you in the public eye for years now (how many years is that?). Too many Harloteers have seen you, your homespun grey wool and charts. These persons will NEVER stop asking about you until you. are. done.
    We Love you Joe’s Gansey. Hang in there….. 🙂

  87. I have a grammar question, and I suppose it is a British v. American grammar question. I know about the spelling thing. I know about the quotation marks inside the closing punctuation thing. My question revolves around “it’s” v. “its.” I was taught that “it’s” always always always meant “it is,” and the possessive was “its.” Are you folks, who are closer to the Mother Land than us obnoxious Americans (who changed our spelling JUST to be different, BTW)correct? Or is this an actual error?
    I can’t help it. I’m an English teacher!

  88. Ok, now my question is….with all this knitting going on….just HOW MANY knitting bags do you have? I posted mine on my blog….ladies..confession time…how many ya got?? And what do you carry in it(them)?

  89. The green fair-isle self-striping yarn looks to be Regia. I have some in a different color and it looks the same, but it could be another company that has the same jacquard patterning? I’ll come clean about WIPs and UFOs, all of them if you will. . .j/k I do in fact have all of my projects listed on my blog, about 6-7, but some of those are in final completion stages. And two are off the active rotation, but one is waitng for next winter to be finished, the other will be done this spring.

  90. Admit to my full list of unfinished projects? Oh HELL no. I’d like to keep what small shreds of self respect I still have. Besides, it’s my pastime-for-fun and so I refuse to feel guilty about something I’m doing for fun. They’re aging like fine wine and when they’re ready they’ll either come out for finishing or ripping.

  91. Admit to disowning abandoned projects….hmmm, if only they had voices…
    “Mom?…Mom? It’s me…the cardigan you started six months ago. Mom? Have I…done something? Why don’t you spend time with me anymore? Do you still love me? MOM?! NO, please don’t put me in the basket…can’t.go.back.into.the.dark. Nooooo!
    Lovely socks dear.

  92. I know what sock yarn that is because I just finished a pair of socks for my husband with the same yarn! Its Online Supersocke 100 – I think the name of the color is Sierra. Yes its wool! Made in Turkey (but the label has a lot of German on it) (Go figure)Their web site is
    If theirs anything else you need to know – Please feel free to email me and no I don’t work for their company!

  93. I used to knit afghans for relative, friends, and a community resource center (until I got completely SICK of them). I would deliberately cast on three or four of them and get them started, so they would keep me warm in the winter while I watched football games.

  94. I hate to rain on your sock parade with something as mundane as logic, but what’s the point in knitting Cookie’s stocking even more if it’s wrong? I’m all for being a process knitter, and if you’ve messed up that means you get to knit it all over again, but …?
    Glad you’re feeling better. I came down with the same thing, but my bug was localized and didn’t contain several strains of airplane evil like I’m sure yours did. I just coughed for a couple of days and then slept for a week. Except, literally. Rip Van Winkle type sleep.

  95. The green striped yarn is definitely “Ditto” by Universal Yarns. I bought the same yarn at Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in Boulder last month while I was helping my mom recover from foot surgery. I just finished a pair of socks made with it last week.

  96. It always gives me great comfort to see that you are knitting socks with your basic sock pattern. The day I cast on my first sock, I also happened to read your basic sock pattern in Knitting Rules! and have been using it shamelessly ever since. Lots of bloggers seem to show only the intricate socks and while this is inspiring, it kind of makes me wonder if basic socks are still valid expressions of knitting. I always tell myself, “If the Yarn Harlot makes basic socks, it’s OK for me to as well.” I have made other, more complicated patterns, too, of course but I always have one basic sock on the needles. It’s so comforting and familiar (and fast) and there are times when I really need that. So please never stop showing us your socks, be they fancy or basic!

  97. Whatever the pink thing is, it’s turning out awfully pretty.
    I don’t understand about all the socks. Do your friends walk about in their stocking feet a lot, thereby wearing them out unnaturally quickly?

  98. As always, your socks are awesome. And since I didn’t get to compliment Meg on HER socks yesterday–WTG, MEG! Can’t wait to see the secret project. It really looks amazing. 🙂

  99. Finish-itis rides with the common cold virus, right? Or is it more like Chicken Pox–when yuoo hear the the grammar school child next door has them, you promptly sent yours over to play….
    I’ve just told my UF-Socks that they’re going to Toronto. They are VERY excited. Stress+Spotlight=Finishing. I’ll need to try that.
    How’s the tide at Chez Harlot?

  100. I’ve gotten to the point that I assign projects a day of the week. Wednesday is hubby sweater day, etc. Too constricting? Not so! You just have to willing to be fluid with it. Like if that lace shawl is SO close to being completed, I’ll go ahead and keep going til it’s done. Oh, and there’s also the “purse project” that goes with me when the day’s project is too unwieldy for travel. So there’s some room to play around if the day’s project just isn’t doing it for me that day. It’s actually working out well!

  101. Yes, I am guilty also. I have about four projects on the needles I’ll easily confess to, and then there are the others…Do you ever hunt down abandoned projects and pull the needles out of them to use on a new project? Will you admit to it? That is what I will be doing tonight.

  102. I love the sock you have OTN, I too have a few “kicking around” but am trying to finish a pair for my mom for Mother’s Day… They’ve become my traveling socks. Glad you could get a glimps of spring! 🙂

  103. I have a fairly young cat who has recently learned that by jumping on my Rubbermaid stash containers, he can pop the lids and reveal the treasures inside. The resulting mess forced me to sort, and while doing so, list the unfinished projects. I quit that soon enough, but not before admitting that I had enough for my own “Sock of the Month” club for ahem, at least two years. Eeeek! If only mine were as lovely as yours.
    Glad you’re feeling better.

  104. Wish it had been more Spring-like when we were in Toronto a couple weeks ago!
    Whenever you get a chance, swing by Lettuce Knit, left ya something. 🙂

  105. I live in Germany, and just bought that color of Online European yarn and a purple one at my LYS a few weeks ago. The colorways are in different groupings. That particular green (as well as the purple I purchased) is in the “Sierra” group, although I can’t find the actual color name on it anywhere. This yarn can be found for sale in the US at The Loopy Ewe.

  106. glad to hear you are feeling better. sleep is good. i should get more of it. your socks are awesome. my jaywalkers (who met you) didn’t look like the others and I still don’t care and neither do they.
    i think the ball bands are running off to frolic in the spring weather that has finally decided to make an appearance. can’t say i blame them.

  107. Whatever happened to all your Nitty Gritty socks in various stages of completion?

  108. Now I really know why you are my idol…now that you have confessed that you will not reveal the REAL number of UFO’s hidden in your closets (and I wouldn’t even want to think of where else) I know that we are surely kindred spirits! I have several knitting friends whom I love dearly; and I will not speak of my number even to them! Nor would I ever mention the ages of some of them. Nor would I tell how close some are to completion! Yes, you are truly my idol!

  109. Wow – How did I miss that you were so under the weather? Maybe because yesterday was one of those spastic days for me. I do hope your R&R brings you back to full health and vitality very soon. As for the socks, really very impressive. Maybe because they were first, but I love those black/white/grey ones the best. Or, maybe because I just bought some b/w/g Artyarns Supermerino and I’m just waiting for the right pattern to cross my path so I can cast on. In the meantime, WIP = 10, more or less (mostly more).

  110. The unknown green/black with cream and gold sock yarn is Ditto, but I don’t know if they name or number their colorways and the thought of digging through my stash to find the ballband is…daunting. I have at least five (that I can remember) OTN, but will (as soon as I find a box to mail it) get rid of one, unfinished, guiltlessly, to Kristina Wong for her piece that I read about in VK. It’s awful-to-knit novelty yarn (I’ve become a fiber snob), and though it’s soft and machine washable, I do not want to put “I &*$#UEJ#!!! hate this *&^?$@!! splitting *&%M@!!? yarn” vibes into a Project Linus afghan. (I also now refuse to gift what I wouldn’t wear/use myself. I prefer wool hats, but I don’t mind using a good quality acrylic for a washable/non-allergy charity knit.) With your feet up during recuperation, think of how much longer your handknit socks will last you. (Please say that you at least wear those…)

  111. Glad you’re feeling just a little better. So nice to see that you finally have some time to knit! The socks are gorgeous! All of them! You are absolutely right about unfinished UFOs. None of us want to go there!

  112. As for the crud… my guess is Influenza Type A. That’s what’s going around here.

  113. Maybe I’ve missed something. Did you ever post a picture of the finished Bohus? I saw it in person at the Tattered Cover, but I wanted to show it to a friend and can’t find a finished photo on your blog.

  114. Gee, I feel like such a failure, I only have ummmmm, 4, no 5, no 7, no . . . crud . . . you know it is really sad when you pick a project on whether or not you have the needles available because all your other needles are, ummmm, preoccupied.
    I love the socks. I have Cookie’s pattern(s). Gosh they are fantastic.

  115. Okay…here’s the thing…I have this list of every project I’ve ever completed and am working on. My rule is this…when the project gets ERASED from the list, it ceases to exist, it has never existed, it will never forthwith be mentioned and, in fact, has entered George Orwell’s mythical state of UNBEING. I think the only place ever that a thing can have the status of UNBEING is in a knitter’s closet. Should things that have UNBECOME actually come back to life, it should scare me into a screaming fit and send me shrieking naked (undesirable) with my hair on fire (very undesirable) and hollering show tunes (downright terrifying) into the street of our quiet little suburb.
    I’m pretty sure that the closest knitters will ever come to forming a totalitarian plan for government will be in the act of declaring such a list exists.

  116. I’m so glad you’re back home and feeling better. I missed the “plain ol’ knitting blog”, not that the traveling didn’t look like a lot of fun. I’m even more sorry that I missed you in Lexington. I swear that a hospital was involved and the only thing keeping me away! (Thankfully, everyone is now ok.) Maybe next time!

  117. There has to be balance…a bunch of projects-to-be, a bunch of current projects and a bunch of projects-in-time-out. Otherwise, the land of knitting (and perhaps the larger world) would tip over.
    We, as knitters, are obviously doing the world much good.

  118. The green yarn looks like “ditto” sock yarn, I have a pair of socks (that I LOVE) done in ditto sock yarn, and it looks just like that. I found the yarn in a shop near San Diego (la Mesa maybe?), the one and only place I have ever seen it. If I find it again, i swear I will buy all they have in stock. If yours is not Ditto, then I have no idea. :=) PattiO

  119. Oh, almost forgot…I sure hope that you haven’t jinxed spring. My daffodils have been flattened twice by substantial amounts of snow. You definitely live on the better side of the lake!

  120. A bit of pattern *and* un petit peu of pattern? Have you been talking to Lee Ann and Spiff lately?
    I do not wish to harass you about what you are not showing us today, truly, but I need to know: what is that cable square in your Pop Quiz post??? I must have it. Surely you understand this.

  121. My Aunt started a sweater (beautiful coral color) before she met my Cousin’s father. My cousin completed it herself when she was in her early teens. Maybe Meg will give you a hand someday ;o )
    I’m not nuts after all!?! All I want to knit right now is socks! I swear I hear them calling from the sock yarn…
    And, NO, we will not discuss the WIPs hanging around my house…Nuh-uh won’t go there…Nuh-uh!

  122. I completely agree. If someone really wants to know how many abandoned project I have, they can go through all my blog posts and track down every project ever started. If they suddenly fall off the map, well I supposed they could be called abandoned. Those that I’m willing to track are on my WIP list. BTW, nice socks nice socks nice socks nice socks nice socks.

  123. One third of a secret,
    Spelled out in rose crystal.
    How will this impossible riddle,
    Ever get finished in time?

  124. Nice rationalization on the gansey there. And no, you can’t see what’s in my closet!

  125. I love that you’ve got all these gorgeous socks on the needles. I’ve been inspired lately by that time when you knit a sock a day for the Knitty Gritty appearance and have decided to set aside a day in the near future to make myself a whole sock. It’s a second sock, hence the urgency. I’m trying to talk some others into suffering along with me, so wish us luck!

  126. There isn’t a container under the futon with things on the needles that I haven’t looked at in months. Nope. Not in my apartment.
    The only reason I don’t have that many socks OTN myself is that I only have 2 sets of size 0 needles that I really like. Oh there’s lots of other 0’s in the apartment, I just don’t like them (or I’m allergic to them, one or the other).
    Very glad you’re starting to feel better!

  127. I’m cracking up at your comment about Canada having an inferno of a summer. Come to Atlanta, GA in around July or August for a real heat wave! Love your socks. Just bought one of your books and I’m giving ’em a whirl. Thanks for the inspiration!

  128. I can join this club , I recently just finished a 6 1/2 foot long scarf, doubled stranded red and black sports weight acrylic yarn with a 2 stitch rib. It took 10 years, could be because I have become more of a “yarn snob” perferring wool. and natural fibers,or the color combination wore me down plus the fact I made 50 stitches wide on 10.5 needles. sigh,Here’s hoping you are feeling better. Get plenty of fluids and rest.
    Kristy in Wi.

  129. since I am sadly blogless, I could have more UFOs than anyone and nobody would be the wiser ~_~ truth is, though, I only have a couple- a sweater that will be finished soon (just needs sewing up, and promised it to my friend before she goes off on tour in June) and a second sock, which I cast on just now. My problem is, I have a queue of projects that are still in the form of Ziploc bags containing Yarn, Patterns, and needles, and am having trouble prioritizing. Any tips on knitting triage?

  130. YES! Daffodils! That’s DEFINITELY a sign of spring, never doubt the daffodils!
    Btw, a cough is kinda like… a .25 sit up. Think about it. Feel better because you have probably done approximately 5000 of them. Congratulations honey!

  131. Well, socks are more magical than most knitting (see I’m reading the new book…) so entirely understandable especially when sick.
    Ummmm, re: the last question. We won’t discuss the Kaffe Fassett inspired sweater that changes yarn every 8 stitches every two rows. No, we won’t mention that…

  132. *shakes head* … Poor Joe.. I wonder what he thinks about all those socks while his beloved sweater is simmering in a bag. Feel better soon!!

  133. I also am suffering from the ‘crud’ and spent 8 hours yesterday watching 4 new Lucy Neatby DVDs.It made being sick almost worthwhile. Hard to knit a pattern when you are listening to her though. My granddaughter just turned 13 and I haven’t finished her mother’s baby quilt yet!Love daffodils even if they get snowed on.

  134. I am so glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I would hate to think your visit in KY caused your illness. I have a few socks going also. Keep resting and recovering. (BTW, I loved your speech)

  135. Yes, socks are small and easy to travel with. One pair, that is. Five pair equal a sweater!

  136. STR—Do you have a preference for the light or medium weight? I plan on picking a bunch up @ MD Sheep & Wool. Thanxxxxx in advance for the info.

  137. Hah! There are NO unfinished knitting projects in MY linen closet!
    None. Nil. Nada.
    My knitting is under the bed. And in the gym. And on the back of the dining chairs. And in the office…
    And my socks keep turning out flipper- or pixie- shaped right now. So we shan’t even count the ones under the sofa…

  138. UFO’s? How about all the PBUSO (planned but unstarted objects) for the new babies coming in the fall, etc. Yikes! Okay, I’ll admit to 4 sets of socks on needles – all on circulars because I just can’t handle dpns well enough. The circs give me confidence that dpns can’t touch with all the road time we spend together. I say we need to have “several” projects going on different needle sizes to avoid hand strain…and hey, we can always buy more needles to handle the next project, right? My saddest WIPS are the finished pieces that I just can’t get the seaming right on. I hate that part!
    My DH refers to my knitting area as my nest – nice wooly nest – and considers it to be my therapy. DDDDDDDDH! I’m not telling how many bags I have but I do have a bag to store them in…most of them…when they aren’t full….
    Glad you’ve got spring – we had daffies and crocus in February because they cuddle up close to the house and the brick warms the ground. Now we’ve got iris and lilacs and are on the watch for lily of the valley (my favorite).
    Blessings to you all! Feel better soon, Harlot, but knit much while you rest!

  139. I’m getting in a sock mood too. Unless I get farther along in the Alice Starmore Fulmar sweater I’m making, summer will be here and hot flashes occur when I have something warm resting on my lap. Socks are ideal for the summer.
    The mystery yarn looks like Regia jacquard to me. I knit a pair in blue tones and it looks just like your greenies.

  140. OK – I’m officially Determined to Do Socks again, when I’m done with the stuff on my needles everywhere (dishcloths, a baby blankie panel, er…&c &c &c) Those German socks? I’m fainting with admiration. They look SO TOTALLY beyond me (the socks I’ve made are out of a 50-cent pamphlet from the ’60s called something like “Visually-impaired three-year-olds of dubious species can knit these”) but I may send for that and make it my Life’s Work to try them. Now the requisite Jewish Mother advice: Hot lemonade sweetened with honey. Provides soothing comfort, vitamin C and delicious energy. I have spoken.

  141. It was great seeing you in Lexington last weekend. I’m completely drooling over those Cookie A German stockings. If I could pull a pair over my ample calves, I’d be making those babies!
    Penny in Kentucky

  142. My last pair of handknit socks started going in holes this weekend… My knitting pile will probably start to resemble yours soon. That mystery yarn looks like Fortissima Socka.

  143. the unknown yarn is Online Supersocke, in the nice green colour that we had one left of at the store i work in, and i wasn’t quick enough to grab.
    It’s great to work with though, I’ve made socks out of the red and black ones

  144. Man, that is one bad bug! I am still coughing a bit and I started with the fever the day after camp ended. It was a lot of fun though and I guess a little cough was worth it all to meet you and Cookie and Nathania and Tina and Kaci and everyone else (no, I didn’t forget dear Cat, I had already met her). What a lot of fun. Thanks for coming!

  145. I have a project fulminating in a lantern moon bag as well. A green one. Maybe they are the knitting equivalent of a pickling crock.

  146. You mean there are actually those who have some *idea* of how many projects they have going?!
    ::horrified silence at totally new concept::
    Glorious buncha socks! (Get better get better get better get better!)

  147. You know, I have 5 pairs of socks on needles right now and I’m not even a (oh please don’t faint or suffer a relapse because I’m saying this) die-hard knitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love to knit and all, but compared to a great many people I know who can honestly say they are knitters, I’m just a tadpole in the knitting pool! My husband doesn’t understand this. He thinks that when a person starts something like a pair of socks, they should finish them before they start the next pair. I’ve tried to explain about social knitting vs. I must concentrate knitting. He’s an engineer and a one thing at a time sort of guy. Even though he doesn’t get it, he still buys me yarn. He got me a membership to the Rocking Sock Club for a Valentines/Mothers Day present. What a guy! I have to get at least one pair done because I just got my April Rocking Sock club kit and I’m in love with the yarn and the pattern. Your socks are just lovely. Personally I think anyone with the name Yarn Harlot should have dozens of projects scattered all over the place, especially socks LOL! Now I have to go and get at least one pair of socks done so I can

  148. I have …ummm…three or four projects on the go and about 100 simmering in my brain (I blame the abundance of online patterns, Knitty being the main culprit). It’ll only get worse, three knitting books are arriving today (two of ’em yours, Ms Harlot!). And that’s without the spinning and the felting.
    Howevre the abscence of my beloved this week means I have been able to LOADS of the ‘antisocial shawl’ (AKA Handmaiden Stormwater shawl) and it should be ready for the summer, as planned!

  149. A FLOWER ! We are in the midst of ” breakup’ ( aka spring) here in McKinley, Alaska. So you will be in Anchorage in June……have you considered Fairbanks? Best town in the state. And our knitting group is only 2 hours away, as opposed to 5 hours to Anchorage. David Sedaris is filling a concert hall at the university. I bet you could too.. !

  150. Hi Yarn Harlot, I just wondered if you’d like to participate in making squares for Hokie Healing down here in Blacksburg, Va.? We are putting together blankets for the victim’s families of the mass shooting last week. We’d love any help, especially from a harlot like yourself. Our LYS’s blog has more details,
    Yours Truly,

  151. Nuts. Now I think I really shall have to frog the hat that has been in time out thinking about what it has done.
    The daffodils are out here, too, as is the forscythia and the hyacinths. Spring has indeed arrived…finally.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  152. How many UFO’s? In a word- Nunya— nunya business…. cause my husband could find out.. and we don’t want to rile him up over projects in a holding pattern the next time to go to my LYS. (Usually Satudays!)
    This secret shall join me in my grave….. and I will be embalmed in UFO’s, like an Egyptian Mummy… minus the linen.. (hmm although it’s nearly summer- and i may have some linen projects in the queue!)

  153. must be something in the air, I just posted a blog about ‘half sock syndrome’ and all the half socks that are on needles…

  154. I love ALL of the socks. I never tire of seeing them on or off the needles.
    And, no. I do not want to duscuss poor “Icarus” stuck in a project bag in the corner. Cast on in March or was it February…for the “Shut Up And Knit Your Cabin Cove” knit along. Nope. You can’t make me talk about it.

  155. Socks, I love SOCKS. I could roll around in sock yarn. Addiction, obession, what ever you want to call it . . . it’s normal.
    I think you and the gansey will make up soon. After all this is the first time you have mentioned it in months . . . the road to forgiveness is sometimes long.

  156. Since I quit smoking over 4 months ago I’ve been knitting like mad. Current projects include:
    1. BFF Socks by Cookie almost finished. My first experience with Koigu and I love it. I don’t want these socks to end!
    2. Felt clogs (pattern by Fiber Trends) for my mom for mother’s day. They’re a swedish combination of bright yellow and blue (think Ikea) even tho my mother was born and raised in Germany. This project has been so much fun and I’m having so much fun with felting recently still I hate to throw them in the hot cycle (!)
    3. “Carolyn” sweater from in blue and green stripes as pictured on the web site.
    4. Log cabin blanket in bright colors that my mother said resembled a beach towel. (about 4’ x 4’ at this point)
    5. Red white and blue socks for Vicki whose birthday is the day after mine on July 2. My first experiment with knitting two socks simultaneously on two circulars. I want to surprise Vicki as she’s often admired my socks – I just hope they fit!
    6. Bikini from the Knit Cafe book for my 16 year old daughter which has been languishing on the (circular) needle for quite sometime. I thought Alice had lost interest but she announced to her friend after Lacrosse game the other night that I was knitting her a bikini so I guess I better get on it.
    7. The occasional brightly colored felted bowl when I get bored.
    I was juggling so many projects that I actually gave two away. The pillow case project went to my mother and a felted carrier was bequeathed to my sister-in-law Reina. Both live in California so I’ll get to check their progress next time I’m back for a visit…whenever that is.

  157. Ooo! Ooo! The green & black striped ones, that’s Online! I’ve made socks from this, I love, love, love them. It makes me gasp when I see something that familiar in your blog.

  158. *SIGH*
    I love your blog. I love the pictures. I love your projects, on needle and off.
    Off to start something new…

  159. The first time I went to visit my boyfriend’s parents, I knit on a total of three projects over the three day weekend. One of those was only swatching. She asked me very incredulously how many projects I was working on? Was it wrong of me to avoid answering that question. I mean projects don’t count if they’re just waiting for me to have the heart to rip them back, right? Plus, projects that aren’t on the needles yet definitely don’t count! Thank goodness my boyfriend has gotten used to me bringing multiple project to his house for the weekend! He doesn’t even bat an eye when I bring three projects for a one night stay!

  160. It (the green one) is a Regia supersocke in the Sierra colourway/pattern. I work in a yarn store. What can I say? My addiction got so bad I started working for my dealer.

  161. wow so many socks my fourteen year old mined can not handle at one time and then you throw the cables in there to who I think I official want to try.

  162. Hmm, the time-out bag looks familiar! Did you pick that up in Portland, by any chance? And did it happen to have some STR in it? I’m glad it’s being put to good use!
    We are counting the minutes until your return to our fair city (and happy that the good folks at Powell’s got a clue and will be hosting you at the big store this time).

  163. I feel a little better knowing that I’m not alone in my WIP. My selection includes a halter top for my sister (needs 150″ of i-cord…ugh), a poncho for daughter (read the pattern wrong and had to restart it…arrrrgh), a sweater for my nephew, felted bag for MIL (needs handles) and a wash cloth. New baby has allowed for some knitting, but not too much.

  164. I love all the socks, in progress and completed. I’m currently screwing up my way through my first “real” socks for my man. I don’t know why it isn’t going well. Still, we learn a little with each mistake don’t we? Anyway thanks for the pics, because I loves eye candy.

  165. Eh, Steph, rockin’ the rasta colors with the Jaywalkers. Lookin’ good, mon.
    Addictive pattern, that.
    Weird. We both have ganseys being punished in basketry bags at the moment. Mine is having issues incorporating the cabling with the neck shaping. I think I’ll let it pout for awhile, as it will be after Thanksgiving before wearing a gansey can be contemplated hereabouts.

  166. These are times when I wish I hadn’t bought a house with no closets (none). There’s no hiding the abandoned and forlorn knitting.

  167. Talk about stuffing projects in the back of the closet — I just relegated 3 project bags (more than 1 project per bag, mind you — sigh) back into the “closet” so I will _focus_ on the two? three? that need my full and complete attention!
    All those socks are lovely. Thanks for the photos!

  168. Stephanie, have you gotten any farther on your German Stockings by Cookie A? I began mine a couple of nights ago, and it seems really BIG. I measured and followed the directions, and I think my gauge is correct. But, here’s my worry: If the cast on stitch count is meant for the widest part of the calf, then isn’t it going to be too loose at the top to stay up well??? I’m afaraid to keep knitting (!) I tried on what little of it I have done, and it fits the calf relaxed, but what about some stretch? Maybe I should frog now and try a smaller size. (The widest part of my calf is 18 inches, and that’s a LOT of stitches!) I don’t know.
    Should I e-mail Cookie A?

  169. Hi again! After leaving the comment above, I checked Cookie A’s website and found that she has posted errata for this (and other) patterns. She suggests using GARTERS to hold up the stockings! And she suggests using smaller needles to knit the ribbing. OK, I’m frogging now and casting on again with size 0’s. Here’ a link to her errata:
    I hope you will post again soon about how yours are coming. I need some reinforcement here.
    I usually knit 2s2c on Addi Turbos. I’m really glad I decided to go solo for this project!

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