There are moments…

In every knitters life, there are moments that seize ones being and catalyse an enormous seething reaction where you didn’t even know you needed something…and suddenly you can’t live without it.

This does not happen to me very often. I am a knitter of some experience and immunity, and the longer I knit the less often I am totally possessed by something. Such was the case when I first saw Rowan’s Juno sweater. I liked it, and part of the charm was surely the name (being as fond as I am of the live Juno) …but dudes, the plunging neckline? The off the shoulder “I’m so cool I’m freezing” look? Not so much. Plus, it was knit of Rowan Wool/Cotton held double, and no part of that sounded fun. I let it go. It was almost a perfect sweater, but knitting is way too slow an art to do anything that’s just “almost”.

Then, something happened. Admittedly, when I am weak and run down from the peculiar madness that has become my life, I am strange and vulnerable, but dudes...check this sweater out. That’s Vanessa’s blog, pointed my way in a post by the esteemed Claudia, it’s the same sweater, the same one I wandered right by with an “eh” last fall and now all off a sudden and without a word of a lie, with every fibre of my being…

I knew…I . Must . Have . It .

Vanessa swapped out the wool/cotton for another Rowan yarn, and made the front a little higher so that it wasn’t quite so “come hither” and now it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. I started hunting the perfect yarn and Sunday at Magpie Yarn, there it was. Rowan’s Scottish Tweed Aran in the incredibly enticing colour of “Storm Grey” (004)


There are people in the world… Stacy and Clint among them, who would say that a woman possessing the lofty height of 5’1″ (almost) is not deserving (or in a position to be flattered by) a sweater with a large collar, but, my esteemed collegues…I say….

Bite me.

That sweater, (with Vanessa’s modifications) rocks it so simply hard, that I actually am delusional enough to believe that I would look like a million bucks in it, short…or not. I’m knitting it.

In other news, my 15 and 3/4 year old daughter Meg knit socks.


These are her very first finished pair (there have been some false starts), and I am proud as punch of her. She did it all herself. You may note that Meg’s ends are not woven in and she is wearing them anyway. (This proves that despite her height and gorgeousness, she actually carries my DNA.)


Yarn: Regia Cotton Color 4079 – pinched from her Mum’s stash

Pattern: Ask Meg. She invented it.

(Styling – and the decision to match rainbow socks with a rainbow dress also Megan’s. Current hair colour change not approved by me, which is probably why it is that colour. )

221 thoughts on “There are moments…

  1. Those are some nice socks! Look much much better than my first finished pair! And I am glad you found your perfect sweater! πŸ™‚

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    It would be the coolest Oprah ever imho.

  3. My 6-year old walked by and said “nice socks!” I agree. I still only have half a pair…

  4. What lovely socks! I see no unwoven ends? Am I end-blind? Probably. If you look at anything I’ve knit, gotta believe that’s true! LOVE the Juno!!! I’m on the Stash-busting mission for 07, will have to save it for next year!

  5. Hey fellow readers..i had this idea today and emailed it to the Oprah Show’s idea peeps, addy found on this page.
    Have you all gotten the news that CrazyAuntPurl has written a book? My idea is to have all of us ask the Oprah show to have her, Steph and maybe the Panopticon on one show. I’m sure there are other people i’m not thinking of.
    If you think it’s a cool idea please email them!
    If anyone wants to see what i wrote just email.
    It would be the coolest Oprah ever imho.

  6. i too loved the juno sweater from afar, and after vanessa’s mods, had. to. have. it. i’m trying to be sensible and wait till fall. let’s see how long that lasts!

  7. Hmm Steph? The site rejected my first post then duped it..just so you know in case it’s an ongoing issue

  8. *coughs* I wore my first pair with unwoven ends, so pleased was I to have managed it, and I am very far away from being 15 and 3/4s! ;o).

  9. Short people can so wear dramatic collars!!! And what’s her name from TLC has NO room to talk as long as she wears those awful skinny jeans that sqoosh up her legs like a straw paper. You wear what you beleive in! (And so will I…also very short.)
    And Meg: your socks are gorgeous, the styling rocks, and if your mom can have a sweater with a big collar, tell her you can have red hair. Heh.

  10. Fantastic Socks!!!!!
    Better than my first pair:)
    And I cant see the pics on vanessas blog i think they are blocked by my firewall at work πŸ™‚
    i will look later.

  11. Weaving in ends before triumphant blog posting is way over-rated. I mean, really, how badly can even the most inexperienced knitter screw up an end-weaving? It’s declaring yourself the winner of a marathon after you cross the finish line but before you crack open a triumphant Gatorade. It’ll get done before too long, for now there’s victory to savor.
    WELL DONE MEG! Also, go for Juno!

  12. The socks are FABulous! What talent!
    I love that sweater — enough to be contemplating it even though it is 90 degrees here in the desert —some day it will be chilly again!!

  13. It appears that sometimes for all the makeup, hair and professional photography, the sweater just looks better on a non-model. (GOD that felt good to say!) It is lovely, and I think you will wear it with panache…enjoy!
    The socks are lovely and Meg is so beautiful, she looks so pleased with them!

  14. Yay for Meg!! Now to the next pair…and the next…and the next!
    I too have been eying Juno every since seeing Vanessa’s version. I say go for it! I’m only 5’2″ and it is definitely on my to-do list as well. Who cares if you are short? Who cares if its too much up top! It’s gorgeous and you will look gorgeous in it πŸ™‚

  15. Cool socks, well done! I had lace knitting down before I ever attempted socks, and it still feels scary sometimes…

  16. Congratulations on the socks! What a great first pair. My daughters also “shop” in my stash–something about it being within their budgets.

  17. Congratulations, Meg! Those socks ROCK!!! My daughter and her friends will see those and covet, covet, covet…(don’t worry, they’re in Manitoba!)
    You did so much better than I did with my first pair, I was so gung-ho to knit a sock (yer Mom’s fault…) that I knit a small sock. Like for a four-year-old. Then I was so determined not to have second-sock syndrome, I knit the other one. Phffft. Now I gotta wait for a granddaughter.

  18. You are definitely entitled to be “proud as punch”. A Yarn Harlot in Training moment, and therefore a wise sharing of your stash. The rainbow dress with the socks goes perfectly with the hair (which is an inexpensive personal expression of independence and creativity. I am confident that there are pictures of you and Joe from the early 80’s that are similarly expressive.
    The sweater gets a Holy Cats! Yep. Gorgeous. And a perfect for dressing up. That Yorkshire Tweed option rocks! It takes less yardage than the sunrise jacket using the same yarn. You need to knit it. I think that is will look very fine on you. And there’s room for a delicate and lovely scarf for windy days and chilly seasons.
    Not only are you bless in your choice of husband, but your have great kids, wisdom and patience.

  19. I am tickeled that you didn’t hunt the stash for yarn first. Surely reducing it’s size would reduce the insulation properties of your home.
    The socks are fantastic (she clearly has your dna) and are yet another push for me to figure out this whole sock thing once and for all. I’ve been outdone by a teenager!

  20. Meg looks like a million bucks. She pulls off stripes plus stripes plus red hair with consummate flair.
    And that sweater is fantastic. I can’t wait to see your version.
    Finally, you and CAP should most definitely be on Oprah! I hear Oprah is a fabulous woman.

  21. Hooray for Meg’s socks! I completely approve of the choice to match socks + dress, it is a complete ensemble in a not completely matchy way. And I agree that those sweater modifications improve it considerably. Go go big knitted collar!

  22. Eh, Stacy and Clint be damned (can I say that on a blog?) I think you’ll look fabulous in the Juno. The Rowan Tweed is the perfect choice too, and the color is dynamite.
    And Meg’s socks? Awesome! I’m astounded that she can knit by just making things up…because I’m incapable of deviating from a pattern!

  23. The changes made to Juno by Vanessa (brilliant!) do make it perfect. As to Rowan’s original idea, what were they thinking? I say go for it with gusto. I expect to see it finished in, oh, 2 weeks. Or less. You are the speed-knitting Yarn Harlot, are you not?
    And Meg’s socks, wow. Truly wonderful. I can see why you’re pleased as punch, and it’s obvious that she’s pleased as well. That smile (gorgeous smile, gorgeous girl) is a dead giveaway, no? As someone said, the ball doesn’t fall far from the basket.
    My almost 22 year old daughter, who has said she isn’t into socks, asked me, “Mom, can you teach me to knit socks?” Yahoo! Remember, this is the kid who knit a Bohus Blue Shimmer hat in one week, as her first colorwork. I can’t imagine what she’ll get up to. She scares me at times.

  24. Ohmygawdthatsweaterisfarkingorgeous! Bedamned to anyone who tells you you’re too short to wear it. Sheer twaddle. And all that ribbing first must be very nice and non-stressful while you’re recuperating… Right?
    Meg – woohooo! Great socks! Hah, you’ve sure beaten me out. (3 socks started since last Sept. First got almost to toes, then it was decided gauge was too loose. It’s still waiting to visit the frog pond. Two others well along, but currently ‘resting’ – and I’m 52. This surely shows a painful lack of proper sticktoitiveness in at least one representative of the elder generation.) And I think they go *perfectly* with that dress. [g]

  25. I think it’s fantastic about the socks!!! Way to go Meg!!! (Don’t tell your mom, but I like that color hair on you!)
    The sweater is one that I must have, also! Gotta go and buy! πŸ˜€

  26. There may be some DNA in common there, but there’s a book to be written on the difference in your choices of yarn colors in just this one post. Are you sure those rainbow colors were in YOUR stash?

  27. I love, love, love that the ends are NOT woven in. I can’t knit socks yet (I’m taking a class soon, honest) but when I am able to knit socks, I’m not weaving in my ends in solidarity with Meg!

  28. I never fail to love the fact that when you are the one knitting the item, you can make it look however you want! Way to go Vanessa turning Juno into a more practical, wearable piece. πŸ™‚
    And double way to go Meg for those great socks! Yay! πŸ™‚

  29. That sweater would look better on me. Lemme prove it to you when you’re done. C’mon.

  30. Congrats to Meg! Those are some gorgeous socks. I’m feverishly counting the days (686) until older dd’s 5th birthday. She’s already said that we will buy yarn and that when she’s “growed” up she will knit with yarn. πŸ™‚
    Juno is lovely. I think you will look fabulous in it.

  31. Congratulations to Meg. She did a great job — and I love the combo with the dress. It’s bold (although she does look rather chilly).

  32. Yeah! Another knitter is born!
    The yarn ends, phfft! They might get woven in, eventually…
    And hair always grows out. That’s what I reminded my mother when I suddenly went (at age 27) from all-one-length-to-my-waist to tres chic just-to-the-shoulders length.
    Now to keep her knitting, what a neat challenge!

  33. Bite me, indeed. Those of us who are vertically challenged get cheated on the clothing options, so do what you want, make what you want, and wear what you want. I think it will look great.

  34. Good God! Someone has body snatched Meg! Do you not realize that there is someone clearly older pretending to be a child? It’s either that, or your children are aging quickly as time stands still for us.
    Also, I curse you for two things:
    showing me another blog I feel I MUST read
    showing me another pattern I feel I MUST knit

  35. I thought Meg’s hair was always that color…
    And she made up a pattern for her FIRST ones? That’s impressive. I’m too scared to veer from a pattern to even make socks that would fit my size 11 feet, so I don’t make them. Can Meg design socks for size 11 feet? Something with a pretty lace pattern instead of boring ribbing? Rainbows would be fine, too.

  36. Oh my gosh that is a gorgeous sweater. I look forward to seeing your version!
    Meg’s socks are great, especially with the yarn-end design element, and sorry Stephanie but I love that hair color – it’s really flattering. πŸ˜‰

  37. My first socks were the same as Meg’s!! Except I used the June pattern from the Sock Calendar… they have eyelets. And I dropped a stitch that I haven’t fixed yet, so they have only been worn once.

  38. The one time I watched Stacey and what’s-his-name I decided they did trends not style. I spent 10 years in fashion retailing in my youth so I quote myself as an expert.
    The hair will balance the collar just fine, sweetie. How ’bout some combs to do dramatic side sweeps.
    I do like the less plunged version. And I have to check out that yarn when at knitting circle today. Gray ribbed swatch was yummy.
    The first version of Juno definately was not a match for my ample on top hourglass, unless I was aiming for an effect I usually don’t want. Still not sure if the collar would lie flat enough.
    Maybe I can do the body and put a smaller lacey collar on it. I like the cut of the body.

  39. The moment you started talking about a must-have sweater, I thought of the one my local shop is knitting in a class. low-and-behold it is the SAME sweater.
    I also MUST have this sweater, but as I am only now knitting my very first sweater, I think I should wait. The ladies at the shop say that it has almost no shoulders, not good for me as I am rather football-esk in shoulder width. perhapes I can make some modifacation.
    also, this is my first comment.

  40. The sweater is lovely, and looks like it would be fun to knit, so why worry what others may think or say. You are doing this to please yourself. Lovely you in a lovely sweater, bite me is the appropriate response to those who might say otherwise.
    Meg’s socks are wonderful, and a pattern of her own creation, kudos.
    As for hair color…my oldest child, daughter, aged 15 and 5 months, has not done an all over hair experiment yet, but as long as she keeps it clean, ehh. Hair changes grow out. Far better than piercings or tattoos or other more permanent changes. My oldest niece used to use kool aid to dye her hair. And, no, she doesn’t knit or dye yarn, and no one she has lived with ever has.

  41. Definitely Rockin’ Socks Meg!!! I noticed that your socks are “fraternal” and not “identical” like your Mom likes to make. Kudos for you for comin’ out with your own style girl! Your Mom taught you well!
    Also, the Juno sweater does look really great! I am definitely into cables right now. I can’t wait to see it finished. I am sad, though, for Joe’s gansey which has not resurfaced as first expected when I saw the grey yarn yesterday.
    Oh well, Joe, you’ve waited this long…….

  42. That sweater..oh my looks amazing, I love it! The modifications make it even better. And way to go, Meg! Those socks are awesome!

  43. Those socks appear very similar to the first ones I knit (simple stockinette wing-it pattern), except that Meg had the sense to use cool self-patterning yarn and to dye her hair first. Having met me, you may recall that my hair is a nondescript medium brown. I’ve always lacked the gumption to dye it a more interesting color. Yay Meg! whose DNA is full of gumption.
    Juno, I fear, does nothing for me (I am of course speaking of the sweater, not the blogger), but I’m looking forward to watching you knit it with panache.

  44. Congrats to Meg for the first pair of socks, they are wonderful! I am now totally lusting after the new and improved version of Juno. Thanks, and while you are at it can you create a time warp so that I can actually find the time to knit it? πŸ™‚

  45. Congrats to Meg for the first pair of socks, they are wonderful! I am now totally lusting after the new and improved version of Juno. Thanks, and while you are at it can you create a time warp so that I can actually find the time to knit it? πŸ™‚

  46. Good for Megan! Socks are wonderful.
    My daughter put green stripes in her blonde hair when she was in high school, and that was the most rebellious thing she ever did. I had it easy.

  47. I have Yorkshire tweed aran in my stash. It’s much better as Vanessa’s incarnation and I think it will look great on you.
    Hooray for first socks. Maybe she can help you with Christmas knitting.

  48. OMG, What beautiful sweater!
    Short Schmort…knit it-wear it!
    Short is realtive (as many of mine are, lol).
    Megs socks are awesome!
    Meg is too, good nuturing job Mom!
    She does socks!!!
    Meg-I kinda like the red hair too.
    Nice thing about hair is (either way)it grows out.
    Just keep telling your Mom that ;o )

  49. Please tell me that you didn’t tell HER that the ends MUST be woven in prior to donning her finished socks!! That would just be – well, so -wrong!

  50. Wow on Juno and the yarn. Having seen you live, and having worked for years in the fashion world, Stacy and Clinton aside, I can tell you this will look wonderful on you. Reason…the openness of the large collar. Can’t wait!

  51. Uhhhhhh…via way of the destash blog I purchased 10 balls of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in Deep Plum at an insanely cheap price ($40!) and I was wondering what I should do with it…I wonder if 10 balls would be enough for the largest size since I’d want to lengthen the body a few inches…It would be my first sweater and my first time with cables, so maybe a little too ambitious for me, but I think I will pick up the magazine anyway, just in case… πŸ™‚

  52. Good for Megan! I think I have the opposite problem: I finished my first pair but have had only false starts since then! I am in love with the flatness of flat knits! Woe!
    On the sweater: go for it. Surely your awesomeness trumps any deficiency in height!

  53. Isn’t that the point of knitting? To be able to alter a pattern to fit YOUR body? (Such as Vanessa shortening the body for her short torso.) Or maybe that’s what I tell my mother when I want her to buy the yarn for something for me. She’ll buy me clothes and yarn is just waiting to become clothing, right?
    And yay for socks! (Also, how did you notice that she stole the yarn from your stash? One might think the yarn would have gotten … lost?)

  54. Wow, Vanessa saw the potential – good for her! Hers is much prettier than the one on the model suffering from heroin withdrawals and windblown hair. (Seriously, why do stylists go out of their way to put circles under the eyes of attractive young women? Is it revenge?)
    Yay for Meg and her socks! What’s wrong with her hair color?

  55. Please tell Meg congratulations for me. Also tell her that I often tuck the un-woven-in ends into my socks because I detest weaving (it is so sewing-like). I can feel the ends in there, but I can usually put up with that even longer than the guilt that eventually drives me to weave in the %*(@%&! ends. Go Meg!!

  56. Great socks, Meg! I am 39 and I hope my first pair looks as lovely as yours. And as soon as I cast on for them I’ll let you know how that works out.
    Good edit on the Juno. I’m not attracted to that first version either. It doesn’t even look comfortable. But the SECOND version, wow. And to know that someone makes an Aran tweed in Deep Plum, well. There’s hope after all.

  57. Lovely socks, grats to meg, it’s only hair but then I’m still dying mine independence red at 40! Dyed it for the first time at her age & my dresses were definitely shorter, I think you’re lucky.
    Too short for a large collar? I can’t say anything, I knit & wore the Kaffe Fassett star coat, almost reached the ankles & I’m only 5’3″. Juno is gorgeous with the changes.

  58. And I thought I was the only one who wore my socks like that. I mean I eventually weave in the ends, but sometimes I’m so excited I wear them around the house with the ends all akimbo. And I’ve been known to forget that I’m wearing them and go to the store with them like that.

  59. I see Meg knows precisely where the best yarn shopping is to be found! And really, what else would you wear with rainbow socks?

  60. Wow! The sweater is really pretty. I think you will look magnifico in it. I am a firm believer in if you like it and you like it enough to invest stash and time in, then you wear it and pfftt to anyone who says otherwise.
    Meg’s socks are great. I loved the pattern and the dress matching. Hair colour? Well, having been all through that with my dear daughter, I share your ambivilence (spelling police check)
    Better funky hairstyles then piercings or totally inappropriate tattoos, (both of which my DD indulged in)****sigh*****. Ahh, but she now has a daughter of her own…. πŸ˜‰

  61. yay!! another juno. i’m glad you decide to make that sweater stephanie. i can’t wait to see it.
    oh believe me..i’m no taller than 5’1″ πŸ™‚

  62. Ok, my son, 15 years old also, was looking over my shoulder as I read this post and asked, “Who’s the cute girl?”. I said the post was about her awesome socks she knit, by herself. He said, “Who cares about the socks, she’s cute”……..

  63. Bite me indeed! I am of the firm belief that clothing should be something you enjoy. Who cares what anyone else thinks?
    Yay! First socks! Way to go Meg!

  64. Great socks! Heck, I’m eighteen and working on my first socks x-p.
    I like the sweater, although i’d like it more sans the collar personally.

  65. Yay Megan!!! They and you are awesome!
    I’ve been asked by my friend’s 5 year old son to teach him to knit. This will be interesting, but I can’t wait!

  66. Okay…I can see why you’d love the sweater. Seriously–I’d probably wear a turtleneck or a Tshirt underneath it, but it’s gorgeous…
    And as for the socks–everything from dress choice to hair choice to sockyarn is sheer perfection–what else could we expect from your offspring? (I have a sneaking suspicion that that pattern is mum’s…sshhh…don’t say anything…it might mean she’s read your book.)

  67. Uh-oh! Time to start getting her her own sock yarn stash!
    Congrats on your first socks, Megan! May they be the first of many!

  68. Oooh yay I’m desperate to make this jumper (including the come hitherness) but I too was put off by doubling up yarn. Not because I don’t want to you must understand but because I can’t afford to πŸ™ I’m realllly looking forward to seeing you knit this baby up!

  69. Fabulous socks Meg!!! Getting that first pair done is just one of the best things! πŸ™‚
    I love that sweater! Oh my gosh. If I thought it would look good on me…nah, I may have to make it anyway! πŸ˜€

  70. Congratulations on the grand-socks! Yea, Meg! I, myself, am finishing my first pair of socks, too!
    Well done!

  71. Awesome sweater! I think it will suit your “five foot one-ness” better than it would suit my “five foot nine and we will not discuss what size-ness”. Love the cables.
    Congrats to Matching Meg! I love how the socks are sororal rather than identical, and matching the dress is just smashing.
    I also have a daughter with variations in hair color. I have decided there are definitely worse things she could be choosing to vary about herself, and I make sure to squeak just enough so she won’t imagine I actually approve (otherwise she might move on to try varying something I would definitely really hate, just to find out what it would take to really get her mother riled up!).

  72. Love the socks! Love the sweater! But, “Storm Grey” yarn kinda reminds me of someone’s “Tuesdays are for spinning”. What happened?!

  73. Love the socks/matching dress. How many kids can say they did that? As for hair color, eh, hair grows, hair gets cut, hair regrows, it’s harmless. Congratulations to Meg on a job well done!

  74. What lovely socks! Good for you, Meg!
    As to the hair color, my daughter (not quite age 6)has asked for purple hair. I said yes, as long as I can find dye that’s completely non-toxic. It seems like a perfectly harmless way of expressing oneself (though I’m surprised it’s happening this early).

  75. Sometimes it happens when I’m talking to my mom (our every Sunday pattern) and I’ll say I’ve started a new pair of socks (or some other project) and she’ll say something like “I thought you were knitting so-and-so (whatever she may remember)” And I’ll remind her of the number of crochet projects she used to have going, and then I claim to come by my multiple-projects-at-once-itis honestly. And she chuckles. Mom forgets a lot of stuff these days but this conversation is one of our standards and she always chuckles.

  76. I wouldn’t hesitate about the Juno (lovely, by the way), I think it would look great on you. I, on the other hand, am cursed with broad shoulders and have to be careful with sweaters because too much on top will sometimes make me look like I could play defense for the Green Bay Packers. I really hated it when those big shoulder pads were in style, made it hard for me to find clothes that didn’t make me look intimidating.
    Yay for Meg and her socks!

  77. I’m digging that sweater. I don’t knit, but if I did, I think a wheat color, or pale yellow, would do it for me. I think you can carry it off despite your height. I’m 5’9″ and I think it would be great on me, too!!!
    Great socks there, kiddo. Keep it up!

  78. I happen to be 5’1 and would totally wear that sweater. So. Pretty.
    Your daughter is beautiful and talented! Good Job πŸ™‚

  79. We should send Steacy and Cliton after you –just think you’d have 5000.00 to spend on a new wardrobe—everything to match your Rowan sweater haha. Go for it– when in love with a certain yarn AND pattern there is just no stopping a knitter. AND —Oh my Meagan what a lovely job you have done on those gorgeous socks –love the colours — so Spring like and cheery GOOD for you . Next ??

  80. I loved Juno too! I even bought that Rowan book, which never happens. But I had the same fears, seeing as how I’m a whopping 5’2. I’ll watch yours take shape before I invest in yarn…Good luck!

  81. Yeah Megan! I hope when my Bean gets older she will be knitting some fine socks like that! Gosh, with a mom who is the Yarn Harlot, how can you not be aa awesome knitter. If your mom hasn’t told you yet I will give you some advice, “never knit your boyfirend a sweater”

  82. Well, I went from reading this post to whipping out the plastic in about .6 seconds. Granted, I already had the itch for Juno after seeing this:, but it’s still a little shameful how receptive I am to the power of knitterly suggestion.
    I have no business wearing a shawl collar either (too busty), but I’ve never had any grand designs on being fashionable. The ribbed body might also cling in all the wrong places, but I can change that. I just love the idea of it.
    Congrats to Meg on her first socks!

  83. I guess I will be the lone dissenting vote….not so much love here for the sweater…although the modifications make it MUCH better.
    I can’t wait to see how you make it better though…you always do!

  84. What a great adaptation, I can see why you And, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who responds so maturely to wardrobe suggestions.
    Great socks!

  85. Love the attitude that says Bite Me when you want to do the sweater in spite of all comments. Aran tweed will be better than doubled wool cotton, for sure!
    And so of course you have a daughter who does clothes and socks her way! (what yarn ends?).
    I dyed my daughter’s hair (in turn) blue, red, black, all sorts of colors when she was that age. I was the ultimate enabling mother for hair adventures. Love it!

  86. First off – you were awesome on Knitty Gritty! Loved that episode! Congrats to Meg for finishing her socks – they look great.
    As for what Stacey and Clinton would say…I totally agree – bite they can! you will look great in that sweater – especially with the modifications – it’s stunning!!

  87. Wow… that is a great sweater… and that yarn looks great. Wonder if I should even think about trying it… since I think in my 6 months or so of knitting, I have only actually completed 4 things… sigh…
    Love Meg’s socks! They, like their creator, are adorable! as for the hair? It’s only hair, it will grow out. At least that’s what I keep telling myself when my 17 yo comes home with a weird color or style.

  88. Meg’s socks are beautiful; I hope you feel better; and I finally had a chance to watch your debut on Knitty Gritty through the miracle of recorded TV. You were fabulous and a real pro; VIcky was truly in awe of you. And so am I!

  89. Well, at least Meg pinched the yarn and did something with it. I actually like her hair color. It could have been worse. The knitting obviously comes from your DNA. Did she get the naturally curly hair DNA too?
    But you do need to encourage Meg to start her own sock yarn stash.

  90. The modifications on that sweater make all the difference. Incredible. Now I want to make one. You’re bad for my yarn budget!
    Also, Meg makes awesome socks. But are they cuff down or toe up? Inquiring minds want to know!

  91. Love Meg’s outfit — the socks truly make it! I love her hair, too. I found that I’m now able to date all photos taken over the past few years by the various ‘dos and dyes of my girls’ hair. It grows. Or, it can all be shaved off, perhaps for a fundraiser, as mine (16 today! and dang, I still think they could pass for sisters) did and so now I find myself saying, “Look how long your hair is getting,” and it’s still shorter than I’ve ever sported in my entire life!
    I’ll be anxious to see your new sweater. Great color. I bought that Rowan book in Eau Claire last fall (when you were there!), mainly because that big cabled collar looked so intriguing. I’m sure there must have been another thing or two I liked, as well.

  92. Big Congrats to Megan on the socks – they are totally cool, and look like the fit her perfectly (size & style)!
    And (dare I say it), your sweater yarn reminded me immediately of Joe’s gansey. Do I sense a little transference here?

  93. I totally think that sweater will look great on you. FWIW, that collar would look awful on anybody much bigger than your size (petite, not short, my dear). Specifically, me. Big boobage, broad shoulders, nearly six feet tall? I do not need a huge collar to advertise all that.
    And your daughter? She’s a wizard with the socks. Takes after her mum, that one.
    And just be glad that it’s just hair color, and not tattoos and nose rings.

  94. OK, I’m writing *before* reading all the messages, on account of MEG!! YOU ROCK! Those are wonderful socks, look beyond spectacular with that dress, and you are (in the words of the Pre-Raphaelites, who knew) a Stunner! PS: Mom? That is at least a Normal Human Hair color. My daughter (also a stunner, and bi-racial) turned up with orange hair. NOT what she was trying for, but there it was. Even SHE admitted it was “not happening”…. She’s outgrown all that stuff now. She’s 41. :o)

  95. Socks was the first thing I knitted for myself and I was as chuffed as anything. Well done to your daughter. The seed of a life long love affair is germinating…
    I just received your book from Amazon – and can’t wait to start reading it!

  96. What a proud mama you must be!
    Looking forward to seeing your sweater progress. How does one get the courage to take a pattern like that and figure out how to modify it?
    Are those daffodils I see beside Meg?

  97. As a woman of 5’1″ myself, I think a large-collared sweater can definitely be flattering on us vertically-challenged women… As Stacy and Clinton would say, it’s all about fit and proportions, so it’s just a question of making additional modifications so that it is flattering on you. My humble suggestion is to make the collar a tiny bit shorter, so it doesn’t go further than the shoulder… to balance the horizontal with the vertical proportions. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  98. I think she looks great, as do her socks (even her hair color)!! Can’t wait to see progression on the sweater.

  99. Way to go Meg! Excellent job.
    My 12 year old son knit exactly half a 10 stitch row one time, then crocheted a 5 inch chain, then lost interest. I haven’t given up hope for him yet, but I’ll probably have to wait for my 18 month old daughter to grow up a bit before I can try to pass on any real skills.

  100. 1. Not so crazy about the sweater. But Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran? Oooooh! Isn’t that what the Kate Gilbert Equestrian Blazer in IK a few issues ago was made out of? Weren’t you in love with that sweater? I mean, you’ve got the yarn. It would look gorgeous in that grey. Not that I’m trying to dissuade you from Juno, of course . . .
    2. Gorgeous (and clever!) daughter. Gorgeous Socks. Gorgeous ensemble. Hey, rainbow with rainbow with any color hair works at that age, as long as it’s worn with humor and confidence. Meg rocks! I didn’t knit my first start (also after several failed attempts) until I was 45. Go Meg Go!

  101. I meant sock, not start. Apparently I couldn’t spell it until 47. (P.S., I notice Meg’s socks are paternal twins. Did that give you a twitch?)

  102. The socks matching the dress… AND the hair? Your Meghan MAY also have some of my (& Erin’s) DNA. Because, dude, that sounds totally understandable to me.
    : )

  103. I had seen that sweater before too – it’s gorgeous, as is that yarn you’ve chosen.
    As for the hair? I don’t know if my mom ever approved of my drastic hair color changes – all she asked was that I keep her informed as to what color it was that week. (And, if it helps you rest easier, I grew out of it after a few years.)

  104. Meg! Awesome job on the socks (and love the skirt with them.) I hope it’s the beginning of a lot of sock knitting for you! (Steph – isn’t it fun to have a sock knitting daughter?) πŸ™‚

  105. Oh heavens, now I’m pining to knit that sweater… I don’t know if I can tackle a sweater-sized project until my kid is a little older, but I’m yearning…

  106. Yay to Meg and her socks!!! I don’t even know her and I’m proud of her and her socks.
    I like the sweater. I’m not too into the collar, but that’s mostly because I cannot wear such a bold collar and have it work…I’m a little too plump. Were I of slender figure, I’d rock that collar like there’s no tomorrow. Have much fun knitting it!!!

  107. The sweater is gorgeous – On Juno….Don’t know if I would picked up on it from the other picture…sometimes they really ruin the effect of of a beautiful sweater.
    Socks are great….I didn’t finish a second sock to a pair until I was 48…despite the fact I knit a whole lot of singles before that. (Christmas stockings also) You have a beautiful daughter

  108. Love Megs socks.. she rocks!! And that sweater.. I’m still not a fan. I’m sure you’ll make me one when your version is finished however. BTW.. how’s Joe’s Gansey?!

  109. Hullo. Discovered yer blog when I looked up “Mike White” on Google. I initially thought he was a chinchilla — not an actor/screenwriter/director/producer.
    Hi to Joe. He sounds like a lovely man.
    And you’re a wonderful writer.
    Take care.

  110. Ooooooh Steph,
    you have to make that sweater – it is absolutely to die for!!!!!
    And congrats on your daughters socks – they are too pretty and perfect!!!
    Love them both =)

  111. And Meg is talented and pretty, despite the hair color that her mom ain’t too crazy about. πŸ™‚

  112. What a beautiful sweater. I think the neck length, not the height, of the wearer is more important with that stand-away type of collar. It’ll look beautiful on you. Alas, in Southern California I would never ever wear that heavy a sweater. Makes me wish I lived in Maine or Minnesota, but not very much.
    The youngster is gorgeous and talented.

  113. DUDE!! I just saw you and your family on the food network. Congrats to Erin!!
    I’m a total dork and never caught the name of the restaurant and I’d love to go. If you don’t mind, could you drop me a line and let me know where it is??
    Hank is such a cutey πŸ™‚

  114. That really is a great interpretation of that sweater. And, this is just a little bit strange… but I just finished my first socks, like, a month ago. And I wore them with my ends not woven in for a good two weeks, and I’m 15 3/4. Not gonna lie, a very wierd coincidence. Although instead of my mom trying to get me to knit, it’s the other way around chez moi. My mom already thinks I have too much yarn….. pshh. My stash is an anthill compared to the eventual goal of, say, Everest.

  115. I love the sweater with the mods! It will look great! The socks are smashing and so is your daughter! Tell her way to go! I knit my first sock (which met you last summer in OKC)What a gal to make up her own pattern and snag yarn from mom! πŸ˜‰

  116. Beautiful daughter, beautiful socks, beautiful styling. You rock, Meg! My college-age daughter has the same, non-approved hair color BTW. Love the Rowan jacket too. Anything tweed gets my vote, and that design is so striking with the patterned collar. Have fun!

  117. Woohoo to Meg! Never be afraid of your own style. I did what was “right” for years and got by just fine, but I wasn’t truly happy until I got the courage to do what I believed in, even though much of society thinks I am a godless heathen; and that’s on a good day.
    I love the updated Juno. I’m still not sure I could pull it off, but the modifications make it far more likely that guys in the vicinity would notice my face and not just my chest. πŸ™‚ I definitely think you can wear this sweater, though. I’m also very sure that we will get to hear about more modifications before it is complete.

  118. WELL DONE MEG!!
    And for Steph… *waves hand* this is not the haircolor you are looking for… ;D

  119. Heh, I’m wearing socks right now with unwoven ends. Maybe we’re related.
    In my defense, I just finished them a few hours ago. Lovely socks, lovely daughter, and lovely sweater, too.

  120. I see a daffodil! And irises…and no snow! Was that picture taken in Canada? Here in New Mexico, my daffodils are done and so are most of the tulips, but my irises are going strong. Bring on the daylilies! I know…this has nothing to do with knitting, but I love spring!

  121. Wow, that sweater looks so much better modified. And burn on anyone who says you can’t get away with it! I can’t imagine how proud you are of your daughter. She did a great job on the socks:)

  122. First of all, I like the less plungy version of the sweater too. Now I’m intrigued to give it a whirl — I had previously rejected it out of fear of looking too much like a heroine in a pirate novel…
    …and Meg? Wow. Talented AND beautiful. But then the spindle doesn’t fall far from the wheel, eh?
    And I totally understand about showing off the socks before weaving in the ends. I am always blogging my knitted items straight off the needles, almost always before I block them!
    You and Crazy Aunt Purl are both going to be at BEA! I am so proud of her for her very first book — she is also from Louisiana — us bayou girls gotta cheer one another on.
    I would love to see what happened if the two of you were in the same room together for 20 minutes.

  123. All right Meg! I think the socks go great with the outfit. If that’s what got Meg to finish her first pair of socks blessings on it. (And Mom chill about the hair. You just have to look at it she has to live with it.)
    I think the Juno will be fab. The collar looks like a stole so should look great on you. (Besides we’re just “the Blog” what do we know?) If you’ve been thinking about it awhile like Vanessa then it was meant to be knit by you. Happy Knitting!

  124. Hey, Stephanie, thanks for that info about Juno. I love the pattern too but had the same problems with the price of wool cotton and low neck. Love your blog.

  125. Knitting socks and willing photographed, smiling even for your blog? She must be coming out the other side of teenager land. I am still in the throes of it all with my fourteen year-old. I have to sneak photos of him. Lovely socks and wonderfully styled photo.

  126. I was the same age when I started my first pair of socks (I’m 25 now) but I needed one year to finish them. So to your daughter: respekt!

  127. What great socks! Match the skirt nicely πŸ™‚
    I’ve had the same moment with Victorian Lace Today – MUST HAVE, will *die* without!
    You have come a long way up in the world, grasshopper – Rowan now! πŸ˜‰
    BTW did you ever get the parcel I sent months ago?

  128. Thank you for sharing Meg’s first sock with us! No one forgets her first sock.
    And the modified Juno sweater? You’re right. So much better.

  129. I love the revised sweater pattern and I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous in it. Don’t worry about Clinton and Staci. Tell Meg her socks are great!!

  130. What a cool sweater! I love the collar and I think that you should so go for it! If you love it and it makes you happy you should make it and wear it with pride. Life is short and all those people who go around and criticize what everyone else is wearing make me crazy. (This could have something to do with the fact that I’m a jeans and T-shirt sort of girl!) Who said they get to make the rules anyways! Congrats to you and Megan on the socks! How cool is that! Congrats to Megan for finishing them. They are very nifty. Congrats to you for passing on the knitting bug to your daughter. She’s one fortunate knitter to be able to raid your stash LOL!

  131. The Juno sweater rocks. Now I just need to learn to knit beyond the basics and follow a pattern. It just looks some comfortable and fun.
    Congrats to your daughter on the socks. She did a wonderful job.

  132. That Juno sweater is lovely and lusious, but, as another short person, rib knits make me look … w i d e. No amount of wide collar will hide me.

  133. I only own one Rowan magazine, and it’s the one with Juno in it. Now that I’ve seen that much-more-wearable modified version, I may have to make one myself.

  134. Stephanie, I, too, am among the vertically challenged and I say, GO FOR IT ! That sweater and that yarn. well, need I say more?? it is gorgeous and I believe you can pull it off. Happy Knitting !!
    P.S. your daughter’s socks are great ! She is very talented, just like her mom !

  135. My daughter is most likely destined to be – um – approximately your height. Or less. Plunging necklines on someone of that – er – stature, are an invitation to males taller than that to see if they can see your shoelaces by looking down your sweater. If you get my drift. Good idea to raise the neckline.
    And clearly the original pattern is intended to be worn over something. I think. I’m pretty sure. Or it rather begins to look like some of the Renaissance dresses that look like they’re intended to serve up – well, you get the idea.
    Nice socks, Meg! What color(s) next?

  136. I almost, almost, almost bought the pattern and (substitute) yarn yesterday. I calmed down enough to realize that I what I really want is Vanessa’s perfect skin. So I only bought the pattern book (just in case I eventually decide that knitting the sweater would give me perfect skin, too).
    And unlike many, I am way tall enough to wear that sweater. On a big hair day I am almost 5’3″.

  137. …I belive you’re right. That IS the perfect sweater. Bugger, now I want to make one!
    Oh, and Meg, the socks are lovely, the outfit is awesome, and I’m supposed to be dying my hair close to the same shade next week.

  138. Way to go Meg! The socks are great, the dress is cool with ’em, and hey — I like the hair color (maybe I’d better not say that in Stephanie’s hearing *grins*).
    The sweater looks good too — but I will resist. Successfully, because I have one with a color that large and on me — nah, not a good look . . .

  139. First of all, screw those people who argue against certain fashions on those of us who are under 5’3″. Screw ’em. Height-ists! The sweater will be gorgeous and flatter you perfectly.
    And congrats to Meg on her first pair of socks! I gave my boyfriend’s 14 year old the knitting bug a couple years back, and I’m going to convince her that this summer when we are all stuck in Woodstock house-sitting for a friend with nothing much to do? Sock knitting would be the perfect cure for that boredom. I will use Meg as an example. πŸ™‚

  140. I’m nearly 40 and my mother still doesn’t approve of my highlights. Rock on, Meg. And the socks are excellent.
    I’m an inch shorter than you, Steph, so if that sweater ends up looking fab on you (and how could it not), I’m going to try it. I hadn’t seen the modification, and hated the sweater for that off-the-shoulder Rowanesque weirdness, but coveted the cable. Vanessa’s version is incredible. What four little extra rows can do, eh?

  141. I’m nearly 40 and my mother still doesn’t approve of my highlights. Rock on, Meg. And the socks are excellent.
    I’m an inch shorter than you, Steph, so if that sweater ends up looking fab on you (and how could it not), I’m going to try it. I hadn’t seen the modification, and hated the sweater for that off-the-shoulder Rowanesque weirdness, but coveted the cable. Vanessa’s version is incredible. What four little extra rows can do, eh?

  142. I’m nearly 40 and my mother still doesn’t approve of my highlights. Rock on, Meg. And the socks are excellent.
    I’m an inch shorter than you, Steph, so if that sweater ends up looking fab on you (and how could it not), I’m going to try it. I hadn’t seen the modification, and hated the sweater for that off-the-shoulder Rowanesque weirdness, but coveted the cable. Vanessa’s version is incredible. What four little extra rows can do, eh?

  143. Go Meg! I am envious of this group of gals who have liberated themselves from pattern dementia.
    Now, Steph, where do you wish to be bit?

  144. Ok, let me get this straight. Meg made up the pattern for her first pair of socks. Now, that’s some serious first sock mojo. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with an accomplished knitter. The socks are lovely and Meg is as well. I love her fashion sense. Were the socks made to match the dress or was the dress acquired to match the socks? Either way, I like it.

  145. Congrats to your Meg on her first pair of socks. My Meg had blue, dark blue, hair at one time. Actually, it was kind of neat as her natural color hair is almost black and the blue was in streaks…only really showed up in sunlight. She has also had red hair, light brown hair, blondish streaks. I figure there are better fights to choose than hair color. Sometimes we remind her that her hair is definitely from her Dad’s side of the family so that she ought to get used to the phrase “prematurely gray”. DH started getting gray in high school.
    Glad you found a sweater pattern that rocks your boat. I felt the same way about Emma from Knit Picks. I’m exceedingly fond of the sweater and might even consider making it again.

  146. I’ve been sleeping with that Rowan issue by my bed for three months while I finished MJ and contemplated the best yarn choice.
    But me being me, I won’t raise the neckline. I’ll wear it with a tank top and a push up bra.
    Vive le difference.
    Meg AND her socks are fabulous.

  147. I think Stacy and Clinton would love that sweater on you; wearing it the way Vanessa did (that beautiful v-neck!), it will likely make you look taller rather than shorter. Can’t wait to see it! πŸ™‚

  148. Oh noooooooo! Oh crap. You did NOT just show me that sweater. I agree, it is totally cool. And hey, Juno big collar can balance out my too chunky hips…why lose weight when I can knit?
    >Tee hee< I am glad to see there are others out there who wear their socks before the ends are woven in. I do that for blog pics too.

  149. And now I need that sweater too. If I didn’t have 3 Arans on the needles already I’d be on my way to LYS. Blessings in disguise I suppose.
    Congrats to Meg, she’s got a great sense of style!

  150. oooh, i loved the juno sweater when i saw it through claudia’s blog and wondered if i should make it. i have some nice handspun (SOME??, ok, i have bushels of handspun . . .)
    anyway, meg’s socks look great, but her smile at having made them? priceless.

  151. 2nd take on that sweater much more better. First one would look great on Helena Bonham-Carter in character in some romantic film, but in real life, on real bodies, ehh, not so much.
    Good on ya, Megan, re finishing the pair!

  152. i have to say: the socks are “almost” as beautiful as the girl!

  153. That is awesome! Horray for young knitters!
    I have a friend whose much younger 15 year old sister just started knitting. She is making wrist warmers for everyone she knows now!
    And just a year ago she scoffed at us for fawning over yarn in the LYS on Saltspring… how much a year can do…

  154. Clicked on the official link to Juno and thought “ugh”, no way. Clicked on the link to Vanessa’s modified version… “oooh.” And, Meg? So cool. I’m still working on my first pair of socks (one done, second at least started) and they are not nearly as cool.

  155. OK, I usually lurk, but I had to pop in and say IT’S YOUR FAULT (giggling madly). I went and ordered Rowan 40 from Knitting Garden (lovely website, BTW) to make Juno, and lo and behold, they had a kit to make Birch, in Pearl! It had to come home with me, too, so… as soon as the package comes, stash diving will ensue. Thanks for the look at Juno!

  156. Everyone who is going to knit that sweater should send photos to the Harlot so we can all see them. ( I hope someone knits it in a springtime-ish color.)

  157. What a beautiful daughter you have! I can only hope my girls and boy love knitting when they grow up. I tried to teach my 6 year old and she is still working on her little scarf (since last Summer..LOL).

  158. As a person without children, it must be really cool when your kids do something that *maybe* you add a hand in, but really they did it themselves.
    Those socks rock Meg. Go!!!!!!! I was ~28 when I knit my first pair of socks.

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