Three interesting things.

Two, at least.

1. Today is an exceptionally special day. My darling Juno and the exquisitely blog-free Rachel H. both celebrate their birthdays today. Two of my favourite people both born this one day cannot be a coincidence… I suggest that we all eat cake and party hard. I love these ladies. Both of them had the audacity to come into my life when I believed that I had met most of the friends I needed or was entitled to. They were both a wonderful surprise, and I’m grateful for the shake-up.

2. I have decided what I’m doing with the beautiful Rose Quartz STR, but I’m not going to tell you.


It does look great though. It’s remarkable that I got this much done, even though it’s pathetically small…I did a job all day that meant I couldn’t (gasp) knit …and I spent my evening standing behind Meg, trying to be sweet to her as she pulled her first all-nighter, due to a horrendous case of procrastination. The end result was this wee bit of knitting and a spectacular “scholarship to Dalhousie is my middle name” essay that Meg wrote all by herself, which is entitled “Did any good come of it? The Positive effects of the Montreal Massacre” and uses the word “thus” and explains that there is a need to have a day of awareness about violence against women so they don’t keep having to get shot before we make any changes. It’s a lovely pro-woman work, from a wee lovely who is barely a woman. (I love it when my kids pull off something like this. It reinforces my choice not to beat them half to death for being completely obnoxious the rest of the time.)

3. My episode of “Knitty Gritty” apparently airs today (a thousand thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up)…and since I just can’t see it on Canadian TV, you all are going to have to just let me know how I do. (I would be hysterical, but I’m too busy to bother wasting the energy on a complete flip out.) They film much more than they need, and I’ve been living in fear that they edit out all the clever and witty things I say about sock knitting (I did say them, I swear it) and just leave the mundane boring bits where I am so lame that you will stare agog at me for wasting 30 whole minutes of your life. Stupid editing. Stupid telly. (I’ll take that back if they edit out all of the stupid parts and only leave in the parts where I am clever and witty. You let me know.)

290 thoughts on “Three interesting things.

  1. Wow, I got the first comment!
    I wish I got DIY, but you’ll have to tell us tomorrow which part they edited out. Stephanie, I know you’ll be fantastic, humorous, and witty!

  2. Felicitations to the birthday ladies! If we all have cake and party hard it will brighten what is otherwise another grey, rainy day. Essay sounds like hard work and long hours turned out very well. The rose quartz looks lovely – you’ve heard it tell you what it wants to be I guess. Wish I could get the Knitty Gritty – hope someone manages to tape it (or whatever they do now) and it can somehow be shared with the rest of us. OK – I’m off to find some cake – have a wonderful day! Chris

  3. I’m sure the television show will be fine! And the Daughter – Good on her. (My 10 year old just became a BOY Scout – I’m not so sure about this “growing up” thing they do.)
    And TWO friends w/ birthdays on the SAME DAY! WOO! PAR-TAY!

  4. I totally agree about the day of awareness; good on Meg. Can’t wait to see what you’re knitting. Good luck with Knitty, I’m sure you were brilliant, lol. Hugs from Fenelon.

  5. Meg’s essay could not have come on a better day. Maybe there was a reason for the procrastination. You’re a good Mum for staying with her.
    Happy birthday to Juno and Rachel H. Two friends, made later in life, both born on the same day. You are a lucky lady.
    Did Joe survive yesterday?

  6. Birthdays… beautiful yarn… beautiful daughters… who could ask for a better day?! Bless you all!

  7. Happy B-day to Juno and Rachel H.! Congrats to Meg for making it through her first all-nighter…and happy thoughts to her. She should post her essay. πŸ™‚

  8. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with their editing. Although there were a few things I said in which I have no recollection of saying. EVER. TV must posess your sould and force you to say weird things. If I could figure out how to burn this DVD thing I’ll send you a copy. Although I’m sure you’ll get a million offers to send you one. Let me know.

  9. Good luck with the Dal essay, it’s a great university. If she gets in, we have an awesome practically on campus just a stone’s throw from the law school upstairs apartment that might need a tenant!

  10. Good luck to your daughter – as a Dal student, I can assure you that she’ll have a great experience here in Halifax. It’s a great school.

  11. Fantastic! I’m doing my master’s at Dal right now (biology) and I really like it; nice women’s centre, great radio station, good athletic facilities and excellent profs. Just make sure she brings her rain gear (And her knitting needles–once she’s over 19 she can hit the pint n’ purls on Wednesday nights!)

  12. I don’t get DIY and have to wait for it to show up on HGTV sometime in the distant future to see it. As one of the diligint editors of the local news I always make sure to put the funny parts in (as long as it isn’t too inapropriate) So I’m sure your witty remarks will stay in.

  13. I’ve got Knitty Gritty set to TIVO. I can burn you a DVD copy if you’d like. Let me know if you want one.

  14. Darn I have to pick up my ds at 2:00 pm – I’ll have to tape it! I’m probably one of the last people in the world without TIVO! πŸ™‚ I’m sure it will be great!

  15. Just having the yarn and needles with you yesterday probably helped. Did you put the ball to your face and inhale deeply of the wool fumes periodically?

  16. “…I’ve been living in fear that they edit out all the clever and witty things…”
    Nahh, nahh, nahh – you’ve got it backwards. They edit out all the *non* clever/witty things you say, when you get scared stiff and babble like an idiot at first. That’s why they tape extra, so they’ll still have plenty of the witty stuff rather than an entire show with you staring transfixed at the camera, like a squirrel in the headlights, because you didn’t have enough time to relax.
    Personally, I dearly hope you said arse. [eg]
    Congrats to Meg (oh, those all-nighters), and happy birthday to Juno and Rachel H! No wonder I’ve been thinking about cake lately. Normally I don’t go for it much, but I’ve had a craving the last week or so. Clearly, birthday vibes are powerful in the blogiverse. (And it looks like the start of a shawl to me. But somehow I think I’m wrong.)

  17. Yeah, I upgraded my cable at the right time. (Oh, how my husband is going to whine.)
    Happy Birthday to Rachel H!
    Meg, I looked up Montreal Massacre. Sorry to say I wasn’t aware of this incident. The timing with what happened here in the states yesterday – over all sad. I would love to read your reflections on the past incident.
    Stephanie, at this moment – it looks like the start of a thong. A pretty thong, but still a harloty thong. πŸ™‚

  18. Dammit – I forgot to TiVo this morning.
    And I love you too.
    Tell Meg again from me she’s fantastic.

  19. We don’t get the channel with Knitty Gritty, so I’ll just say, I’ll bet they left in all of your witty and clever parts.

  20. What was Meg’s conclusion? Did any good come of it? If so, I’d like to know, as we send our thoughts and prayers to the faculty, staff, students and parents at Virginia Tech. The faculty here are getting emails from friends who teach there saying “we’re alive. I don’t know that we’ll ever be ok.” I just don’t know what the world is coming to.

  21. Three things:
    1. I’m SO taping Knitty Gritty. I don’t know how to do anything clever like upload it to the Internet, but I will have a tape. And I’m willing to circulate it.
    2. Cookie A. admitted on her blog that she made a comment on her toe-up show that made no sense. Something about left-leaning and right-leaning decreases coming out the same in the wash. It can happen to anybody.
    3. Yesterday on the “perfect fit” show, Vicki bubbled, “Knitting for math! I’d like to take that class!” (I think she meant to say “math for knitters.”)
    And happy birthday and congrats to Meg. And thank you Harlot for explaining the Kitchener stitch in Knitting Rules. I can do it now!

  22. I am running of to Tivo Knitty Gritty right now.
    Any chance you want to speak in Lexington on Saturday AND Sunday? My stupid husband has plans that prevent him from watching our kids so I can come up. I’m thinking of ways that I could make him sick so he would have to stay home. Just kidding. Well, half kidding.

  23. Not only are you an amazing writer and one of the funniest people that I have ever met, you have raised your girls to be women who think.
    Good luck to Meg on the essay. Sounds good. Sounds smart.
    Can’t wait to see the pink become something. Very intriguing.

  24. Yay! You just made my otherwise mundane its too cold to be April Tuesday morning!
    I had forgotten you were airing this week! I only watch Knitty Gritty when its someone I’m really excited to see, like you, Cookie A or Scout, but my bf doesn’t mind watching Vickie Howell, I think he has a crush on her:)

  25. Reason #23745 I wish I had the DIY network. I really wish they would release a DVD of this current season. I’m missing so many great episodes!

  26. Meg – good luck with the application! Dal is a great school.
    If you’re successful, here’s an “ad” in which you might be interested:
    One room, for rent (payable with yarn), Dartmouth, NS – 5 min walk to bus station (direct route to Dal), grocery stores and great cafe.
    Rent includes: wireless internet, comfy bed, guarantee of “homey atmosphere” (lots of coffee and yarn, countless wires, random cds scattered throughout house, and the occasional scruffy musician) as well as guarantee that the house is a quiet environment for studying 95% of the time.
    You know, just in case you don’t want to live in “rez”.

  27. And oh, woe…just tuned in my cable box, and at this belated time, *now* I find the DIY channel is one I don’t get. What a revoltin’ development. Oh well, if they have snippets on their website, I can see some of it. Thanks for mentioning that, Tammy!

  28. Congratulations to Meg! I hope that will be her first and last all-nighter! I’m glad things didn’t fall apart (totally) while you were gone! I interested to hear about your work-sharing project!

  29. I’m sure Meg’s paper is wonderful. Actually, I wouldn’t mind reading it. I don’t have cable, so I’ve decided that they left all the witty parts in. I wish someone could post it on YouTube or something, but it would probably be taken down for copyright infringement. Stupid suits.

  30. Before the alarm rings at seven in the morning, I have to reach over and search for the remote control (which is never where I left it the night before). Knitty Gritty airs at an ungodly hour here in NYC, and heaven forbid I should get out of bed (!) to turn the blasted teevee on. However, the “Knitting Rules!” episode will air today everywhere but in Westchester county, it seems. I can’t find it anywhere in the listings. Whatever shall I do…

  31. I have my DVR set up to record. If the 8 year old didn’t bust our dvd burner, I’d export it over and burn you a copy of the show.
    I’m sure someone who reads your blog has already offered. If not, let me know.. I may be able to come up with another solution to burn it for you!

  32. Happy birthday to Rachel and Juno! The RQ looks lovely in a mysterious way. (A point-up shawl perhaps?) And congrats to you on your moment of maternal bliss. I know too well how rare they are.
    I’m at work, so I can’t watch you. I hope someone I know tapes it.

  33. I’ve had a note on my calendar that today was the Knitty Gritty day! Yesterday we had a horrible storm here in Maine, and the power was out. I have a generator but would have had to leave work to go turn it on for your show. Fortunately, the power is back today and hopefully the tivo will do its thing and tape you! I’m sure you will be great! Can’t wait! I did hear your voice on “Cast On” recently, and was surprised that you have a low voice – I pictured your voice being higher! Oh, well. Looking forward!

  34. Does anyone know how to upload things to YouTube? That might be a way to let us all see Stephanie on Knitty Gritty.

  35. Our Tivo has been taping KG for months in anticipation of this day!! I wind up deleting most of the episodes though the ones I save eventually get saved to DVD courtesy of my hubby who knows how to do stuff like that. I think several people have made the offer already, but if you want me to get you a DVD of yourself, just say the word.
    Meanwhile, DH will be happy to know that he is now allowed to change the Tivo’s “to do list”…he’s been missing a lot of Deep Space Nine.

  36. You Tube? Please? Can someone please put it on You Tube? I looked there for a previous tv appearance you did, but to no avail.
    I can only hope that my now-3-year-old daughter turns out as well as your lovely girls.

  37. You Tube? Please? Can someone please put it on You Tube? I looked there for a previous tv appearance you did, but to no avail.
    I can only hope that my now-3-year-old daughter turns out as well as your lovely girls.

  38. Argh! After my rant about wasting money on the Dish I cannot justify turning it up to get DIY, so I’m going to have to check the site for snippets. Snippets, I tell you! Wild guess here, but that wouldn’t be a snood you’re knitting would it? Looks snoodish to me. And pretty. Kudos to your daughter and I hope she gets in if that’s where she wants to go. The yarn doesn’t roll too far from the basket, does it? But don’t tell her that or she’ll work harder at not being like her mom.

  39. No DIY here (lower lip quivering)! Maybe I can score an underground pirated copy…..
    The knitting looks like half of a bikini top???
    So Joe survived the day? No puncture wounds that were strangely needle like?
    Am headed off to a LYS that’s having the most awesome spring yarn sale to drown my “No DIY here” sorrows…. we all cope in our own way

  40. Wow!!! 2 of your most important people shares their special day with my youngest son. It’s his 5th birthday today and he’s proudly off to school wearing his socks that mom made him!

  41. Could this knitting possibly be a thong for Joe? My tivo is set, just waiting for 11am pacific time to arrive!

  42. Happy birthday to your friends. Way to go, Meg! Your new project is intriguing, can’t wait to see what you’re up to (and yes, it does look like a thong). Thanks for the heads up on the Knitty Gritty episode.

  43. Stephanie, I think you are such a fabulous mom. You must be still exhausted from your chickenly-knitterly-yarn-crawliing-jaunts and yet you find the energy to stay up with Meg. Great work. (But keep knitting!)

  44. I winced at the word “massacre”. Virginia Tech truly is suffering and needs our prayers and good wishes. I spent yesterday and last night knitting a sock (thanks to the influence of the Harlot)grateful for the solace and comtemplation that comes with this craft. Please remember the families and students as you go about your day.

  45. I’ll be watching the sock episode tonight, hoping that it will inspire me to overcome SSS. I’m blogging my 21-day journey to a second sock to keep me accountable. If I don’t finish, someone gets to take the wool away from me (NOOOO!)
    BTW, either they bamboozled you into knitting throw, or they flipped your picture on the cover of your latest book.

  46. Hi Stephanie – I have been doing work on the Montreal Massare and wrote a paper with an engineering professor on how it is an event that cannot be forgotten, and should be discussed in terms gender inequality and violence (not just a random act of violence). Please tell Meg to feel free to contact me if she wants to see the paper that was presented at an engineering education conference.

  47. Dal is in Halifax:) If I can’t convince your publisher and publicist that Halifax really should be a stop on the book, maybe your daughter will go to Dal and I can meet you when you bring her out here:)
    p.s. I don’t know what I did but I almost had to leave the second half of my comment in Hebrew

  48. You did just fine. You could swing from a chandelier going “oooh oooh oooh oooh AHH AHH AHH” and we’d still love you.
    That’s supposed to be an imitation of a chimpanzee.
    By the way, I was in New Mexico last week trying to buy your book for travel reading, and there wasn’t a single copy to be had in either Albuquerque or Santa Fe. Good going!!! Your book was sold out!!!!!

  49. HOLY C**P! Why would my satellite provider think I wanted to watch Knitty Gritty at 6AM in the morning!? No tea, little daylight, and they think I want to watch my sweet Harlot at that hour??? Used to be on at 10am, very civilized, and today I turn it on and find that they moved it to practically the middle of the night. I’m sure you were great, and I’ll try for the clips on their site, but I’m truly bummed about missing you.

  50. Happy birthday to your two friends!
    I love the word “thus” and use it whenever I can. I have exams this week, and an assignment that needs to be passed in in about 2 1/2 hours; thus, I need to stop my own procrastinating and get back to it!

  51. “I love it when my kids pull off something like this. It reinforces my choice not to beat them half to death for being completely obnoxious the rest of the time.” You crack me up! So glad Meg got her paper done, I too spent many an over-night writing in college. Hope Knitty Gritty goes well, I do not get that channel, but my in-laws do so I’m watching it there. Will let you know how it is! (I know it will be great!)

  52. I am SO RIGHT THERE with Meg on the Montreal Massacre. That’s what started the White Ribbon Campaign, isn’t it? Men speaking out that violence against women and girls is wrong: wonderful stuff. I know you’re long gone from Illinois, but there’s doing a campaign about preventing all forms of violence against women and girls. It’s called “What Will It Take?” Check it out. And hey, I do work for it, but it really is amazing, and I would also be happy to talk to Meg about what it’s like here in Illinois.

  53. I personally think that this line “mundane boring bits where I am so lame” can NEVER EVER EVER be used to describe you or anything you say.
    You are the best and by far one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

  54. It makes me happy to be referred to as audacious. I thank you. And I love you too.
    And Yay Meg.

  55. I set BOTH of my dvr’s to record your episode today, and it has been making me happy all week! Also, Cat Bordhi and her Coriolis socks were on HGTV on Monday, so it’s a happy knitting socks week. (Not as much fun as sock camp sounded, though)

  56. I’m so sad that I won’t get to watch your episode of knitty gritty! I don’t get that channel, I wonder if they’ll sell DVD’s of Knitty Gritty.

  57. Hmmmm what are you knitting? It looks a bit bikini like in shape thus far…except for the holey parts. You’ll need a lot of sunscreen and a painful waxing to pull that off. You could easily wear it somewhere like Brazil. Maybe you could get a gig teaching knitting there?

  58. It’s my birthday today too! I went to fondle some yarn this morning–couldn’t find exactly what I wanted!

  59. How eerie that she wrote about the Montreal Massacre on the same day as what will likely become the Virginia Tech Massacre. I hope she gets the scholarship!
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen STR yarn turn into something ugly. Can’t wait to see the FO! πŸ™‚

  60. I love that yarn. I think whatever you are knitting will turn out great. I look forward to watching Knitty Gritty this afternoon. I know it will be great as well. I have to say I am quite excited about all the new sock knitting episodes of Knitty Gritty!!

  61. It’s times like these (who am I kidding… it’s all the time), that I am glad I work at home. Knitty Gritty starts in less than an hour… my production that 1/2 hour will drop drastically!

  62. You know, your latest book had that bit about feminists and knitting and was excellent. That’s the way I feel about it. I’m a raging feminist (oh so popular in the middle of rural southern USA, let me tell you) but I knit. And even though I have career aspirations and things I want to do with my life and accomplish – I also want to be a stay-at-home mom — and that doesn’t make me any less of a feminist. I guess that’s another thing I meant to tell you in an e-mail or something – you nailed it: feminists don’t always look the way you think they would. Domestic isn’t anti-woman. If I have a husband and a family, the marriage will be a partnership, not some patriarchal stratification – but it may look almost “traditional.” But because of CHOICES not OBLIGATION. Now that I’ve rambled for no good reason, I’ll say something related to your post: hijacking aside, way to go to her for the essay!

  63. I’ll Tivo it and then copy it to dvd for you and send it with all the other things I’m going to send you now that I’ve found them after the move…

  64. I’m eating cake today–my lovely boy is seven years old today! Wonderful that he shares a birthday with your charming friends.
    Can’t wait to see what shawl you’re making! I’m poised to start the Shetland Triangle while I’m on my way to GLBT Knit Camp.

  65. Ditto the person who said they’ve been recording Knitty Gritty for months for fear they’d miss it! DH is a tad annoyed that our “recording space is dangerously low” as a result. Tough toodles, mon cherie! Thrilled today’s the day–counting down the minutes!!
    I have a pretty good guess about the Rose Quartz project but won’t say either πŸ˜‰

  66. While I’m sure Meg’s essay is grand, and I’m also sure you’ve brought her up with all the good sense you can impart, are you sure you want her going to school on “Studley Campus”???
    Oh well, after looking at that thong or shawl, I’m now off to learn about the Montreal Massacre πŸ™‚ I try to learn one new thing each day and it’s so easy to do when you hang around with knitters.

  67. The part about not beating your kids half to death made me laugh out loud here in cubicle world. It makes me think that should I ever get the chance, maybe I wouldn’t screw up parenting quite as bad as I fear I would!

  68. It’s good to know someone else remembers L’Ecole Polytechnique…I moved to a small town a few years ago and phoned the local Women’s Centre on Dec 5th to say “Where should I go for the memorial tomorrow?” They had no idea what I was talking about.
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with your Rose Quartz…I bought that same yarn a year ago and haven’t decided yet. I was thinking of the Pembrokeshire Pathway socks from Brenda Dayne, but don’t feel like wearing them twice then tossing them in the darning basket.

  69. OMG! I read the end of this post JUST IN TIME to turn the TV on in time to catch you explaining heels! I’m so excited! Squeee!

  70. 6 minutes in and nothing BUT clever and witty. Great job so far, so stop worrying! Ditto for the manicure…

  71. Your nails look GORGEOUS!
    Love the philosophical reason to knit a sock – I wondered myself sometimes why to spend $20 and the time to knit something so cheaply found in the local big box store, but your reason (plus the fact that they’re just SO comfy!) is perfect!
    And do you really knit with your yarn so far out, or is that just for the camera?

  72. I’m SO GLAD to see you throw your yarn! I’ve wondered if your sock knitting speed was attributed to Continental. Now I can rest easy knowing I am in good company and may one day too be a super speedy sock stitcher!

  73. You were AWESOME on KG!!!!!!!!! Hair, make-up, manicure, shawl, and oh yes, the knitting instructions were just great!!(g)
    You made it look sooo easy to knit a sock. This coming from a sock phobic. I may actually try it now.

  74. Beautiful nails! I work for DirecTV, and I am currently at work. I turned in floor monitor to DIY network for this half-hour and we are all watching you. Of course, we have the captions on and the volume down, but hopefully my DVR is recording you at home. It recorded Cat Bordhi yesterday! Looks great so far, can’t wait to *hear* you!

  75. I’m watching Knitty Gritty as I am typing this. You did a great job! They left in lots of clever and witty. Hope you get a chance to see it yourself.

  76. Ok- I have to comment again because you just showed picking up stitches- this is the part that confuses me- words in a book just don’t seem to explain it well- but I just watched you and it makes so much sense now! Honestly- I said “oh…” out loud with my mouth hanging wide open. Unfortunately I didn’t think to record!

  77. I’m watching right now and you have nothing to worry about! You are as clear and clever on television as you are in your writing. I had an extra giggle when, moving to the sock with the completed heel flap, you referenced the “magic of television” so ironically. You could just hear the days of nonstop partial sock knitting in your voice.

  78. I think you were lovely on KG, I don’t have a burner but I dvr-ed it and you are more than welcome to come to NC and watch it with me :D. Your nails are beautiful! I have to ask though, how did you concentrate on your knitting with that massive thing Vicki had on her hand?

  79. I’m watching you on TV as I type.
    You’re so darn cute!!!!!
    My homeschooled kids are watching with me. They wanted to see what the “blog-lady who makes mom laugh” looked like.
    You are charming ,witty, and informative all at the same time!

  80. My nephew once mused about adopting an English bulldog. I had the perfect name for him: Dieffenbaker. Since the poor boy had been born in the 1980s, he had no clue whom I was referring to. I offered to send him a picture and found an official site listing all Canadian prime ministers. Expecting to see Jean Chretien’s name at the top of the list, I found out the man had been out of office for over six months. Surprising to say, news coverage here in NYC is lacking. If it doesn’t happen in our backyard, it doesn’t make it to the major networks. I usually look to the BBC or Canal 2 (FR) to know what’s going on around the world. I didn’t remember hearing about the Canadian election that year, and, sadly, I don’t remember ever hearing about the Montreal massacre back in 1989. Thank you for the reminder.

  81. Just watched the show. You did an incredible job and it was really fun getting to see and hear you. Yay Harlot! ^_^

  82. The show was great! I’m now inspired to try a sock for myself… I have tried before, but got lost when picking up the stitches. You made it look so easy! And I loved how you were knitting without even looking!! Someday…..

  83. I told my boss I “had” to leave work early to be home by one pm today. I didn’t tell him it was because I couldn’t get my VCR to work this morning and I just couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t! miss The Harlot on TV! Bravo! I love the way you pronounce “about” but they edited out every single arse! They didn’t let you get a single arse in. But you were great, Stephanie. It was worth rushing home to see. The Captain

  84. Great job, Stephanie!!! The episode on Knitty Gritty was very clear for new sock knitters. Loved seeing all your green socks in their various stages of construction. You didn’t even look too nervous.
    I loved your shawl, too!

  85. Think if it this way: it’s only a half hour show including commercials, so really you’re only wasting 22 minutes of our lives, not the entire 30.
    Really though, I’m sure it came out fantastic. I missed it already, but it reruns later!

  86. You were absolutely charming on KG. (I do believe I’ve developed a crush on you…) I was, however, disappointed that they apparently edited out “arse.” I was so looking forward to hearing you get away with that.

  87. Stephanie you were WONDERFUL!!! I loved it, I made a cd of it. I wish it was an hour show, I seemed much too short! You Rocked! I’m going to watch it again…..

  88. Lovely job on Knitty Gritty! The metal needles actually helped to show the dark sock yarn stitches nicely on TV. And…I especially loved the “whammo!” as you finished the heel. I think I shall yell “whammo” each time I finish a heel too. πŸ˜‰ It will keep the other denizens of my home up on my activities.

  89. Now having watched the entire show, I write again to say it was one of the best KG ever. You were wonderful!!!! The lovely warmth and humor that comes across on your blog was right there for all to see on the TV. Congratulations from a devoted fan!!

  90. ~~ETA~~
    “I turned *the* floor monitor . . . . .”
    Geeze, you’d think I was excited or something. *sigh*

  91. Bravo! You looked great (nails! shawl!) on Knitty Gritty, and sounded totally coherent, calm, cool, collected and smart.

  92. Now having watched the entire show, I write again to say it was one of the best KG ever. You were wonderful!!!! The lovely warmth and humor that comes across on your blog was right there for all to see on the TV. Congratulations from a devoted fan!!

  93. Man, they edited out all the really good, fun words. To their credit they did not make you look like an arse.

  94. Just caught the whole show. Excellent job. I am in the very beginnings of knitting my first socks in some beautiful Austermann Step yarn that I just fell in love with. It’s eensy weensy yarn and wee needles so it’s good to have you on my DVR to help me through all the stitches and turns that are coming up soon!

  95. well, after commercials, it’s only like 23 minutes so that’s actually less air time to worry about, right?

  96. Loved seeing you on KG!! May I ask what dpn you work with? I find that I am not enjoying knitting socks with bamboo… and I am looking for the perfect needles.
    You Rock SPM!!

  97. Just finished watching the program — and I’m now printing off the recipe. I shall never panic again with new sock yarn and no specific pattern to go with it.
    Great job!

  98. I just watched Knitty Gritty. You were as wonderful & witty as always and not a bit boring. I am inspired to begin another pair of socks so I guess I’m off to the yarn shop, like I don’t have any sock yarn in my stash.

  99. Stephanie — Thanks for posting that you would be on Knitty Gritty today. They obviously didn’t put in any boring stuff. I was pleased to hear your alto voice and lovely Canadian accent. Also I think you “stood up well” next to Vickie who sometimes seems to overwhelm her guests or interrupt them. (Nice French manicure BTW — I’m sure your nails are always so primly done, especially after replacing floors. Heh.) Nice job on the socks — wish I were so talented! Kathy in Northen Virginia, USA πŸ˜‰

  100. I think I teared up on the inside. Not on the outside – just the inside πŸ˜€
    Two things I love about watching famous knitters on KG:
    1. hearing them talk;
    2. seeing them knit.
    You, CookieA and Scout all sounded exactly as I imagined you to sound. You didn’t even say arse πŸ™‚
    When I watched CookieA pick up stitches I thought I had been doing wrong all along. She pulls the live yarn through when doing the gusset as you would pull a strand when doing the mattress stitch. Just when I knit some socks trying it this way (for some of those heels it really is easier!) I see you do it as I had been doing, picking up the slipped stitch. So I learned there is always more than one way to do things.
    I also learned by watching you that not everyone knits continental, and it is possible – as another commenter mentioned – to knit quickly and *not* knit continental. I want to try holding my right needle as you do to see if it is method or experience that leads to speed. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the good show!

  101. WOW! You are so good! What a lovely, melodious voice! Your hair was under control; you were awesome; you didn’t say ‘arse’; you are a natural-born-teacher; I couldn’t see you shaking; you were aweaome; your manicure was most ladylike! If I weren’t already a sockaholic I would be one having listened/watched you. I’d like to have seen you with a coffee mug in your hand!!! Uh, did I note that you were awesome??!!

  102. Just cast on my newest pair of socks while I watched you on Knitty Gritty. Great show and fabulous manicure!

  103. Speaking of publicity…
    Stephanie, just wanted to let you know that your upcoming visit to Victoria is mentioned in today’s Victoria Times Colonist, in a nifty article about local Stitch n’ Bitch groups! Of course, they got the date wrong, but what can you do? It’s still great to have knitting in the spotlight (the piece is the entire front page of the Life section)! Go, knitters! (And go, Meg!)
    Here’s the article:

  104. heh-heh, heh-heh, you said “anatomy.”
    But my favorite line was when you fixed Vicki in your gaze and pronounced, “MYSTICALLY, this will be the exact right number of stitches.”
    And I have never noticed any other featured knitter actually knit while they talked with the Knitsters. So bravo!
    I checked my tape and it does work. If anybody wants to be on the circ list for this VHS, leave me a note at my blog.

  105. You did great on Knitty Gritty! I just finished watching it. My husband made an unexpected appearance as it was starting, looking for lunch I expect. I told him I would get him something to eat only if he had the time to wait until the program was over. He said you have a sexy voice! When I told him you are known as the Yarn Harlot, he said, “Yeah, I know why, with that voice. She kind of sounds like you did when you had laryngitis.” Men!! πŸ™‚

  106. Your episode is supposed to be inking itself into the DVR memory box – if it doesn’t I will surely sit upon a needle or something dramatic like that. Last night I watched Cat Bordhis Coriolis sock episode (via DVR) and was enthralled with her perfect sock while looking disparigingly at mine. I suspect the sock will be ripped once again after watching your episode. Ah well – if it isn’t right what use is it.
    If anyone knows how to get the episode out of the dvr box and onto dvd I think I have the capability to burn those things – will have to check with the son who knows of those things.

  107. I don’t get DIY, so I went to my neighbor’s house to watch with her. Can I just say how fun it was to see you with your natural style next to orange-hair-from-a-bottle Vicki(with turqoise eyeshadow to boot). You glowed for all the right reasons…she, well, what’s up with that? Sorry that sounded really catty, but I had never seen the show before and her brightness was very distracting. Very good show for you…don’t fear watching it yourself! You sounded calm, knowledgeable and a bit humourous.

  108. Congrats on the Knitty Gritty and on the feminist daughter. That rocks.
    Speaking of rocking, my prediction – STR = pink bikini. Do I know you or do I know you?

  109. I just finished watching you on Knitty Gritty. I was amazed, AMAZED I say by 2 things. 1. I’ve never seen someone knit like you with the yarn around fingers….must be Canadian. 2. Your voice was much deeper than I though it would be..did you have a cold?
    By the way, the hair was fine and the manicure beautiful. What have you done with all those green socks?

  110. I just watched your Knitty Gritty episode…you were fabulous…you sounded good…sounded relaxed and like you knew what you were doing (!?!?)…You did good! πŸ™‚

  111. The show was great… Your nails were perfect, too. Nice to learn a new way to pick up my stitches and a great formula for socks now, a lot less time looking for those pesky tape measures! What was up with that ginormous beetle/gold thingy/ring on Vicki’s hand???

  112. Well fine, don’t tell us what yer makin’.
    Anywho, congrats to Meg on her triumphant all-nighter. I need more moments like that from my little Monkey. She is pre-teen and I am frightened already of whats to come. *sigh* I’m going to need a lot of yarn.

  113. I just finished watching the show.
    It’s very cool to see you actually because I am always just reading what you write.
    You made sock knitting look much easier than I thought it was.
    And yes your nails looked very nice and you came across like a seasoned pro on the tube.
    Love your books!

  114. Loved your KG comment about why to knit socks. One of my dearest friends is deploying somehere not nice in the very near future, and she always gets a hand knit object when she returns. It helps me stay sane. This time she’s getting the Manos del Uruguay winter afghan, she normally gets socks, though.

  115. Just saw you on Knitty Gritty! You were your adorable self. You made knitting socks look as easy as pie (in spite of the magic of television and all your miracle sock preparation). Your shawl looked great! I’m so glad that your comparison of knitting and life was not edited out.

  116. Good luck Meg! My husband is a professor in Dal engineering. Dal is a beautiful campus and I have to say, Halifax is my favourite city (not just because I live here). If she decides to come, we have a very nice knitting group who would kindly adopt her πŸ™‚

  117. Knitty Gritty was fine, you and your nails looked lovely, and you were wonderful, but I must say the show did not even begin to do you justice. In person in SLC, even though there was “no air,” you were incredible.

  118. You looked fabulous on Knitty Gritty! I started a pair of socks using your recipe last week so it was nice to see the show and see that I’m doing it right. LOL

  119. You were wonderful on KG. Please promise you’ll say arse when you come to Portland. V.H. still bugs me.

  120. Can’t wait to see what your rose quartz will be. It sounds like your daughter wrote a wonderful essay, she must take after her mom. You did a great job on Knitty Gritty. I enjoyed watching it and thought you were very witty!

  121. Best of luck to Meg, Stephanie. The stressful time of applying to uni wasn’t long ago in the past for me… I hope she’s doing swell and enjoying the last of high school.
    I go to a large, commuter school type university, but I love my program, so I don’t mind its shortfalls; but from all the snippets you’ve mentioned about your middle daughter, I think she might love a little university like Dalhousie in the most beautiful town. And a great law school!

  122. You were super cool on Knitty Gritty, and I typically do not like that show. I wish there was more of you and less of her, but so be it! It was a fun thing to see.

  123. I’m so grateful no one in my area was hurt in this awful storm that still rages, but – bloody freakin’ POWER OUTAGE!! I just caught the last ten minutes of your Knitty Gritty.
    You looked fantastic
    Manicure and hair in place
    Your Harlot-ness rules!

  124. It was awesome. Magical even. To get to see you “in person”. To get to hear you speak. To get to see you KNIT SOCKS. I am just giddy from it all. You were my inspiration for making my first pair of socks, and it was just so cool to get to watch how you knit them.
    You looked great! I didn’t hear you say arse once. Great job!!
    It’s almost like getting to go to your appearances. I taped it and so I can watch it whenever I need some good sock mojo.
    Oh now I feel the need to buy some really good sock yarn.

  125. Oh sure, NOW you tell about the air date…(sitting at work wishing I were not). Congrats to the young lawyer to be!

  126. I just got done watching you on the show – you were great! There were plenty of clever and witty things, of course it just makes me wish I could see you in person again out here in Salt Lake City πŸ™‚

  127. You were clever, and witty, and beautiful. And we couldn’t see down your shirt. Go Meg!!!!! It’s so satisfying to realize you made the right decision not to kill your daughter. Mine is 20, and most days are homicidal thought free, but sometimes…..

  128. A corset?
    Wait – new curtains for the bedroom?
    Um. . . . a chastity belt for the soon-to-be-college girl?
    I give!

  129. You were great on Knitty-Gritty! The only thing I noticed edited out was your use of the word “Arse”. And I listened hard for it! You were calm, funny, knowledgeable, fingernail-perfect (the manicure was obviously worth it!), and while I don’t find your voice sexy (as one of the above comments mentioned), that’s only because I’m female, and have a voice about one pitch higher than yours when I speak. And although you claimed burnout over the same sock being knitted again and again for the show, you could never tell by how beautiful they all looked, and your skill in demostrating the making of it. Your pattern, by the way, was so easy for me to memorize, I use it almost non-stop in making up the 29 pair of socks I’ve knitted since last May. Steph, you rock!

  130. Great job on Knitty Gritty, Steph! Your sock step-outs were rockin’, your wit was sharp, your hair was glorious, and I learned where to put my K2togs and SSKs when doing the gussetts of my socks (even though I use the Magic Loop method, not 3 needles). Way to go, Harlot! I hope they ask you back soon. πŸ™‚

  131. Out of the mouths of babes… I’m sure her essay is wonderful.
    I’m going to try to make it to Lexington on Saturday. Do I have to have a copy of your book before I get there, or will there be some there for purchase?
    Do you like snickerdoodles?

  132. I just watched your episode of Knitty Gritty. You were fantastic! You seemed really relaxed, you managed to toss a few good comments in there to give a glimpse of your personality, and I really like how they had you joking around with the knitsters at the end. I wish they hadn’t edited out the “arse” comment though. BTW – I admit to upgrading my digital cable package just to see your episode. πŸ™‚

  133. You know, when you blogged about being on Knitty Gritty, I was apalled to learn I didn’t get it on my satellite programing – So, I changed my account – actually added more channels, just so when it came on (yay!) I could watch it. I’m looking forward to going home and watching it with a nice little glass of merlot and my newest knitting craze.

  134. KNITTY GRITTY was funnnnnn!!!!
    I have knit 3 socks and just realized I fungoo it EVERY time I pick up stitches! Now I know what to do- Kudos- Stephanie!!
    GO MEG!!

  135. Oh damn…Knitty!?!? I missed it, completely…do they ‘re-run’ episodes?
    A very happy birthday to Juno, and a very happy birthday to Rachel H. (I love reading Rachel’s comments that she leaves at various blogs, and the bit about the woodworking classes? she’s becoming quite the hero to me, well, actually she already is…quite the hero to me).
    And Meg’s paper…I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful I think that is.

  136. ack, i just noticed, as that was posting, that auto fill played havoc with my addresses… ok, their right now.
    and i recently learned sock knitting from your formula in Knitting Rules… so it is really special to get to see this episode of knitty gritty.

  137. Your Knitty Gritty was awesome!!! You were hysterical and terrific all at the same time!! I use your sock recipe with every pair I make.
    That’s a very nice THONG you’re knitting!! Ooh la la!! ;o)

  138. Loved you on Knitty Gritty! Your voice must have been sooo soothing when you were a doula.

  139. I saw the Knitty Gritty episode. You were great. I thought they left in the good parts. I loved that you were on with the Ebony Purls. It was a great sock tutorial. Hopefully more people will be brave enough to try socks. Knitty Gritty is also on HGTV although I have no idea when your episode will air.

  140. I watched Knitty Gritty and you were just great. I wish it had been an hour long show this one time so that we could have heard everything you said.
    I gave a lunch for one of my friends today, it was her birthday. There are two eclairs left for Juno and Rachel H but I guess I’ll have to eat them, in honor of the ladies, myself. I don’t think they (the eclairs) would make the trip from California.

  141. a big t00w00t for mother’s who teach their daughters the importance of awareness and the give them the strength to spread the word.
    I just watched your Knitty Gritty (thank the higher powers for TiVo!) You were wonderfully witty and alot more interactive than alot of guests. Beautifully done!

  142. The show was very informative, but I didn’t think it did justice to your sense of humor. Your nails looked fabulous!

  143. I also just watched the show on my TiVo — you were an excellent host. Not nervous at all, and it was a very good tutorial on socks. They had another woman try to teach socks a few seasons ago and it was mostly a disaster. I just kept thinking that those were a lot of green socks that you made!

  144. I saw your episode today! I love how casual you are about it all. You didn’t look nervous at all. Good job!

  145. Shoot, I wish I’d known you were airing! I have a TV Tuner card and can record show, but I didn’t know that that was today!

  146. I just watched my recording of your Knitty Gritty episode for the second time today and I just have to tell you that you are a natural teacher. Very impressive!

  147. I flipped on the TV as I fed my infant grandson his bottle today and was thrilled to tune in to your episode of Knitty Gritty. You looked so relaxed and were so informative —made it seem like appearing on TV is child’s play. Thanks for the informative lesson!

  148. The Knitty Gritty episode was great. I learned something about picking up the gusset stitches that will definitely make my life easier. I had just decided to embrace the toe up method to avoid the gusset stitches. Your voice will give Brenda Dayne a run for her money if you ever decide to podcast.

  149. You were fab on Knitty Gritty, Steph. The green socks and step-ups worked just wonderfully and the metal needles didn’t even have any discernable clicking. πŸ™‚ Hey, even your hair looked good with no traces of lotion or excessive frizz. πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to seeing you (and the traveling sock, of course) in Portland in June! πŸ™‚

  150. Excellent work on Knitty Gritty. I did not know how to graft or pick up stitches properly, which might be why my first sock is a little wonky. Number 2 is due to improve! (the hubbo has been warned not to delete any KG episodes from the DVR under punishment of no handkits).
    I liked it that one of your Knitsters brought first sock mojo with her. Excellent.
    And as many have mentioned, lets knit a few stitches while we mourn for the devestation in Virginia. It is so senseless and tragic.

  151. They should have done a special hourlong episode of KG, just for you. Scratch that-you should have your own darn show! Then you can say “arse” to your heart’s content. Seriously, I finished my first pair of Jaywalkers as I was watching you, which is so apropos, since you-via knitting olympics- are responsible for my sock knitting obsession, which after a year, is growing ever stronger. I loved every minute of the show!

  152. i caught your episode of KG and plan on recording it on a video cassette so i can refer to it later. i started knitting socks about a month ago and still make mistakes and you provided a lot of great pointers (such as picking up the slipped stitches with a needle instead of the pick and knit method that i’ve been doing *slaps forehead*). your presence on the show has been long overdue! thanks for rockin’ the socks!

  153. I had to watch the episode as I TIVOed it. I thought you were very together and looked great. You almost made Vicki seem a little dim. Loved how the yarn looked on TV too. I still think it’s cool that your recipe is exactly how I’ve been doing socks since I started years ago. Not sure how I started that way but I love it. πŸ™‚

  154. It is so rewarding to hear of the next generation getting feminism, truly. This is awareness-work that just needs to be continued year after year.

  155. Thanks for reminding me that kids are more often obnoxious to their mothers than they are to the world at large. (And I don’t even have teenagers yet! Oh, heaven preserve me . . . ) Way to go, Meg.
    I wish I had checked my RSS feeds this morning. I could have had my mom tape Knitty Gritty.

  156. Can someone figure out how to get it on or at least a small bit. A lot of us US folks don’t have cable or TVs. I don’t know–am I encouraging something illegal? Okay, just a baby-baby bit of Stephanie.
    Though I do see that someone’s put up a few moments from Denver. Shout out to that wonderful soul!

  157. Stephanie…
    I took a late lunch to make sure that I was home to see your episode on Knitty Gritty…
    You did awesome. It was great to put a voice with the words.
    When things calm down, or when you need a distraction…could you let me know how you handle the turns on the EZ rib warmer? I’ve frogged my 3 times…Big wholes where I turn the corners…
    Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated. πŸ™‚ Carla

  158. Could that be the start of a HIghland triangular shawl? Just a wild guess.
    Happy Birthday to Juno and Rachel H may they have a wonderful year ahead of them .
    Meg –You go girl– all the best to you and your new adventures.

  159. I quickly went through the posts and see you’ve got a few offers of having copies made of your show. I recorded it as well and I’d be more than happy to send you a copy. It’ll be coming from Long Island, New York!

  160. 1. That yarn is beautiful….I went to the site and ALMOST bought some today, twice. I think we both know what is going to happen.
    2. I just finished watching the show and you were just as fantastic as I expected you to be. Just the right amount of wit and charm, as always. AND I learned a new way to graft! Nifty!

  161. Re: #2 – I am an engineer, and as a (Canadian, female) engineering student we had a rememberance for the MontrΓ©al Massacre at Polytechnique every year. It’s good to see that people still are remembering; hopefully someday it will make a real difference.

  162. The show was GREAT!! This episode will stay on my DVR for a long time.
    Great job Stephanie. Keep on doing what you do!

  163. I’m super excited about you coming to Victoria, BC. Woohoo!! got my ticket and I’m all ready! hope it’s nice and sunny when you get here!

  164. Hey Steph! Do you have any advice on how to keep your elbows and wrists from popping and cracking when you knit for long periods of time? I really need some help.

  165. I must say! This was my first opportunity to see you in real life (after reading the blogs and the book), and I think you are just as fantastic as you are in print! I also enjoy watching Knitty Gritty, and you have the best ‘Knitty Cam’ hands that program has to offer! Great french tips!

  166. Just one of the many but… OMG it was Stephanie!! It was Stephanie!!! jump jump
    jump …. you were great and didn’t look nervous..great job!!!!

  167. knitting as a metaphor for life, and the real reason for knitting socks…it was good to see and hear the person behind the yarn.

  168. You stayed up with your daughter for an all-nighter??!? Wth… seriously… my mother NEVER stayed up all night to keep my company…

  169. What ever “it” is it pretty neato looking. And good for you for not beating your kids half to death now or when they were smaller. It takes strength, I know.

  170. When I said “bamboozled you into knitting throw” many feet up on the comments, I sincerely thought you knitted Continental. Now that I’ve watched you knit (throw) I despair that I will never knit as quickly or with as complete efficiency of motion as you do. I can’t knit Continental to save my life. Maybe I just need to knit more.
    The show was fantastic! A few things make even more sense now that I’ve seen you do them.

  171. OHMYGOD how fabulous are you!!! I’d never heard your voice before – totally different from what I had imagined. You rock, girl!

  172. I recently began recording Knitty Gritty on my DVR so I can watch it later after work. I watched you before dinner tonight. You did a great job explaining sock knitting. I’m sure you helped many a beginner get the nerve to start socks! I particularly liked what you said about knitting being a metaphor for life. That was RIGHT ON. You can be so humorous and witty, and then you say something that reaches right into the soul. Also, the part about knitting socks being a gift of love was beautiful. Somebody should have added that hand knit socks feel like nothing else on earth! Maybe that is our secret. Make a pair or receive a pair to find out. Anyway, I just wanted to chime in my approval of your TV appearance! And give your daughter Meg a special hug!

  173. Ohhh, can I guess what your knittin’?? Looks a wee bit like the lacy thong panty I am making for my daughter’s pre-wedding “look, your ma’ likes to knit you tiny stuff” gift!! LOL

  174. ‘K, I don’t have a tv, so is it available on dvd or youtube or something?
    Happy Birthday, Juno and Rachel! (That is kind of bizarre that two of your friends would have the same birthday…)
    Um…yeah, beating your kids half to death would kind of go against the anti-violence thing…

  175. I think the little thingy you are knitting and you won’t tell us what it is looks kinda like the beginnings of a male thong. πŸ™‚

  176. You were clever, witty, and intelligent! No need to have worried. Pretty nails, too!

  177. Steph, I sat down at my TV and watched you on Knitty Gritty. I TiVO the show since I have to go to work so I can afford to buy yarn and your books, of course. You did great. Your witty bits stayed in. Your french manicure was fabulous. I am looking forward to using your formula to make myself a pair of socks. I might even use it for Sockapalooza 4.
    Then I watched a Knitty Gritty from the day before and it was Cat teaching her Coriolis sock. I want to try that one too.

  178. First order – whether it’s a thong or a shawl (innie or outie?)it’s going to be beautiful! Second, I LOVED the Knitty Gritty – you are so much better than Vicky to watch. My wish would be that you had your own TV show…perhaps HGTV instead of DIY since that seems to be easier for more people to get! You looked great-nails and all! My DH taped the show for me then was gracious enough to watch it with me tonight. I think he wanted to see this person that I talk about so often…and lastly – I love knitting socks and have always used two circular needles to do it. I had trouble juggling 5 dpns – after watching you on KG, I may give 4 dpns a try. Maybe my knitting self is beginning to grow up! Loved the show, again I vote for you to have your own show…then jobs wouldn’t have to get in the way of knitting!!

  179. Talk about witty! My MythTV box recorded your episode of Knitty Gritty today and I’m not going to let it auto expire! You made sock knitting look so easy! It made perfect sense and was entertaining to boot. You’ve never seen a husband give his wife such an odd look when she squeals with delight at a new episode of a knitting show…

  180. You were wonderful on the show! It was such fun to actually see you doing that pattern because I’ve been using it for every pair of socks I’ve done so far. Don’t worry, you were wonderfully witty and you didn’t seem at all nervous. Yea you! I just want to know- are you going to give everyone those green socks for Christmas? πŸ˜‰ See you this weekend in Lexington @ the Bluegrass BookFair!
    P.S. I agree with the others- your nails looked great!

  181. Rats!@&%! (I’m censoring myself here)–I recorded KnittyGritty on my DVR today so did not sit down to watch it in real time. Then I tried to play it tonight and it is blank, there’s just nothing there but the title. I’ve never had this problem with my DVR before. Is the knitting goddess angry with me? I swear I’ve been good and my knitting is just humming along (maybe that’s the problem, things were going too well.) Is the program going to be repeated soon?

  182. Good on Meg for writing that essay. Such senseless things in the world. Perhaps if the media paid more attention to the victims and what THEY were like, rather than the perputrator, there would be less of these horrible acts commited. You obviously raised a good one, Steph.
    Secondly, I second the motion for a knit thong. Oh the knit thongs. Maybe with matching bra? Not underwire of course–no woman would create such an abomination.
    Finally, why is it that we Canadians don’t get HBO or Knitty Gritty? WTH?!

  183. You were great I always record the show, your nails were fab.your socks were great love the yarn. I just started reading your blog last month thank you you are terrific. Andi

  184. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing you in person at any book signings (yet!), so it was great fun seeing you on knitty gritty today! Your nails were so pretty! And your voice is so lovely and soothing. I’m actually looking forward to starting my second sock now thanks to you.

  185. I remember the Montreal Massacre. Recall being surprised there were still men who felt so strongly against women. Then last year there was the Amish schoolhouse incident.
    Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated by starting a knitting blog. ( ) I continued celebration tonight by opening a bottle of champagne for Juno and Rachel. Hurrah for spring babies.
    Now I’m sitting here knitting my second pair of socks and turned on my TIVOed Knitty Gritty from HGTV to find the Cat Bordhi episode. Great evening and Cat makes sense even on half a bottle of champagne.
    Interesting note. We have Vickie and her cadre being oh so hip, but the first commercial was Diane Keaton selling an anti-aging cream. So who’s the audience for Knitty Gritty? Possibly one that doesn’t fit the usual TV show demographics. I like how knitting is crossing generations currently.

  186. Steph you were great on Knitty Gritty. Smart, witty – a cut above the usual guest. Kudos to you! You should have your own show.

  187. You were great on KG. I think you should be the hostess of the show instead of Vickie. (I’d love to hear what she was like in “real life.”) After just having seen you a few weeks ago in Cleveland, it was nice to see you again on the show. I don’t recall your nails looking like that when I saw you, though:)

  188. Your Knitty Gritty show was great! Since reading Knitting Rules, I started making socks by your directions … was great to watch you do it and see that I do it the same way. Easiest sock pattern ever. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try sock knitting.
    You were funny and clever, and it was great to see you knitting along with the knitsters (never before seen) and, last but not least, being from Maryland USA was surprised at your voice (seemed no accent to me, northern or otherwise). Best KG ever. Knit on!

  189. Hi Steph,
    I enjoyed watching you on Knitty Gritty. I want you to know that I sped home from Chapel Hill (no small feat on I-40) and made it just in time to see the show. It’s the first time I’ve seen your lips move! You talked! (I’ve only ever seen pictures) Loved the shawl you were wearing, especially the yarn. So pretty. Can you share, on your blog, the name of the pattern and yarn? Or maybe a link to your posts about it.
    Thanks, and you were so *not* oppressing the freeform sock lady. I’m glad you didn’t let her hide her work behind her back. Very nice.

  190. Steph, YOU WERE FABULOUS on K/G!!! Your voice is AMAZING. you TOTALLY should have your own show. I really liked the way you dialoged with the knitsters at the end. Most guests just sit there.
    Not only that, but I think Vickie was a bit miffed that you were more personable, clever and (let’s face it) funnier than her.
    I LOVED the snarks about the step outs! πŸ˜‰
    Serious, girl – you GOTS TO GETS your own show!!!

  191. This is my first post to you, and I wanted you to know that my non-knitting husband and I both watched yesterday’s Knitty Gritty, and we thought you were fabulous! We were amazed to see how easily you can talk and knit.

  192. I saw you on Knitty Gritty as well yesterday, and you were fantastic! I don’t usually watch the show because rarely do they feature patterns that I have any interest in, and they always seem to want to use novelty yarns. I mean really, what percentage of the knitting population in the broadcasting audience REALLY wants to knit a bikini or fun fur steering wheel cover and fuzzy dice?? I do believe that your show was the first practical one I’ve ever seen. I’m also glad to hear other commenters who wonder about Vickie Howell in real life. I’m never sure how to take her on the show.
    Anyway, GREAT JOB, and I do also agree very much with the previous suggestion about you getting your own show. It would be a smash hit, and any network would be crazy not to pick it up! Perhaps we should mass-email that wonder publicist of yours!!

  193. She speaks! My son came by right when your show came on and I tried to explain to him that this was a big moment for me. Been reading The Harlot for quite a while now and I was about to hear her voice for the first time. And a lovely one it is, too. Full of humor, empathy, and passion. I don’t know why you worry about your hair so much . . . who’s noticing that after you begin to speak?!

  194. (Okay, this is technically my second post–oink–but I had to come back and give you my review) Love the the nails, love the shawl, love the sock, love the voice, LOVE YOU! Frankly, someone ought to just give you your own show. Seriously. You’re smart, witty, and yet, there’s a certain hint of vulnerablity that says, “she has the potential to be charmingly dysfunctional.” LOL We need real people on TV, dag nabbit!
    I really got the impression that there was a lot of silliness going on between takes, but then you had to put on your game face for the instructional parts. One of these days, we’re going to have a show (‘The Harlot Show’ of course) where a little silliness gets edited in. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? BTW, glad they didn’t make you knit with knitty-cam-friendly neon yellow yarn. That green sock yarn was all you. On an ‘instructional’ note, I think I’ve been picking my gusset stiches up incorrectly all this time. My world has been rocked. I’m going to have to watch that segment a few hundred more times to figure it out (hint: I’m slow). Everyone at home has already been warned that anyone deletion of that recording will be punishable by death! πŸ™‚

  195. Stephanie, you rule. You are a lot more fun to watch than Vicki Howell, too (and you have way better hair). I agree with the commenters who say you need your own show. I can send you a DVD of the show. I see that other people have offered as well, but so what. Does that stop me?

  196. You were awesome on Knitty Gritty! I taped it and watched it last night, and growled at my husband whenever he interrupted my viewing. πŸ™‚

  197. Totally awesome on Knitty Gritty! Loved it! You sounded different than what I thought you would sound like. Awesome job.

  198. Lovely job on the show… I can see how you beat the 2 circs with your dpns! I was very interested by your way of holding the yarn – might have to try that because it looks easier than my wrapped-twice-around-the-index-finger method.

  199. your voice is the greatest! I love it! you should record audiobooks πŸ˜‰
    While I would absolutely watch a TV show of you, as a possibly more practical suggestion, I think you should do a DVD about sock knitting. I think it would be brilliant.
    And hooray for those of us that use DPN!

  200. I couldn’t seem to leave a comment on your blog about breastfeeding and being a lact consultant … ROCK ON! Someone left a comment about letting adoptive children starve … would you ever consider a post about donor breast milk (and reasons why we have milk banks), induced lactation or addressing that you recognize not all moms can induce lactation? Somebody also posted that American breasts may be different than Swedish breasts for scientific reasons, which you probably read. I think it’s worth mentioning that breastfeeding, especially extended breastfeeding, cuts breast cancer risks even in that European population she was speaking of.
    I also wanted to say that the WIC in my area is extremely pro-BF … the lact consultant was still nursing her 5 y/o and the women there with kids tended to be breastfeeding their kids well into toddlerhood.
    Now, to be somewhat relevant to this blog, I wish I had cable so I could have seen the show. Do you know if it will end up on the DIY website?

  201. I dont have a telly, but for once I wish that I had
    I think the WIP is a martini glass

  202. This was an ‘oh my god’ column. First, you said you didn’t knit all day. I had heart failure. Then you said the words Meg and scholarship in the same sentence, and I realized that that meant your daughter is preparing to go off to college – and boy that meant time is flying faster than I thought.
    Then I read Knitty Gritty was on — yesterday, when I was stuck doing taxes all day and couldn’t get home to tape it.
    Could you hear me screaming in Canada?

  203. re item #2: that’s just mean! How long are you going to keep us in suspense? Drats…can’t get DIY here either.

  204. Stephanie, you were fantastic!! Great Show. Good Job! and…an outstanding french manicure!

  205. Are you making one of those modular sweaters like the one you made that we will never speak of again (the one that came together in the middle with triangles)? The colors on the “NSOIA sweater” were lovely – not that I’m speaking about it.

  206. I have not been able to watch your episode of Knitty Gritty yet because I am at DD’s house & she doesn’t have cable or satellite TV. But I did Tivo it & hopefully it will still be there tomorrow or Friday when I get home. If you’d like, I’d be delighted to burn a DVD of it for you. Just let me know.

  207. Of all days, my DVR hiccupped and recorded the first minute, then the last 24 minutes. So I missed the introductions! Oh, well. Perfect show, though. Saw you at Represent NYC and now on KG – what a great year this has been!

  208. I finally bought a DVR JUST so I could tape your episode on Knitty Gritty. I snuck out of work early yesterday to rush home and watch it. You were great, the socks were lovely, Loved the yarn and thank god they didn’t make you knit on some gawdawful Orange or Neon Green. I hope you inspired the non-sockknitters out there to pick up their DPNs and give socks a try.

  209. I was so excited when I got home last night and started watching Knitty Gritty. Before the show even started I saw the sock colorway and recognised it as one of your million green socks. You were fabu, by the way. It was a great episode, and if I remember correctly I think they showed almost all the important bits. There has been a problem with the new season in that in almost every single episode there is something important that is talked about, but the actual footage of what is knitted does not get aired. We viewers are left to speculate at what it might have looked like. I’ve been frustrated, but I suppose it’s not my show so I should just get over it. Hopefully someone will get it to you so that you can see how well it went.

  210. You were fantastic. I have it on TiVo and I’m save save saving it!
    And, I agree. You have a beautiful voice and IMHO it would be perfect for audiobooks. Thanks for doing the show. Those of us down here in the “Deep South” (Atlanta) can’t see you on your tours, so this is a good consolation prize.

  211. My husband heard you on KG, and asked if you were
    from Maryland. I, of course, said, NO – she’s from CANADA, EH!?!
    Your sock instructions were poetry; repetition and
    consistent phrasing is a key.
    I have always found the ‘slip first stitch’ on the
    heel flap made my edged too loose, but I’m going to re-visit that rule on my next pair of socks.

  212. It was great. But it was also weird, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen you go 23 minutes before without falling over laughing at least once.

  213. Stephanie, you were absolutely brilliant on the show! I wish I had been able to get on your taping! Hope to see more of you on the show!

  214. Look at the itty bitty shawl! I know its a shawl and I can wait to see the rest of it… I have not used my skein of this yarn and hadn’t thought about turning into a shawl…. But why not….
    I have your Knitty Gritty episode set to record and will be watching it this afternoon. I am sure you will be great as always!

  215. I already posted once, but I just wanted to say I thought you were most excellent on Knitty Gritty. An excellent guest!

  216. Congrats to your daughter and your for all your support! Assuming she gets into Dal that will certainly give you a reason to get NS (Halifax or elsewhere) on your tour!

  217. Congrats to your daughter and your for all your support! Assuming she gets into Dal that will certainly give you a reason to get NS (Halifax or elsewhere) on your tour!
    Is that an exquisite dishcloth you are knitting?

  218. I’ve been waiting for this episode for forever! I recorded it on my DVR box and I’ll never erase it. I’m so happy too because I just learned socks and this was such a huge help!

  219. My dream…that DIY would offer copies of the show. Or maybe HGTV would have a special airing???? I know….dream on…heavy sigh…

  220. i did not know about the montreal massacre. sigh; history repeats….so sad.

  221. One of the few times in times in the last six years that I regret giving up my cable… I’m sure you did fine!
    Can’t wait to see how the pink thong turns out!
    I think you’re going to have to post Meg’s essay online for us to read. We had a woman get killed on the University of Washington campus two weeks ago by her estranged boyfriend, and then the sadness at Virginia Tech on Monday…

  222. I’m so bummed, can’t watch it myself, but I’m with you on the whole ‘proud of offspring moment’–just when I think they’re gonna make me apeshit, they go and so or say something that makes me realize that I have wasted neither breath, womb space, nor dna… but they should still stop putting their laundry in with mine before I kill them.

  223. I am totally bummed. I have TiVo set to record Knitty Gritty every day, repeats and first runs. For some reason, it didn’t record your show and I’ve been waiting for it ever since you blogged about it. Damn, that pisses me off. Now I have to wait for the re-runs. Sometimes I think TiVo has a mind of its own and decides to be contrary, like a two-year old brat. I’m sure you were fabulous. Wish I could have seen it.

  224. I know you probaly won’t answer this, but I loved you on Knitty Gritty yesterday, and must know more about the shawl you were wearing!

  225. Your appearance on the Knitty Gritty show was the best, and I thank you for demystifying sock knitting once and for all! I am just now able to receive DIY and was delighted to find Knitty Gritty and Stephanie by accident the other day. Will you do a repeat performance soon? By the way, I really enjoyed your new book! Many thanks!

  226. Hi! Enjoy the Knitty Gritty from yesterday very much. I definitely saved the show for future reference!
    Fellow knitter would like to know which yarn you used for the sock? πŸ™‚
    Thanks if you can help out!!

  227. LOVED your Knitty Gritty show…I have your Knitting Rules book and love your wit and knowledge…it was good to “see you in person” as it were…hope you visit the show again soon…maybe you could even have your OWN show someday!
    Best wishes,

  228. I finally saw your show and loved it. I saw you were knitting with the Knit Picks double pointed needles. How were they? I’d think they’d be pretty slippery considering the circular needle set they have.

  229. oh! no fair! i didn’t get to see you. my d@mn day job so interferes with my knitting.
    i hope you will be on again with some advance warning so i can convince some kind soul to tape you for me!

  230. Steph, dude, seriously. I thought you were knitting for the homeless, not the hopeless. I know you are kind and generous and all that, but you really don’t HAVE to knit a pink lace thong for that road-weary porn star down the steet!
    Go Meg! You have pulled an all-nighter for a focused purpose while sober — you are now an offical adult. Be proud.
    We don’t get DIY here. Add me to the pouting posse.
    Sadly, I recall the Canadian shooting, and the motive. It terrifed me.

  231. How great! April 17 is my birthday too! And I did party hearty. Happy Birthday to us!

  232. Darnit. All these comments later, and I really have to apologize to my husband for insisting that it can’t be panties (as he put it). I still think it looks more like a shawl, but hey, a thong works too…
    I once knew a woman who was there at the Montreal Massacre (or was it that she was just barely not there? she never really talked about it). She was deeply scarred by it (emotionally, not physically).
    Steph, I am deeply inspired to have just learned that you are a doula (via MasonDixon the other day). I’m even more deeply inspired because I’m starting to learn to be one myself! I refuse to feel like a dork for planning the knitting I’m taking with me to my workshop next week. πŸ˜€ Gogo femiknitters! (yes, I just unvented that, it really is 5 am and I need to go back to sleep.)

  233. No DIY here-but you have such wonderful readers I can request to get on the traveling DVD’s schedule. (Does that freak you out a little? That your groupies are sending your KG episode around to each other-it would me ;~)) If you won’t do your own show-then please do what Louisa suggested and do some sort of instructional DVD!
    And I have no idea what you are making. And I’m getting a little nervous reading all these guesses…

  234. You were great on KG (and I add my voice to all those who commented on how great your nails looked)! My HUSBAND even watched with me. He thought it was cool that you looked like a regular person (even like a slim version of me, crazy hair, glasses, and all). He brought back some sock yarn from a business trip he took to Florida and I used it to make my first sock ever. He watched the process and was fairly fascinated. Then when he saw your show (sort of the ‘time compressed’ version) he said “that’s like calculus…I don’t do calculus.” I said “That’s exactly how I made my sock!” He said “I know…it’s still calculus” and proceeded to take off and inspect the machine-knit athletic sock he was wearing to see the ribbing, the knit vs. purl side of the stockinette, how the heel was made (which he then compared to the heel flap method). I see more sock yarn in my future! He doesn’t even want socks of his own…he just thinks how they’re made is totally cool! Not bad for a hopeless muggle. I’m glad he’s a hopeless muggle…if he started knitting I would have no one to fix things when I break them (coffee pots, towel racks, etc.).

  235. You looked great, Stephanie! Either they they edited out the bits your were afraid of or you were wonderful. I’m voting for the latter. I saved it on TiVo for mom to see! And can I jjust say… That’s a LOT of green socks…

  236. The only good to come from a day spent prone on my couch with an upper respiratory plague: catching you by accident on Knitty Gritty. You looked great, you were funny as heck, and I think I actually learned something! I don’t know what I expected you to sound like, but your voice is deeper than I thought it would be. And I grinned every time you sounded Canadian…I just love that accent! I missed the first 8 mins. or so, but the part I saw was spectacular. Now, we all knew you were nervous because we read you daily, but you were poised and spot on, like you do this sort of thing more often than you have dinner. Wonderful!!!

  237. Alright, Harlot. It’s been days.
    You tantalized us with a project with hubby—- then left us hanging like an STR project cast-on… well begun, until a needle gets lost in the couch… a knitters coitus interruptus…unable to continue….
    enough drama…;) sorry bout that.
    SO– WHAT GIVES? What’s the project with Joe? You’re killing me here- I had to cast on a chevron scarf just to maintain concentration!

  238. *chants loudly* We want a thong – we want a thong!!!
    I vote for the thong but you would need more than a Brazilian for those holes!! Could you wear it on DIY – KG? πŸ™‚
    That would definitely up the ratings and they could take knitting shows more seriously!!
    I can’t wait to see what you have decided to create.

  239. My knitting friend called and told me to turn on the tv “pronto’ to knitty gritty. And there you were in my very own living room. I was shocked. I stayed on the phone with my friend while she and I knitted on socks. We watched you in silence and only commented during commercials. What a treat!
    I found out, too late, that you were in Pittsburgh PA last month. I only live 2 hours away and I missed going to see you? WWWWAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
    What pattern was the shawl you were wearing on Knitty Gritty?
    You were great! Thank you for visiting my home via tv.

  240. This is the first comment I have ever left on your blog, but I had to respond to the idea that there should be a day to recognize the lives lost in the Montreal massacre – because there is a day and even a whole organization devoted to its remembrance and the the fight against violence against women. It’s called the White Ribbon Campaign and it’s actually based in Toronto:
    (I have to admit I have an inside track on this one – my brother works for them, and he’s a great guy even if he doesn’t knit!)

  241. “2. I have decided what I’m doing with the beautiful Rose Quartz STR, but I’m not going to tell you.”
    Aha! You think you are being coy and clever but we in blog-land are a smart bunch and we’re onto you already–You are most definitely going to KNIT something with it.
    I’ll bet you never heard that one before. Ever.

  242. You were great on Knitty Gritty. Very funny. Loved the new book. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Portland. Let me know if you need someone to collect hats there for Represent. I’d be happy to do that.

  243. I am so bummed I missed you knitty gritty show. Does anyone know when it will reair? I am positive you were GREAT on it!

  244. I loved your Knitty Gritty show. I have your Knitting Rules book but I did not get the sock formula until you explained it on the show. I have knitted several pairs of socks but I never understood the Kitchner’s stitch (though I used it) until you explained it on the show. Now I think I will be able to do it without looking at the directions each time. Stephanie Rules!

  245. You totally rocked! You were totally witty, humorous and very, very instructive. I think you seriously need your own show! Hey, who do we write too? Luckily, I record all the Knitty’s to dvd, so I will have you to calmly explain everything to me step by step when I start my next sock…almost like having you sitting there next to me.

  246. Well, although you and I have never met, I was thrilled to hear that two of your friends were born the same day as me. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But your books are a staple of my reading repetoire and have kept me somewhat sane in some cases, just as a friend would. Happy birthday to all!

  247. Hey I was looking at the Blogger Hobby awards and they have you listed in a couple of places, with votes at each place which would move you up on the listing to at least third place. You might want to check this out.
    mom to Yarnyenta (: Bobbie

  248. Terrific manicure, lady…I Tivo Knitty Gritty everyday, and believe you me-that Knitty Cam never saw hands that looked so good!

  249. I haven’t had cable in something like three years, and I’ve NEVER had DIY network, so I’ve never gotten Knitty Gritty. Someday I will troll the comments to see who has a DVR that they’re willing to lend out or whatever. Or I’ll find it on YouTube. Or on DVD. But damn. I have NEVER EVER seen this show.

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