One of us

Once I was free of the airport yesterday (I did not find Scarlett Road. The evil paved and looping paths of confusion at Pearson decided that I was going to take the 427. I swear that they are changing the roads in and out of there in between my visits.) I brought my guest back to my house (we may have stopped at the liquor store and the beer store on the way home) and we set ourselves up in the backyard where we played yarn and fibre games for a good long time, upsetting the neighbours and making the table look just the way it should.


I love it when Juno visits.

Today we yarn crawl, bead crawl and see Toronto.

Where should I take her? (Forget the CN tower. Apparently she’s a big chicken. We have also ruled out Hanlan’s point because I am a big chicken.) We’ll see Skydome tomorrow for Stitch ‘n Pitch (The whole McPhee clan is attending en masse…) and I think I have to show her the island. Assuming all fibre destinations are covered… Where to go?

If you’re a local, offer up your best. If not local, but you’ve always wondered about something, we can go see it for you if you want…

Don’t forget good beer stops. Tally ho!