Sweet day, sweet sixteen

Juno and I had a lovely day yesterday, yarn,


knitting, Chinatown,


the beadstores on Queen West (I rocked her world pretty hard with the supply at the seed bead side of Arton Beads).


We wound yarn in the backyard at Lettuce knit.


(It took three women. It was a naughty skein of tangles.) We walked the city and took streetcars and knit, and drank beer and ate cherries with Denny….


I finished a pair of socks,


“Solstice Slip” in str “firebird”, a recent sock club exclusive, which totally made me feel better, since I was starting to feel deprived of finished knitting.

We met Joe at a fantastic Indian place and had a wonderful dinner, and I managed to extract from Juno (a non-beer drinker) the phrase “that was fantastic beer”. (A very proud moment for any Canadian...it was this beer, in the Natural Blonde variety, for anyone who cares.) It was a grand and knitterly day.

Today though, today is my middle daughter Megan’s 16th birthday, and she has celebrated thus far by finishing a hat:



(Yes. Her hair is several colours. Since, as Barbara Coloroso would say, this is not permanent, life threatening or morally threatening…I don’t care.)

It’s knit in Curious Creek fibers (I forget which yarn…..I bet Kristine or Phil could tell us) that she boosted from the stash a while ago. Pattern is based on “Le Slouch”, but it sort of came off the rails at some point. Meg and I clearly share dna.) Meg had her traditional birthday breakfast of homemade waffles and fruit:


Meg would like you to look at last years waffle picture. She thinks she has matured significantly, as do I , actually…especially since she started out like this.


She’s turning out rather well, my little knitter. She’s hip to get her drivers licence, she’s not been arrested for anything so far, and she is 16 and I am not a grandmother, which has been a primary goal of mine in parenting her and her sisters. Tonight we head to the ball game, family and friends in tow, where we will celebrate by letting her uncle Ian teach her stuff to yell at the pitcher.

She’s a good, funny, smart, girl and we rather like her.

Happy Birthday my little Megaroo. (Sorry. Forgot I wasn’t supposed to call her that anymore.) You are a very sweet sixteen.