I’m home. Joe hiked in with a proper sled yesterday, and we towed my stuff out and made the long drive home.


I’m fine, but taking the day to be with the kids, knit on a stealth project and try to find the house that I know is here under this mess somewhere. (I don’t want to know why there are three rolls of toilet paper in the dining room and a bag of almonds with a fork in the upstairs hall. I’m sure it’s complex.)

I don’t miss the peace of the woods at all,


but I sure miss the scenery. For those of us hanging on by a thread here in Ontario, I’d like to take a moment to remind you that no matter how it looks outside today… It is officially the first day of spring, and the date or the equinox. The day and night are equal today, and tomorrow, the day will be longer. There can only be so much more snow before the rotation of the earth on it’s axis makes it impossible. Hang tough.