love, Cher

I wonder exactly how long I can get away with posting pictures of pathetic progress on a small sock?


Yeah. Today is probably it. Sorry.

I would have written something interesting about …. something, maybe even knitting (I screwed up another sock. One I wasn’t showing you. It’s terrible. It’s knit like I’ve never even SEEN a heel and is the best evidence possible that I don’t have the brain for anything right now) and instead I went to Thomas Allen (the Canadian Distributor of the book) and signed books for Tuesday:


Seriously. HOW LONG IS MY NAME? (And doesn’t that look like too many books? I think so.) That’s three and a half hours of signing my name. My HYPHENATED NAME. What was I thinking when I put a hyphen in my name? I should have started this whole thing with something shorter. Like “Steph” or “Cher”

(PS. If you’re planning to come to the pub afterwards, could you put a shout out in the comments? Rachel’s trying to get a head count so we don’t crush them.)