Oh my

I’m finished the book.


(Note the empty coffee cup. I swear that the last two days have been so over-caffeinated that I have grown new nerve endings in my hair and teeth.) Instead of emailing it to my editor right now, I’m going to wait a few hours. I’m so thrilled and delighted with this thing that I’m taking just a little time to revel in the thrill of being the only person who has seen it, and knows it, and thinks it’s good. When I am done patting it and looking at it and taking pictures of it, I will turn my attention to the speech I have to give tomorrow night, since impending public humiliation is a powerful motivator. The speech is all I have left to do, having gone to the Gap yesterday to buy pants (I don’t know why it always comes down to pants) and a bra. (I thought that might be a nice touch to my attempts at professionalism.)

Tomorrow morning will dawn bright and early, and with it – the knitters of Toronto (some of them) will take to the streets and take inexplicable knitter pictures all day long. At the suggestion of some very clever knitters in the comments, the equally clever Rachel H has set up a Flickr group so that a) my inbox isn’t flooded with pictures, and b) you guys can see them too and C) that you can write in the descriptions what your pictures are.

The group can be found here

You can send your sock pictures there, and if it’s an entry for the “Freestyle” category, please make sure that you say so in the description. (In the interest of silencing public outcry, I have decided that there can be an “international” freestyle category as well. Take your picture tomorrow, make a note in the description title that it wasn’t taken in Toronto, and go right ahead.) *** In the I AM AN IDIOT DEPARTMENT (May I just say? It’s remarkable how often I end up there) It has been pointed out to me that this solution leaves out the rest of Canada. (Again? IDIOT) So, we now have three categories. Toronto, Canada at large and International. Better?

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this. I won’t lie, mostly I’m looking forward to tomorrow being the first day in years that I have woken up without any sort of a book deadline hovering over me with its hot sick breath, but it is a close second that I get to spend the day knowing that the city is covered with knitters, all doing what we do best, doing it with good humour and a champion sense of fun, and that the whole rest of the city is going to wonder about it. It is going to be a stupid amount of fun. Just stupid. I hope everyone has a fantastic time.

Remember (for those of you who missed it the first time) The list of pictures to scavenge is here, and the launch is at the Isabel Bader Theatre tomorrow night. The doors open at 6:00 pm, (the U of T bookstore will start selling books at the launch at that time too) Andy and Michael take to the stage about 6:30, Rachel will be declaring winners in the picture hunt around 6:50-7:00 (just bring your camera and your list with your points- we have a system planned) and I take the stage when all that’s done, should I be able to bring myself to do it. Pub afterwards. (I assure you, I will be able to manage that part.)

I’m off. I’ve got to read a speech to the cat.