I actually did end up with people explaining where Indianapolis is, well enough anyway. (It’s in the middle of Indiana, and if you’re Canadian and still confused, Indianapolis is directly south (a ways) of Sault Ste. Marie, below Lakes Michigan and Erie.) It’s a nice place. I had no idea it was as big as it is, nor that there’s busloads of history there. (I am also ashamed to admit that it took me a pathetically long time to make the link between the “Indy 500” and the Indianapolis 500. Same thing. Very famous. Duh.) Reggie, the most charming car driver in the world, explained all about Indianapolis to me as we drove out to the bookstore. I saw the Governors mansion, the beautiful old buildings, and Reggie told me lots of stuff. (We also had one of the most astute political conversations I have been privy too in a long time.) Then we arrived. I staggered in, I signed books in the back, I drank coffee. I admired the staff at the Barnes and Noble who were truly chipper, enthusiastic and helpful, and then I stepped out and saw this.




Now, aside from how lovely and funny all those knitters are, there is one knitter in particular that I spotted right away, and my heart flew. Our lady Rams of the Comments is there, in the second picture, right near the front. It was the most wonderful surprise. (Apparently the other thing I didn’t know about Indianapolis is that it is close (relatively) to Notre Dame – where Rams is enduring the trials and enlightenment of an MFA.) Very good surprise Lady Rams. Touché.

When I was done talking, I got down to the business of meeting other knitters. As always, a selection follows.


This is Laura (aka Stashmuffin from the comments) and she’s a clever lady. She brought me a really nice little pack of something healthy and vegetarian to eat (along with a beer) and I really appreciated it. Healthy fresh food is hard to find on the road. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the longing I feel now for the pumpkinseed and cheddar cracker things she gave me. They’re awesome.

These are knitters in matching tee shirts (always a danger sign for me)


Cami (owner of Clementines Dry Goods) there all wearing fab tee’s that read “It’s okay. I’m with the sock.” (Snork.)

Mandie is a Neuroscientist with a broken needle.


This is Cheryl, you’ll know her better after you see Interweave Felts.


Greg came to collect a book for Katie, a knitter well known in these parts.


The Young Knitters, Seth (son of Judy), Maya and Katherine (I’ve met Katherine before, she’s older and taller than the last time she graced this bandwidth) and Caitlin and Rebecca (with adult chauffeur, Debbie)


Knitters with wonderful washcloths: Laura, Patti, Rachael (marking where I am in Indiana) Jennifer and Claire (double qualifying with a pair of first socks)


Beautiful babies:


Cara and Sabine (check out the contest on her blog) and Jessica’s absolutely charming daughter Olivia. (She was captivating. What a lovely little sweet pea.)

Requisite first sock knitters out in force. Mary Ann, Suzy, Jenn, Sherri, Lisa (who instigated “the wave” in the crowd. Just the best sort of troublemaker)Melanie, Lauren, Snarglemom (also with her Olympic piece) Anita (those first socks are 35 years old) Andrea (double qualifying with first knitted socks, and first crocheted socks) and finally Rachel…who’s first socks are a reassuring two different sizes.



Right after noting all the first sock knitters, I need to show you Leslie, who turned up with her 110th pair of socks.

Dudes. Even knowing what number they are is darned respectable.


There was my salwart stalker Brooke, who tried to tell me she was the best stalker ever, but frankly, that’s her best friend Wendy with her, and the best stalker wouldn’t have another friend…would she?


Here’s Laura, who’s only up here because she’s wearing a crack silk haze top that I want to remember I liked.

(What was the pattern again?)


Jane and a squirrel of doom, contributing to the strangeness that is my luggage contents.


Finally, The Arkansas Travellers are a group of knitters led by Nikki the pretty one on the left holding her first sock.


See that cluster of knitters? Nikkie converted created them all. Nikki is a force to be reckoned with.

After that, decidedly tired and worn out, I staggered out to discover that even though I was way, way late in being done (like more than an hour) Reggie, the worlds most charming driver, was still waiting for me. I’ve never been more grateful, except when he drove me three minutes out of our way so that I could get a sock picture he felt (and rightly so) was required.


The dinosaurs at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Thanks Reggie. You know how to show a sock a good time.


That was Indianapolis, and I assure you I won’t ever not know where it is again. I like it a lot.

I’m home now, having knit my way back to this country yesterday (and promptly had a nap)


That’s a gratuitous sock picture to prove that I do still knit. It’s a beautiful yarn gifted to me by hand-dyer Dana when I was in Atlanta, and I really like it- her base yarn is really nice. I’m knitting it up into another pair of Loksins.

Tomorrow morning I’m on a plane again, this time for the Makers Faire in San Francisco on Saturday, and Salt Lake City (Hi Margene!) on Sunday.