Things I am trying to get a grip on

(An abbreviated list)

1. Joe. Many thanks for the messages of sympathy, though at this point, I’m not sure which of us is being driven crazier by the state of affairs. He did indeed injure it at the end of his canoe trip, and two trips to the hospital later, we still aren’t sure of the degree of injury. There seems to be a vertical break in the shin bone (tibia) but he’ll have to have a bone scan on Friday (something about needing to have it start to calcify to see something) to discover the extent. Then he’ll go back to the fracture clinic on Tuesday and we’ll find out what we’re in for. In the meantime, he’s awfully swollen, awfully slow on the crutches, and has instructions not to put any weight on it at all – thus making the walking cast sort of a cruel taunt. Cross your fingers for a good answer on Tuesday, and I’ll try not to kill him before then. He’s actually a pretty good patient, but have you heard that old saying “You can’t keep a good man down”? Just know that Joe’s a very good man.

2. The house. We keep an untidy house. Every member of this family is either sentimental or frugal, so we save things because we love them (that’s mostly the kids) or we worry we might need it someday and won’t be able afford another (that’s me and Joe). The only one living here with any sort of cleaning up urges is me, and I usually manage to ignore those and knit instead. Having been gone for 5 weeks, the house is in a state that I am loathe to speak of publicly. Joe and I had decided that it was time for a total top-to-bottom declutter, fix and tidy festival, knowing that if we had less stuff it would be easier. and well, now it’s just me. I need a plan. Anybody ever do one of these?

3. My sister’s sweater. The knitting is just about finished, just a few rows on the collar to go. I blocked the pieces and am now doing all the sewing up, because I feel like that’s a better way to handle the zipper thing. I wouldn’t want to sew in a zipper and then block it, because things often change when wool hits water (and they did.)


Now that the sweater is in more or less it’s final shape, I can go buy another zipper (the first one is the wrong length due to aforementioned sweater hitting the water type of changes) and sew it in. Zippers come in fixed lengths, so I’ve left the collar undone so I can knit to fit.


4. I started a new something. It’s very unlike me. When I was at WEBS there was a sample of “Flow” from Norah Gaughan Collection #2 hanging up and I fell for it hard. Totally hard.


(That’s sort of a crappy picture I took of the picture in the Berroco book CLICK if you want to see it bigger.) It’s a trapeze sort of top, really sheer, knit out of Berroco Seduce,


which is exactly the sort of yarn I would never, ever buy. Yet, something about it got me, and the next thing I know I’m handing Steve my credit card and shaking my head. Until I started it, I was worried that it was the colour that got me and I was going to hate knitting with it, but I told myself it was at least a wee little top, and it would be over quickly and I’d have the finished thing, which is totally what I want this time. (Every once in a while I surprise myself by being a product knitter. It’s out of character, but there you have it.)


I’m delighted though, since the knitting is quick and pleasant – or maybe pleasant because it’s quick. Whatever the case, I’ve only been knitting it for a couple of days and it’s just about knitting itself.

5. I’m not going to knit though, because (I already did during today’s Dr. Appt.) it is Tuesday, and I’m back to Tuesdays are for spinning.


See? 4.oz of Merino from MaryJane’s Attic, bought at the Maker Faire.


Just my colours.