Habit forming

There is so much that I’d planned on doing with my life today, and now it’s all over. Shattered. I was going to spin this pretty merino/seacell roving


and I was going to try and get part of the garden in…


(just the annuals. I’ll do the perennials in a week or two when they go on sale because I am very cheap.)

I was also thinking that I might clean out another closet (I’m doing very well on the de-cluttering) and sweep the back patio and maybe even write a little something and deal with some paperwork, or maybe even pack for the weekend away… and what am I doing?


Yup. Can’t stop. Can’t put it down. The colour is most accurate in this picture below.


I have to keep moving little beads along and putting them on yarn overs and I just keep doing one more repeat. Just a little more. A few more rows, a few more beads.


I’m enchanted by the swoopiness of it, the whole pattern reminds me of calligraphy and serifs and any number of graceful things.


Maybe I’ll just finish this repeat.