If you give a moose a muffin

I packed all three yarns in my suitcase and left this morning, at what can only be described as too damn early (or that hour of the day I like to refer to as “not-enough-coffee-in-the-world-o’clock”) and I started the bleeding heart yarn ends of the stole on the plane…


Pretty, pretty, pretty. I’m not usually a pink sort of gal, in fact, normally if you asked me what sort of colours I prefer, I’d be slamming the sorts right there down on a table as perfect evidence of what I don’t care for, but this has me charmed. Utterly charmed. I got to the hotel and my room wasn’t ready yet, so I went and stomped around downtown LA waiting for it to be time. I bought a shirt, I got lost, I got rescued by a very nice cab driver and I saw the rather unbelievable sight of an OUTDOOR ESCALATOR.


I took a picture so there would be proof. Seriously. An outdoor escalator. I stood there and tried to understand how it could exist. (It wasn’t the only one either. They’re all over.) I couldn’t figure out what was so boggling about it until I realized that it was a Canadian moment. I was standing there all confounded, and I realized that what I was thinking was that this escalator was going to be a disaster when the snow came. (Tip: If you are standing in the shade of a palm tree while you are thinking that? The snow isn’t coming.) Back in the room I fought a battle to achieve internet access (turns out that you have to stand just outside the door of my room to get it) and standing there in the hall, laptop held aloft, gleaning what little signal there was to be had from the air…. I downloaded your 1200 comments about what yarn I should use… then I laughed. Laughed and laughed. Right there in the hall in a hotel bathrobe (Key in the pocket, I can be taught) I laughed till tears ran down my face.

You knitters are an opinionated bunch!

Since I’m the only one who’s ever going to read 1200 comments, I thought I would pull out a couple that were representative.

Sarah’s comment makes me want to look in her underwear drawer:

I’m a sucker for the whore’s panties. C all the way.

Several people voted for an option “D”. (You people write stuff in the margins on tests too, don’t you?)

Rams said:

Mixing handspun and machinespun? Grain and grape.

And you know what that leads to.

(Do the ends on the trip, come home and spin a complementary middle. You know I’m right. And back.)

Gillian said:

I looked at the stole. I don’t think that two colors will work unless you do a neutral cream. The pattern flows and is drapey and two distinctly different colors will look, in my opinion, just plain odd and maybe even bad. I also agree about mixing hand and mill spun, creates texture issues. Back to the wheel.

Even Denny had another idea… (but I did give her that alpaca)

I know you have white lace wight in alpaca, or did you give that to me??? So I say “D”. I know, I know. There was no “D”. O.K. then “A”.

Finally, Carolyn in NH summed the whole thing up.

“The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is

no good evidence either way.” – Bertrand Russell (British author,

mathematician, & philosopher, 1872-1970). There’s apparently a corollary

for blog comments.

She’s exactly right.

(PS. Cat Bordhi said to use A. What with the way I’m continuing to disappoint her with my persistent belief that double pointed needles are the one true path…. I think I have to throw her a bone.)

(PPS. I’m going to go stand in the hall to post this.)