A Very Big Day

Before I rush off to do the signings and publishing shmoozefest that is my day (I’m at BEA. It’s the Booksellers annual convention, and not open to the public, just the book industry. If you’re a book person/knitter, I’d love to see you. Be sure and stop by and talk to me about yarn. It’s a nice counterbalance. I’ll have the handspun scarf in my bag.) I need to take a moment and acknowledge the very special nature of today.

It is my daughter Amanda’s 19th birthday, which makes her of a legal age to do anything she’d care to do in Canada. She’s 100% adult. Happy Birthday sweetheart, I’m sorry I’m not there. Get Joe to buy you a beer.


I love you.

202 thoughts on “A Very Big Day

  1. One beer! That’s like one potato chip. If you can’t get hosed on the day you are “legal” what’s the point. Drink up Amanda!
    I remember my legal day, 27 years ago like it was yesterday. Great fun!

  2. First comment from a beginning knitter obsessed by socks and your blog…. I was struck by your photo of the outdoor escalator right under the photo of your beautiful new bleeding heart knitting–maybe it’s a function of the mysterious internet but do i see a color resemblance? (or would that be colour?) I live in Washington state a couple of hours from Vancouver and love all things Canadian. You’re so much more civilized than we are.

  3. Happy Bday Amanda! I hope you get “carded”… that was really fun, getting to whip out my ID for the first time. πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday Amanda! At age 19 in the US, you couldn’t get the beer, so would she only be half an adult?
    Enjoy BEA – I’m a librarian and have attended in NYC; it’s an awesome event.

  5. Many Happy returns of the day to you Amanda,and may you have a most delightful day

  6. Happy Birthday Amanda and Stephanie!! My daughter turned 19 last week. She’s still not allowed to drink (legally) so Canadian laws will be considered much more civilized by her and her age group!! However, since there is much (illegal) drinking going on, she would tell you to drink wine or Jagermeister, not beer!!

  7. Happiest of Birthdays, Amanda… and I’d have to agree with Rabbi — don’t ever become 100% adult. No good will ever come of that.

  8. Happy B-day, Amanda! And, yeah, what Maren and Rabbi said. “Growing up” is waaaaaay over-rated.

  9. Happy birthday, Amanda!!
    (I’m amused by both the parental indulgence and restriction at the same time.)

  10. a Very Happy Birthday to Amanda!
    (19! they grow up too fast)
    and if you like beer, enjoy enjoy! (I didn’t like it til I was in my 30s. some of us take longer to ‘come of age’.)
    and what is this about not mixing handspun with not handspun!!??!! what terrible awful horrible things happen when the two are put together? is it a middle east kind of thing – out and out war, or a Canada kind of thing – two solitudes? please talk to me about this, I thought it was only about the colours!

  11. man, by the time i got legal (21, live in US) i never got carded. it was pretty sad.

  12. Happy birthday Amanda. I remember my baby turning 19 and taking her out for her “first” beer. I guess I should have known it wasn’t her first. Naive me!
    Anyhow, enjoy your alcoholic beverage of choice. (I never liked beer until I was in my 40s and cider or wine was more to my liking).

  13. That yarn is luscious– can you get any more?
    When I first saw the pic with the bleeding heart, my jaw dropped. It is beautiful!
    I go with the D option- hand spun- neutral if you can’t make anymore of the luscious kind

  14. Happy Birthday, Amanda! She said one BEER. She said nothing of malt liquors or ales, of which there are numerous tasty ones.

  15. Happy Birthday to Amanda and Mum, too. My youngest (soon to be my middle) is four today. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around that, nevermind (gulp) 19.

  16. Happy Birthday! Being the mom I am, I support the one-drink limit (you will feel much better in the morning) As far as being an adult: a truism from Erma Bombeck: you are never old enough to watch an R-rated movie with your parents. (blush blush) I also shudder at getting drunk with my parents – e-gad! YH – the beginning of the Bleeding Heart is beautiful, can’t wait to see it’s progress. Am planning a trip to LA to see the outside escalator; had the same reaction, though I was wondering about what happens when it rains – a shocking ride? Or do they turn it off? Oh yeah, it never rains in southern California! ANYway! I’m rambling now. Have a safe trip and fun at the BEA – Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  17. Happy Birthday, Amanda!!
    And it’s ok if you don’t like beer. Hell, I’m almost 50 and I still don’t like it! Yeah, weird, I know. My husband doesn’t get it either! πŸ™‚
    Hope you get to do something wonderful for your birthday when Mom gets back!!

  18. Life only gets better as daughters get older. Once your child, that ‘woman’ will become your best friend!
    Happy Birthday to Amanda! You go girl! Mom is out of town, let Joe drive and have two beers!!

  19. Happy Birthday, Amanda! After your one beer, come to California and have my grandmother make you a “camping margarita”… but drink it VERY slowly… The posts about you and your sisters are usually my favorite ones!!

  20. That little addition of “(One.)” says it all, from a mom’s perspective. Happy Birthday, Amanda!

  21. happy Birthday Amanda. Be happy for the mom you’ve got … there’s no way you’d get a beer from me…lol.
    Must be a Canadian thing; or maybe its just a stick-up-my-butt thing.

  22. Happy Birthday, Amanda! And please try to remember, dear, that even though you are 100% adult, you remain (today and forever) your mother’s baby girl.

  23. Happy, Happy Birthday Amanda!
    When I hit that age (in the US it’s 21) my mom and I vowed to go have a drink in every state to celebrate. We made it to New Hampshire and Vermont. Wild times.

  24. Happy Birthday Amanda!
    You will have a good time if you remember these 5 simple rules:
    1) Eat – then drink,
    2) Don’t accept drinks from strangers,
    3) Don’t drive or walk drunk;
    4) Don’t spend all your money on beer, remember your other habits (clothes, knitting, trips); and
    5) If you don’t have a job, you can’t afford to drink!
    Congratulations and enjoy!

  25. I still remember my first legal drink … tom collins with a cherry!
    Amanada — get Joe to buy you a fancy grown up drink … just one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  26. I’ve sent a friend to come and find you today. If Gail manages to see you, please be patient with here – she’s a non-knitter heading off into a knitting world! And I hope she holds the sock …

  27. Happy birthday Amanda!
    And HERE is a little movie, featuring (although not about) “Knitting Rules”. πŸ™‚

  28. It’s your day, Amanda! Now, just like I tell other fiber friends, Have a Great Birthmonth! Celebrate all month — you’re too important to celebrate on only one day!

  29. Happy Birthday, Amanda! And congratulations to you, Stephanie, for raising a healthy young adult all the way up.

  30. Happy birthday, Amanda. It’s my birthday, too. 33 isn’t as much fun as 19, though.

  31. I’ve just returned from dropping my husband at the airport on his way to BEA….I so wanted to go but his publisher didn’t want his family around to distract him!!!…anyway I’ve just emailed him and told him to find you and get me a signed book…hope he does…I know it’s hugely mobbed though!

  32. You may sympathize with this….last night at my 16 yr old DDs chorus concert (thinking about the 18 yr DD at her band rehearsal), I was watching her energetically sing stuff from Beauty and the Beast, one of her favorites (and clear the favorite of all the sopranos, who were clearly loving have all the melody!).
    I realized that this teen thing has been fun, but it is HIGH TIME that we stopped this “teen pretending” thing, and the girls reverted back to their REAL ages (oh, 7 and 9, I think). MY daughters are not these older teens….MY GIRLS are little….I don’t understand who came up with this teenaged daughter of Colleen stuff, it’s clearly nonsense.

  33. Back to the stole dilemma for a moment: I hate to disagree with Rams, but look with Jared just did blending handspun with the recycled-tweed wool on the Brooklyntweed blog! the vest is gorgeous. only other comment: I would probably not try to continue the bleeding hearts lace pattern into the complementary color, which every one you do choose. i would switch patterns to something simpler, which would heighten the effect of the handspun being the ‘special’ yarn. and of course, Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  34. Woo hoo! Happy Birthday Amanda!
    These last 10 days have been full of milestones at my house and I’m about done with all this growing up. My poor heart.
    And my stomache.

  35. Happy Birthday Amanda! Since I’m sure it is your first beer ;D – don’t be surprised if you don’t like the taste. Wine is worse, and hard alcohol is the worst. Probably best to stick with the slushy coffee drinks.
    Stephanie – what yarn color(s) did you bring with you? A B C? Curious minds want to know!!!

  36. I couldn’t collect my free 21 year old birthday drinks because I’d been previously served at most establishments. Oops.
    24 years later and I get carded (just 2 weeks ago, afternoon, brightly lit tavern).
    Weird. Really weird.

  37. Um, Steph, um, Ms. Harlot? Could you please please have your publisher schedule a reading/signing/gushing about knitting event in the SoCal area? Please?
    You mentioned the BEA. I thought, good deal, meet Harlot, get to learn about books, 45 minutes away. Groovy.
    Until I went to the website, found that it was insiders only, and *seriously* contemplated becoming a member of ABA just to go the the BEA for a day and show you my first sock (which I designed!) One can join the ABA for US$200 if one is planning to open a bookstore in the near future. I am not, but I could have lied. When I told my SO what I was considering spending $200 for a fake membership plus $55 for a day pass to a trade event in a profession I don’t do just to meet a lady who knits, he about had a heart attack from laughing. Our upstairs neighbors almost called him an ambulance.
    So come back to SoCal. Please?

  38. Happy birthday to ya! I know some friends of mine that will be sneaking up to Canada when they’re nineteen πŸ˜‰

  39. Happy Birthday Amanda:-) You share your special day with my father….he turns 80 today:-)

  40. Happy Birthday, Amanda, the years have flown (you’ll understand that when you get older… that and how at the same time you’ll have Very Long Days) enjoy your beer!

  41. Happy Birthday to Amanda. Somehow I suspect that that ONE beer that Joe buys for her isn’t her first and won’t be her last. She is, after all, the daughter of the Harlot!

  42. Happy Birthday Amanda.
    Enjoy the day and your first “legal” beer with Dad.
    Congratulations Harlot on seeing your first born into adulthood. You have a right to be proud!

  43. Steph – From 1 mother who’s oldest (and a boy) is also now 19, to you, welcome to a whole new world with your daughter! Where did our BABIES GO?!?!??!
    Amanda – Welcome to the crazy, incredible, and often times unimaginable world of being an adult! Happy Happy Birthday! My son is so jealous, because he’s legal for everything else, BUT DRINKING! He’s mentioning trips to Canada now….;)

  44. Will you be at BEA all weekend or just today? I’ll be there on Sunday. Where are you located?
    And happy birthday Amanda! (I wanted to take a road trip to Canada when I was 19, but my mom wouldn’t let me.)

  45. say hello to my sister – DeLaune Michel – her book is THE SAFETY OF SECRETS. she is there too and I am not. boo hoo
    i vote for A

  46. Happy Birthday Amanda, I hope adulthood is everything you hope it to be and that your are not disapointed.
    I think the bigest milestone of being an adult is moving out on your own (well with friends, or a significant other). That was the day I really grew up.
    Age isn’t everything, be who you are meant to be.
    Have a great time with your “first” legal experiences.

  47. Steph,
    On your side there is the comfort that in dog years the baby is not even three yet!
    On your side your mother is only 8 years old, so you are still 19! It is all in the way you look at it. Be creative when necessary…it is the way adults sometimes behave! Congrats….and by the way, a potato, peeled and eaten raw is a great cure for that first “too much beer” tummy.

  48. Amanda,
    That’s 8 years in dog years naturally….but then again…….you know her better than I do……

  49. Hey Amanda –
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Don’t get too tipsy off that one beer. πŸ™‚

  50. My mom was 18 when she got married. Just thought I’d freak you out a bit (insert evil grin here).

  51. Happy birthday Amanda — I’m not Greek, like Presbytera, so I probably wouldn’t actually hug you, but consider me beaming at you as warmly as a Norwegian can.
    And lamb? Canadian beer’s got more alcohol than that southern stuff, so one counts as at least one and a half from here.

  52. Wait. You can drink in Canada when you’re 19?! Why am I still here in the US!? Ah! But we become adults when we’re 18. So while that’s a plus, we don’t really get that many bonuses. Really.

  53. Most of the public schools here in Southern California have their cafeteria and their place for hanging up backpacks and jackets outdoors. When it rains, they go to an emergency “rainy day schedule” and students bring their backpacks into the classroom and eat in shifts. While my daughter was in middle school, this weather emergency probably happened 8 times. In 3 years. Maybe less. The rest of the time, they ate outdoors.

  54. (you know the tune)
    Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
    Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
    Hippo Birdies
    Hippo Birdies
    Hippo Birdies Two Ewes!!
    And many more happy ones!!

  55. Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!
    have two! (I won’t tell, promise!)
    (um. but make sure you aren’t driving, OK?)

  56. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Yippee! We have something in common…my son’s birthday is today (although he’s only turning 14 and a beer is way out of the question). You can take her out when you get home. πŸ˜€

  57. I remember when I was legal. I had used fake id for so long that when my friends & I went to our usual bar & presented my real id for the first time, they threw me out because they were so pissed off that I’d been a lying, cheating dawg for so long. Put a damper on my birthday celebration!

  58. Hurry, Amanda! For BirthdayKittens are after you and will not rest until they have given you some delicious cake and ice cold punch, both a perfect foil for this wonderful day.
    Happy birthday! *woot!*

  59. Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!
    May I also say Happy Birthday to my son? Happy Birthday Master E!!!! Today I have an actual teenager in the house!!
    I love this kid!!

  60. Just saw yesterday’s post with the photo of the bleeding heart yarn knitted to date – it’s just beautiful!

  61. Well i usually sing “Hippo, Birdies Two Ewes” but someone else has done it already.
    Coming of age is a biggie! Go girl!!

  62. Happy birthday to Amanda and many happy returns to you Harlot for your milestone day. I hope I convey this right: I have eight more years to go with my son being 18 (I’m in UK) and both my boys are away for the night so I’m able to do some uninterrupted back-to-the-future thinking and get nostalgic in advance and then the kickback is that I still have the time to go and I’m suddenly grateful for the boys being the age they are now. Always a good thing to be able to “get” what I have right in front of me, right now … especially when I felt I needed some space this am … but now I adore them all over again for being the age they are now. Thank you for doing that for me!
    And a big thank you to Tea for mentioning this site: http://scienceline.org/2008/05/28/physics-fox-knitting/
    Yes! fantastic read. Will be passing this on and on and on

  63. Happy, happy Birthday Amanda. I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year.
    Congratulations & empathy, Stephanie. You must be both happy and sad to have an adult daughter. πŸ™‚

  64. Well Happy Birthday from one Amanda to another. Enjoy a tasty beverage for me!
    BTW, Steph, I love this blog. You always make me laugh.

  65. To “tea at 1:58 p.m.”
    I read that article. Waay cool. Thanks for posting it.
    To Amanda. A most Happy Birthday to you! Someone else already used my “hippo birdie two ewes”, so I can’t. Drat.

  66. Happy Birthday Amanda! The best part about being an adult is earning and spending your own money!

  67. Happy Birthday Amanda! Like Rams, I’m not one for the hugs so much (my British side seems to overrule my French side…) but I’ll do the high five or knuckle bump anytime.
    And Joe? Tell Steph whatever you want, but don’t stop at one…

  68. Stephanie—have a great time at BEA!
    Amanda—Have a amazing birthday! And remember, take someone out with you who has no morals…they’ll make you have a great time. But, also, take someone out with you who is a saint…they’ll make you both behave!
    Cheers to you both!

  69. Umm since Amanda is legal, can’t she purchase as many as she desires…. which should only really be two! *tries to duck the flying needles*

  70. Ooh, happy birthday! I remember mine like it was only last year. Which I guess it was. Wow, only a year? Anyway, enjoy it!

  71. Wasn’t it just a couple of months ago you celebrated her 18th? Felicitations and many more.
    And I guess you don’t want me to tell her the story about falling asleep nekked in someone else’s bathroom on my 21st, huh?
    But you might like the one about the time my mother realized I, her oldest, turned 30 a month and a half before her youngest – of 5 – graduated from high school. Every generation goes through the ‘I can’t be old enough’ moments.

  72. Adulthood is overrated – stay a kid as long as you can. Think of it as having Peter Pan syndrome. Oh and enjoy the “adult” beverage birthday girl!

  73. Happy birthday, Amanda!
    My parents did not buy me a beer on my 19th birthday, but they did take me to the casino. I won $25 on two quarters and my mom was kind of dismayed, because she was afraid I would think it was always that easy and become a gambling addict or something. But I didn’t think that, because I am not stupid.

  74. happy birthday to your “baby.”
    i want to know you you are coping with the new luggage limits and flying? i usually need a full suitcase just for yarn. now that the airlines have me down to just one suitcase, i’m contemplating things like wearing the same business suit four days running, so i can take three knitting projects. ewwww yuccch. how are you handling this?

  75. Happy Birthday from the Idaho girls Amanda. Hope you have a fantastic day! If Beer floats your boat, have at it & enjoy! I’ve never “aquired the taste”. Now a nice glass on mellow wine…

  76. Happy birth day Amanda. And congrats Steph on getting through 19 years with what appears to be success.
    BTW, if you have a moment to get to the Unshelved booth, I think they have t-shirts that say “read irresponsibly”. Might be a cool thing to have. (the cartoon is funny; about librarians; link on my blog)

  77. Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdies, Dear Amanda!
    Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes!!

  78. As a humble tribute to a meditation from your book “At Knit’s End” I have posted a new borrowable button to my blog. If you’re at all curious, type “Just to Make You Smile” into the post search (entry date April 30/08). Thanks for the scapegoat!! LOL!!! Glad to read your book promo adventure is fun! πŸ˜€

  79. Happy Birthday, Amanda. Have a beer, indeed. Make it a good Canadian beer.

  80. Happy Birthday, Amanda!!
    I was about to say she’s not old enough to be Prime Minister, but she is. In the US you have to be 35 to be eligible for President so I keep holding on to that as my next age milestone. (I’m 26 and need these things to look forward to.) πŸ™‚

  81. DH calls those early times ‘zero dark thirty’. Keep in mind he’s in the military and uses terms like 0100 for 1 AM. Too much math for anything past 1200!!
    And too much math for that birthday too! My kids go all the way up to 29…yikes!
    Happy day to Amanda and to mom & dad as well!

  82. Happy Birthday, Amanda! And don’t rush the growing up. You got plenty of time — just enjoy being 19!
    And Harlot – we have outdoor escalators in Northern California too! The ones going in and out of the BART stations — but (and I hate to say this) they break down a LOT.

  83. Happy Birthday, Amanda! Make your mom take you out for (one) beer when she gets home. She’s had them in almost every city she has toured in, so I’m certain she can pick you out a good one πŸ˜‰

  84. Happy Birthday Amanda! And congratulations on finally being a legal adult.
    In Denmark the legal age is 18 πŸ˜‰ But at least you have only one age to concern yourself with (not several as in the US)… hope you got that beer!

  85. Happy Birthday Amanda!
    Turning 19 is amazingly freeing. Although I must pass along the sad (and, I feel, idiotic) information that you cannot rent a car, or drive a rented one, (in Ontario) until you are 21.

  86. oh dearest! happy 19th amanda! i didn’t realize how great it was to have a 19th birthday until i went to the u.s. and hung out with 20 year olds (i’m 25) who i couldn’t take out for a beer though they let me sleep on their couch for a whole week! we had to drink in. not as much fun. so enjoy your-canadian bound freedome! πŸ˜‰ xo

  87. Happy Birthday Amanda! Happy “I have a Child of Legal Age” to you to Steph. When my son turned 18 (the first stage of legal maturity in the US) he was away on a trip for school so I missed it. It was a melancholy day for me. On one hand, he was having a great time on the trip and I didn’t want him to miss it. On the other hand, the fact that he was off on his own a half a country away seemed very representative of the new stage he entered, and one I would have to get used too LOL! I think you need to have a beer to celebrate too!

  88. Belated Happy Birthday, Amanda!
    Stephanie: My husband and I came to hear you speak in Northampton, MA. You were amazing! …so funny, of course, but we especially liked hearing about the beneficial effects of theta waves. I hope that you have or will be writing a book about this.You reached at least one non-knitter!…the most important one to me. Thank you.
    Do you think that your wonder publicist could book you for The Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, Vermont for September 13-14?
    “A special two-day event for sheep enthusiasts, and everyone interested in learning more about the wonders of sheep and the many products they produce. Displays of sheep breeds and fiber animals (llamas, alpaca, angora, goats and rabbits); sheep dog, shearing and spinning demonstrations; YARNS, knitting supplies, BEAUTIFUL WOOL AND FIBER PRODUCTS FOR SALE; workshops on sheep, fiber and farm development skills; music, FOOD, & much more.”
    Contact:Kat Smith at (802)446-3325
    Vermont is absolutely gorgeous in the Fall!

  89. Correction: According to the website the dates of the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival are September 6th and 7th.

  90. Happiest of birthdays, Amanda! Enjoy this year and each following one to the fullest. And don’t loose the little kid who still lives inside you. There is always room for fun!

  91. Yes, I do write in the margins on tests and I do tend to do poorly on multiple choice tests too. Congratulations on both your, and Amanda’s, survival of the teen years. My daughter is just entering them, some days I wonder if she will make it out the other end!

  92. My son is turning 20 today (May 30)…hard to believe how fast they grow up isn’t it?
    Jody in Peterborough ON

  93. I notice people remembering their first legal drink …. I remember mine too – my brother’s New Year’s Eve party, my other brother’s let me drink to my hearts content. It was my first — and LAST — hang over. Mom was NOT nice to me either – she made a point of banging those pots & pans I swear.

  94. Well they will tell you it was only one beer. VBG
    By the time I read your post on dithering among the colors you already had 996 opinions so I thought mine would be redundant to say the least. Personally I see no problem with mixing hand spun and commercial yarn. I do it all the time and love the contrasts. Your start looks lovely.
    What I am having a hard time believing is the poor internet reception in LA. Where did they put you? Are the walls made of cinderblocks?
    At least you will have some dry days.
    Namaste, Susan

  95. Happy Birthday! So you say you are legal now? Well have fun club hopping, just watch out for bartenders and bouncers.

  96. Happy happy birthday to YOU, to YOU! Happy B-Day, Amanda!
    your bleeding heart yarn is going to look gorgeous! i wish that yarn wasn’t your personal handspun, so that I could have some of my own. And, yes, I don’t usually wear pinks, either, but that colorway overwhelm me with girlish flowery goodness.

  97. I have a serious question about yarn color. I started knitting when I was 12, I’m 56 now. I gave it up for many years but when I became a Nana fours years ago, I had to knit again. I was knitting a sweater for her when Mallory was born.
    I love those hand dyed yarns and the flowing colors are so beautiful but I have no clue how the tell what the result will be when knitted. Does anyone? Must there be a swatch to tell? I’m almost certain that shop owners would frown if I started up a swatch in their store to determine what color I want. Then, frog it and put it back???? I might as well open up icecream at the store and have a taste test.

  98. Happy Birthday Amanda,
    I hope you had a wonder filled day.Be happy and have another beer for me.
    Kristy from Wi.

  99. So if you had your one birthday beer yesterday, surely you can have another one today, right, Amanda? (I’m a bad influence on younger people everywhere, just ask my boyfriend’s kids. ;)) Happy birthday!

  100. Happy Birthday Amanda!!! By cosmic coincidence, yesterday was my 21st birthday, making me fully an adult on this side of the border. Hope you had a great day!
    P.S. Stephanie–can’t wait to hear about BEA and the bleeding hearts stole!

  101. My daughter will be turning 19 next year. But she is going to university in Quebec come September and she is telling me that 18 is the legal drinking age there. I don’t know. I’m not sure I buy it. I also turn 40 this year too! Wow. Its scary getting old and having adult children.

  102. New England is one of a few places that lives up to its postcards. An excellent place to visit in the fall!

  103. I don’t know if you have ever been to Honolulu, but the walkways between the airport terminals have no walls. Let me repeat; NO WALLS. There are hibiscus and palm leaves blowing in on you as your drag your luggage to your terminal. “Inside” the building. I am probably going on too much about this, but as a Bostonian, this floored me like your outdoor escalator. I started laughing out loud, which didn’t even faze the other travellers, since if you are in Honolulu, you have already been flying for way too long to care about laughing crazy people.

  104. Happy Birthday, Amanda!
    Stephanie, I hope you realize that when they “come of age” that Mom Tech Support ends! (This ostensibly means that there are no more “Help, Mom! I’ve gotten into another jam that you must rectify” phone calls! Unfortunately, though, I have yet to convince my 21 year old that this is the case! (They grow up later here!)

  105. Hippo Birdie Two Ewe Amanda!
    (Well, with your mom, you knew a sheep was going to end up in there somewhere…)
    Hope your day was fine!

  106. Happy Birthday to your daughter. It’s a special day. I bought my daughter her first “legal” drink on her 19th!
    Have fun on your booksigning. I hope you’ll do one in Denver!
    What an exciting time for you.

  107. I’m glad we were able to supply you with good weather while you were in LA. It was cold last week– not cold by Canadian standards, of course, but cold for LA in late May– and hot the week before. Your timing was excellent.
    I hope someone was able to show you a good time, and feed you well.

  108. Congrats Amanda!
    And since it is your birthday tell your mom that you will have ONE beer when she only has ONE ball of sock yarn πŸ™‚

  109. Happy Birthday Amanda. Your life is just beginning to blossom so enjoy it. cecilia

  110. Happy Birthday Amanda from another Amanda! My best advice? Drink the good beer, the homebrew, the boutique beers. Moderation is grand, so drink the good stuff.

  111. Happy Birthday Amanda !!!
    Remember just because you can legally drink, doesn’t mean that you are required to drink.
    Sorry I’m a stick-in-mud teetotaler.
    Have fun no matter how you celebrate!

  112. “Hey Nineteen! That’s ‘Retha Franklin!”
    –Steely Dan
    Happy Birthday! Buy yourself some Cuervo Gold and dance yourself silly.

  113. I am a book person/knitter, if all goes as planned I will be able to stop in and say “Let’s ditch this and grab a beer.” to you at BEA next year.

  114. Happy Birthday Amanda. (I know I’m a day late, but still wishing her the best!)
    I meant to comment on the outdoor escalators yesterday — the colors seem to match your work in progress. Perhaps that’s another reason they caught your eye!

  115. Dude – why must entries always make me cry?
    Happy birthday to Amanda! But isn’t the fun being able to buy your own alcohol, getting carded, and flaunting the “of ageness”?
    Also – is there any chance you could write to my Biostatistics Theory professor and explain knitting deadlines to him? πŸ˜‰

  116. Happy Legal Day, Amanda! Don’t settle for one, this is a day to celebrate. Make it a day to remember years later.

  117. Dear Amanda,
    Adventures in alcohol can be very boring. The first drink I was bought for my 18th was a Kahlua and milk. Yick. I don’t even drink coffee. And I only got carded for the first time when I was 31!!! Sheesh. I was buying drinks (for other legal-aged drinkers, ie my siblings) without being carded since I was 13. Being carded in Vons by this woman made my day; I laughed all the way outta the shop.

  118. For birthday gifts, Doctors Without Borders shwag at Cafe Press or for Fathers Day gifts, all you action oriented knitters MUST do all your shopping through the website: http://www.nonprofitshoppingmall.com and give to Doctors Without Borders. We are featuring this amazing group for the month of June because of their exceptional work in catastrophic times. A percent of every sale will go to the nonprofit of your choice and DWB is certainly a worthy cause which needs every penny. Enjoy and keep up the great work!

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