Am too, am not

What I am doing: Writing about knitting this scarf.


This is still undulating waves, and it is lying on my beautiful blooming chive plants which were smashed absolutely flat by a huge thunderstorm that passed through here last night.

What I wish I was doing: Actually knitting the undulating waves scarf. It has a deadline and it’s fun to knit and although it’s slightly slow going messing with all the beads, I sort of like messing with the beads and anyway, it’s sparkly. I can’t believe what a pain in the arse I will let beads get away with being on account of the sparkliness.


What I am doing: Writing a blog entry really quickly because there is going to be an invasion. Saturday is my 40th Birthday, and WWKIP day, and the day that Franklin comes to Toronto/ Lettuce Knit for the 1000 knitters shoot. (Read about it here if you’re just finding out.) That means that there was definitely going to be some company. Add to that the fact that tomorrow is my brother Ian’s birthday and Friday is my mother’s 65th birthday, and I can promise you that there is going to be major company. Major company I am related to. This means I totally have to clean up the mess that has accumulated in the house since I was last home for long enough to clean, which was quite some time ago. (Also, I hate it.)

All hope has been lost of approaching real tidiness, and now am I am simply trying to get things done like washing the backyard furniture so we can sit outside, washing linens so beds are clean and fresh, moving kids around to free up beds, sorting stash to come up with door prizes for Saturday, grocery shopping/beer shopping so as to feed and water guests…. all of this before I leave at 4 to head to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Guild to present the results of the adjudicated show. (Who will I see there? All are welcome. Only guild members could enter, but everyone can come to tonight, and it’s actually really interesting to see all of the entries. There are some crazy good knitters at that guild, I tell you that for free.)

What I wish I was doing: Sitting here knitting reflecting on how well planning ahead has paid off for me.