it is too a real word

Many, many moons ago (like, last August – which I know isn’t really that long ago, but this is the internet, so it’s practically forever) I was knitting my way around North America and I was in the Toronto Airport, headed to Boston, and I saw Greg Kinnear. You can read about it here, but essentially, I didn’t have the nerve to ask him to hold a sock – or I sort of did, because I am not ashamed of the sock, but it seemed to me that he had the air about him of a guy who was just trying to get on a plane without holding a sock that day, so I took a picture without him knowing.

I wrote that blog post calling secret pictures Kinnearing, because I thought it was pretty funny, and pretty soon there were other people who thought it was funny too, and I could believe the whole thing when it was just knitters and friends of the knit who were doing it, but when it turned up in the Urban Dictionary I started to think it had probably left my control. I knew it had when The New York Times made it official. (Two things about that? 1. Inventing a word is not what I thought I would be in the New York Times for. I don’t know what I thought I would be in there for, but I was pretty sure that the article would include words I didn’t coin, like “allegedly” and “unbelievably” and “repeatedly”. 2. Did you know that if your name is ever in an article in the New York Times, then when you die they publish your obituary? Who knew.)

I’ve always wondered what Greg Kinnear thought of that. I mean, did one of his friends phone him after the NYT thing and say “Dude! Yer a VERB”, or did someone he know knit, so he found out right away? I mean, if there’s only 6 degrees of separation between any two people, then it didn’t really seem so crazy that he might have known… and I wondered. (Essentially I wondered if I needed to avoid Greg Kinnear for the rest of my life because it turned out that he was born without a sense of humour or something, which didn’t seem like it was going to be very hard, since we don’t exactly travel in the same circles and I wasn’t exactly going to have to start skipping parties to avoid Greg Kinnear.) I wondered and wondered (but I didn’t get a restraining order or anything) and I was wondering… until today.

Enter Carol, a knitter strategically embedded with the media. Earlier today, Carol saw an incredible opportunity, and she went for it.


Oh yeah. Guess who. Need another one?


Whammo. Look at that. Supreme Kinnearing, but then our intreipid knitter totally went nuts and hauled off piled a sock picture on top of the kinnearing.


Yup. She handed her socks in progress to Greg Kinnear and Harry Smith. (I love that they both look a little concerned and confused.) Harry recovered first…


Then Greg.


How much do you love that expression? It’s mostly “wow some days is it ever weird to be me” with a little “I think I sort of like this sock” on the side. I think he’s game. Carol said he was actually a brilliant sport about it – very funny and charming, which I’m delighted to hear, since I think you can tell a whole lot about a person from their reaction to a half knit sock. (A refusal to hold a sock is to me, a very poor sign.) This last picture though, this last picture is all this circle needed to complete itself. This last picture is proof that occasionally the wheel of life turns just the way you would have it do…


because my friends.. that picture? That picture is GREG KINNEAR TRYING (and sort of sucking at it, which only makes it even better) TO KINNEAR HIMSELF.

Man. That’s beautiful.

Carol? Ya done good.

PS. I am in California. I’ll see you tomorrow (if you’re in California too) for sock pictures at Copperfields in Santa Rosa at 3:00pm.

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  1. Kinnear is now in a league with Kevin Bacon. Kinnearing might live on long after any of his movies…although I do miss him on Talk Soup.

  2. Holy Moly!!! GOOD for her. Good for a new word Stephanie and good for Greg Kinnear and Harry Smith for having good humour. The world sure needs all the humour it can get and thank you for suppying us with yours too. Good trip.

  3. Perfect! Absolutely, wonderfully, amazingly perfect. And Sabrina is one of my favorite movies. Of. All. Time.
    What great sports! (And how totally nervy and knitterly of Carol. :o)

  4. This post has perked me up immeasurably after a really rotten day. Cheerfulness, thy name is Harlot. YOU ROCK.

  5. Knit him some socks! Carol can deliver them.
    Beyond awesome, dude.
    I always wanted to invent a word. My best friend and I tried several times to get a coinage going from my university to hers, or vice versa, but it never took.

  6. Ok, so now that this here Englishwoman has looked up Greg Kinnear on I have to admit that I really don’t mind looking at him at all and I really wouldn’t find it too painful to be doing a wee bit of Kinnearing with him either (sorry, that word sounds kind of rude). Ehmmm… as for the obituary thing…

  7. Kinnearing himself? THAT will cause the black hole. Not the CERN thing.

  8. That is fantastic! I was just reading an article about Greg Kinnear’s new movie today and was thinking about kinnearing, and here he is kinnearing himself. Crazy.

  9. greg Kinnear now has the support and adoration of millions of knitters accross the world, I predict his next project will be a huge success because of us! He’s obviously a very cool guy and deserves it!

  10. You owe him a pair of socks at the very least. If he posted his address here we all could send him a pair of socks.

  11. This is the best thing I have seen/read all day. Congrats for coining a new word, and for having a kick a** celebrity on your blog! This ROCKS Steph! (Or should I say SOCKS?)

  12. Fabulous!
    I actually had a word origin lesson with my daughter the other day explaining exactly where the word she had just uttered was born. Kinnearing is alive and well in the classrooms of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

  13. That is HILARIOUS!!! He is so cute and so funny, I think if you and he ever met, you’d get on famously. 🙂 And what a good sport(weight)! Love that circle. Yay, Carol!!

  14. Hey – I had a great time at Santa Rosa in August. Make them take you around to the wineries. Images had a lot of yummy tastings, and there are a whole bunch of others. Make someone else drive and enjoy yourself before you have to get back on the plane.

  15. Life is a circle. I can hear Harry Chapin and Joni Mitchell singing (two of my favorite circle song singers-say that fast five times).
    And congratulations on making it into the New York Times. Isn’t it kind of weird that you being mentioned there has nothing to do with knitting?
    Enjoy California. I bet you are warmer than you would be at home.

  16. I saw you at Borders in Boston that day when you told the Kinnearing story…I have used that ever since, it’s now a real thing in this house, you say Kinnearing and we know what it is. Glad to hear you’ve made the Times!Wendy

  17. I didn’t actually know who the guy was when you first Kinneared, but, now that I’ve seen him with a sock and can appreciate what a good sport he is, there’s a strange fascination…
    Sadly, when he was born, I was further along in life than I care to detail right here.
    Cute, though.

  18. I think that Greg should get a pair of hand knit socks for this, Stephanie! A nice color to match, say his eyes. You could go the whole nine yards, have Blue Moon dye the color for you and call it Kinnear or some variation thereof!

  19. OMG that is wonderful, amazing and hysterical!!! My husband is even cracking up over here! What a great guy.

  20. He’s a grad of our local university, so I knew he’d be cool. Ironically, just last week I was checking his entry out in Wikipedia to see if the verb had made it there.
    That is brilliant, and I salute Carol who clearly has some serious chutzpah.

  21. So cool! To decrease the time warp, it was August 2007 when you coined the phrase…it made me feel better about August being that far away in my mind.
    Thanks for making me laugh through my fractured root! (on a previously root-canaled tooth, no less! $$$)

  22. OMFG! Driving home today, I listened to the NPR show they were doing on Talk of the Nation’s Science Friday about that movie about that guy who invented the intermittent windshield wiper. And Greg Kinnear is playing that guy so he was on the show too. And the WHOLE time, I’m thinking “I wonder if he knows about the Yarn Harlot’s whole “I was Kinnearing” thing and what he would think about it if he did and I was secretly hoping someone would mention it but they didn’t.
    But now I know he knows and somehow the world seems in balance again.

  23. This is so awsome I could cry! Or squee myself to death. Kinnear kinnearing himself! Too cool.

  24. That was a year ago? Wow. And awesome results!
    But I do think the world is going to implode from a Kinnear kinnearing.

  25. Yet more proof that it is merely a matter of time before knitters really do take over the world.
    And that you really should run for PM.

  26. Oh, my lord, I laughed–embarrassing at work! And it was pretty sure, given the roles he plays, that he has SOME sense of humour, but the fact that he has one in real life and can appreciate and even experiment with quirky humour-of-Canadian-origin is a great, great thing…
    And hey, who wouldn’t want to be a verb, especially such a fun and subversive one?

  27. (Did he realize that if he said he wanted a hand-knit sweater, YOU might be the best person in the world to hook him up??!)

  28. I love that not only did he hold the sock, but he held onto the bag o’yarn as well. Kinnear kinnears. Wow. Could be a rock band.

  29. Greg Kinnear Kinnearing Himself!!! Brilliant!!!! Have you read the book Frindle? You should! Now you’re in the dictionary.

  30. I always liked Greg Kinnear, and now I know why!
    The picture of he and Harry Smith looking at the socks with a slightly puzzled air is too hysterical.

  31. Fantastic! Hilarious! Somehow you two have to meet. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in Santa Rosa.

  32. ZOMG That is freaking AWESOME!!!! Also, now you are gaining popularity with those muggles!

  33. Oh, that’s too awesome! I haven’t laughed this hard in days, maybe weeks. I mean, my sides hurt. Kinnearing himself… *snerk*

  34. He sucks at Kinnearing! I could so totally kinnear better than Kinnear and I haven’t even kinneared yet!
    ROLFLMAO! Fabulous Carol!

  35. This entire post is absofrickinglutely awesome!
    I’m so glad that you got the proper credit for coining that phrase!
    I always liked Greg Kinnear and I’m so glad he was such a good sport about the whole thing 🙂 I can’t believe he Kinneared himself (or at least attempted to)!

  36. Wow–A writer, a knitter reknown,and now the dictionary and The NY Times–Now you may even get a full page obit when your time comes like Elizabeth(not for many years!!). What’s next????
    Maybe some of your socks in the Smithsonian.
    Congrats. Isn’t Harry Smith a hottie??

  37. That’s all just too cool for words. (You’ll have to make up another one to cover it, I guess.) And now when I mention Kinnearing to my husband and he looks at me funny like I’m talking that knitter-lingo-babble-cult-talk again, I can send him to the NY Times.
    World domination by knitters can’t be too far behind. (And wouldn’t we run it better??)

  38. Too funny! The other day I asked my husband if he was trying to kinnear someone (because he was) and then I realized he had no idea what I was talking about.

  39. That is too freaking cool!! The NYT and Greg Kinnear all in the same day!! Too much! LMAO

  40. That is too cool!! I just saw Greg Kinnear on The View (talk show) this week. He does seem like a really nice guy!

  41. I never heard if he is familiar with the expression “Kinnearing” and where it came from. My husband even knows the expression. My whole family uses it.

  42. When I read the last line I thought, “Holy shit, I AM in California!” Unfortunately, I’m in the wrong part of the state without any wheels. Good luck at the book signing.

  43. This is hilariously cool. I needed a good laugh. And, who is this mystery Carol? No blog-link? How is it she gets to hang with Greg Kinnear? And what’s that curlique thingie coming out from behind Harry Smith’s ear? Is he CIA or what? And why does it look like they are all standing inside a large closet? Really, curious minds want more of the story behind the Kinnearing-fest. And, btw, excellent job making the Urban Dictionary and NYT. Knitters around the world are very, very proud of this moment. Another small step toward world domination – mwahhh haha!

  44. Holy Cow, I love it! NYTimes is awesome. Kinnear has been in my vocab since you coined it in August. I’ve had to patiently educate several of my family members about it many times since. Way cool!

  45. This story made my whole day. Congrats to you on the invention and maybe finally the masses will Hail the Power of the Knitting! Greg Kinnear is way too cool.

    Sorry for guffawing so loudly, but that is just the funniest thing I’ve heard and seen in a long time. And so perfect!
    NY Times, I’m very impressed. Who knew?
    : )

  47. This is such a cool post. I give Carol huge props for doing what you didn’t do to begin with! LOL.

  48. at last, the answer to the burning question, “how many Kinnears could Greg Kinnear kinnear if Greg Kinnear could kinnear Kinnears?”

  49. I have tried to kinnear in the past (even before I knew the name for it) and found it really rather challenging. Living in LA as I do, where celebrity sightings can be a frequent phenomenon, it is kinda embarrassing to whip out a camera when you are walking around. We do so little of it, after all (walking, that is), and those who do (with camera in hand) will be taken for a tourist or a paparazzo, two rather annoying segments of the population! (And the crappy cell phone camera just doesn’t do it for me….)

  50. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the periods.) I was explaining this to my husband recently. I feel hip now, an early adopter.

  51. Very cool indeed!
    Yarn Harlot, if you ever see me and somehow think I’m famous (or maybe I will be one day…for figuring out a way to keep teenage children’s mouths closed), then I will gladly and genuinely hold any sock you put in front of me. You won’t have the need to Kinnear me.

  52. Hey, you’ll have your obit in the NYTimes, just like Elizabeth Zimmerman????? Neat! Betcha can’t wait to die 😉
    I LOVELOVELOVE that Greg Kinnear kinneared himself…it’s priceless!

  53. Carol is frickin’ brilliant. How cool that she kinneared Kinnear and Smith (their looks in the first pic are priceless), and then had Kinnear try to kinnear himself! (I wonder if he’ll thank you for immortalizing him…)
    And the NYTimes? Very cool – I hope it’s a good long time before they have to think of your obituary.

  54. That is freaking awesome. And hilarious. His expression is precious in the photo with Carol. I am sad that you are here in CA within an hour’s drive and I’m going to miss you. Though I may give in and drive to Santa Rosa yet…

  55. OMIGOD!!! you CREATED a word?!?!?! a word that has entered the vernacular and is accepted and understood around the english speaking world? that is just too…….. tooo……… like,um… i don’t know! i think i need a new word to describe this phenomenon!… any suggestions??? 🙂

  56. I just love Harry Smith!! I really doubt if Matt Lauer would hold a half knitted sock with a smile like that!!
    I really like Greg Kinnear too….I even saw the interview that Harry did this morning about his new movie. A full circle day…now I can go to bed!!

  57. The only cooler thing? Would be Mr. Kinnear commenting right here, right now! Loved this post Stephanie. Keep making my days! 🙂

  58. I wish the Amer’can politicians would learn to reach across the abyss the way your friend (knitter) did with Mr. Smith & Mr. Kinnear (non-knitters). There could be peace in our time.
    If you get to Paso Robles, be sure to get a tour of the Madonna Inn.

  59. Is anybody else scanning through the comments looking for one FROM Greg Kinnear? C’mon, you know you waaaaaan’ it. Greg, if you’re reading….hi from Nova scotia, Canada, and thanks for being such a great sport.

  60. I’m in California, but I have class that day, so I won’t be in Santa Rosa. Have a brilliant time, on what is predicted to be the first rainy day we’ve had in many months.

  61. Best of all, you are mentioned in a NY Times article alongside “nose bidet” and “vegansexual”. A lot of famous and important people have been in the NY Times, but very few got to share their space with nose bidets.

  62. You are SO FAMOUS now! And Carol is the coolest for getting Kinnear…Kinnearing! Now we have a new game! Getting Greg Kinnear to pose with pictures of half-socks from across the nation! I wonder how Greg would feel being stalked by a bunch of knitters who only want to take pictures of him if he holds their socks?

  63. I laughed so hard. What a great story. I hope if I ever meet Greg Kinear, I’ll be that brave. Carol rocks like KISS!

  64. You are just too much! Believe it or not, I am in San Francisco, too, so close…
    Nell from Atlanta

  65. I think this has to be one of my favourite posts ever. Kinnear kinnearing himself. I nearly lost my soup. 🙂 Thank you, Carol!

  66. I’m still laughing about (after reading all the comments) Harry and Greg’s faces as they are trying to figure out the blob of yarn in their hands!
    I miss Kinnear on Talk Soup; he was both attractive and funny–a wonderful combination.

  67. OMG! So funny. I remember reading the kinnearing post and this is just the icing on the cake. I love that you were mentioned in the New York Times too! Awesome!

  68. Seriously, so funny.
    I was trying to explain to my fellow grad students at Penn who you were and why you were famous. There is a girl in my program from Toronto and I always let her know I read a Canadian blog. They don’t get it. I guess you have to be a knitter. (I also tried to explain to them why I have 3 different socks with no mates in my current knitting pile but they don’t get that either) Now, I can tell them you knit, you write, you travel, you take pictures, and you create words!

  69. That’s completely funny and awesome. I had no clue you were in the Times. And, you’re right, last August was many moons ago by internet standards, it took me a while to reel back to the Kinnear post.

  70. Brilliant indeed! I knew he would someday learn of this, and I have been waiting for the rest of the story. This is fabulous enough. But the NYT! That is too cool. Love that they say it happened during your “encounter” with Greg at the airport. The imagination soars.

  71. Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Rosa! Yep, it is indeed raining. Great knitting weather.

  72. Nice. Truly nice. As a linguist, I admire anyone who can get their word into the NYT.
    Welcome to California, btw. I’d be up there, but I don’t think I can cover the 600 miles before tomorrow…

  73. I love the “men contemplating yarn” pic! Hilarious!
    As ever, you are an amazing creature!

  74. Fantastic! I explained “kinnearing” to my mother several months ago; she doesn’t read blogs OR knit, but she continues to use the word.
    But, erm, how’d you find out that factoid about the obituaries? You haven’t died and failed to blog the event, have you? We’d be hugely disappointed and would not allow that to happen.

  75. It makes me think of one thing for “mainstream”…
    Resistance is FUTILE!!! hee hee hee

  76. Not to get off topic (because this post is the wildest story I have hard in a long time, how bizarre is that whole thing?), HOWEVER, regarding the whole long sleeves under Hey, Teach issue from yesterday. I picked up the Fall 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting today and there are models wearing short sleeve sweaters over long sleeves on pages 27 (2!), 89 (kind of), 94, 95, and 96. Now, of course, these are MODELS who could probably get away with looking stylish wearing paper bags, and the last one is wearing PINK with ORANGE. But the expert consensus seems to be that long sleeves under short is Haute Couture. At least, in the knitterly world.

  77. Way to go! Glad Kinnear doesn’t mind being passed around the knitting community. I invented a word once. I started saying “ridonkulous” as in, so ridiculous you make an a** (hence “donk-ey”…kept it clean for the wee ones) of yourself and less than a month later it was on the radio, and then Urban Dictionary. Never made the NYT though… It does make you wonder what else would catch on if you started saying it 🙂

  78. OMG! YOU are in Vogue knitting… twice! How neat is that. Pages 60 and 89! Of course, you probably already knew that…

  79. That is all too freakin’ brilliant. You’ve meta’d yourself…or something. I just know there’s another pop culture reference buried in there somewhere.

  80. This is just awesome. You know Kinnear HAS to have a sense of humor about it all, because he DID host “Talk Soup” — back when that show mattered. He was also a sportscaster — briefly anyway — proof that not all sportscasters grow up to be vp candidates… But we did have an actor who became president, so…
    And a public-service message for Tree: The curlicue thingie is a TV-reporter/anchor deevice called (jargon alert!) an “IFB.” The short version: it’s a single-ear headphone that lets you hear both the program you’re on and the director’s instructions to you. Security people stole the concept from us to wear with their walkie-talkies — mainly because they thought it would make them look like TV people. (Not so much.)
    That said, I consider it a wee bit gross to pull mine out and let those around me see it — I mean, it’s been in MY EAR and everything…
    What does this have to do with Kinnearing and knitting? Nothing… just babbling. Don’t mind me!

  81. That is the coolest thing I have heard in years. I hope he got to hear the whole Kinnearing story. So you think it would be a problem for celebrities if the sock knitters of the world started asking to take half finished sock pictures with them? You have the greatest blog and it keeps me laughing. Thanks for the laugh.

  82. I love in your first “Kinnering” post you said: “I’m going to stop before this goes to far.”
    Ummmm, YarnHarlot? You’re unstoppable.

  83. What a hoot!!! I love that Kinnearing is now in Urban Dictionary. And just a side note about that. One of my son’s best friends is the young man who started Urban Dictionary as a project at CalPoly San Luis Obispo… right here in CA! So congratulations! You have certainly made a difference in how we describe sneakily taking someone’s picture. I know I’ve used the term. I wonder how often Greg Kinnear will tell this story! Way too cool!!!!

  84. I so hope Kinnear googles himself and finds this. Totally made my night. (And my night involved Robitussin, tea, and chicken soup, so that should tell you how glad I was for a laugh!)

  85. OMGoodness that is just too frakin’ cool. Every bit of it. From NYT to Greg Kinnear.
    Only you would have a post like this.
    BTW the shawl is breathtaking (catching up on reading…).

  86. Awesome! I saw Greg Kinnear on TV the other night and remembered your post about trying to photograph him. I was just wondering if the expression ever made it to him (and was going to ask some non-knitting friends if they’ve ever heard the term) and here you go! Nice timing!
    Welcome to California. I’m here too.. I’ve already travelled 3 hours towards Santa Rosa today (ok, so my roommate was headed up here anyways, so I tagged along) and will be at the book store tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

  87. Hehe.. Greg Kinnear just gave your blog a plug on tonight Conan O’Brien! so I just had to visit cuz I’m also an avid knitter/crocheter. 🙂

  88. Ok, so I’m watching Conan and Greg Kinnear is on and he just talked about Kinnearing for about 5 minutes. LOVE IT! Did you happen to blog about this today because you knew he was on tonight? They showed your picture!

  89. Kinnear is on Conan O’Brien right now talking about YOU! and how you invented “kinnearing.” He couldn’t remember your name and he covered his face then he came up with it, “the yarn… uhhh… harlot!”
    It was AWESOME!

  90. OMG. Greg Kinnear is on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and they’re talking about it! You’ve now been mentioned on national TV (along with the picture you took surreptitiously of him in the airport)

  91. I am delurking because I am totally freaking out in my apartment watching Greg Kinnear tell this story on Conan O’Brian!!! So so so funny beyond belief! He called you the “Michael Jordan of Knitters.” Brilliant!

  92. Congrats on the mention! I hope you aren’t paying for bandwidth, because you are going to get a lot of hits to your blog tonight! 😀

  93. I’m staying up to watch Conan O’Brien (I’m on the west coast) This is really funny. Maybe Greg Kinnear will take up knitting.

  94. I am watching Greg Kinnear on Conan O’Brien right now! He just mentioned the article, and he told your story!!!! He called you the Michael Jordan of the knitting world! You are so famous!

  95. Holy Crap! I just turned on the tv in time to see Greg Kinnear on Conan O’Brien talking about “Kinnearing”!!! He called Stephanie “The Michael Jordan of Knitting”! AND gave out the blog address! I may not sleep tonight.

  96. I’ve been caught up considering the conundrum of Kinnear not able to kinnear himself.
    Given your definition of kinnearing, “take my camera out of my purse and just sort of hang my hand down and look all casual and not even look at him and take his picture in SECRET,” is it technically possible for anyone to kinnear oneself?
    Is there any way to fulfill both the requirement of deliberate action and that of stealth? How does one intentionally yet surreptitiously photograph oneself without catching oneself in the act of the kinnearing as it is occurs?
    Ow. My head hurts now.

  97. As I was sharing this hilarious post with my non-knitting friend (and she was laughing hysterically) she flipped on the tv and saw THE PICTURE on the screen.
    I love Conan! and the lovely Mr. Kinnear.

  98. like my comrades (sp?) above I had to hold in my sqeeeeeeeeeeee when Kinnear started started talking about you and knitters!! How super awesome.
    I will Kinnearing you in 12 days!!!
    Thanks for always making me smile or think deeply, or just enjoy being who I am.

  99. You rock! You have singlehandedly (well, maybe the gazllions of other knitters who started “kinnearing” helped) brought knitting into the cool zone with that conversation tonight on Conan O’Brien.
    Greg Kinnear in my new favorite actor for being so very cool about the whole thing.

  100. Wow! Greg Kinnear just explained correctly who invented “Kinneaering” on Conan O’Brien. I was on pins and knitting needles as he told the story afraid he would get it wrong. They even showed the original Kinneared picture that Stephanie took and some additional Kinneared pictures that Greg took of Alan Alda and Tina Fey!

  101. I just saw Greg Kinnear on Conan O’Brien. I am thrilled at the props he gave you!!! I am also stoked that he has embraced the concept of “kinnearing”…What an awesome guy. I suspect he has/will gain a whole new loyal fan base from this!

  102. Hi Stephanie!
    I may be the first on here (or not since I was glued to the telly when it happend and it’s taking a while to type this) But Greg Kinnear was a guest on Late Night with Conan O’brien in NYC just now and he talked about himself being a verb in the Urban Dictionary and you! Yes, indeedy, you’ve got Mr. Kinnear Kinnearing! (Should it be “Capitalized” for the more secret squirrels among us?) He had Kinneared photies of Alan Alda’s (Mash*) foot, and the actress who’s doing the US VP candidate improb, Sarh Palin trying to eat her lunchen salad (at the NBC television station commissary? Help! Anyone one else paying attention if I got that wrong?) I was too busy dropping my mindless, gartstitch Fleece Artist jacket in progress for late night knitting and jumping around trying to explain it all to the half asleep hubby since it’s 1:15 here in Virginia.
    Hubby may have responded with just a yawn but Conan will be taking over for Jay Leno when he retires. Plus, you will now be known from outside US coast to coast knitting circles everytime that show airs in reruns.
    I congratulate you on a job well done!

  103. Not only did Greg Kinnear tell the world about The Yarn Harlot and show the picture you took on national tv, but he commented on how he had his wife’s suitcase for the trip, was wearing shorts, but that he had on white socks in it (yup, he did, I looked sharply at the picture.) He really needs some color in his footwear!!! I wonder how many socks people are going to be knitting and sending to him?

  104. Yup, you should knit him a pair of socks. Heck, all your blog readers with spare time and a sense of humour should knit him socks too. (What size is he??) He deserves it….I’m sure he’d have preferred to go down in History as One Fine Actor, but now he’s going to be forever remembered for an exotic photographic technique and socks.

  105. The least the Times could have done was linked to your blog. Good going, Stephanie! The rest of the world is coming to realize what we already know…you are a force to be reckoned with!

  106. So now all we need is for Greg Kinnear to stand as head of state… (dammit – the yarn fumes were getting to me – I can’t remember exactly how, but I know that at IKnit Day you had some grand plan about sock photos with heads of state, or potential heads of state, and Knitters Without Borders, but all I can remember now is “Knit, don’t talk – so much less traumatic”)

  107. Woohooo!!! I’m such a mixture of happy wonderful feelings that I just can’t name them all. Hooray for the Yarn Harlot! Huzzah for Greg! And way to go, Carol!!

  108. Way to go Greg Kinnear and Harry Smith! You just have to love somebody who can crack up and totally get with a bit of wackiness. Way to go Carol! I can’t believe that they talked about kinnearing in the NY Times. What a riot! I hope that someday you actually get to meet him in person. If I were you I’d start thinking about what I’d say to him, just in case, because you know now you probably will, and at a time that you are totally not expecting it. That’s how these things usually work you know. I wouldn’t be surprised if he kinneared you! Thanks for the laugh. What a great post.

  109. Yarn harlot FTW! Kinnear was just on Conan, gosh, which was weird because I JUST discovered this site earlier, and I told my brudah about it.
    Greg Kinnear kinnears others! I especially loved his Alan Alda kinnearing.
    Did you NOT know Kinnear was on tonight? He called you the Michael Jordan of Knitting!

  110. Oh wow! How cool was it to see Greg Kinnear plug you as the Micheal Jordan of Knitting. I was only half listening to the story he was telling until he said that. I immediatly sat up and waited on baited breath for him to get your name right. When I heard “yarn uhhh harlot” come out of his mouth I just about woke the house with my exited giggling. It is just too awsome! Conratulations!

  111. How weird that you posted this about Greg Kinnear, and then he ends up mentioning you on the exact same day! Is that purely coincidental? I’m so excited for you! 😀

  112. Greg who? I had heard the term Kinearing, but didn’t know who it referred to. Thanks for the link. Your sock is more famous than Greg is, I gotta tell you!
    Now, Charles Smith, I Know. Wow! Sock holder extraordinaire!

  113. I’m so glad I’m a knitter to have all of this fun – it’s the little things, you know? Thank you Stephanie, thank you Carol, thank you Greg & Harry!

  114. how awesome is this!! i loved the post, was going to comment, and then read down to see the “late night w conan” news…
    you, yarn harlot, are amazing! :o) thanks for the laughs…always!

  115. Too cool! I saw him on a talk show a few days back, and was thinking how the whole kinnearing thing would make for perfect talk show fodder, and wondered if he knew. This is freakin’ fantastic!

  116. I saw this before Conan O’Brien was on, loved the post, loved the comments and *now* find that the whole thing hit tv, and I MISSED IT!
    However. (I’m so proud to have found this). Did you know that you can see entire episodes of various tv shows – INCLUDING Conan O’Brien! – on the IMDB site? (ooooh! AND!)
    They’re only up to Thursday’s episode so far, but give it another day or so, and we can all see Friday’s episode for ourselves! YAY!
    BTW, the whole Kinnear thing just ROCKS!

  117. I LOVE IT! It so nice to see “people on pedestals” have a sense of humor. Well, they are normal after all, we’re the ones who put them on the pedestals in the first place!

  118. You absolutely never cease to amaze! Now I can safely use your word among non-knitters and snicker when I have to explain it.
    Wonder if it will turn up on the SAT vocabulary section any time soon?
    And if nothing else, “Hey Teach” will be a lot warmer with long sleeves. The short sleeved one looks simply adorable on you none the less.

  119. Does anyone else have a vision of the poor man now being chased by hoards of sock-waving bloggerazzi? Maybe a charity should approach him to be their focal point, for collections of hand-knits for the not-so-well-off.

  120. Holy Mother of God I’ve actually been quoted in The New York Times.
    I added that entry because I Kinneared Kim Worker at an event at Webs and I wasn’t sure everyone would know what I was talking about.
    That’s just awesome!
    holy crap
    I have to go tell my mother

  121. Thanks fcr the laugh, Stephanie! I really like that he was such a good sport! The world really is becoming such a small place.

  122. I laughed & cheered at the glorious connectedness of this blog. Then I spent 10 minutes explaining the backstory to my 14 year old son who said, “Wow mom, you are SO easily amused!” But I think this is one of the coolest things I have heard in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures in knitting, living, connecting, and Kinnearing with us 🙂

  123. Wow. That last picture kind of hurt my head a bit. I’m glad that Kinnear Kinnearing himself didn’t open up a black hole, or rip the fabric of space and time.

  124. I was going to post the link to Conan but Tasha beat me to it. Now all you need is to engineer an appearance by the yarn harlot herself (get the wonder publicist on it, willya?)
    BTW I don’t think you can kinnear yourself any more than you can tickle yourself.
    Five plus years of blogging and you’re an overnight sensation. Way to go.

  125. Just watched the clip – loved the huge pause for before the word “knitters”. Mainstreamed at last. I wonder if the muggles found it as funny as I did?

  126. Knitters are slowly going to take over the world. First, we change the vocabulary, next who knows? An all-knitting, all-the-time cable channel? We’ll call it KNN and Greg Kinnear will record “You’re watching KNN – the most trusted name in wool” and it will be so cool.

  127. How freakin’cool is that!!! WOW!! Awesom, He looks so befuddled and maybe a wee bit scared holding the sock but he is very obliging. More power to ya. May all knitters be so bold as to accost all celebrities they encounter with socks, shawls, and Kauni cardigans. Can you see Angelina Jolie modeling one of those for our joy? Knitters so rock!

  128. I have no words. I do, however, now have a very big crush on Greg Kinnear. And I am more than a little in awe of Carol. Who rocks.

  129. That, my friend, is a meta-Kinnear.
    Effing hilarious.
    (oh, and go see his movie Ghost Town — I laughed and laughed and laughed. Then I giggled for a while, then more with the laughing. I may have developed a new row of ab-muscle from the laughing.)

  130. I saw Greg Kinnear on the Conan O’Brien show last night & he mentioned you while he was going through the list of the NY Times words.

  131. So last night I read your post and then looked up at the tv and there Greg was talking about kinnearing and the Yarn Harlot on Conan O’Brien! Greg Kinnear talking about knitting! Fantastic! I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube yet though.

  132. that is just too perfect. I’ve always had the impression that Greg Kinnear is a nice guy & a good sport. This proves it.

  133. Well, now it seems like someone should design a sock named for Kinnear — something that captures the essence of that look on his face in the full-on sock holding Kinnearable pose.
    He is a cute man, and even dearer now for having been immortalized in a way he never would have even thought of being immortalized.
    🙂 firefly

  134. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I was laughing and screaming in the house when I read this!!! My husband is wondering what’s going on…I’m hoping he doesn’t come downstairs so I can drool over the Greg picture some more….Isn’t he a gorgeous doll???? (hey, Greg, if you are having the time to read this, we are loving on you!)

  135. Greg Kinnear now goes to the top of cool dudes list 🙂 I hope that he reads this blog and sees just how many knitters think he’s awesome for being such a good sport – I mean, what with being a verb now and all – hahahahaha.
    Go Stephanie! Go Carol!

  136. This is the coolest.
    I’ve always loved Greg Kinnear. Kudos to him for being an awesome sport and Kinnearing himself.

  137. I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit! Great job, Carol. Now the rest of the knitting world will be stalking Greg Kinnear. Poor man doesn’t even know the half of it.

  138. I hope it takes numbers of decades before they put your obituary in print at NY, Stephanie, do like reading your blogs, can’t do without them. So weird one can’t read their obituary themselve.

    i mean.. we’re talking the new york post! we’re talking kinnear kinnearing himself. i am beginning to believe that the culture is bigger than i might have imagined.

  140. Boy, I love the story but these posts! Sock photos with heads of state, sock-waving bloggerazzi, Kinnearing comes to Conan. It’s all just so good.

  141. What fun! I wondered about your use of the verb since I missed the original post (besides which, I had no idea who he was so I didn’t make an association with him. I need to get out more.)

  142. To add to the vernacular education, that is B.A. (bad ass)!
    You should use that, because as a 21 year old, if my mother ever used that it, I would be very uncomfortable and I think that should be the goal of every loving parent. My mother has done a fine job herself.
    But that is so flippin’ cool.

  143. Stephanie, I hope you were able to see the Conan show last night! That is so awesome! I agree with him completely that you ARE the Michael Jordan of Knitting!!!!

  144. I love this story and the limelight it’s put you in and the fact that you’re now a footnote on Greg Kinnear’s Wikipedia page. You rock.

  145. You have really outdone yourself! That is the best post ever. My husband even laughed hysterically! So cool, rock on Carol!!

  146. Carol really should get triple points for snagging Harry Smith along with Greg Kinnear. Harry is my all-time favorite.

  147. This could not possibly be any more magical.
    I laughed, and then I laughed, and then I realized that I think this quite possibly makes Greg Kinnear a very, very cool celebrity. Fantastic!

  148. Great! I’m so glad he was such a good sport at it. I had no idea that kinnearing had gone so global. I’d like to think I had a small part to play by alerting Erin (dictionaryevangilst) to your original kinnearing post. Rock on Stephanie!

  149. OMG–that is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I love Harry Smith and I’m glad he jumped in. I have a new respect for Greg Kinnear, too!

  150. I SWEAR I was just thinking of this word you invented a couple days ago, and wondering if he had any idea about it… How wonderful that he has embraced it, and that you made the NYT and Conan’s show!!!! I love the looks on both his face & Harry’s face in Carol’s photos–and good on her for making the most of the moment!
    I just might have the chance to kinnear a few candidates, as I’m in a battleground state. McCain’s daughter was on campus yesterday; she looked kind of like a college student until you saw the “suit” orbiting her (secret service). Chelsea Clinton was here last year, too. So… do the family members who are campaigning count as well? Hm…

  151. I was just thinking about the whole ‘kinnear-ing’ thing today, in fact, and I was wondering where it all came from, and I am going to start bringing knitting to concerts and the like just to try to get pictures of cool people holding socks. 😀

  152. What higher award could a writer possibly get than to invent a brand spankin’ new word?
    And you did it on the day that I got to meet you!

  153. OMG–Kinnearring! It will go down in history with ‘verisimilitude’, ‘multitudinous’, and ‘incarnadine’!!!! (I’ve been trying to get ‘prickweenie’ to catch on… it’s slow, but it’s working…)
    Excellent job, Carol–and maybe now Kinnear will start Kinnearing his own pix!

  154. Anyone have a link to Conan’s show that work in Canada? I keep getting “this is not available in your region” if I try the NBC website =(

  155. I just watched Greg Kinnear on Conan. That is so freaking cool! He called you the Michael Jordan of knitters. Love it!

  156. Yet another reason for me to have a lust…I mean…. an admiration..for Greg Kinnear. Le sigh…;oP

  157. Oh, thank you so much for the laugh! I really needed that. I had at least one tear in the crinkle of my eye. That was classic!

  158. I have to agree with Amy S. The man deserves some socks!
    The fabulousity (think that one will ever stick?) of all of this has blown my mind!

  159. I’m so glad kinnearing is now a “real” word. I used it with my husband once and he looked at me like I was crazy – so then I explained – which didn’t help the crazy expression! And how great is that, that he tried to kinnear!!!!

  160. People at work were looking at me funny as I laughed out loud. When I tried to explain they didn’t get it. It’s too good – Kinnear is Kinnearing himself. I love the look on his face – priceless!! You rock Carol – you rock Greg – and you rock Harlot!!

  161. Out of ‘lurkdom’ after nearly 2 years of faithfully following the Harlot. THIS is SOO funny – really, it has to go into the “Harlot Hall of Fame” (is there one? there should be.) Kinnear ‘kinnearing’ himself! awesome. Carol, I don’t know how you did it but, WOW! I bow to your awesomeness. 🙂

  162. So! Cool! Really, all of this is so cool. I love that Kinnearing is an official word, and that you’re in the NYT, and that Greg Kinnear Kinneared himself.
    You’re paving the way for more non-knitters to hold socks in photos! Won’t be long now until presenters at the Oscars make the award winners pose with Oscar & partially-completed socks. Astronauts in space will Kinnear themselves while holding sock WIPs in front of the moon! 😀

  163. So you have been my hero for quite some time with the whole I can knit a sweater in 45 minutes, your charity, and the professional writing gig. But now that you have invented a word and it has been listed in a newspaper crediting you with the invention for the entire world to see. I am so in awe of you, the word hero doesn’t even fit any longer you are just so way beyond cool. Could you invent a word for the amount of cool in which you embody?

  164. OMG. TOO cool!
    and, btw, Tanis (way up top there), Greg Kinnear IS out now in “Flash of Genius” about the guy who invented intermittent windshield wipers and had to sue Ford when they stole his idea! I think we should all go and knit socks before the movie starts in his honor!

  165. That’s awesome. Now I think you need to come up with a sock named in his honor. Then someone could get a picture with him holding That!

  166. Ok, that is just TOO damned funny, and yet so weird, and yet–just so funny too.
    Life is so bizarre.
    funny funny funny

  167. It is so cool to watch the growth of a slang word from its inception all the way to popular use! Stephanie you are the coolest.

  168. I never knew that about the New York Times. I was mentioned in an article years ago (photography & blog related, no “allegedly” involved), so I wonder if they will include my obit someday? Although I guess I won’t be around to see it…
    Nice Kinnearing there. Fun to watch the meme spread!
    (Speaking of newspapers, it seems I have some Houston Chronicles here that I forgot to send you last year. Uhm, oops? If you would like them, let me know!)

  169. (I should clarify – those are Houston Chronicles with articles about YOU and your visit to Houston. Not just random newspapers. *snort*)

  170. Just wanted to add, even though everyone has already said it like 300 times, my “Way to go Steph! That is Soooo Coool!” You’re humorous And you’re Famous! Whoo-Hooo!!

  171. OMG – I have tears rolling down my face. This is fabulous. Good for Harry and Greg for being such good sports and honetsly appreciating the cool sockage that they were holding! I loved those two before but- wow – this was uber cool. Bren

  172. OH my god… HILARIOUS. I love him… that man who’se name is a verb… and so do all the rest of us I’m sure 😉

  173. Greg Kinnear – who in my book is pretty fun to look at regardless – holding a sock, within a humorous context. I’m in heaven.

  174. so wonderful! how amazingly hilarious and perfect. And now the Obama picture as well, I just missed a few days of reading The Blog and what a surprise.

  175. I am truly addicted to reading the yarn harlot blog. i am struck by the fact that many of the insights and comments apply to past or present hobbies of mine – beading, sewing (years ago).
    once upon a time i knitted a sweater or two. then i moved from boston to stanford, CA (for 20 years) and pretty much stopped knitting. And yes, at Stanford which is also in the SF Bay area, it is very green in winter, and brown in summer. !!!
    now i am back in boston, and i am knitting again. i”ve made scarves galore. Now from reading this blog, i am curious about socks. Do I dare try socks?
    does anyone have recommendations for a pattern for a fun first pair of socks to knit? winter is coming and i would like to give socks a try…..

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