O Blog, My Blog

(With Apologies to Walt Whitman)

Dear Blog,

Did you know that’s what we call you here? The Blog? All of you have somehow become some sort of collective to us here at home. We understand that you are individual people, we really do, but somehow to our way of thinking, you’re a collaborative, united mass. I think of you like I would a flock of birds or a school of fish (except smarter- and better dressed, since fish and birds seldom wear anything by Nancy Bush) and I imagine you all on your own unpredictable, separate and individual paths within the flock, but still wheeling and turning on a dime en masse, one confederate of knitters.

When something happens Joe will ask me “Have you told The Blog?” or “What did The Blog say?” or, if it’s really bad – “Are you going to tell the blog?” If I have a knitting problem or conundrum, Ken might suggest that I “ask The Blog” for an opinion or a solution. The girls are flattered when The Blog compliments them, the girls wouldn’t want The Blog to know if they screwed up. The Blog is present during a great much of our days.

As of today, I have been writing this blog for precisely five years. When I began, there was none of The Blog. There were a few comments – as many as I deserved really, considering that I hadn’t been blogging, that my pictures were shoddy and that it took me about 3 hours every day to make the blog happen, so horrendous were my technical skills. Back then, if I had a problem and Ken wouldn’t answer his phone (having had the audacity to do something like have a life or do his paying job), the blog ground to a halt while I wept, read incomprehensible html things and hit “refresh” 46789 times like it might do something. (Actually, that really hasn’t changed. Sorry Ken.)

As time went on, I came to realize that The Blog, as an entity, really wasn’t me. I could write all I wanted to, I could say all I wanted to, and none of it had permanence or resonance or even importance if there was no-one there to read it, and I realized that The Blog, the whole thing, really relied on the people who read it, and commented and the communities that were around it. The Blog, as a whole, was nothing, not even really a blog without you, and that therefore, you were The Blog.

Over the years, we have spoken of you fondly, The Blog. We have said The Blog was so surprised!, or The Blog was so generous, or The Blog was so funny. Personally, I have said The Blog is so smart, The Blog understood how it could have happened, The Blog had a lot to say about that, or even – The Blog has brought me enormous comfort.

People have asked me too, over the years, what it is like to share your life with The Blog, and I have never really understood the question. It’s true that there have been times that what The Blog had to say was not easy to hear, or times when The Blog had it’s own ideas about who it was, or what it was here for, but overall, I cannot imagine living without The Blog, and the decision to share my life with all of you has reaped rewards that I couldn’t imagine. Here, I haven’t left the house in 9 days, and though the miracle of The Blog, I still have all my knitting friends with me… even if they can’t form a collective opinion on skirt length and they are all (mostly) wearing unmatched knitwear.

I am less lonely because of The Blog.

I feel welcome many places because of The Blog.

I am less of a crazy knitting person because The Blog is crazy too.

Many, many thanks for a most remarkable journey. I adore each and every one of you. Thank you for giving me The Blog.

723 thoughts on “O Blog, My Blog

  1. We adore you too Stephanie! Couldn’t live without the blog! My day is not complete without checking (and rechecking) to see what is going on with you.

  2. Happy Blogiversary, and many more! I’m very proud to be a part of “The Blog!” You bring so much joy and inspiration into our lives! Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your life, and your family, with us!

  3. reading your blog over the years has given me much laughter and even some tears. It is nice to see that those we idolize are just as human as we are and suffer all the day to day “stuff” the rest of us mere mortals do. Keep up the good work.

  4. Congratulations! You give us so much – laughter(mostly at your own expense -sorry!) and food for thought. Everyday I read your blog first and then the others. I have also read all your books. You and the other knitbloggers have inspired me to start knitting again. For that I thank you all.

  5. I piggyback on turtlemom. When I come to work, the first thing I do (apres coffee)is seek out your blog and read it. Usually, I laugh, sometimes I’m verklempt, but I always read something interesting. (By the way I’m loving the Leyburn sock pattern. I changed it to mesh well with my preferred top down method and toe). Please don’t ever stop writing the blog. I think you should start training one of the girls to carry on for you when you go to the great Yarn shop in the sky.

  6. We’re not alone. How much better we feel knowing that! Love the Blog, love from the Blog xxxxx

  7. Happy 5th anniversary and congratulation on writing one of the bestest blogs…EVER!!!!
    Thanks Again!

  8. No,no-Thank You!You have inspired me to push ahead with my knitting skills and have inspired me to do what I thought for me was crazy(can you say ‘knit my own socks’?)It is definetly a reciprocal relationship.You thank the Blog and the Blog definetly thanks you!!

  9. Reading your blog is a highlight of the day–it always brings a smile, laughter, or a OMG I’m not the only one moment πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  10. Awwww, that is the sweetest thing!
    I agree that one of the best things that has come out of this crazy technology called the Internet, is friends like you that I probably would never have met otherwise!
    It’s also kind of funny, because when days go by and I am constantly checking to see if you have written a new post, I chastise myself – “hey, she has a life! She can’t just drop everything and BLOG!!” And so I patiently wait…and then there are the times when we all start to worry a wee bit when it has been days with no word…so I guess it goes both ways, lady πŸ™‚
    Thank you, for all the smiles and chuckles (and snorts) you have given me, as well as all the times you’ve made me think about things I wouldn’t have otherwise given a thought about. This Blog is a two-way street!

  11. My day is not complete unless I have checked your blog. You make me laugh,cry,think about collective issues. You have also made me a better knitter. Thank You. lorraine

  12. I was really hoping you wouldn’t tell about my unmatched knitwear, even though the world which sees me everyday already knows. I thought it was our secret.

  13. I read your blog and am inspired to knit my best and don’t be afraid of my knitting. Your insights to why I knit make me see I am not alone in my obsession with the string and sticks…..I’m catching up with the last five years blog because I didn’t find you right away and I’m really enjoying watching your family grow. Thank you.

  14. I look forward everyday to hear what you have to say and to enjoy your patterns and results, keep up the great fun we all enjoy!!

  15. I’m quite glad that the blog exists, it reminds me that I am not the only knitter around.. πŸ™‚

  16. I look forward to your writing OK blog everyday. You make me laugh and cry. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for letting us into your life.

  17. If I have a moment today where I feel old, I’ll repeat to myself, “The blog is five today,” ergo I am five today and should go do something silly. Age is only a number, but collective obsession/caring/humour/etc. is timeless. Thank you.

  18. Thankyou for the Blog, it’s the first thing I go to and always makes my day. It has broadened my knitting mind and really opened a whole new world to me. Thanks!

  19. Thanks for creating The Blog! I have been reading it for @9 months and really look forward to it every day. For me, it’s like getting a magical friend…we may not have met (yet), but when we do I am sure it will be like we’ve known each other for years! You have a gift for writing in a way that is so heart-felt. You’ve made me laugh till I cried. Sometimes I have been so touched I have just cried. And I never would have imagined that there are other wool pigs who are transported with delight at the sight and touch of wool till I read you. Unfortunately, once I read that “sock yarn doesn’t even count”, I felt like I had permission to go crazy and my stash has expanded ridiculously! Must be the wool fumes! I’ve just about read all the back blogs and it’s been quite an experience! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! It’s been quite the ride!
    I look forward to meeting you in person.

  20. See, I think it is really special that I birthed a baby and you birthed a blog around the same time. Perhaps we should determine who lost the most sleep from each event. [Note: I have been blessed with a great sleeper.]
    Thanks for everything. Even if I have become a “crazy sock lady” because of The Blog. πŸ˜‰

  21. Stephanie, you bring such a lot of joy to us through the blog. Lots of knitterly wisdom has passed onto us all from you and I am sure I can speak for all your readers that we couldn’t get along without you for very long.

  22. You help me feel as if I am not the only crazy knitter – my middle school son is, according the son of s knitting student, the “boy whose mom knits”. My high schooler claims to be “embarrassed” by my knitting, but keeps bringing home orders for another hat for a friend, “like the one you made me”. The two college boys are just glad they have no events for me to knit at any longer! Thank you for sharing the crazy and making us all laugh! Donna

  23. ah! how wonderful! i’m sure a lot of us feel the same way back at you – that it has been comforting, differing, etc. thank you for your writing! this post may make it into my thesis on women, craft and technology…. if the blog is okay with that, of course…

  24. And now I have a reason to have a glass of something with my knitting … sounds like almost a winnie the pooh thing ….
    And now we are Five
    Thank you

  25. Maybe I’m too big a geek but every time I read the word “blog” I think of the Borg. We have added your uniqueness to our own! We are all the better for it!

  26. I am new to The Blog and have enjoyed discovering the community. I hope to be reading for a long time to come. Congratulations.

  27. Thank you Stephanie! I have been reading you for a while and this is my first comment. I really feel like you’re a close friend and a part of my life. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  28. The connections in life are priceless. I was thinking this the other day after my 2 year old had a rip roaring melt down which followed by my own melt down (her’s to double ear infections, mine to lack of everything an adult needs) and sat down that night to read your newest book and find a chapter about parents and children in front of me and no I didn’t eat or abandon her.
    The next day when I felt like I was used and abused by the the amount of work I had done for everyone and not for myself and found your chapter about equal appreciation for the same daily activities in front of me.
    It’s a wonderful circle of life.

  29. we adore you, too. hey, maybe we could be renamed the knitting Borg? although we’re way more unruly, and on the side of good. knit long and prosper!

  30. Happy Blogiversary! I was stunned to realize that I have been reading The Blog for well over three years now. Many thanks for the laughter, tears, and knitting, as well as acceptance of my humble gifts on the two occasions I’ve met you.
    And the biggest thanks of all for making me a blogger, too. Without you, I might never have become…

  31. I feel a little guilty for always taking from the blog and not contributing.
    Thank you for all you have given to us(me – really). I look forward to reading the Blog and check it daily. You have given me much knitting inspiration (I wouldn’t have made my first pair of socks if it wasn’t for you) and you also made me feel a little less odd, and a little more normal since my knitting has taken on a more obsessive level.
    Thanks for being here, the Blog, the books, the calendar – you are my hero and as I tell my (eye rolling) kids, a true knitting celebrity.

  32. My comments are few and far between, but I am proud to have been a member of The Blog for a good chunk of your five years. And how can I possibly thank you for being The Blogger? (Maybe just by knitting with a grateful heart!)

  33. Thank you for sharing your life and knitting with us. Your writing is a treat to read. I feel less like a crazy knitter, when I realize that there are a whole lot more of us out there! Here’s to the next five years!

  34. You’re welcome. Thank you for keeping us entertained and informed! (I finally understand the Canadian election process!)

  35. and, conversely, when I am conversing in the LYS with a stranger about ‘Stephanie’ the Blog gives back to itself in a very satisfying way.
    Congrats and I’d give you a kidney if you needed it…..

  36. I always check your blog after the girls leave for school. Like you I have 3: ages 16, 14, and almost 12. So I look to you for advice on “what to expect in the years ahead”. Oh…that and great knitting content! I rarely comment on blogs. My blog-personality and my real-life personality are similar: in a crowd I’ll stand and listen, but I rarely join in. But just this once I wanted to join in and say Thank you. The web wouldn’t be the same without you.

  37. Thank you. I’ve been reading you faithfully for two years now. I’ve been motivated to actually knit several projects that you’ve done, though I’ve never been much of “follower” when it comes to knitting, and I can’t imagine how I would have been exposed to them otherwise. Some I love (you were right about the magic of the Noro scarf) and others (the ruffled scarf for one)just make me shake my head and wonder what in the world I was thinking.
    Most of all I like your insights, both about life with others and life as a knitter. My husband and I laughed hysterically about the unmatched knits as we trudged through the snow the other day, and I vowed to go out to get some Silk Garden to match some I have sitting in my stash for another scarf (this one for me).
    Thanks again.

  38. Am I the only one who sees “The Blog” as so very close to “The Borg”? And in concept, not so very far apart.
    Through being a part of the collective, I am also one of the lucky ones who has broken ranks and met you in 3D, and considers you a friend.
    Lucky, lucky me.

  39. Happy Blogiversary! Would I be justified in buying yarn to celebrate? Could we make it a world wide holiday? I think we should. Knit on!

  40. Thank you for providing us, The Blog, a space in your life. Checking for updates provides me with a little knitterly content in my (usually) other-knitters-besides-myself free day. Not that my yarn and knitting aren’t appreciated (my Professor even lets me knit in class, love him) but it’s nice to know there are other knitters out there who have made more than a scarf in their time.
    Now… if I can just figure out how you tension your yarn and make my hands do it too so I can knit like the wind….

  41. I got really worried that you were going to say “But now it’s time to end the blog…”
    Nearly gave me a heart attack!

  42. Happy blogiversary! I thank you for giving me the push (encouragement) I needed to try sock knitting and blame you for the huge stash of sock yarn that is taking over a corner of the family room. Mostly, I thank you for bringing me in to the fold of the wonderful community that the blog supports.

  43. Oops, wrong post…
    Does anyone else se “The Blog” as “The Borg”? So very close in concept as well…
    I am one of the lucky ones that has broken from the collective and met you in 3D, and consider you a friend.
    Lucky, lucky me

  44. Thanks for all that you share with we the many, we the knitterly, we the mis-matched (glad I’m not alone on that one), we the Blog. I will admit that I’m a bit like a rodent in a cage tapping a bar and hoping for the gratification of a treat when I check umpteen times a day to see if you’ve added something new. Happy Anniversary and Long Live the Blog!

  45. happy blogiversary! even though i’ve probably only commented like, 3 times or something, i still feel like i am part of The Blog & it’s a wonderful thing!

  46. Thank you for the blog! You have inspired me to knit socks, buy more yarn without shame, and become a knitter without borders. (This is my first comment!)

  47. You like us, you really like us! =)
    Thanks for sharing your world with us, and happy blogiversary.

  48. While I may not comment very often, I check your blog out daily (and sometimes many times a day when I need a lift) and reading about you, your family and your knitterly exploits help make my life fuller. I, too, have a blog, but it’s too new to have many readers, and I rarely get comments, but occassionally someone around me will say, “Hey I read on your blog that…” and I feel loved for some reason.
    Keep writing and sharing. It truly is a small world and sharing our lives bring us all into one community even though we may live in another country.

  49. I’m a relative newcomer to your blog — have only been reading it for a couple of months. You have such a wonderful way with words and expressions that it gives me something to look forward to each day. Thanks for sharing yourself (and Joe and the girls) with us!

  50. Stephanie, I recently discovered your blog after reading one of your books and immediately became hooked. Like so many others who posted, I came back to knitting after many years and have found it so much more fun and exciting now. I have caught up on all your old postings and LOVE your pictures. I am now sock knitter extraordinaire because of your inspiring photos. Now, if only I didn’t have this time-consuming full-time job and four kids I could really get something done!

  51. Congratulations on five years of fabulous blogging! I look forward to reading The Blog every day and I’m so happy that you’ve chosen to share your life and knitting with all of us.
    I absolutely understand what you mean about The Blog being made up of everyone else who reads it. That has been my experience with blogging as well. I actually started blogging just last fall, and it was all thanks to you! I was inspired by reading your blog and experiencing the community of amazing knitters who gather here. So thank you, also, for inspiring me to join the online knitting community, which has improved my life in countless ways!

  52. You are the ray of sunshine in our lives. Sharing your life and knitting has been fun. Don’t stop!!!

  53. Wow, 5 whole years of blogging! Happy Blogiversary!!! Just so you know, when I first found your blog I knew I had to read the backlog of posts but I didn’t intend to read the-whole-thing. But I did, and it was a real page-turner. The only problem with reading from 3, 4, or 5 years ago means that you might have no idea what I’m talking about if I leave a comment in the archives πŸ™‚
    Here’s to another 5 years better than the last *glass clink*

  54. Wow, five years, and I just caught on now! I have some serious catching up to do. I’ve read the books, loved the knitting and just found your blog – a little slow on the uptake perhaps but I will be here for the next 5 years! Congratulations and a speedy recovery !!

  55. Not a flock of birds, we blog (folk) are merely a flock of SHEEP who lovingly, happily follow their funny master on her journey through knitting, mother-dom (your girls are great), wife-dom (Joe is a prince-though I am still laughing–in a kind way–about the truck incident), and all the other joys and travails of life. This particular part of the BLOG salutes you and your terrific family on your 5th anniversary.

  56. Wow, five years, and I just caught on now! I have some serious catching up to do. I’ve read the books, loved the knitting and just found your blog – a little slow on the uptake perhaps but I will be here for the next 5 years! Congratulations and a speedy recovery !!

  57. I feel priviledged to be part of The Blog, part of such an amazing whole. Thanks for taking us on this journey, stitch by stitch, day by day.

  58. I love your blog, even if I don’t comment always. I know exactly what you mean about “the blog” I never knew that I would enjoy blogging so much until I started. I haven’t been doing it five years yet (I think I’m almost to year 3 though) and I have met the most wonderful people that I don’t think I would have ever encountered otherwise.
    Keep blogging and we’ll keep reading πŸ™‚ I hope you can get out of the house soon. I was laid up with a bum knee last summer. Taking it easy and “staying off of it” is so much harder than it sounds πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  59. Happy Blogiversary!
    As a new member of this Blog Collective, I just want to let you know that I already very much appreciate it! You’ve inspired me to start my own blog (still a long way from requiring the capital letter), and have brought so much enjoyment! I have set myself the ambitious task of reading through your entire archives – but hey, this is no more ambitious than many of your knitting projects, and doesn’t have a deadline.
    Thank you for the enjoyment, insights, and confidence you’ve already given me. I’m very glad The Blog is rewarding to you.

  60. Happy Blogiversary! I feel the same about my little page on LJ, where my friends will give me constructive criticism or let me rant or even read my little stories. I remember reading somewhere that the Internet was supposed to drive the world apart. I think, if anything, it’s started to draw us closer together.
    You are the first blog I check in the morning, and even my non-knitting friends and co-workers check in daily, because we lall can relate to the home disasters and family events and above all love your humor and your writing.
    Now twll Joe and the girls to cook dinner for you!

  61. I thank you for all your hard work on this blog and most of all making us feel like we are all your BFF’s

  62. The blog makes me laugh, cry at times, and realize that even in this big cyberspace world that a lot of us are all the same. So keep it up you are so often the bright spot in my day! And where else can you get a million opinions on how long to knit a skirt?

  63. You make me feel less lonely too, Stephanie. Even though the few times we’ve met in person (on book tours, at Madrona) you inexplicably are not as excited to see me as I am to see you…. You are definitely one of the people who makes me feel normal, creative and happy. I love The Blog too.
    And good luck with the stress fractures. I had one in my heel a few years ago and the immobilization made me very cranky. But I wasn’t a knitter then.

  64. I read your blog daily but, have never left a comment…I never even thought about it but, having been stuck at home for 8 1/2 years following a severe back injury, I can certainly understand what you’re feeling now and your “blog” blogging today πŸ™‚ touched my heart and made me realize that bloggers enjoy hearing from their blogees so…this is to let you know, I love your blog – I love hearing about your life, your knitting, your family and friends…your successes and less-than-successes πŸ™‚ and, I wish to encourage you to keep on blogging…as you have many fans, of which you’re not aware because…we’ve just been enjoying and not letting you know. πŸ™‚ (Sorry about that…)
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and the ability to get back on your feet…both of them…and please do continue your wonderful blogging…as it’s more enjoyable than you could possibly ever know.
    Oh, and by the way, as much as I’m sure you’d love to have your skirt finished soon…I’m of the opinion, you’d regret the mini. πŸ™‚

  65. Thanks for a wonderful 5 years on the blog, a shelf of great books and lots of knitting inspiration. (Seriously, half my ravelry projects are things that you knit, designed or were inspired by something you knit.)
    Here’s to as many more years as you are willing to stick around with us!

  66. The advantage to a BLOG is the joy of anonymity . . . well, at least for me. I would imagine that my family would be appalled if they found out about it. Shhhhh. They don’t know. And you can get great responses or help and the people that offer advice often don’t know whether you have taken it or not. See, the anonymity is a blessed thing.

  67. Happy Blog-iversary!! I so look forward to reading The Blog. I get very happy when there shows a new post in my feed! Many thanks to you, Joe and your girls for sharing your adventures with all of us! The Blog has also made me a better knitter…. so thank you, thank you, thank you!

  68. When I started knitting again after years of weaving, quilting and other fiber arts dailliance, I took a class on “top down knitting” at my LYS and in conversation with others heard about the Yarn Harlot. One mouse click and I was hooked What can I say…it wouldn’t be knitting without you! You have lead me down paths I never would have attempted,turned me on to expensive and totally fabulous yarn and taught me more than a trick or two knitting wise along the way. You have also opened the doors to other wonderful knitters I have come to know and love.
    Thank you for your wit,wisdom and caring for the planet as well as “The Blog”

  69. We The Blog thank YOU!
    I started reading you shortly after I picked up knitting again in late 2005 (I think Juno was visiting?). Who knew (as I did not yet understand the magnitude of the knitting world) that I’d actually say Hi to you in person a couple of times, and how much I’d learn from you (like how to fix cables 4″ down), and how much I’d laugh – or cry, depending on the entry. You completely brighten my day.

  70. I love the Blog. I’m happy to be a part of it as a reader/sometimes commenter. I look forward to the Blog everyday! πŸ˜€

  71. Could you even have imagined five years ago what this..this *thing* would become for you? And for us? We love being The Blog. And we love you. ‘Nuff said.

  72. No, Stephanie, thank you.
    Thank you for giving me something funny to read when I can no longer covertly knit under my desk at work.
    Thank you for writing something that made me laugh on a horrible day.
    Thank you for inspiring me to actually knit something to completeion rather than frogging it after a few rows.
    Thank you again for inspiring me to learn to spin. I start classes in April, and I’m absolutly JAZZED about it!
    Thanks for the 5 years and heres to many more!

  73. Do you realize how many “broken washing machine” posts we’ve read in five years? And now, there will (it is to be hoped) be no more! Seriously, it’s been fun.

  74. Aww, Thanks.
    BTW, the Blog would like to know how the test knitting is going for the new cowl pattern….

  75. Congrats on 5 years – a really, really long time in web world! I love your blog and look forward to it everyday. When you are gone for an unreasonable amount of time – like a day (j/k) – I keep checking and checking hoping to hear about the wonderful knittiness that is your life.
    and thank you so much for sharing the good, the bad and the woolly with the rest of us!

  76. You are very welcome, and thank YOU for sharing your life and most excellent humour (I spelled it this was especially for you though I am American) with us.
    I look here for my almost daily dose of funny.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  77. Happy 5th Steph!! I too was fearing the worst as I began reading, that you were gearing up to announce that you had had enough of the Blog. So glad that isn’t true! Thanks to you & your family for sharing with all of us/It/whatever we are…

  78. I started reading when you started writing. I sneaked peeks because I was still a corporate minion and feared being caught. I have left “The Bank” and joined “The Blog” and it is good.
    Thank you for making me laugh and cry and feel and think. You are a wonderful gift. Be well.

  79. Stephanie, we love you and your family and your craziness.
    Many a times I have said to people “the Harlot said this…the harlot did that” generally they look at me like a nutter, except my husband, he at least knows how import you and The Blog are to me. It keeps me sane knowing there are tons of other crazy knitters out there just like me.
    Thanks and Happy blogiversary!

  80. Happy Birthday Bloggy!
    And seriously, you have the audacity to thank us? I know you probably like some of us some of the time, but seriously, how many of us, too bad there’s not a poll here (hint hint) would say that our days, not to mention our knitting, are made substantially better because of reading your words?
    And I didn’t weigh in on the skirt length because I am so fashionally backwards you really should do the opposite of what I say anyway. Now, if you asked me about how long the sweatpants or t-shirt should be, I’m all over that. Or if that stain really shows up that much. (No, no one will notice unless you point it out to them.) I think though, that perhaps you should take the Queen’s advice. EZ once wrote about how to make a turtleneck on the top of a sweater…she said to do K2P2 ribbing until you’re sick of it. Perhaps that’s how long your skirt should be. Until you’re sick of it. Just a thought.

  81. Happy Blogiversary. Your blog is the first place I check when I get at my computer in the AM. Sometimes I read it through tears…whether they be sad tears or tears from laughing so darn hard. It is so nice of you to share your life with us. Between the blog and your books I feel like you are part of my family. Keep it up.

  82. No, thank you, Stephanie! I love seeing a new entry pop up and even my husband gets a laugh with the less knitterly entries (Sir Washies exploits and Joe’s truck are the recent ones that come to mind). Happy Blogiversary!

  83. You are welcome and I return the love because I wouldn’t miss one of your posts! My family have come to know you as someone that is part of my life. I care about what goes on here. It is rather complicated to explain but my knit-blog friends are indeed my favorite community. I am alone in the country and feel supported and nurtured by my on-line connections. It is great! I am much happier since I got high speed, I must say. My own blogging is a real source of joy for me. What I love the most are the comments people leave at my blog. I am over the moon to get what I get. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I got as many as you…as a matter of fact, I usually stop myself from leaving one here because I feel bad taking up your time. But today, I just had to talk with you.
    Thank you so much for being You. Your family sounds very sweet yet real. I like that.

  84. writing a blog must be a bit like teaching (except that no one who wants to be in the blog [school] HAS to be! we’re all keen students who are here by choice)…. there is only one of you (like the teacher) and sooooooo many of us (like the students). so even though there is a joyful receiving i imagine it must also, at times, become a bit draining after doing so much giving, just like the grade 1 teacher with everyone calling out “Teacher! Teacher! look at me!”. but thanks for what you do give and you are more than welcome for what you receive. πŸ˜‰

  85. I don’t remember my first exposure to “The Yarn Harlot” but I do remember reading the first book of yours that my sister gave to me. I couldn’t stop chuckling and identified with everything you wrote about. Then I discovered your blog and enjoy so much hearing more about you and your world. You have given me so much enjoyment and introduced me to a whole new world of knitters “out there”. Also, my son and his family moved to Toronto from California two years ago, and when you post news about your city it makes me feel much closer to them. Thank you so much. I look forward every day to reading your blog.

  86. I suspect that the next time you are silent for almost a week there might be an international traffic jam. The unmatched scarves and hats and mittens all over the world could be bounding across the frozen tundra and flying past palm trees and crashing through border check points and breezy jetway doors to converge on Toronto as a massive rescue mob, with dpns akimbo and mountains of quivut and hand-dyed sock yarns to bind up your aching persona. All hail the Harlot – a/k/a Grand Enabler Supreme!! Thank you for it all!

  87. Thank you for sharing with us; reading The Blog truly makes my day. Happy Blogiversary!

  88. I’m glad to be counted as one of The Blog. You give so much to us, it’s glad to hear we give back. Happy Anniversary to us!

  89. Thank you for feeding us, “The Blog”, all these years. I must say it helps me to point out to my family that there are many of us out there. The family still thinks I’m a bit crackerdog, but at least I know I’m in good company!

  90. And The Blog can be a mixed blessing, I’m sure–the opinionated friend who says what she wants, when she wants, with no apology. This can be good or bad depending on what you want to hear. πŸ˜‰ I, for one (or many, judging by these responses) am glad to be part of The Blog. Our world would be less rich but for you.

  91. Here’s to (at least) another 5 years of The Blog. It has been a great ride so far. We love you too!

  92. And you have made my life better, too. I look forward to reading what you have to say, applaud your knitting successes and take comfort when a great knitter can have frustrations with patterns, yarns, customer service and all those other little daily blips! Thank you!

  93. Five years? Really? I’ve been part of the The Blog for that long? Time truly does fly when you’re having fun!

  94. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day. Thank you for saying out loud the beauty, the craziness and the brilliance that is knitting. Here’s to you and the blog ‘clink’.

  95. Congratulations on 5 years, and here’s hoping that you’ll keep blogging for 50 (yes, fifty) more years! I look forward to reading your blog every day and I’ve learned a lot from you, and laughed with you even more. Thank you!

  96. Thank YOU. I have learned so much from you on this blog and from your books, and every bit of it has enhanced my life by making knitting even more enjoyable for me.
    And that doesn’t even touch the uplifting moments, the shared laughs and tears. You make us all feel like family.

  97. I don’t comment much–but am considering doing so more often despite the sheer numbers you have to read. Thank you for including us in your life and for using us to hone your skills. Gee, I just like to be used, apparently! But we’re not sheep (sorry to the earlier commenter). Steph wouldn’t want us to be. How on earth are we being there for her as she is for us if we’re sheep? Loud-mouthed pains in the “arses” would be more like it. In other words, fun company.

  98. Harlot thank you so much for sharing your life and letting us all be apart of The Blog. Congrats on 5 year mark, I look forward to many many more.

  99. I couldn’t resist. Are we kind of a “Borg Hive Mind”? Tee hee. You know, being Sci-Fi-Friday and all (can’t wait for BSG tonight!).
    Happy Happy Happy Blog-er-ver-ser-y!!
    You are an inspiration to me everyday, and I want to thank YOU so much for being in cyber space (and thanks to Ken too!).

  100. Oh my…you mean that I have four years worth of posts to go back and read…since I only started reading your blog about a year ago?
    Congrats on a wonderful milestone. I share your sentiments about using this tool as a way to communicate with others (i.e. knitters) from the comfort and convenience of your home. I live in a small town where the knitters either seem to be hiding or are non-existent. So, the internet (and my blog) are my links to “civilization” if you can call the knitting community that.
    Here’s to many more wonderful years of blogging.

  101. And thank you, Stephanie! I’ve been part of The Blog ( how nice of you to think of us that way!) for only about a year and a half – but I do go back and enjoy earlier posts from time to time. It’s a pleasure knowing you and your wonderful family – and learning more about knitting! – through The Blog, and I look forward to reading every post!

  102. Thank YOU, Steph. This blog has been informative, entertaining and so funny, touching, and REAL. Here’s to the next 5 years.

  103. I only started reading this blog (you and the collective) a few months ago and I have gotten firmly hooked. If you take a day off, I grumble (but not for long, I understand priorities). I also bought your Knitting Rules! book (granted, using a gift certificate, does that count?) and have used it to expose others to your charms. Thanks very much for all you do for our community!

  104. On many days, this blog is my quiet moment in a world of chaos created by raising two small children. You are so very consistent in your blogging and always fun to read. Thank you.

  105. We need t-shirts!
    “I’m Part of the Yarn Harlot’s K-Borg Collective!”
    K – Knit, of course. Maybe our designations would reflect where we live and our online names for the back of the shirt.
    “Eloimen VA USA”
    Just a thought. Have a great blogiversary!(Did I spell that right?)

  106. I don’t often comment, but am always here. Know that you are touching and inspiring us in many corners of the world. I am so greatful for the day I discovered your blog. I have followed many commenters to their own blogs and discovered the most fabulous online community. Thank you and congratulations.

  107. Thank YOU, Friend, Thank You. I am proud to be your friend and now I know you are proud to me mine. Hope we’re friends for a long while. The Captain

  108. I think you give more to The Blog than The Blog (we) can ever give back. I read your treatises on home improvement and rearing (and releasing into the world) three girl children with as much interest as I read about your knitting trials and successes. And here’s a secret (shhh)…my husband has started to read you, too.

  109. Thanks for being the Frankenstein that created this monster. Like Victor, I think you may not have realized exactly what you were doing – but we appreciate you (unlike Victor) sticking around after you did realize exactly what you hath wrought. “It’s a Blog! It’s a Blooooooooog!!!!!!!!!”

  110. There is no way that you are going to be able to read all the comments on this blog.
    I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say: “We, the blog, love you”!!!
    Keep on keepin on!!

  111. There are times when your blog is the high point of my day. Blogging is hard work. It takes a lot of time taking and posting pictures, plus sharing part of your private life with total strangers. Thank you for being part of all our lives!

  112. congratulations and *thank you* for five years of blogging. you are a favourite part of my day.

  113. Thank YOU for giving us such a wonderful, funny, educational blog to read. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading. Happy Blogiversary!

  114. My day is brighter when there is a fresh post on the blog. Thanks so much for giving of yourself and your “other” family

  115. Happy Blogiversary! Along with everyone else here, I also thank you. (Though my wallet does not. All those gorgeous projects of yours I feel I must knit too…) A little over two years ago I picked up Secret Life of a Knitter in the library on a whim. After laughing myself to the point of falling on the floor, I started reading your blog. All that led me back to knitting, something I hadn’t done for years. So, thanks to you, I’m now a knitter again!

  116. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t check your blog, Steph! I love it, and I love being a part of it.

  117. You continue to go from strength to strength, and I am privileged to have been able to join in that journey.
    Many congratulations to you today from hot and sunny Sydney!

  118. Happy bloggy anniversary! I’m pleased to be part of the amorphously identified entity, The Blog.

  119. Congratulations on your anniversary ! can’t imagine a day without reading about your experiences with knitting and so forth. Hope you have many, many more !

  120. I’ve been part of the blog for a couple of years, and always look forward to the next post. I’ve returned to knitting, and have learned to take more pleasure in the act of knitting, even when I have to tink eight rows of reclaimed cashmere. But I have a question. When are you going to write a book about your relationship with the blog? We’ve advised you what color to paint your walls, sympathized through knitting disasters, expressed indignation at people who are rude to you, and mourned Sir Washie. I think your next book is sitting right here on the blog.
    Knee-length on the skirt, by the way.

  121. You’ve made me laugh. You’ve made me cry. You’ve made me think. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.

  122. Thank you! My husband can attest to my disapointment when you have not blogged, especially for a few days. I so look forward to clicking on the blog. You are the reason I started knitting socks. There is not a time when there are no socks on the needle.

  123. Has it really been 5 years? And I still haven’t finished knitting that sweater?
    Thank YOU, Stephanie, for giving us this blog.
    I admire your energy and your love. Thanks for
    the $$ you’ve helped us raise for MSF/DWB. And take it easy as you recover. I’ve been hobbled these last nine weeks (3 more to go) and I find howling my frustration in the shower helps, though it scares the cat.
    Maryanne in SC

  124. And the blog loves you.
    And we all read it and call it “the blog,” too. The Harlot’s blog said this, the blog said that. It’s a part of our lives, too. What a thing you’ve created–a wonderful, living thing–and we (as a collective blog member) thank you for it.

  125. One small member of “The Blog” here. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your five year anniversary! May there be many more years (selfish wish) and much loyalty within “The Blog”. I’m not doubting the loyalty part, though. We’re all addicted. Nicely so, but darn the days you don’t write are hard!!! Thanks, Stephanie, for your blog.

  126. Thank you for sharing your life with us. What initially drew me to your blog was not the knitting, but talk about raising a house full of kids. I remember one entry about how the kids and their friends went through a week’s worth of food in about one afternoon, and I thought you sounded just like a lot of us dealing with the same things. You inspired me to start knitting again- I hadn’t since I was a chils- and my life has been greatly enriched because of it.

  127. Happy Blogiversary, dear Steph!
    I didn’t weigh in on the burning skirt question yesterday (not that the skirt was burning, or at least I sincerely hope not), because you already had 200 opinions, and my only thought (having not yet knitted a skirt) was to email the designer/knitter of the lovely original that inspired you and get her take on it. Then swatch (boo! hiss!) and hang.
    Oops, I guess I did weigh in.
    Thanks for sharing your insight and wit and knitting adventures and misadventures with us all.
    Love, one mote in the collective hive mind that is The Blog.

  128. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. I’m a late-comer to the blog… only about a year or so, but I can’t go more than a day or two without checking to see what’s up. What you’re knitting, whose truck is stuck, what part of your house is being ripped up, or any of the myriad of other things that you share with us. You are a truly gifted writer and knitter and I appreciate that you are willing to share both of those gifts with us. I was so excited to see you last year in NY. The Blog is indebted to you. Thanks for being you.

  129. No, thank you. You have been a role model for me. I tend to be a loner and I work from home. I have seldom (make that never)meet my genetic family’s expectations. You and “The Blog” have given me the permission I needed to live “my way”. You have given me permission, by example, to continue to work from home, go out without a bra, wear handknits, collect a stash, knit for others (whether they appreciate it or not), walk instead of drive, hang on to those possessions I treasure rather than replace them with the newest thing. “The Blog” collectively makes me feel less like a freak/oddball and more part of a family separated by distance. You have normalized my life by sharing with me events to cheer about and events to cry about (both mostly having to do with the girls). You have shared what a family looks like and how it operates and occasionally, how it does not operate. Your posts are like a hug from a friend and your “days off” have sometimes left me lonely and wanting to call to make sure you and yours are alright. Thank you for the friendship and especially the trust you have placed in all of us.

  130. Congratulations on keeping up blogging for five years. Thanks so much for all your inspiration, fun and sharing. I love being part of your Blog. By the way your Leyburn sock was absolutely delicious – such a great pattern. Cheers

  131. Oh no, thank you for bringing me entertainment, companionship, a renewed love for knitting, a renewed passion for writing, and a renewed love for stashing.
    happy birthday dear!

  132. Thank you for being the empowering knitter in so many lives….think how many socks, scarves and other wooly goods you have inspired. Not to mention the amount of yarn, kits, and patterns that get sold once you “blog” them…hey, you should ask for in-kind payback…nothing is better than free yarn!!
    I know I have made MANY more socks, and at least 4 of those 1×1 rib scarves just because I saw it here in the Stephanie blogosphere.
    On the skirt thing…knee length. When my Mom used to crochet skirts for my sister and me, she ALWAYS lined them and I don’t remember any of them stretching. I, of course, have never knit a skirt…way too much commitment!

  133. Dear Stephanie
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on you anniversary.
    Sorry to disappoint you sweetie but I am not wearing mismatched knitwear, or anything by Nancy Bush – I am wearing underpants and the singlet I went to bed in – It is 22.0C in the living room at 10.00am. Not much knitting from me at the moment – a did an 8 hr knitting/typing stint a few weeks ago and by left arm is telling me so – you opened to ‘claw’ hand working on lace with the blog, and now your life is matching mine.
    Thank you for allowing me to be creative, and excited about creating, and underlining that ‘dorkish’ behaviour is OK.
    While we all live in our own little worlds your words and photos (don’t forget the photos because I really couldn’t manage that) pull me out and make me realise I am part of a bigger world, cheered me when feeling down, and made me think of higher ideals in a sometimes mundane life. Love to you, Joe, and the girls, my friend.
    My 8 yo said to me a few months ago that something had happened in the family ‘before the Yarn Harlot’.
    You have inspired a lot of people in the world to create – heaven knows what it has done to world wool sales, plus the injection of coffee.
    “Happy anniversary baby, got you on my mind”

  134. I just started seriously blogging about two months ago. While I certainly have no where near The Blog that you have, I know what you mean about the enormous comfort it brings. The small community (read: 3-4 people) that make up my Blog always makes me feel that there’s a special little world that lives only at my website.
    That said, I agree. I love being apart of your Blog. It’s our own little cushy world that exists between just you and me. Besides, what else would I be doing at work?

  135. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into the Blog. I have been reading for four years, through all my crazy sleep deprived years of being pregnant over and over again! Thank you for the laughter!! I needed it! Yes, my knitwear is mis-matched, and I like it that way!

  136. I, too, am one of the many who check & re-check your blog during my workday to see if you have something new to share.
    Thank you for sharing, and for your humor, and for your knitting. Mostly though, thank you for being you.
    (My own Leyburn socks are coming along nicely. Thanks for the introduction to the pattern.)

  137. Happy Birthday to The Blog! The blog is a bright spot for me on bleak days, and a giggle everyday. Hail Canada! Juneau, Alaska toasts you!

  138. (Sob)
    You had me at “arse!”
    I read your first two years in one sitting, and you’ve been a daily pleasure ever since. Cheers from Halifax. (SOCIABLE!!!)

  139. I suppose blogs are the modern day equivalent of a journal, such as those Jane Austin girls would have kept, but amazingly we can share ours with the world. You were one of my two inspirations (along with Jane Brocket) to start my own blog and after 1.5 years I’ve never regretted that decision. Thanks for that and for five years of sharing your life with us all.

  140. Having stumbled onto your blog shortly after you started the knitting olympics in ’06, I’d like to wish you and your blog a very happy birthday. Here’s to five more wonderful years. πŸ˜€

  141. I know I’m too far down to expect Stephanie to read this – but I wanted to say that in addition to how wonderful it is to read the blog – all of your comments are wonderful too. What a nice group of people – always kind, positive and helpful to one another. I’m proud to be a part of this community.

  142. Awww, gee Stephanie. Thanks, and a HUGE thank you for everything: the scavenger hunt, the patterns, the snow adventures at the cabin in the woods, (and one of my personal favorites) the recently stuck truck at Joe’s parents’ house! Oh, and the knitting. But it’s not JUST about the knitting, it’s about the world. You make it a better place, Stephanie. I mean it. It’s you, me, and the BLOG! We’re all in this together! Hugs all around!!

  143. What a sweet entry- congrats on 5 years of blogging. This entry made me feel a bit better about the fact that I refer to you as “my friend Stephanie”, though I really don’t know you at all, because it’s easier than explaining it all (to the non-knitter, of course) when I want to relay one of your funny stories.

  144. Happy blogday, and thank you so much for the years of laughter, and for letting me see that its not wrong or weird to own more wool than I could possibly knit in my liftime. (and then still go out and buy more), Dawn.

  145. It is we who are lucky for having The Blog! The Blog makes us ALL less “crazy knitting lady….”! Thanks so much for sharing your life and laughter with humble little me. Happy anniversary!

  146. Is it wrong that now I feel like I’m one of the Borg?
    Anyway, happy anniversary! And remember, resistance is futile.

  147. You’ve been an inspiration to me and I’m sure hundreds (dare I say thousands) of other members of “the Blog”. It’s heart-warming to be part of such an important group in your life – even if I don’t particularly care for the name you’ve given us! πŸ˜‰

  148. oh look, there’s an echo in here! but i will contribute since i am a duck and supposedly quacks don’t echo.
    no, thank YOU!
    happy blogiversary!

  149. Stephanie, it is an honor to be a reader of The Blog. Thank-you and Happy Blogiversary

  150. This is funny and beautiful. Just like your blog. I can’t believe it’s only been five years since you started this. I may have started reading at nearly the beginning. Yikes, time flies.
    And don’t forget how the Blog became a phenom during the Knitting Olympics. That was epic.

  151. Five years! My goodness, but I missed a lot. Thanks for your books, then, and thanks for helping all of us make Knitting in Public a normal activity—at least among ourselves. All the recipients of woolen socks, and double warm knit mittens and caps thank you too.
    You challenge us to do tougher patterns and more beautiful knitting than we’ve ever tried before, and I thank you for that. We thank your family for sharing their foibles with the Blog, too. It is nice to be part of such a fun knitting community.

  152. HEHE! You said “The Blog” and I automatically thought of the borg, but in knitwear, and (a tiny bit)less all consuming. I am happy to be part of the blog. The blog inspires me to be a better knitter.

  153. Congratulations! I check your Blog daily and say “goody” (to myself) when I see a new post from you. Believe me, we all appreciate you.

  154. Thanks for the levity when I am down, and for revealing yourself as a real person with a real life. I appreciate the work you do writing blog entries on a regular basis and posting lots of pictures for us to appreciate. Personally, my blog has sporadic entries and promises of pictures. Thanks for speaking of your family members in positive ways even when you are a bit frustrated with them. Thanks for caring about others and helping your readers care about them enough to do something about their needs. Thanks …!

  155. Thank you for creating the space where we get to be “the Blog” πŸ˜‰ It is, as always, both amusing, heart-touching and inspirering!

  156. Thank you for blogging. I found you about two years ago, read the archives in one (hilarious) go, and have been reading and buying books ever since. You (yes, YOU alone) inspired me to knit socks. I’m on pair #4, and this time I’m trying toe-up and two at a time. (Cat Bordhi got me with the two circ method. Love it.)
    Because of you, I’m not afraid to try knitting anything. (I haven’t been *able* to knit everything I’ve tried, but by golly, I am not afraid! One of these days life will be calm enough that I will be able to knit lace. Really. Quit snickering.)
    Thanks for a fine example of a knitterly life.

  157. Thank you ever so much! I have become a better and braver knitter because of your blog and books.

  158. And thank YOU for sharing with us.
    And inspiring us.
    And making us think.
    And for all the “u”‘s (referred to by your Southern Neighbors as “Britticisms”.) Hubby did a special-order of the UK version of all 7 Harry Potters, as that is how JK wrote them. I gave him a LOT of kisses for that Christmas gift.
    Happy Anni-blog-ary!

  159. Thank you for allowing us to be “the blog”. I can always count on you for a laugh, or a touching story, or some helpful information. You are fantastic!

  160. Happy Bloggiversary! I look forward to reading you every day.
    Even your calendar is right on my bathroom vanity, providing me with a little dose of Harlot first thing each morning.
    As one who has been assimilated by The Blog, others should know, Resistance is Futile.

  161. I’m proud to have been assimilated by The Blog (much gentler than the borg!)
    Happy Blogiversary to one of the few blogs I read daily, without fail.
    Kim in IA

  162. And thank you for sharing your life with us! Besides the knitting, it’s delightful to follow life with 3 teenage daughters (having had a few myself).
    I hope your ankle is better before you come to Madrona! I didn’t get a place in your classes, but I’ll try to come say hello.

  163. The Blog doesn’t look a day over 3 – congratulations. I think all of us working mothers of teenagers could never express how much you’ve brighten our days; and to know that others are going through the same trials and tribulations makes it a little easier to handle. You’ve made us feel that we are not singular knitters, but a nobel and global force that can make a difference in this world!
    I am a novice knitter and have recently experienced some prejudices about the craft. But their ignorance and insensitivity won’t stop me from knitting! And I have you to thank for teaching me to keep my head up high and resist the temptation to poke ’em with my needles. Appreciate it!

  164. Here I am, sitting here in My Very Harlot Poncho, reading the Blog, and it is a high point of my life, reading what’s happening in yours.
    Thanks for being willing to share with us.

  165. Ditto (x10) the comments re: the Borg. πŸ™‚ I like being part of your community. I *love* the fact that when you were out here, your ears pricked a bit when you heard “monkeygurl”. Made me feel like I was part of something. Although I feel I know you intimately (something that’s not always comfortable), I realize you don’t know who the heck I am. But you still love me. πŸ™‚ Better than 95% of my “real” relationships! KEEP ON BORG (er,) BLOGGING!!!

  166. Thank YOU for being one of the highlights of my day. Being a fairly new member of The Blog has been such a joy for me and made me so happy. I check now everyday and don’t want to imagine my knitting life without your light!
    Good for you Stephanie- pop the bubbly and go celebrate!
    Happy Anniversary!

  167. Thank you for allowing us to “be the Blog” in your life. It has enriched me greatly and, indeed, helped me understand that my wooly obsessions are shared by many and do not qualify me for a straight-jacket. Oooooo, that thought gives me chills since I not only wouldn’t be able to hold the needles, they wouldn’t give me pointy sticks anyway. Bad thought!

  168. You brought me, laughing, back to knitting and I improved. I don’t always agree with you, but that’s OK. I love you! Your generosity of spirit is inspiring, and now I never think of the word “underpants” without grinning at memories of certain posts. Thanks to Joe, Ken, and the girls for putting up with the looming Blog presence in your lives! And I hope you’re here for many more years. As someone else said, I feel like you’re a friend, even though you don’t know me. (Hope your foot gets better quickly.)

  169. Happy Blogiversary! Happy Blogiversary! Happy Blogiversary! HAPpy Blogiversary!!

  170. Happy A-knit-versary! Thanks for giving us the blog, too. I look forward to reading every day, and find that it really helps me put things into perspective. That is true not only of the things you write, but also of the comments, which, as you point out, are what makes a blog a blog. Keep it up! (you are kind of like the president default of our not-so-secret secret society)

  171. Happy blogiversary Stephanie! I want to join in the many voices thanking you for creating what for me is a safe place to be yarn crazy. Your blogs make me feel more normal, and always make me laugh. Thank you for adding sunshine to our days. And, thanks to you and your inspiration, I’ve just finished my first pair of socks. πŸ™‚
    Here’s to many more happy years of the Blog. πŸ™‚

  172. Oh honey… haven’t you realized yet that the pleasure is all ours?
    Bless you and the blog (resistance is futile…! sorry, couldn’t resist, and apologies to the Borg)

  173. Congrats Steph on 5 years. There have been many days that your “voice” has cheered me up tremendously, and been an adult voice in a sea of kid voices…Like any friendship, the really great ones take both parties, giving and sharing…honoured to be part of your life, and know that in our house when Mom breaks down in gales of laughter, with tears running down her cheeks….”she is reading the knitting lady’s blog”, with much eye rolling!!

  174. Harlot, I’ve been soaking up your humor and great knitting tips for about 3 years. Lots of times its the high point of my day. Its comforting to know there are so many others as yarn obsessed
    out there in the blogosphere. Congrats and please keep going. love the books , the blogs the
    patterns and learning about Canada!

  175. You know I love being part of The Blog…I rarely comment on what I read..we not online anyway…but I do enjoy reading about your life, your children, your husband and extended family…when you don’t post for days I get sad and keep checking back many many times. So.. Happy Anniversarya and heres to many more…

  176. I’ve been reading since almost the beginning – I like belonging to the Blog – Thank You

  177. Congratulations! I’ve been reading now for about a year and it’s a great spot. Thanks for sharing so much and for inspiring my knitting.

  178. You have given lots of us five years of pleasure, emotion (not a given on the net), real life and knitting. Thank you. A Lot.
    You have given me a refuge in Italy; I’m a displaced Torontonian and your blog shows up values, stories, familiarity I miss here.
    You have given me a “friend” who knits in English. Wow. Here there are a few – extremely nice and greatly accomplished – knitters, but not a one in English.
    Thanks for five and may there be many more.
    PS Yes, the yarn here is Incredible! No they don’t use or sell anything but Long metal needles. (You should see me in a Toronto yarn store when I go back!)

  179. You’re wecome. Thank you for all of the laughs. The Blog often puts a bit of a twinkle in my day. Aso, I will never, ever, forget about your new neighbor, on the sidewalk, in her underwear…still makes me laugh! Thank you.

  180. There are a lot of knitting blogs, many of them quite brilliant.
    Yours is the one I read every day. It is funny, and even better, I have learned TONS about knitting from you.
    It is a pleasant moment of thinking about knitting during an otherwise tedious day of work.

  181. Thank you for sharing with *the blog*. Congrats on your 5 year blogiversary.
    I look forward to reading your post each and every day.
    Knit On.

  182. I’m sure the pleasure is all ours.
    And my personal thanks for keeping the back posts up and available. When there is a lull in your posting I go back and read the older posts and the comments. I’ve discovered the origins of the washcloth, Joe’s Gansey, saw your daughters growing and maturing, entertained by the crazy past tour schedules and cities visited.
    P.S. How about a travel book next?

  183. Hi, Stephanie…I’ve never responded to a blog before but I just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment I receive from yours. I laughed hysterically over Joe’s stuck truck and couldn’t believe the trials and tribluations that came with your new washer. But most of all, I truly enjoy your unlimited talent when it comes to creativity, humor, writing and of course, knitting. So I say…THANK YOU!

  184. Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and validating the real knitting people of the world. I hope you want to blog for many more years.

  185. Because it’s your blogiversary, I thought I would nominate the JOE/WEDGED TRUCK essay as Post of the Century (so far). I can’t think about it without becoming hysterical. May you have many more blogiversaries. THE BLOG couldn’t do without you!

  186. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the time and energy you have been putting in to this wonderful blog for the last 5 years!! You have entertained and inspired all of us!

  187. Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for sharing your failures as well as your successes – it makes you much more human to us. We love your family and your house as well as your books and your blog. πŸ™‚
    Sometimes it feels as though you’re right there with us on Knit Night at my friends’ houses as we discuss your sock recipe, your books and the latest post on the blog. If you’re ever in Ottawa, feel free to join us!
    Thank you!
    I look forward to another 5, 10, 15 and maybe even more years of reading your wonderful posts that make me laugh, cry, and stretch my knitting boundaries.

  188. Thank you for The Blog…..and your books……and you yourself! Reading your blog brings me so much joy. I really feel like I’m sitting in a cozy room filled with people just like me! People who don’t think I’m nuts! :O)

  189. What a nice thing to say! Thank you for sharing portions of your life & the lives of those around you with us. You & yours are easy to care about, even with the anonymity of not knowing you “for real.” Wishing you many more years of success & happiness.
    Here’s to the next five years! πŸ™‚

  190. Thank YOU, Steph, for giving us the Blog, sharing your life, teaching us how it’s done, forgiving us for being a loud chorus of sometimes great and sometimes not so great things, being funny, being wonderful, being generous, being kind, being hurt, angry, or irritable, being amazing, being human, letting us be human, thinking we’re amazing, sharing yourself, thinking hard, working harder, believing in knitting, believing in us, loving what you do, and taking a mish-mash of human fiber, spinning us into your fine yarn, and knitting us into a community.

  191. Thank You Stephanie! Thank you for your wit and wisdom and faithful writing and for gathering us all together into The Blog.

  192. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for all that you’ve shared with the Blog – it cheers my afternoon up immensely every time you post. πŸ™‚

  193. If not for you, I AM SINGING to YOU lol ..
    I wouldnt soon be starting my own , with pics, to show that I as a new knitter, finally have all my WIPS wipped, that I do frog, and fix,so no one can tell I suck, that the new washer I got, is almost as nice as yours, my water pipe job main, cost 26oo.00 and I paid it off in under a year, that knowing what I cry about, loneness, home repair expenses, loss of loved ones , is shared by all, the experiences of life that make us the good women that we are. your hubby is blessed… your children are loved dearly, and dam sorry I got to go chase down that sheep….

  194. When I started to read, I began to worry…Is she warming up to tell us that this has gotten to be too much and this is her last post?!?!
    I’m so glad it’s not–you brighten my day. Happy Anniversary and Thanks!

  195. Congratulations on 5 years of fantastic blogging. You are an inspiration to so many. You bring so much to our lives with your writing, your ability to encourage others to go and do (sometimes when we feel we can’t). Keep up the good work and we shall all be here reading, laughing, crying and being inspired.

  196. I think you’re incredibly generous to let us look into your living room on an almost daily basis. It’s almost like visiting a very amusing friend for coffee (or drinks). Thanks for letting us visit!

  197. Awwwwwwwwww! You are so sweet. The blog is a collective that is the sum of it’s oh so different but similar parts. We thank YOU for having the blog to come to. It is a warm, fuzzy, mismatched friendly place to be (tell that child that my knitted hat, mittens and scarf match. Not as chic as her own freshly made ones, but nevertheless… Shamrock yarn by Knitpicks)

  198. Thank you for having us! I don’t have many regular commenters, but I still feel better knowing that there is discourse and interest and it isn’t just my local friends looking on and shaking their collective heads about my crazy hobby.

  199. Thanks Yarn Harlot! Happy Birthday!
    I look forward to your post every day. I laugh out loud and relay your stories to friends and family. They aren’t knitters so I hope you’ll forgive me if I describe the blog as ‘humor that often pertains to knitting’ (You can make anything sound funny). I love the humor but also the learning. Thanks for 5 years of enabling my addiction to socks.

  200. Congratulations on 5 years. I only found the Blog last summer and just finished reading the archives. Fabulous and entertaining. The Blog is the highlight of my internet time during the day. Second the feeling that I stopped by Stephanie’s house for chat everytime you post.

  201. Has it only been 5 years??? It seems like it has been so much longer than that! It’s hard to remember what it was like before I heard about The Yarn Harlot and you and your family became a part of mine.
    I tend to be one of the more quiet ones of The Blog, although I’ve chimed in a time or two — even when it meant totally showing my ignorance about plumbing issues like soil pipes and water pressure. But that’s what makes The Blog so much fun to read — people can be very funny at times and oh so serious the next.
    Within my family I am pretty much the sole knitter, so you have brought sanity to my world as my family just really doesn’t understand my passion for knitting, but they do help support it because they know it makes me happy. I have been a knitter since I was 12 — 43 years now, and I never stopped loving the feel of wool in my hands.
    I’m sorry you’re laid up with your bad foot, but count your blessings that you still have the use of your hands! Knitting is helping to give me back mine after having bilateral carpal tunnel surgery last October — yes, both hands at the same time. It was hard to knit with both hands crippled up, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. When I had my follow up appt. with the surgeon, I presented him a pair of hand knitted/hand dyed socks — apparently that’s highly unusual! He just looked at me and at those socks and said, “You’re not going to need therapy, are you?” I just laughed and told him, knitting WAS therapy! I wouldn’t be knitting at all again without his help!
    I’m just not ready for marathon knitting again, but all the more reason why your Blog is so special to me. I can appreciate the effort you put into yours. I enjoy seeing what beautiful things you make and empathize with the foibles (we all make ’em!) It is just so much fun to check in and see what you’re working on!
    Knitting is enjoying such a wonderful resurgence! Thank you for helping to make that happen — for all of us! The Blog would not be The Blog with YOU; you are the heart of it!

  202. Even though I consider you entirely at fault for the misbegotten beast known as “The Stash” (a concept I first learned about right here), I wouldn’t trade it, or you, for the world. Congratulations on five years. I hope you’ll be around for many, many more.

  203. Perhaps The Blog is like Terry Pratchett’s description of bees:
    “. . . there is no such creature as an individual bee. But there is such a creature as a swarm, whose component cells are just a bit more mobile than those of, say, the common welk.”
    from Lords and Ladies.

  204. Congratulations on five amazing years! You bring so much humor and friendship and knitting advice and yarn lust into my life. Thank you, and please continue for at least five more years.

  205. Thank you for five years of sharing your life with us, and for the knowledge that I’m not the only one with a yarn habit and ‘pet’ yarn πŸ™‚
    Happy Blogversary

  206. Happy 5th Anniversary! Thank you for your writing. You’ve inspired me to to knit more and try new things. I also appreciate you keeping me up to date on Canadian politics. (I’m a Canadian who has spent the better part of the past 20 years in the US.)

  207. Back at you! Happy Anniversary (and also Richard Dean Anderson’s birthday….I’m sure the geek in you will appreciate that.)Hope you are healing well.
    Some fond memories:
    – the cowl (would really love the pattern, hint, hint)
    – the knitting Olympics
    – Tricoteuses sans frontieres
    – thundersnow
    – the hike up north to the store
    – why I should cast off then pick up on necklines
    – the sf references
    – the best explanation of our recent governmental choices and how we form a government
    – Kinnearing
    – the Christmas countdown
    – you, lost in some airport, but meeting a friendly stranger
    – the tour pictures – so many knitters, so different, yet as you say ‘my (our) people’
    – Regatta Day in Newfoundland (I’m still amazed that they can just put off an official holiday for a whole day till the weather is better)
    – the last school concert
    – the post about your Aunt Helen “She had a lot of sanity.” You so beautifully summed up your aunt that I have a sense of how lucky you were to have known her.

  208. Being a part of this community is amazing. Thank you for bringing us all together. Knit (and blog) on!!!

  209. You are literally my favorite. I adore this blog. I hate school because people are mean to me, but I come home and i read this and I am actually happier. Thanks for providing witty and knitty comments on your life for me to enjoy.

  210. You and the blog have become part of my day.
    I look forward to reading the who, what and where of your knitting life and family life.
    Thank you for the last five years.
    Happy Anniversary!!! And many more.

  211. Speaking as my own little corner of The Blog….I’m glad you write, and glad to be part of it!
    And your daughters are delightful, although mine (who are very similar in ages, 6 mos behind your kids, 1 grade level behind) really really sympathize with them!

  212. I really wanted to keep this simple, but it’s too hard. Thanks to you/Blog I’m back knitting and loving it. I now know I’m not alone with a stash and that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Keep on blogging! Congratulations! Oh, and because of you I met Denny at Lettuce Knit, great girl who really reconnected me with knitting. I look forward to The Blog and your books.

  213. Thanks, Stephanie, for bringing The Blog to life. It’s affected the lives of every single one of your readers, in big ways and small. We love you, too.

  214. happy anniversary – and a big thanks to you and to your family for sharing your lives with all of us. Like many others my day is not complete without checking to see if you’ve posted, and missing you all a great deal when life gets in the way of blogging. Having spent 12 weeks mostly attached to my sofa a couple of years ago with a badly broken ankle, I can truly understand what these past days have been like for you….several times I crutched into the kitchen and drank an entire cup of tea/coffee standing there, just because I could not carry it back to the sofa. Husband packed a lunch for me every morning and left it on the dining room table so I didn’t starve…or I had lunch buddies come join me. Thanks again from the bottom of my knitting bag(s)for all you do for all of us on a daily basis.

  215. Happy blogiversary, and thank you so much. Your blog has inspired me to be a better knitter (and to have a bigger stash), and to reach out to the knitting community in ways that I know I wouldn’t otherwise have done. Thank you!

  216. Congratulations on five years and for being such a joy to all of us knitters. You have the wonderful ability to laugh at yourself and thereby make others able to laugh with you or cry with you if that is appropriate. It also makes us knitters feel so wonderful when you mess up just like we do. Thanks again for being here to brighten all of our days.

  217. i grew up before there were computers. communication was on a party line–you’re old if you even know what that is. and yet today, i can’t imagine life without blogs. thanks so much for sharing yours.

  218. I’ve been part of The Blog since before I finally managed to teach myself how to knit, and have enjoyed it from day one. But I see The Blog, and Knitters, and Knitting, in a different light since I actually became a knitter and not a wanna-be-a-knitter. Now, I honestly do feel like I’m part of something, while still having an individual “knitterly beauty” all my own.
    Nowadays, Knitters make me think of those knitted cozies people have created to fit over shiny, crisp apples. Have you seen them? Knitters, or The Blog, are like those cozies, all of us being one stitch in a wonderful variegated yarn, enveloping the earth in a layer of warm wooly joy. I can just visualize the planet wrapped in stitches so colorful and yet making a harmonious whole. It’s like a knitted ornament hanging in space! I love feeling that sense of togetherness with knitters the world over, and I believe your blog (and Ravelry, and all the other wonderful online knitting communities) do a great service in bringing us all together. This world needs more togetherness, and a heck of a lot less divisiveness.
    And thank you for this. It means a great deal to me.

  219. The decision and the courage to open your life to strangers who become your friends, even if you never get to meet them in real life, is momentous, and not to be taken lightly. It was the right decision for you and for us, because without your Blog, I would never have the nerve to even think about doing one of my own. It’s not out there yet, but when I do it, I hope that I’ll have readers that become my friends too. (And I hope you’ll look in once or twice :-)) Thanks for 5 lovely years, and here’s to many more.

  220. I love your blog, and love being part of it. I’m going to put it on my CV: 2006 – 2009 working cog within The Blog (and it rhymes!)

  221. Thank you. I have so enjoyed reading your blog every day and am so disappointed when you haven’t been on for the day. Do understand completely why not but this makes my day! Congratulations on your 5 years of talking with us. I’m not a bit tech savvy so I really am proud of you. Take care of that ankle and get it healed quickly.

  222. No, thank you for your blog. I read it every day and get so much enjoyment out of the way you describe your trials and tribulations. Please continue to do so.

  223. Happy to be apart of The Blog….I’m not a commenter….seems weird to me to comment as if my opinion needs to be published, but here I am…letting you know I appreciate your writing talents, honesty, humor, charities, sharing of your life experiences, your love for wool, Canada, yoga, and spirit of humanity. Thank you for 5 years.

  224. Wishing you a very Happy Blogiversary, Stephanie! The Blog has brought a lot to my life, and I thank you for the work you do and have done for all of us, your readers.

  225. Think nothing of it. I’m really glad to be part of “the Blog” and I thank you for some of the funniest and also most poignant writing I know.
    I also know a lot more about Canada than I did five years ago!

  226. Thanks so much for the blog. Even though I’m mostly a lurker, your blog has opened up my life too and not only to knitting. Just wanted to comment on your earlier post about your daughter applying to university. My son just finished applying to colleges in the U.S. and it’s been sort of a crazy-making time!

  227. I’m also blaming you for a large sock yarn stash.
    (and for getting me to try socks – love knitting them)

  228. Thank you for sharing your blog with us and for making us a part of it! You have been such an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  229. Happy Blogaversary!
    I have tried blogging every day, and its really hard. Its even hard to blog once a week or once a month sometimes. I really appreciate your consistency and your funny thoughts. They keep my funny thoughts company.
    Love you!

  230. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for providing a happy place to laugh and learn the last 5 years.

  231. Just as you have “The Blog” it’s often I find myself talking about you as though you lived down the street. And for that I’m often very grateful. Your stories, humor, triumphs and challenges always bring me dashing back and make your updates my first read when I open my aggregator.
    Happy Five Years and Thank you!!

  232. The Blog is what it is because of you. Thanks for feeding it with such delicious entries over the years.

  233. Me again. Heh, when reading through the above comments, I keep reading the one (but ONLY this one and not the similar ones that are differently punctuated or not capitalized) that says “No, Thank You Stephanie” as turning down tea or something.
    But that’s not why I’m here.
    I now have an earworm parody entitled “We Are The Blog” which has sprung fully formed into being and invaded my brain, so I need to share it (so hopefully it leaves my head and goes elsewhere).
    We are The Blog
    We are The Mismatched
    We are the ones who give advice
    Even when unasked
    There’s a sock or three we’re knitting
    We’re reading, laughing, crying
    It’s true we have a lot to say:
    The Blog is We….
    The Blog is Me.
    (*Sing to the obvious tune of “We Are The World”*)

  234. I am so relieved that I am not the only person to think of the Borg. Perhaps we could be the Blog Collective? I have been reading the blog for over two years. I found it after reading Knitting Rules!, which is still my favorite and most inspiring knitting book. My favorite blog posts were about the wool-stealing squirrels. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to lay an egg. Thank you for the inspiration and laughter.

  235. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for allowing me to share these 5 years with you. And I’ll raise my glass and make a toast to many more!

  236. Happy anniversary! And many thanks to YOU for keeping your blog and sharing it. You have inspired me to try socks, which is now my very favorite item to knit. You’ve also help to make me realize that I can knit in public without concern. Thank you again!

  237. I giggled when I read about the mismatched knitwear yesterday – it’s true, I thought! Then today as I was leaving work, my friend pointed out to me that, lo and behold, my hat and scarf didn’t match. I am a knitter indeed! *L*

  238. The Blog…the Borg…really they’re just one letter or so apart. We are the Collective, and you will be assimilated! Resistance is futile! Someone needs to do a manip of you as the Borg Queen and maybe with knitting needles and spindles hanging off your Blog suit, rather than the other implants that were used in the various Trek shows. πŸ˜€

  239. So is The Blog anything like The Borg?? heehee
    That’s a very lovely post, thanks so much for sharing yourself with us. (And isn’t that what makes for the best blogs – you’re not just sharing your knitting, you’re sharing your life)

  240. I sure wish I would have found your blog sooner…happy anniversary!!
    I am loving reading your old posts..and your books. I sure wish you were my next door neighbor instead of the unfriendly lilac murdering (long story…lots of tears on my part) non-knitting old gal who IS my neighbor!!!
    You crack me up!

  241. Ahhhh! 9 days in the house. Thank goodness you knit!
    Thank you for your blog. I have read it for years faithfully. It is the best knitting blog in my book because you are so human, you include family news, house disasters,etc. and not just knitting stuff.
    You’ve given me a lot to think about over the years, whether it was knitting knowledge and challenges, Canadian politics, family news, your adventures while book touring or household disasters. I think you help make a lot of us isolated knitters feel like we aren’t that strange to love our sticks and string but creative, problem solving individuals. And you have definitely helped me get over the fear of ripping; I can do it now without a cringe.
    Thank you and Happy Blog Anniversary!

  242. From this tiny little part of The Blog, thank you. Thank you for sharing your life with us, and for making me feel better when I do something silly (my yarn-in-the-elevator episode is likely just around the bend). Thank you for making me laugh–often–and cry once in a while.
    Thank you for welcoming me (OK, all of us) into your life.
    Knit long and prosper.

  243. Thank YOU.
    Your blog makes me happy – I laugh and smile each day I read it.
    You have also given me a GIFT – which is that you remind me I’m a knitter and you’ve awakened that part of my life again. I’ll sometimes put the knitting down and forget that I am a knitter – but I check in here every day and remind myself of what I love and what makes me happy. Thanks for keeping the knitting part of myself ALIVE. We need knitters like you to awaken that crazy part knitting part in US.

  244. Your words on life and knitting have made me a better person — and I don’t even knit! (Although, I’m working on that.) Thanks for all the words.

  245. Aw, gee. You make us feel better too! You’re a part of so many lives. Thank you!
    Personally, I’m getting off on the idea of thinking of myself in this context, like I’m the magic mirror, or part of a big oracle…. ;0

  246. Thank YOU.
    My reading your blog led to my writing mine, for the last two years.
    My conversations with fellow members of “the blog” led to a freelance article, as well as some great friendships.
    My buying your books led to my knitting socks. ’nuff said.
    My reading of others’ comments led to real live friendships with some of those commenters.
    AND…you told me (and thousands of others) about Ravelry, where I now have 3000+ posts and have organized a Rav meetup.
    I laughed (Joe stuck in truck), I cried (wedding), I winced (the seven mile trek), I felt your pain (remodeling). I learned about poutine and Hockey Night in Canada and a thousand other Canadian things. I learned how to spin.
    Hey lady, you changed my LIFE! Thanks!!!

  247. I’m just one of those little silvery fish in the school, but I say sincerely that while you don’t even know me, through your blog, you feel like a friend. That’s the other side of The Blog, I guess.
    So thank you, and congratulations!

  248. Thank YOU for sharing your life, it’s become a part of mine! When we met in Burlington, Ma in 2007, I felt like I was finally meeting a friend….and you are. Thanks again. Wendy

  249. Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad I found you πŸ™‚
    (I’d forgotten how FUNNY that being locked in the hotel hall in your underwear was. Oh man, my sides hurt.)

  250. Having a blog certainly changes your perspective on thing doesn’t it? I feel the same way about my blog. I wouldn’t be the same without it. I love yours. Thank you for continuing it.

  251. I should’ve know someone would get to “Resistance is futile”. That’s what comes of commenting near 7pm.
    I started knitting again about a year and a half ago and you’ve contributed vastly to my knitting knowledge and my knitting enthusiasm. I dislike group-y activities, but your book tours, replete with smiling knitters, encouraged me to join two knitting groups.
    I will never be a knitting addict, but you don’t ask that of the Blog. You write, first and foremost, about your life. You share your life in ways that few others do. Your writing invites us in. You are the friend whose door is always open, who always has the coffee on (or the beer in the fridge). When Sir Washie died, how many of us wished for the power to restore him, or to buy you a new washer? You are the friend we will take up a collection for.
    We would appear at your doorstep in a flash. But we know better, because you have a tiny house. Instead, we love you in a network all over the world. You could appear at any of our doorsteps and be welcomed with open arms.

  252. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for sharing you life and your knitting. I’m a newer knitter, but your blog and your books inspired me to try new things. I didn’t start out with a desire to knit socks but you wore me down! And now my feet thank you.

  253. I have so enjoyed reading your blog, it is such a delight, it serves as the threshold to my “me” time. I have taken such delight in your writing that I have been purchasing your books and I must say they are just as much fun. Your outlook is not only humorous, but inciteful, a different viewpoint than mine and much appreciated. I love the fact that inspite of the fact that you may receive some negative feedback (although I can’t imagine why) you have integrity and the ability to not let it discourage you, I wish you a very long blog life (a little selfish of me, but you bring so much joy) and I will always look forward to reading your blog and books.

  254. While The Blog is part of your daily life, you are part of my daily life. I thank you for that; you have kept me company through lonely moves, made me laugh when I was being a grump, and always, always encouraged me to own my knitting.
    Happy 5th – here’s to many more.

  255. Thank YOU for giving us The Blog.
    I’m a new knitter, so I haven’t been with you from the beginning, but I have read all your entries, right from day 1. You inspire me, you make me smile, and because of you I know it’s ok if my knitting doesn’t do what I want it to. You rock.
    Keep on bloggin’. Here’s to the next 5 years!

  256. I was reading comments and it occurred that you might be interested in how we all found you. I think it is fascinating to know how a diverse community came together.
    I haven’t knitted for years. At the soup kitchen where I work a teacher knitted and donated a pile of hats to give away at Christmas. It got me to thinking of the stash and what I could do with it. I Googled for free knitting patterns and there you were. You sounded interesting (how little I knew then) so I clicked on you. This was about a month ago. I am trying to read from the beginning. I really enjoy my time here. You write very well and your life in a treat to hear about.

  257. Congratulations on the five year blog on line. You have put a great deal of effort and time, heart and soul into entertaining us all and for that I am truly grateful. Not only did I give up knitting for years but I did not know ONE thing about computers. When I read your first book I was determined to get back to knitting and also to learn a little about these machines. haha I DO mean a little!! This old mind is so crammed with good memories that it takes a LOT for me to learn a new fangled contraption AND on top of that to actually learn to knit some lace . ALL because of you dear one. I read your blog posting every day plus all the comments and never cease to be amazed at your gift of knitting and writting. Thank you for being you and letting me take part in this wonderful blog. ALL the very best at healing and being well.

  258. Stephanie – Thank you and The Blog for each and every post in the last 5 years.
    You have enriched my knitting life and my real life in ways you will never know.
    Thank you for everything that you do!!!

  259. I had to tell you how much you make every day a joy, thank you sooo much, love your Blog…love your books…I THANK YOU for being there for me, FOR ALL OF US….and thank you too for making me fearless in knitting socks, what a joy!

  260. The Blog as a collective?
    Like The Borg, right?
    In many ways we are singles acting for the Better Good of the Whole. I’d like to be 3-6-9-12 of Stephanie’s Gazillion, if it pleases you. There is no better place

  261. Dearest Stephanie,
    Thank you for your very kind words. We all so appreciate being a part of your life and being “your blog.” When I first began reading your blog I was newly married and moved to a new city. I didn’t know anyone and felt completely alone in my weird little “habit” of knitting. It completely made me feel welcome and a part of some bigger community to join your “blog” so Thank you for writing it all these years. πŸ™‚

  262. Happy blogiversary! I love your blog and your books. Your insights let me appreciate how knitters have so much in common, even though we are scattered around the world. I feel validated when I read about something on your blog that has happened to me, too. I have learned new knitting skills from you, and enjoyed 2 of your personal appearances. Blog on, Harlot!

  263. Congratulations on your/our 5th anniversary. You have provided vast comfort to knitters in many places by letting them know that they are not alone, not crazy and most of all — powerful.

  264. We, The Blog, Salute you! Happy Blogiversary!!
    p.s. You don’t have to explain the attachment, resistance is futile. πŸ˜‰

  265. Awww! We love you, too! The feeling is mutual.
    You have brought so much to my knitting and so much to my life. Thank YOU!

  266. You’ve meant a lot to us, too. You inspired me to try socks, you’re inspiring me to try sweaters, and you’ve tortured me w/ your snowdrop shawl.
    For somebody like me in a small town in the South, where nobody seems to knit, it’s nice to come to somebody’s virtual living room- where there’s such a lovely, funny hostess- & see what’s out there.
    Thanks for (and from) The Blog.

  267. Sounds like you are feeling better. Yes, it is a community and we really miss when you aren’t there. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary. We love you. You have brought another dimension to knitting.

  268. Congratulations Steph. You make it okay to be a knitter and to be passionate about it. Your blog is something to aspire to – thanks for letting us share your journey!

  269. I consider myself fortunate to be a very small cog within the entity known as The Blog. You have inspired me, made me laugh (innumerable times), made me cry, and helped me feel that I am not alone in this crazy world (no small thing for someone who suffers from depression).
    I often find myself thinking, “I bet Stephanie would like that…” before remember that I’ll never have a chance to show it to you in person. Somehow, you always seem to be just across town.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  270. I love to share the stories with friends and family. Thank you for keeping us real and reminding us of what is important. Many more celebrations ahead, I hope!

  271. You’re thanking US? I read a fair number of blogs, but no kidding, yours is the first one I click on every morning. And I’m not even a knitter!

  272. It has been a great ride and I hope it continues for many years. I always think of you as one of my friends and hope to meet you sometime in the future.
    Gramma Carol

  273. Three cheers for the Blog! And three cheers for Stephanie & everyone else who makes Blog Go!

  274. Thanks Stephanie I have read you blog faithfully for 3yrs.now,Although we’ve never met in person I feel like we’re good friends.
    I started a blog of my own.

  275. Thanks Stephanie I have read you blog faithfully for 3yrs.now,Although we’ve never met in person I feel like we’re good friends.
    I started a blog of my own.

  276. all my knitting friends with me… even if they can’t form a collective opinion on skirt length and they are all (mostly) wearing unmatched knitwear…
    Can’t form an opinion on skirt length, and wearing mismatched knitwear…the blog is just like you?
    Wow, 5 years, very impressive. Congratulations.

  277. Happy Anniversary Steph! And many, many thanks for all the laughs and tears you’ve given me since I discovered you. Carol

  278. Congratulations on your five years of blogging. I am happy to be a member of The Blog. I understand what you mean about The Blog not being a Blog without people to read it. I have started a blog this year, and have been thinking that I hope someone is reading it, because otherwise it all seems kind of pointless.
    Thank you for sharing your life and family with us. One of my favorite Blog moments was your revamp of your bedroom when you asked about wiring and actually received the help you need from The Blog. Awesome.

  279. I often say things like “Stephanie says”, or “Stephanie told me…” You are refered to in my house more than I sometimes think is healthy.
    Things Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has given me:
    – A window into the life of a Knitter, which led to my own passion for Knitting, and my ultimate realization that I am a Knitter also. (Which I came to after actually losing sleep thinking about yarn, patterns, and the knowledge that my life would not be whole until I had my own swift and ball winder).
    – You have articulated so many of my own feelings about knitting. The emotional aspect of what it means to knit something for someone.(When I read the introduction to “the secret life of a knitter” where you wrote that knitting is magic, knitting is love, tears came to my eyes and I turned down the tv and read it to my husband.) The way people try to stereotype knitters and how that feels. You write about all kinds of things that I find myself going, “yeah, me too”.
    – Strangely, knitting and your articulations about being a knitter have given me an inner confidence about my craft and my self. I know people look at me and see a typical stay-at-home mom who must be a geek – look, is she actually knitting?!? But I know I am much more than that, and I could give a fig what thier perceptions of me are. Little do they know that there is a whole whack of us, and we outnumber golfers. Thanks to you and my fellow commenters, I know I am not alone.
    So, Stephanie, Thank You.
    Happy Blogiversary,

  280. After the dizzying high of watching the whole Obama thing unfold I couldn’t help but wonder if part of why people are feeling more connected and heard are because of things like blogs, Facebook, myspace etc. We have evolved ourselves (here in the USA) into such an isolated, work-driven people I think we’ve been starved for a sense of belonging. The effort to elect Obama was a communal one – albiet on line.
    I’m not making a political statement as much as trying to say that reading about your day-to-day life and your confessions of chronic knitingitis (as well as enjoying the indulgence of pouring over the pictures of your inspiring and beautiful work) makes me feel connected…so thank you for your important contribution to my life.
    annie in Albuquerque, NM

  281. I’m glad to be part of your blog – I’ve learned so much from you – my favorite thing is how to knit straight from the skein without winding the yarn into a ball – for small projects I love it.
    Thanks for that – and so much more.

  282. As a proud member of The Blog, thank you very much. Because of you, I’m proud to be a knitter. I even started my own blog, though it sits sadly neglected more than I would like.
    Congratulations on five years of blogging. You rock.

  283. The Blog reminds us we are all in this life together and struggling with many of the same issues and passions. Not bad for a little bit of writing ever day or so.
    Happy 5th!

  284. Happy Blogiversary. Thanks for the memories. Here’s to another five years, at least.

  285. I remember stumbling into your blog 4 years ago and being so delighted to find someone so much like me because it made me feel less nuts! Thanks for that!

  286. As someone who has been reading your blog from almost the beginning, I thank you for blogging to The Blog, and sharing your lives (Joe and the girls, too). Happy Blogiversary, Stephanie. Here’s to {raising my Red Eye) the beginning of many more blog years of blogginess. Cheers!

  287. Go, Blog, go!
    And maybe go watch the video on YouTube called “Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us.” If you google that title a link to the video will pop right up.
    The video is a look at where the web is/was going. It takes just 4 1/2 minutes.
    You can knit while you watch!
    Hugs to you on your blog-iversary.
    The world is a better place because of knitters like you.

  288. Awww – that is so sweet! It is great to be part of The Blog. I hope to have that honor for many years to come! Congratulations on your first 5 years <3

  289. No, no, thank You!
    (the Blog is a bit, if only a teeny tiny bit, like the Borg. We’re clearly much more independent-minded within our multitudes though. Sometimes.)

  290. YOU are awesome!! Thank you for sharing your knitterly (and life) wiseness and fun with all of us!

  291. Thank you for letting us into the lives of you and your family. It is a joy and an honor to be a part of it!

  292. Thank you for letting us into the lives of you and your family. It is a joy and an honor to be a part of it!

  293. No, no – thank you! You’re a wonderful, hilarious, and gifted writer and knitter, and I, at least, am honored that you share that with us.

  294. Happy blogiversary, Stephanie! It really is amazing how much less crazy I feel as a knitter for the community of knitbloggers, as the muggles really do think I’m a little off my rocker sometimes (though they enjoy the products of my “exquisite focus”)

  295. No, no, thank you! I would be one isolated knitter without blogs.
    Well, and my stitch and bitch group. But I’ve been reading blogs longer!

  296. Happy Blog-aversary, Stephanie! Thank you for your sense of humor and your willingness to share your fiber craziness with the rest of us fiber crazies!

  297. it was cold in my part of florida in the 20s
    i put on my pretty pink scarf made from baby
    yarn thats just lovely where did you get
    the pattern from ? its a harlot pattern
    beg pardon- says i -the one where you knit
    into the back of the knit stich see its the
    same on both sides you say she is a harlot
    no she is married has a family inside jokes
    do not always work -happy fifth and
    i’ll drink to that -does the blog reside
    in the foggy foggy dew

  298. I think of us as one of those flocks of birds that gracefully make huge and twisting shapes in the air.
    Happy to be here!~

  299. Stephanie,
    5 years ago, I was a novice knitter. My wife and I read your knitting, your life, your blog, and it inspired us. Because of you, we have a yarn room instead of a bag of stash. Because of you, my students cry and mourn for the mother in One Little Sock. Because of you, my principal jokes to other principals about our “yarn school”. Hundreds of scarves and mitts and hats exist in Ottawa because of you. Knitters without Borders, alone, is an amazing feat. You thank us for being The Blog, but you have, please believe me, shaped US as much as we’ve shaped you.
    Six months ago, I taught a dear friend to knit. Today, he signed up as a designer on Ravelry. (Turvity) He’s better than you’d possibly believe at writing patterns with Good Clear Directions. Newest pattern; a tree of life hat. I pointed him here.
    I’ve given your books to graduating students (most recently with the one-time-thus-far Knitting Prize for Graduating Student award at graduation). I’ve carried you in my knitting bag, in my head when I’ve been glum, in my heart when I’ve planned Great Things That Get Too Great Too Fast, and in my laptop.
    You’re part of the family…all our families…and we love you.
    Thank YOU for the Blog.

  300. I remember what Molly Wolf told me when she asked if I had ever read your blog. She said that you were creating a wonderful community of knitters online. You have continued to entertain, teach, encourage, and occasionally force us to think of those less fortunate than we are. So, thank you. We would all be less than we are without you!

  301. Stephanie I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I love that you can share yourself with us the good and the bad. I enjoy your humor, it makes me wish I lived closer to you or you to me, I would like to think we would be friends.(I promise I am not a stalker!) Thank you for being you, here’s to many more years of blogging.

  302. Thank *you* for sticking with it through all. I’ve only recently joined the flock, but already how could I do without?? You’ve brightened up my little house in the big woods immeasurably, and sent me back into the stash and out into the wide world just when I needed a good boot!
    Happy blogiversary and many more!

  303. You continue to bring joy to my knitting and laughter to my brain. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

  304. I’m so happy to see almost a dozen other knitters commenting on the Star Trek similarities of The Blog and The Borg! πŸ˜€
    I’ve been a lurker on here for the last 3 or 4 years now, and only just commented for the first time on the “matchy” winter gear survey from a few days ago. I bought Knitting Rules!, and I was hooked (except that I don’t crochet…something about trying to mirror righties doesn’t work for my left-handed self).
    In commemoration of the Borg similarities, I think I’d cite these as two of my favorite Star Trek Borg episodes:
    * Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds (Season 3 Episode 26, and Season 4 Episode 1)
    * Star Trek: Voyager – Survival Instinct (Season 6 Episode 2)
    * Tons of Star Trek: Voyager, with a lot of earlier episodes being action-adventure Voyager vs. the Borg shows, and a lot of the later shows being about the development of Seven of Nine, who is an absolutely fascinating character. A lot of very deep episodes with Seven exploring her sense of humanity, and struggling with her journey to become an individual. (I know she looks like merely a piece of eye candy, but she’s actually one of the deepest, most fascinating characters on the show, along with the doctor – and the two play wonderfully alongside each other in shared episodes.)
    No, I don’t have these episodes all memorized – I had to look up the information. Luckily my boyfriend writes Star Trek reviews, so it’s easy for me to find that information. πŸ˜‰ But if you’re looking for something fun to watch while your foot recovers, those episodes are fun.
    Of course, late Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is the best sci-fi I think I’ve ever seen, with the possible exception of the new Battlestar Galactica. The Dominion War arc is especially fantastic, and has the biggest space battles that Star Trek has ever done. And there’s also lots of cool knitwear in DS9! The Bajorans wear a lot of it – Major Kira wears a few very nice pieces on her trips to Bajor.
    Ooh, and it’s almost time for our next installment of Battlestar! Here’s to geeking out with my fellow knitting Collective! πŸ™‚
    – Lyssa

  305. Thank you for sharing your life and your family on this blog. Your funny stories, your touching moments, your lovely daughters, your amazing talents – they all are “knit” together and bring me back every day for more. Thank you!

  306. After 400+ comments already, there is nothing I can possibly add, other than, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
    Happy Blogiversary, o Blogessa.
    PS: Henceforth, I’ll be signing off with Karin MT b/c that’s who I am.

  307. I worry when you miss a post. I pretended I was there when you went into the woods to finish your book. I have taken a bike trip on the bike train and felt pity for any squirrel who dared cross your path. You have made me laugh until tears come and cry at the same level. Through you, I have visited places I will never see. You have given me confidence to get out of my self imposed knitting-box. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary. May you have many more!!

  308. Dear Steph,
    Thank YOU– it wouldn’t be so successful without your writing skills, your humor, and your willingness to share. The Blog is a gift you have given yourself (and us!). It’s an inspiration!
    SOME day, I might be lucky enough to be in the first 20 comments. Alas, it won’t be soon πŸ™‚
    From the Sock-Shaped State, ==Marjorie

  309. After all of that Borg research, I forgot about the other part of what I wanted to say: I’ve savored every moment of reading your blog and your books that I’ve had.
    When I first got Knitting Rules!, I found myself laughing aloud in highly inappropriate places, and getting quizzical looks from non-knitters when I tried to explain by quoting the passage. I shared it with my sisters and my mother, and they got the joke, and we shared some glorious laughs about the trials and joys of our craft.
    I got your first book right when I first learned to knit, and as I’ve grown and become a full-fledged knitter with a modest stash (only taking one room of our house, which is maybe 1/8 of the space we have), I’ve enjoyed your writing just as much as I did that first day that I burst out laughing on the first page of your book.
    Thank you so much for sharing a part of yourself with us these last 5 years. Hopefully there will be many more – and hopefully less of us will be lurkers, and will start putting more of ourselves out there, too!

  310. NINE DAYS!! You’re totally punch drunk from those four walls banging in on your consciousness day after day. Get someone to throw you over their shoulders, fireman style, and get ye down to the corner pub where you can get well and truly drunk. You deserve it. It’s time. πŸ™‚

  311. If I could draw a heart here, I would…because I feel nothing but love for you and your family. Our paths have crossed twice, we’ve exchanged a few emails, and I don’t remember what my life was like before you, though I’m sure it had much less humor in it.
    Heart Heart Heart Heart…lots of hearts. That’s what I feel.

  312. I’ve belonged to the “blog” for almost as long as you’ve been writing it, though I haven’t been very vocal. Happy Blogiversary, and may you have many more happy years with the Blog! I’m sure it comforts you greatly to know that even your worst nightmares brighten our days . . .

  313. You, YOU are the sole person responsible for dragging me into the blog-reading world. The blogs I casually sampled before I found yours (then many others in the infinitely varied and interesting knitting world) were inane, if not insane, petty, and neither fun nor inspiring to read. I’ve loved the ride, thanks.

  314. I check for you every day – thanks for the fun. … And, being part of the blog is infinitely better than being part of the Borg.

  315. Hi Stephanie,
    I dont post regular comments, just a couple of times. This is not due to lack of interest but only my online social ineptitude(wow, new internet lingo?lol). I read your blog daily and I love the down to earth way you approach life and knitting. I have sent excerpts of your stories to friends, hoping to get them hooked as well. Have you ever listened to Stuart McLean’s” Vinyl Cafe”, CBC Radio One.He is a wonderful storyteller just like you and I know you would enjoy him. Well, me so tired after a long, busy Friday at work so I’ll end in saying, Your blog is a huge success, you deserve Great kudos for your fundraising and sharing with such a huge number(and growing)of knitty people. You help to expand our comman universe!! Thank you, See you next post!!

  316. I can’t count the number of times you’ve brightened my day or made me laugh (or very occasionally cry). It’s been lovely. Thank you.

  317. Love you too Steph, and yes I really feel like I know you and mean that truely…even though I have only met you once in person. We have the some of the same soul. Thanks for sharing your life! It has ment a lot to me and to many of my friends!

  318. I feel like I should be thanking you! “The Blog” brings me a great deal of enjoyment and , frequently, tear-producing laughter. Your more serious posts also make me think a little more about the state of our world. Happy 5 years and hopefully there will be many more anniversaries to come.

  319. So are we a collective like the bORG?!? I guess in a way we are. We’ve all been assimilated one way or another…

  320. Your blog helps me feel connected to the knitting community and gives me fantastic ideas on how to expand my craft. The collective intelligence of the blog gives me millions of projects to be knitted. (billions of fast sock ideas just last week and I’ve been itching to do a yoke sweater for months)
    Happy Fifth Anniversary.

  321. Ahhhhhhh, shucks. I feel so proud to be part of The Blog. Thanks for your contributions to our Blog community. Without you, where would we be?

  322. No, thank you, Stephanie! Thanks to you, I tried my first sock and I haven’t looked back. I haven’t attempted a sweater yet, but I’m getting closer.
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your life and your creativity. Your blog is a delight to read.

  323. Why I treasure your blog
    – sense of humor
    – project /yarn porn
    – meeting and mourning Sir Washie
    – the story about the man who asked to be moved to another seat because your needles might be dangerous (I’ve shared THAT one a lot)
    – Kinnearing
    – the story about your sharing hotel elevator, while scantily clad, with a fully dressed man
    – Canadiana – What is that um -alternative sounding- concoction with french fries, gravy and cheese curds
    -the GREAT explanation about the Canadian government
    – sharing your family with us
    Margie in Maryland

  324. We have to also thank you, Steph, for sharing your family, your knitterly projects, your travels and programs,–and your country (who knew Canada could be so interesting?). Hope there will be many more years of blogging to enjoy.

  325. Thank you for your blog. I started reading it about 1 1/2 years ago. It’s odd, but I feel like a friend to you. Best wishes, good health and peace.

  326. and thank you…very much.
    Yesterday, in the yarn store, looking for a project to knit in the long and horrid wait while my mom was in surgery today, I remembered your Noro scarf obsession. You were right. It was just the right combination of mindless and beautiful.
    The blog needs you as much as you need it.

  327. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I, too, feel far less alone when I can point out to my husband that, no, really, there are other people out there who obsess about this too!

  328. Ah, how sweet. Thanks.
    Going back two days– since I already had a hat and scarf in the 1×1 rib Noro stripes, and a little yarn left over, I made wristies to match. I can now look like a “real” person, if I need to.
    I even tried to do some socks, but haven’t been able to find Silk Garden Sock in the right colorways.
    Who says The Blog can’t choose a skirt length for you? I didn’t read all the responses, but the first hundred or so mostly said to make the skirt knee length, or a little more. Since that was my answer, too, I think you should do what The Blog says.

  329. No, Stephanie– thank you!! Everyday you bring me joy when I read your blog. OH—- tell your girls that I think they are just great!

  330. Five years! Congratulations! It doesn’t seem like five years already and at the same time it’s as if you’ve been here forever. Your adventures with wool, teenagers, yarn temptations, fiber stealing squirrels, winters in Toronto, and tempermental Mr. Washie (bless his memory), are a part of my daily internet travels. It’s always wonderful fun to read what you have to say and incredibly comforting to know I’m not the only one who gets excited about turning a heel. Because you made it look so easy I even attempted knitting lace.
    Thanks for writing the blog and letting us in on all you share.

  331. All my life I have never felt like I belonged.
    But thanks to knitting, I have found people who understand me. People I can be myself with. People who when I say I am not a people person, they laugh and accept me.
    I am proud to be a member of The Blog.

  332. Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary. Thank you for being a part of my “imaginary knitterly world”. I’ve learned tons from your wise knitting tutorials where I go to school on your mistakes. Carolyn in NC
    p.s. Did I ever tell you that I knit my very first sock totally inside out? Now there’s a learning experience I tell you.

  333. I love your writing, your outlook on life and knitting, your travels (and travails). Thanks for sharing yourself with us. You brighten my day. Happy 5 year anniversary. May you have many, many more! Big hug.

  334. Thank you, Stephanie. I’m so grateful for you and all of the Blog. I hope we all keep going for many more years!

  335. Would you have ever guessed five years ago beginning this that it would impact you so much? Or that you would impact so many through it? Happy Blogiversity!

  336. You are most surely welcome. :o)
    And thank you for sharing your wit, (mis)adventures, and well-grounded soul with us. Honestly, the world could use a lot more people like you. (Provided the Steph-likes were knitters to keep the muggles safe. ;o)
    Bon Anniversaire!

  337. A very Happy 5th Blogiversary to you! Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to gather us all together here. Hope that ankle heals soon.

  338. Thank you for giving US the Blog! And for creating a community for us. You are a fearless, kind, and generous soul.

  339. Yumped up Yahweh on a Yamaha – five years??? Whole people grow in that length of time. Five years??? Entire undergraduate journeys are undertaken in less. Five years??? David Bowie ended the world in that span.
    I wonder, if you were to count all the words written in five years – would the number be greater than the number of dollars you brought into being for KSF???
    Five years seems large when measured in anecdotes, and small when measured in families. Five hundred thousand seems large when measured in dollars, and even larger when measured in hearts.

  340. It took me a while to figure out why I love your blog so much. I mean, I love your writing. I think you are so witty and poignant. I love your knitting, you have truly inspired me to try projects that I thought were too hard. But recently it struck me what I love most about “the blog”.
    You see I don’t live somewhere where I can join a knitting group and I don’t have any friends that knit, so the Blog is my knitting group. Everyday when I check and recheck to see if you have posted it is because I am hoping for some connection with you and all the knitters that leave comments.
    So, thank you! I really appreciate you and all of the blog.

  341. I love this blog. I read it everyday. I bought my nephew the Battlestar Galactica DVDs and told him “you know who loves Battlestar Galactica? The Yarn Harlot.” He said “really? That’s cool.” Then I told him about the Eye of Jupiter socks. He was very impressed.

  342. We are the collective, we are the Borg – er, I mean the Blog. Resistance is futile πŸ˜‰

  343. Dorky me, I should have checked the other comments first. I should have known that I wasn’t the only one feeling Borgish.

  344. Many thanks for the posts (and all of that cumulative time that could have been spent elsewhere). They make me happy.

  345. Happy Birthday to THE BLOG (so glad it’s not the Blob… Borg is OK with me)… And Congratulations (and thanks) to you for sustaining it and us.

  346. Thank you for blogging! Your blog is absolutely one of my most looked forward to things each day. And really, your books round that out too (as I’m still making my way through 2 and enjoying them greatly!).
    Happy Blogiversary!

  347. Happy Blogiversary!
    I have been reading your blog for about two years now and come visit everyday.
    I always look forward to reading about your projects, everyday life, ups and downs, adventures and all knitterly (and non-knitterly) related stuff.
    I have laugh when you fought your war against the enemy and came up with your anti-squirrel device. I have cried for your losses. I have been proud of your accomplishment and the blog’s accomplishments.
    Thank you for sharing everything with all of us.

  348. Your blog makes me smile and completely cheers up my day whenever I check it and see a new entry. Thanks for sharing your life with us~

  349. Stephanie, you write in such a way that I always feel included, in a world where otherwise I often feel left out. This is so precious to me, and I am sure others feel this as well. Bless you for your sharing of your shining spirit.

  350. We are The Blog, resistance is futile.
    From one geek to another, thank you. (and I agree with you on the 12th cylon- really?? I’m seriously hoping for a twist.)

  351. Hooray for The Blog! And for you as well. It makes me sad to think you haven’t been out of your house n 9 days, I hope you can breathe outside air soon.
    Thanks for writing (your part of) The Blog! It is a fantastic thing.

  352. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for opening your life to us for five wonderful years. Anytime our world increases in shared laughter or tears, we are enriched. Anytime we are moved to compassion, or motivated by a shared passion, we are enriched. Thank you for making us very rich, indeed.

  353. I am so not worthy! I just had my first blogiversary last week, but you….. 5 years….that’s incredible. Thanks for all you do and write and knit and spin.

  354. I’ve been a member of The Blog since I read Yarn Harlot about 2 years ago. I often wonder if I could keep the interest of this many people for this long. You are my Hero (even though it says “my mom” on my myspace page…wouldn’t want the ol’ girl to feel slighted now would we). The Blog loves you and not in that “call security before we have an incident” kind of way…more in that “Thank goodness someone gets as excited over turning the heel of a sock as I do” way.
    Congratulations on 5 years, here’s to many more! You are AWESOME. Don’t ever let anybody tell you any differently.

  355. Thank you for the Blog. I have enjoyed reading it since I found it on Mason-Dixon Knitting’s list at the side. Feel like my day is not complete till I pop in and check to see if you’ve posted. Love the way you write, and how you’ve shared a life that helps us feel kindred somehow.
    I’m not a very adventuresome or fast knitter, but I will try socks soon.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  356. Aww. Happy blogiversary, and thank you!
    I probably never told you, but I found your blog in the summer of 2004 when I stayed up nights with my newborn daughter and read through the archives while nursing (and laughed so much that I woke up the hubby who came to check if I was crying). Without the company of your blog I might as well have been. πŸ™‚

  357. I want to join in and say, thank YOU for sharing yourself with all of us… I will say, that your blog is THE ONLY blog that I look at first to see ‘if Stephanie has sent us something.’ Then I make sure I have a fresh cuppa whatever and take the moment to read your antics, questions, stories, enjoy your pictures, your knitting and most of all your humorous spin on what the day has brought you… thank you for sharing

  358. You are the one who deserves the thanks! You’ve done an amazing job of assimilating us all into The Blog, and we are all richer for it.
    (Can you imagine Seven of Nine in a knitted catsuit? The mind boggles!)

  359. I’ve been reading for so long, you are now part of my family’s life. You are a gadget on my phone and a feature on my home page. I now regularly keep track of the weather in Toronto. Your books are on my bedside, all but the last signed since I hear you speak whenever you come to town. Once you came on my birthday, and we had our picture taken – fun! We love you and your family – you are a wonderful friend. Heck, I even like your friends and some of the regular commenters, like Ken, Rams and Presbytera. Thank you. ((hugs))

  360. Hi,
    I just finished reading your new book and wanted to comment on the last essay, the one about the dying knitting woman. I am an RN and years ago while working at Maine Medical Center in the ICU, I was caring for an elderly woman who was in final hours. She was not alert or able to communicate at this point. As the night wore on she became increasingly restless, and I repeatedly found her “playing with” her IV tubing so I moved my charting into her room so I could keep a closer eye on her. As I sat watching her it became apparant that she was not in fact playing with her IV tubing, or trying to pull it out, but was in fact “knitting” the IV tubing, at least in her mind. And I thought, what a terrific way to go–not restless at all, but doing what you love best.

  361. I am just another of the hundreds of readers commenting here and it’s only the second time that I have come out of hiding to post anything, but I just had to say, your blog is the first thing I read every morning, it makes think, or laugh, or inspires. Thank you Stephanie.

  362. You are welcome! And thank you for providing us with chuckles & insights every time we read. And I must say that I’m enjoying your latest book so very much. Thank you for that, too.

  363. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for the last five years and for sharing your life with us in this way. I wish you all the best for the next five years and beyond.
    I am actually in the process on catching up on the past five years of “The Yarn Harlot Experience” since I only came to the collective around a year ago. I feel like I’m missing out if I’m not reading the old entries, too. Besides it gives me something to do at work when I need clear my head to get a new perspective on a programming problem… or I’m bored… Which of course never happens, no no no. πŸ˜‰
    Still wish you’d include Germany on your next book tour but I’d settle for any place in Europe as long as I get warned early enough so I can make it. πŸ˜€ (Last year, I only found out that you’d be in London the week before the event and I couldn’t manage to get there with that little warning time. I am always the last to find out about such things…)

  364. Thank you Stephanie. I read The Blog everyday from little Belgium. Here knitters are hiding! I’ve never seen any and I don’t tell you about the strange looks I get at the post office or elsewhere when I take my knitting out! Your blog is fantastic I like your style and… I have all your books. What a wonderful way to feel part of a community.

  365. Congratulations!!! So, when you started writing this 5 years ago did you expect all the writing gigs, traveling, teaching, and other fun stuff that came after? I bet you didn’t. I love reading your blog. The morning coffee and ritual just aren’t the same when you aren’t around. By writing your blog you’ve given me tons of laughs, reminders of home, (I’m originally from upstate New York about 30 miles from Canada and I know all about butter tarts, squeaky cheese curd, and Canadian beer!) great knitting patterns, great knitting advice, exposure to all kinds of yarns and patterns that I would never have met on my own, and best of all a bit more knitting confidence! I love knitting but I do struggle with it. I had a brain injury so everything knitting takes longer for me to figure out. It’s really hard to follow a pattern when you are an untrustworthy counter LOL! You have no idea how comforting it is to know that even The Yarn Harlot visits the Frog Pond! If an accomplished knitter like you has to rip something out because of mistakes or that you don’t like the way that a pattern and yarn are coming together, then that makes ripping out a natural part of knitting! That means that even major visits to the Frog Pond are to be expected by every knitter, not just me. It’s not just me! Wow! Even though I rip things out often enough that I have my own personal bench next to the pond, knowing that ripping was a natural part of knitting helped me hang in there and persevere when I was frustrated, angry and thought my dumb brain would never get a grip. It gradually did, though I am still the Slowest Knitter in the World. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch you in action, (Cat Bordhi said you were the fastest knitter she’s ever seen and wow, you are seriously fast.) and besides your amazing knitting, you are very gracious to the Blog. I’ve watched people trail after you and Juno at Rhinebeck for the last couple years and you were very gracious and polite, even though you just wanted to be like the rest of us and shop. At SOAR people would stop you to talk and even though you were on a mission and really didn’t want to talk, you were kind, polite and gracious yet again. So thank you Stephanie. Even though I’m sure that your loyal Blog can be a pain in the butt, you are very much appreciated. I hope that your next 5 years are even better than the first.

  366. Thank you for everything that you give us. Just as you feel supported by knitters because of the blog, so do we. My husband now reads the blog from time to time, and I quote your happenings on an almost daily basis.

  367. I only joined “THE BLOG” recently – but I already feel like it has been ages.
    Really, the internet and blooging do a lot for knitters like us.
    I feel less lonely with my craft, too.
    Thank YOU for sharing so many insights with us!

  368. Congratulations and happy anniversary, Stephanie. I’m glad to be a part of The Blog and appreciate your efforts to entertain, inspire, amuse and unite us.

  369. Congratulations. You are a real Star. I am happy when I tell my friends you are the most famous knitter in the world, it makes our interest a shared journey. You have inspired me to knit, shared your contacts and ideas, and been a source of excellent advice on being a nice person. When the Simpsons decided to sing the Canadian Anthem rather than the Stars and Stripes, it was your philosophy they were applauding. Thank You.

  370. congrats on the 5 years.Like the mailman your blog is something I look forward to daily (this is what working from home does to you, you get your contact where you find it). It’s good to hear you like us (“you like me… you really like me”) as sometimes I sit here thinking “does she really want to hear what I think?” The largest surprise was finding other readers of the blog answering/advising me on my comment (who knew?, my computer knowledge works on a need to know basis) Keep up the good work I’m all for us becoming the Borg (resistance is futile)
    You’ve managed to turn me into a sock knitter so perhaps I too need to turn you to the dark side, can you say “sleeveless,cotton/viscose/silk/ Bamboo etc. sweaters for the summer?”(Wool, “it itches us”, OK I seem to be able to deal with wool socks)

  371. Thanks to you, my morning coffee is just a little richer and when I get to work I remember that I started the day doing something I really enjoyed. Thank you very much for that!

  372. Happy 5th Blogiversary, and thank YOU, Stephanie. This sparkling and colorful adventure you share with us helps me feel normal and connected and a little less insane [and I am guessing that I am not the only one out here to feel this way!] Thanks so very much to you and yours.

  373. Thank you for having us, oh wise one. it has been a great pleasure to read and follow your adventures. congratulations on a 5 year blogaversary!

  374. This morning, as I typed in http://www.yarnharlot.ca, I mused about what I would say if some non knitter asked me about ‘that site I check every day’ and I imagined myself saying, “Oh, she’s a friend of mine.” Immediately I wondered if maybe that was kinda creepy…it’s not like I’ve ever actually met you. After reading your entry today, I was right the first time. Thanks friend and congratulations!

  375. Thanks so much for your blog. I look forward to it everyday. I have been following you for 2 years even though I don’t leave comments. I have read all your books and have taken up knitting again. Thank you Stephanie Happy 5th Anniversary.

  376. Last October I started spinning, and went looking for inspiration and advice. I found you and immediately thought “Wow, when I’m 40 I wanna be crazy like that too!”. In December I claimed, “Noo, I’ll never be a knitter” Today I balled the handspun to start a drop-stitch shawl. So you’re to blame, yup, all your fault when I go gaga and start knitting πŸ™‚ And it’s great. I love to read how your life goes and all the wonderful craziness it includes. Thank you for sharing, you give me something to look forward to.

  377. thank you for giving us The Blog.
    It’s the first thing I read after bringing the computer to live.

  378. Wow! My child isn’t even five years yet (only four) so five years is a big accomplishment I think. congrats and happy anniversary. I love reading your blog.

  379. Thanks so much for sharing these past five years with us. I’m so pleased and amazed to be part of your community.

  380. Happy blogoversary Stephanie! We love you, too. Although I think the Blog/Borg thing is clever, I don’t think we are much like the Borg. We all DO have our own thoughts, even though they are often similar in nature. We are not FORCED to be part of the collective, but CHOOSE to participate!! Thanks again!!

  381. Blog on, Knitter, blog on! I’m a poor knitter at the best of times and although I feel great shame for my inabilities when I look at the projects you: have completed, are working on, are planning. But the way you write about knitting I’m inspired to pick up those needles for another day, just to see if I can make what’s in my head work. This is all aside from the wonderous benefits of your sharp wit and wonderful storytelling. Thanks for allowing the knitting-impaired to share in your experiences.

  382. Happy Blogiversary. Where would we be without you? I have been telling your Kinnearing story at cocktail parties everywhere. Dude – this blogger actually coined a word with the NY Times! People get a whole new respect for knitting bloggers. It’s amazing. Plus – you – and your blog – inspire us all to new dizzying heights. Long live the blog!

  383. Thanks for five years of wonderful reading and cyberfriendship. Reading your blog and books is like having conversations here at home with my local knitting friends. Warm and comfy.

  384. What amazes me is that you, who earms her daily bread via the sale of the entertaining written word, provides us, without any expectation of remuneration, a stream of same. As you’ve seen earlier this month, so many of us are kept in rhythm by the blog.
    I want to share my roots with you today. If you google ‘Canner’s Fabrics, Glen Cove,’ you will find my roots: a family yarn & fabric store closing this month after 85 yrs of business, run by three generations of Canner’s. Some things are instilled in you so young, they weave the very fabric of your soul.
    We, your Blog, appreciate the circle you have generously cast around us, & enjoy watching it grow ever wider, encircling the globe more effectively than any politician could ever imagine!

  385. Thank you for continuing to share yourself and your adventures with us. And for introducing me to the amazing Rachel H of the comments… πŸ™‚

  386. Happy blogiversary! Every day I read several blogs, most of them knitting related. But I always go to yours first, for my daily dose of inspiration and a good laugh (with you, not at you, of course.) In the words of Marilyn Munroe in The Seven Year Itch,”Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop!” Please keep sharing your knitting life with us. And congratulations!

  387. Thank you for giving us this blog (although I completely blame both it and you for my current obsession with knitting socks). Happy 5th anniversary and may there be many many more.

  388. Just want to join in with all the thanks, I too look forward to your comments about your life, loves and knitting. Before I “found” the Yarn Harlot I thought knitting was a solitary proceedure, but now I know I’m not alone, I’ve joined a “knit and natter” group and even knit in public. I also know that my “wool mountain” in the loft is quite normal.
    Thanks again.

  389. Congratulations on five years!
    Which means that I’ve been reading your work between meetings, during lunch hours, and nights where Morpheus withheld his charms from me (the Greek god, not a paramour with an odd name) for longer than two of my three marriages lasted!

  390. Oh Steph, thank YOU! You too are like a distant knitting friend, giving inspiration, a warm feeling or a laugh. Thank you for your books, your inspiration and your blog. It is a fantastic addition to my day!

  391. Oh, Jeeze, Steph! Don’t do that again! I thought you were going to say “It’s been real, I’ve had enough, goodbye.”
    Betty, the Ever Paranoid

  392. Hey, that’s a 2-way street! Your blog is my comfort/laugh/wisdom/sense of accomplishment for most days!! We are lucky/blessed/honored to have you! Especially when a knitting problem arises; if it’s yours, my feeling is wow, she messes up too! If it’s mine (more often), I recall that even Stephanie…..You have become a large part of our knitting lives. For which, I thank you!

  393. Well done and thank you! This blog is one of the few constants in my life and it means a lot that you put in the time and humour and loveliness. Thanks for helping me through the last five years!

  394. Yours was the very first blog I find, around 4 years ago, when I first realized there might be blogs about fun things (not just politics and geeky stuff) out there. You feel like a friend now, and it was such a thrill to hear you and get my picture made with you in Austin a couple years ago. Thank you so much for letting all of us into you life!

  395. I started reading your blog a few years ago and enjoy it very much! Some of your experiences….too funny (the squirrel story was great, among many others)! You really encourage us all in our knitting, and by admitting your mistakes, problems etc you make us feel like we’re not alone and even a professional!! has knitting “situations”! Your books are great also. I found “Knitting Rules” a favorite (very encouraging to try knitting new things) and I follow your sock “recipe” all the time. I saw you when you were in the Chicago area last year (came down from Sheboygan, WI) and loved your talk (we share the same birthday, BTW). Thanks for sharing your life, your knitting, your adventures with us all.

  396. Congratulations on 5 years! I’ve enjoyed almost (and I only say almost because I wasn’t reading since day one) every minute of it! Thanks for making the rest of us feel like we aren’t crazy knitting people!

  397. I can’t imagine a day with out “our” morning coffee. Your conversational style makes me feel as if you are speaking to me alone. I am sure we (all the readers) feel the same. Take care, Susan in London On

  398. THE BLOG is crying.. how DO YOU DO THAT?
    Beyond your gift for words- your gift for building a community and making each one feel like a “WHO” carried around by a very gentle and loving Horton.. who hears us AND UNDERSTANDS… is just plain amazing.
    Write on, Harlot, Write on.
    (esp on THE BLOG:)

  399. Oh dear, seems we all feel the same way. A flock, I rather like that. At times when things are very bad THE BLOG can be such a comfort.
    I live in rural AZ and finding fellow crazy knitters, say in the summer when it is 117 degrees, who are knitting on wool is not an easy task! But with THE BLOG we are all in touch.
    Knit on dears, knit on as if our lives depended on it!

  400. Thank you for you! I am posting this from the local library because my internet has gone all wonky and I haven’t had access since Wednesday and while my husband has been good about checking my email from his work, he wouldn’t read me your blog over the phone. Anyway, *that’s* how much you are apart of my life!

  401. Congrats! I can’t imagine (knitting) life without your blog!
    Perhaps you should start calling us your “blorg”?? Get it, Blog + Borg = us!

  402. Happy belated blogaversary!! Thank you so much for having had this insane idea (“You know what would be cool?…”) . You generate more smiles, guffaws, squirted coffee through the nose (ow) than you will ever know. The enjoyment is mutual!!
    Blog on, girl, blog on!!

  403. Your BLOG is one of several that ‘draw’ me to this thing called ‘Blogland’..You sometimes quench my urge for a HUGE DARK CHOCOLATE..just by reading or learning something from your blog..so thank you~

  404. You are a big part of my falling in love with knitting. the craft is a part of my soul now. You are a very welcomed part of my life.
    Thank you for showing me so much beauty can be created.

  405. Thank YOU! Although I have been reading you for years I have never posted a comment, but what better time (a day late, I know) than to post a Happy Anniversary! Thank you for creating something so good in the world. Thank you for bringing people together. Thank you for starting me donating to Knitters/Doctors without Borders, thereby making me a better human in the karma department. Thank you for being. Love and Peace

  406. Stephanie, Many thanks to you. I have learned a great deal from you beyond knitting. Two evenings ago my husband and I attended a Garnett Rogers concert in Madison WI. He was quite excited about the Inauguration of Pres. Obama. In the course of his remarks he said “You won’t believe this but Canada does not have a government at the present time.” Of course, I believed it–you had done a wonderful job of explaining it.
    Can’t wait to see you at the Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In in March.

  407. I’ve often wondered… How big is “The Blog”? I mean we can see how many people take the time to comment, but how many people read your blog each day. Inquiring minds would like to know!
    Yours was the first I ever read and you introduced me to the wonderful world of blogs.

  408. Happy Anniversary, Darling Stephanie. It has been such an honor and comfort to share your life these past five years. I hope we’ll be together for many years to come. Rock on, knitting goddess.

  409. Thank you Stephanie for providing us with guidance, inspiration and excuses for expanding our stashes (sock yarn doesn’t count, indeed!). My family and friends know all about “the Yarn Harlot” and don’t blink when I start spouting off something you said or did. (Although my feminist daughter still has problems with your claiming the sobriquet “harlot” which she finds demeaning. That’s her problem). Anyway, I’ve been reading for a couple of years, but haven’t commented until now – Thank you again for sharing your expertise and your family. Mazeltov!

  410. Happy Blogiversary!!! Sigh, if only I got a quarter of the comments you get…on any of my 3 blogs…that would be awesome.

  411. I’m so glad to be part of the blog. You make me laugh and realize we are all doing the best that we can! Thanks to you family for letting you share them with us.

  412. I have taken to calling this “My Knitting Blog” instead of “the knitting blog that I read all the time” (it’s faster – I say it a lot!) and the other day my son tried to correct me. But he is wrong. This is *my* blog. I would be a lonely knitter in the wilderness without it. Thanks, Stephanie. Keep on being our wonderful leader!

  413. I just love that “what does the blog say?” approach to potentially difficult issues (about both life and knitting).
    We’re glad that you are here too!

  414. Happy 5th! Thank you for making me feel less lonely with my knitting obssession! I look forward to reading “the blog” every day!

  415. i started reading the blog about a year ago, and started going back the years i missed out on the blog, wishing i could comment on post i missed, tell you how happy i was for your girls, or for you and Jo. i love it here, happy blogaversary.

  416. Wow! Ican’t even begin to tell you what you, your writing, and this blog of yours has done for me as a person, as a knitter, and as a spinner. From the bottom of my heart (and stash) thank you! Now what ever happened to that Gansey?

  417. Your first book was just published when I decided to learn to knit. I can’t thank you enough for all the encouragement and wisdom you’ve provided through your books and the blog. I moved beyond scarves only because you insisted that knitting socks was children’s work. My teenaged niece has discovered the charms of hand knit socks, too (my knitting, of course, but it’s nice to have a fan).
    It’s been a joy to be introduced to your family and friends. The patience of your St. Joseph is awe inspiring and I want him to know I have not laughed about his trouble with the truck.
    And thanks, too, for “rat bastard.” That’s come in handy in many a conversation!

  418. Thank you Yarn Harlot, I read The Blog, share with friends, they share with friends, and so it goes.
    You touch so many with The Blog, it gives knitting a life of it’s own. Very Nice and I admire you so for your sharing and knowledge and your ability to be so open with us all.

  419. Hi, because of you I can speak knitty speak, understand what my knitting friends are going through…as a fresh out of the pod knitter I love your blog…it is part of my daily routine, Thank you.

  420. I’ve been knitting forever but you still inspire me to try new and different patterns and yarns. Thank you for all the time and effort you spend on keeping us informed and entertained. Looking forward to seeing you at Madrona and wondering if I should bring my version of the sock yarn blankie (that you pointed me to in Shelley’s blog). I knew there was a reason for saving all those leftover sock yarns.

  421. Happy fifth anniversary!
    The blog loves you, too!
    Well, at least I do.
    I did offer an opinion on skirt length. If the other’s can’t see how brilliant my comments are, that’s their problem.
    I do wear matched knitting, too.

  422. No. Thank you. For all your sharing and wonderful writing. I love to hear about your wips and your family and your knitting and book touring adventures.
    Thank YOU.

  423. Stephanie,
    The Blog would like to thank you! Thank you for bringing us into your world and broadening our horizons. To let us know that it’s O.K. to boldly knit where no one has knit before. Mostly, thank you for sharing your insights on life and wool. I can’t count the times you had me laughing out loud or left me with tears rolling down my cheeks.I have a euro-style “knit” sticker on my scooter.Whenever someone asks “Where is k-n-i-t?” I tell them, “It’s not a destination, it’s a journey.” Thank you for engaging The Blog.

  424. No, thank YOU for sharing your life (and knitting) with all of us! Lord knows, you’ve made things my mom has drooled over many a time. >.< Much to my annoyance, if I have other projects on the needles. Oh well, keeps me inspired!

  425. Dear Y H,
    I do not knit, but I love your blog. You are just a very good writer! Have a lovely day and another 5 years, please.

  426. Happy Anniversary!
    I am a new (and ever so devoted) member of “The Blog”. I have found a great confidant in the mass that is The Blog. It is good to know that I am not the only crazy knitter-there are many of my kind. πŸ™‚

  427. Thank you! Happy Blog-a-versary. I am greatly enamoured of your writing style, your brains, political perspective, family relationships and the knitting…oh my. I discovered The Blog when I had taken up knitting…about 3 jobs and 2 laptops ago. Thank you for enabling us to support such great causes and learn about dreams and goals. Thank you and thank you to your family.

  428. Thank you for sharing! And here’s to the next five years (and the five after that…and the five after that…)

  429. i just went back and read your first posting on January 23, 2004 and you had an impressive 19 comments. Just look at today – about 600 comments.

  430. We laugh heartily, we cry softly, we listen and learn, we share, admire, encourage and wait expectantly for your words.
    I think it is known as …… being friends.
    Happy 5th Writing Anniversary and Thank You for sharing your life. It has been our gift.

  431. Happy 5th. I wish I could remember exactly how I stumbled across the blog, but I’m so glad I found it! Here’s to many, many years of blogging!

  432. The Blog Writer is a warm funny person, a wonderful knitter and her life is a lot of fun to share. Thank you.

  433. Together we laugh heartily, we cry softly, we share and learn, we wait expectantly for your words. I believe it is known as … being friends.
    Happy 5th Anniversary of sharing your life and expertly guiding ‘your Blog’. Expressed with Respect and Sincere Affection, a dedicated Bloggette.

  434. I often don’t have time to comment, but I read you without fail. Thank you for the work you do, Stephanie. You give to us in many ways, not the least of which is making us feel less lonely and more connected. Blessings.

  435. By gum, I’m going to read ALL 600 comments before mine (in a few mnutes). To you, it’s The Blog. To me? It’s you, and because of it, you are my friend, my sister, my daughter (you COULD be…if I were Canadian and, you know, there). And your Blog IS a community, and what a happy group we are. At my LYS, one often hears “Stephanie says…” or “Did you see how Stephanie did that?” or “Have you read Stephanie today?” Yes, Happy Blogiversary. I’m glad I live in this corner of the 21st century so I can join you. (LOTS OF LOVE!! dearie)

  436. I can’t imagine blogging continously for 5 years! I’m so increadibly inconsistent with it. But congrats on your anniversary. πŸ˜€

  437. May you have many more years of blogging & knitting. I really enjoy your books. Thanks for writing.

  438. You are definitely the one doing the lion’s share of the giving in this relationship! We just sit back and wait for the next post. Thank you!

  439. Really… thank you! Can you believe its only been 5 years? I’ve been “with” the Blog for almost 3, mostly lurking, but I can’t imagine knitting without the Blogs of which I feel apart. Thank YOU for letting me in! I hope it never stops!

  440. Congratulations!
    On another note, I must ask a question about today’s (Saturday’s) calendar entry. How do you get the cat to use the bed you made them instead of the current knitting? It doesn’t seem to work here, especially if I’m working on the current knitting.

  441. I love the Blog! I found It last summer and spent two weeks reading It from the beginning to the end! Which made It look funny as your kids went from younger to college (OMG! How did that happen?) in like, months. It made me brave as I learned to knit. If you ever come to Arizona, I’d love to come see you! In a nice, non-stalker sort of way.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  442. As I read this entry, and went to each link, and gave the appropriate “oh” sound, I couldn’t help think how lucky we are that you share so much with all of us. Thank you for a fabulous 5 years. Congratulations!

  443. When I read the blog, I feel less crazy, and more connected. There is something comforting knowing that there are others out there who share my passion for hoarding yarn, and having more projects going than can possibly be finished in one lifetime. Thank you for giving us place.

  444. I’m pretty new to your blog, still catching up. I think the leaf socks dissed by some of your readers last year are really lovely. Would be weird to wear maybe, but really really pretty.

  445. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary!!! Your experience with knitting is your blog. Your blog conveys feelings of excitement and persistence and has created an entity much like a knitted piece. Then we have all knitted ourselves into it with you, embellishing until it is like the Milky Way – thousands of stars in the lace of the night sky.

  446. I can’t thank you enough for creating your blog. It’s given a place for like minds to come together to share about our love for knitting. As you well know, family and friends can only listen to your raving about alpaca roving for so many minutes before their eyes glaze over. Here, everyone understands the hobby, the passion, the obsession, and the growing stash. Thanks Stephannie and “The Blog”.

  447. I haven’t read all 600 comments, but even if I am repeating some of them, I must tell you that you have given us all a special gift. I have been disabled 10 years now, and your blog has made me feel connected and not so alone. Some days the only time I laugh is when I read your blog. And I’m a better knitter because of you.
    Thank you so much.

  448. …And many healthy, happy returns. This is the only blog I regularly read. It’s up there, right after food, shelter and clothing. The old Pogo saying applies, in an unexpected way: “There is no THEY, there’s only US.” The buoyancy in the collective blog helps carry us all along. Thanks for being who you are, Stephanie.

  449. Happy blog-versary… you had me scarred a bit in this entry, that you might stop… to much relieve you are just marking a point on the path…

  450. Though I’ve only read your blog for a couple of years now (I must admit, blogs were intimidating to me and it’s seldom that I’m willing to reveal my thoughts to the world in a blog), I check yours daily and will burst out laughing or, occasionally, become teary eyed with your commentary. My DH (see, how savvy I have become) always knows when I’m at the laptop laughing out loud that it’s likely I’m reading your blog (though sometimes it’s an outstanding joke from my friend, Ann).
    So thank you, Stephanie, for all that you give to us, The Blog.

  451. Thank YOU for “The Blog” ! I look forward to what you have to say, and I find that I’m laughing, chuckling, and happy to see what you have to say, always impressed with what you are knitting. When I don’t have the time to knit (how is that possible?), reading your blog is what I do… which keeps me connected. Thank you Stephanie!

  452. Happy Anniversary!
    I’m a new-ish member to your books and blog and I want to thank YOU. For making me feel less lonely about my new knitting obsession (it’s been about 3 years – maybe 2 that I’ve been knitting). For sharing your trials, tribulations and triumphs with us and knowing we’re less alone in these triple T’s. For allowing us a glimpse into your view of the world (okay and knitting specifically). Generally, for a being a voice we can relate to and appreciate. It’s no surprise that your popularity exists in my opinion. And since I found you, I’ve been passing your knowledge (as well as books and blog info) on to new knitters or knitters who are new to the online community.
    Thank you.

  453. No, I thank you. You are my newspaper in the morning with my cup of coffee. You are the start of my day. I miss when you don’t blog but I know that there is always a very good reason why you didn’t blog. Truthfully you started my knitting up again and to continue on. I wasn’t knitting much and now I knit every waking moment that I have free to knit. I am finally getting my DH to understand the reason for all of this. He was jealous at first but now likes his socks and sweaters. Please keep up the fantastic work. I feel I know your family and love them very much. I would love to see all of you and hope to make a trip to Toronto this year but with the economy we will have to see. You are the best.
    Happy 5th.

  454. When I read this, my first thought was ‘YES’! We are knitting’s version of the Borg Collective! You could not have put it any better. As much as you count on us, we count on you. You keep us inspired about knitting, educate us on all things Canadian, and keep on us about politics. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  455. I’m a “lurker” who has enjoyed your blog immensly for about half its lifetime. Thank you for your expertise, insight, perspective, encouragement, commeraderie, . . . . and just being you. The number of comments was at a palindrome . . so that was my ‘sign’ that I needed to add my comment to the list. Thank you.

  456. Dear Stephanie, congratulations on five years blogging. My heart went offbeat when I started reading this blog until the seventh line from the bottom. I got suspicious you were calling it a day, no more Harlot blogging, thank goodness I was wrong, my heart is beating happily regular again. I do read almost all comments too (and for daughters going to college far away, you will survive, my son left 7 years ago for America, a one year scholarship, he now lives for a year in Vancouver) If I can survive this, you can uni-terms absences too, you are a strong woman and you have marvellous Joe as I have a marvelous husband too. Now, I am going to read the comments.

  457. Thank YOU Stephanie for giving us so much inspiration and funny reads almost daily. I even have had to read segments to my husband at times.. you are a event that I truly look forward to reading!

  458. In the above I meant he has been away for over seven years now. Thank some good entity for internet.

  459. Thanks for everything you do. I get a lot of joy and information from being part of the “blog”. I hope you have many more years of success.

  460. Boy, did those five years go past quickly. It’s wonderful to know that your life has been so enriched by the blog, but I’m sure that your loyal Blog would like you to know how much you’ve enriched our lives, too. The tip of the iceberg is knowing that we’re not all nuts. (Perhaps more like we’re all nuts, but in the same way. When packing, we obsess for days over what knitting to take, and how much, and ten minutes before leaving we realize that perhaps shoes and underwear would be a good idea, too.)
    So many things make us love you. In my case, I think that the foremost one is the fact that you are such a good human being. As evidence, I give you KWB and your dedication to such a wonderful cause. Then there is your family life, which you share so generously. It’s so good to know that other people have the same struggles with teenaged daughters, and that they all (our kids) seem to be turning out to be responsible, kind members of the community. That matters. It’s also lovely to see the no-longer-godless-heathen-union thriving.
    You have introduced us to some wonderful people– (in no particular order)–Denny, Rachel H, That Laurie, Ken, Presbytera, Rams, Hank, Auntie Helen and Uncle Don, Megan (Lettuce Knit), and I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch.
    I’ve found all the other blogs I read through you, directly or indirectly (because you were my first). I’ve learned techniques and terminology
    (such as “tink” and “frog” and “pooling”, and one of my favourites–“craptastic”!) and discovered that there are so many more knitters than I thought. (I have no knitting friends, so this is a fantastic connection.)
    Without rambling further and becoming utterly nauseating, please know that you have given so much to so many that it doesn’t surprise me that there are well over 600 comments thanking you for sharing yourself with us. We are so lucky. Thank you.

  461. Happy Blogoversary (yes, I have my own spelling of that), from a usually silent member of the collective. Thanks for all the laughs! I dream of having a The Blog of my own, someday. (:

  462. Happy Blogiversary – thank you for sharing so much of your life with u and for aiding me further on my knitting and spinning journeys. x

  463. Happy anniversary! I’ve only been reading for a year or so but thank you for sharing your life with us.
    You’ve helped keep a sense of normality through dark days for me personally recently. And you’ve inspired me to get back to my knitting, and getting my Christmas knitting organised already! (That’s helping focus me as well after the death of my fiance in November.)
    I hope we’ll have many more years of your blog to enjoy and that you know how much the time you take to write it is appreciated.

  464. Your blog is the bee’s knees πŸ™‚ I am rather fond of you as a writer because you’re typically Canadian in your humour; you’re Canadian (well…that explains it all); you take beautiful pictures of Newfoundland and you’re married to a newfie. Much love.
    Not to mention you seem to have a great sense of humour when it comes to being a mother. My mom was like you; worried too much, tried to get as much laundry done when possible, but was really cool, laid back and liberal in her attitude re: raising children. She didn’t worry about scraped knees, unkempt hair and muddy boots. She let us grow up on our own terms but under my ‘rents rules and guidance. You remind me much of my mother and much of myself (we have a similar sense of humour and when are reading and knitting fiends).
    good job Mrs. McPhee πŸ™‚

  465. Happy Blogiversary!
    I want to THANK YOU for turning me into a crocheter-with-acrylic-only into a knitter-with-natural-fibers-only. A google search for “yarn” almost three years ago yielded your blog and a wonderful world of knitting I had not known existed. Since then, I’ve learned to knit, knit on dpns, knit lace, knit socks, and acquired an impressive (and expensive) stash of natural-fiber yarns. I now visit yarn stores whenever I travel where I know I can make friends simply by sitting down and knitting for a spell. And all of this happened in my life because I got sucked into your joy-filled life as told to The Blog. I expect to be reading it until the unthinkable happens… I die, you retire from writing it, or you finish Joe’s Gansey πŸ˜‰

  466. I am grateful for your blog, and the funny funny books that you write and that I buy, then read, then pass on to less fortunate knitters by way of the local library.
    Yet, I’m fuddled to the point of consternation, (and very, very envious) at the amount you are able to write coupled with the amount you are able to knit.
    How do you do it. I have found that I get so much done when I say to my self “it’s just a blog, it doesn’t have to be read, and then responded to”
    Perhaps knitterly evolution will grant us with voice typing, whilst we knit-or vice versa. (I think knot – poof!)
    Back to knitting, cheers

  467. And thank you for letting us become a part of your life — you are, of course, a part of ours.

  468. You are ultra super platinum wonderful! I join the many included in “the blog” to say Good On Ya for great writing, humor and knitterlyness!

  469. After a 25 year hiatus, I started knitting again in October. I knit 28 pairs of thrummed mittens as Christmas presents-an indication of the fanatical side of my nature. In January, I found your blog. I had also found Cat Bordhi’s moebius pattern. I’ve decided that moebius scarves/cowls are my next project-an early start for next Christmas. I saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL pattern in your 2005 blog when you were in the throes of knitting Latvian mitts. The pattern and the yarn were from “Caroline”. Where can I get that lacy, moebius pattern? I absolutely LOVE it. You can tell I love your blog too since I’m willing to play catch-up on 5 years worth of blogs. Cheers, Hazel.

  470. We should be thanking you, because you are the best! I can’t wait to see you at Madrona, even though we hardly know each other, just seeing you passing by makes me happy to think that you’d be the same place as me πŸ™‚ Nance

  471. To reiterate Gwyneth –
    Could we make it a world wide holiday?
    YES PLEASE! All over the world people would have to go out and buy a gorgeous yarn JUST to celebrate YarnHarlotDay. I like it!

  472. Okay, you scared me there. I thought the way that post was going you were going to say, thanks for all the memories and now I am stopping. phwew! Thanks for sticking it out and sticking around.

  473. When I do comment, there’re always quite a few hundred here before me, and I rarely take the time to read more than the first few comments.
    I gotta say, You gave me reason to hold up my head when admitting to my stash and my obsession with this thing we do involving sticks and strings. To look my friends and family in the eyes and say, “See, I’m not alone in this crazyness!”
    Thank YOU Harlot. You ARE the best.
    Maddy from Florida, now in North Carolina

  474. Thank you, Stephanie for your time and willingness to share so much of yourself. Many days have been brightened by your misfortunes (sorry!) and your description of them and of course your wonderful knitting. I love being part of “the blog”. Keep writing and we will keep reading. deb

  475. Congratulations on 5 years of wonderful writing! I have only been a regular reader for about 3 of those years, but I have gone back and read your archives! As a blogger on a much smaller scale I appreciate the time it takes to make an entry.
    Thanks for your openness, your insight and your humor in all aspects of life, including knitting. Keep up the great work!

  476. Thank you for helping so many of us connect and for adding wisdom and humor to our days. It takes courage to let so many people into your life. I raise my glass to you and The Blog.

  477. We are the Blog. Resistance is futile.
    (Take the fact that I am clearly not the first to make that joke among the comments as further proof that it is true.)

  478. And thank YOU for creating the blog – I mean us!!! Before you we were a bunch of lonely knitters, but now we have someplace to belong. YOu have given us an identity. Didn’t know you were so powerful, did you?
    A thousand thank yous……

  479. Steph, I am a knitter with 27 indoor cats. (Not all of them are my fault. My husband is responsible for bringing some of them home…) I love them all and knit obsessively. It can be done! Your blog is a highlight of my day! Rock on!

  480. I love reading your blog,you are funny and because of you I have some wonderful winter solstice yarn and have joined the 2009 notorious sock knitters even though I have only made baby socks. I am even going to sock camp, (sounds funny to me). You inspire me and I thank you!

  481. Thank YOU for all the “yes, that’s it, exactly” moments you have given us. You speak for so many of our foibles, and you get it just right!
    Keep on knitting and blogging through all crises!

  482. Wow, that means I’ve been here almost since the beginning. I think I found you in the summer or fall of 2004.
    You’re so much fun. I rarely comment, but want to thank you for regualarly putting a smile into my day!

  483. Stephanie, I’ve not been reading here that long, but I love catching up on your archives. I had no idea until now that you lived in sin for so many years (HA HA HA), and your tale about locking yourself out your hotel room in only your underwear nearly made me wet mine.
    Thank YOU, for giving us The Blog!

  484. Your writing is the highlight of my computer time. Thank you for giving us, “the Blog”, a chance to peek into your life and enjoy the knitting, the girls, your family, even the switching out of old appliances. The Blog is grateful!!

  485. So glad to count myself as a tiny little part of the Blog. You are an inspiration to all of us and it is a joy to have stumbled into your living room so many moons ago.
    Congratulations on Five Fabulous Years. Here’s to Five More!!!

  486. OMG, Stephanie!
    You have to be a bit more considerate of The Blog’s health!
    I was having heart palpitations when I started reading your entry — I thought you were leading up to “I’ve had a great five years. You lot – as The Blog – have been wonderful. But I am calling it quits after five years.”
    Whew! I’m still not yet recovered – only got a few hundred into the comments, before I just HAD to say something … and find something to drink to calm my nerves.
    Other people have said it better than I – about how you enrich our days. By improving our knitting AND by pointing out things that we wouldn’t otherwise notice in our lives.
    Happy knitting and healing,

  487. Dear Stephanie,
    For a horrible moment, I thought this was your “Dear John” letter to the The Blog… I’m so relieved that it was a just a celebration of 5 lovely years having gone by. Please stick around for at least another 5 (or 25? 55? I’ll be reading, I promise.)

  488. Bravo and well done. And you’re absolutely right, which is why I abandoned my blog. Not only didn’t I get comments (no, no, really, I’m totally fine with it) I realized I couldn’t say anything coherent about knitting that wasn’t already brilliantly said. Plus, I much prefer reading to writing, so thank heavens you exist. And that you like writing to us.
    Love, The Blog (or a tiny part thereof)

  489. Okay, I already commented and said happy anniversary and all that. Now I’m just commenting on Lyssa’s post that the best sci-fi is Deep Space Nine — so glad that someone else loved it too!! Totally the best of the Star Trek series.
    yikes, that was geeky.
    Farscape is great as well, though sadly not on TV anymore. Check it out on DVD if you can.

  490. Happy Blogiversary, Sttephanie (and family, and critters, and appliances, and socks) !
    even we who’ve been reading for just a few of those (five! already?) years, and like me who’ve commented five or fewer times, you and the Blog make a delightful Difference in my life.
    Thank you.
    Now off you go on your next Free! Trip! Around the Sun! as do we all, and may there be many, many more.
    You go, Girl.
    I’m all for two inches below the knee and prefer even longer, but that’s just to hide the rumply things my knees are, still scabby from my well-spent youth.

  491. I just spent my Sunday reading 2008’s blogs, (and some older, depending on your links). I did break for breakfast, dinner, paid bills, and ordered the stupid t-shirts DH has been bugging me to order all weekend. I’m exhausted but hugely amused, LOL amused in places. And inspired to knit socks! The entry about the not drunk 4 cups of coffee in the airport (may not have been 2008) I giggle just thinking about. Only 4 more years give or take to go. I actually discovered your blog through 2 of your books, Knitting Rules and Casts Off. Thanks, really really thanks.

  492. You are the first thing I check when I open the internet. Thank YOU a million times for all you have done for me – which (among many other good things) includes giving me understanding that I’m not really crazy because knitting means so much to me too.

  493. You’re welcome. And thank you for bringing us the blog. If it weren’t for your desire to write a blog, who knows if we would not have all found each other. We all bring each other comfort as we read what you write and read each others’ responses. I love visiting this blog. All of you make me feel so good about being a knitter when I come across so few in-person on a daily basis.

  494. Dear Stephanie,
    With extraordinary gratitude to you, your life, your knitting, your spinning, your lactation consulting, your writing, your eventing, your knitters without borders, and dulaan, and hatting events……..tremendous, immense, unmeasurable gratitude…..thank you.so much. thank you.

  495. Five years of blogging. One might say that you have had a lot to say. πŸ˜‰ I’m new to blogging and looking to find my voice. It’s good to hear your blog-voice from your heart and true. Maybe one day I will get there too.

  496. If it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t be knitting.
    Thank you and Happy Blogiversary πŸ™‚

  497. Very nice and loving post. I do have to tell you that this comment hurt a bit: “I could write all I wanted to, I could say all I wanted to, and none of it had permanence or resonance or even importance if there was no-one there to read it.” Plenty of people write on blogs with very, very few readers. I don’t think that means those blogs lack “permanence or resonance or even importance” though.
    Happy anniversary.

  498. Stephanie, you are generous and goofy, insightful and entertaining. your blog was the first one I got hooked on and it inspired me to start writing my own blog. i can’t wait ’till knitters rule the world : D

  499. I have inadvertently joined an entity! How exciting, thank you for providing such a friendly and interesting commentary (and community)!

  500. Wow, five years – and to think that I only found you about six months ago, and even after that short time I can’t imagine not reading The Blog several times a week!!
    I had a brief Star Trek moment when reading today’s writings though – we are The Blog, resistance is futile, your knittiness will be assimilated in to our own……
    But rest assured we just couldn’t do without you……….:-)

  501. Steph, thank you for sharing your life with us, the BLOG. I visit every morning before I start my workday. I can’t think of a more pleasant and often entertaining way to start a the day!

  502. Mostly I’m a silent member of The Blog (because I have to say I would be well stressed out if it were me having to find the time to read all the comments you get, and I’d hate to be responsible for creating unnecessary stress for anyone!). However, now seems a good point to de-lurk and add my voice to all those thanking you for sharing with us your life, your family, your knitting successes / failures, and your thoughts (quirky / engaging / insightful) on everything under the sun. Reading your blog is a high point of my day – always. Here’s to the next 5 years – and beyond!

  503. Happy Blogiversary! Just think, the Blog is now old enough (here, anyhow) to start school in the fall. Thank you for inspiring me to keep on knitting (and letting me know that it was ok put down the boring “first scarf” (which I did eventually finish)).

  504. Really? You started in January 2004? Don’t take this the wrong way, but I could have sworn your blog had been around longer than that. That I was nursing my first born instead of my second born when I first started reading your blog. That also explains why your archive only goes back to Jan. 2004.
    Anyway, Happy Blogaversary! This is one of my favorite blogs. I love reading about what your are knitting and “watching” your girls grow up. My family doesn’t quite get why I read a knit blog written by someone who lives in Toronto — mostly because I don’t knit. But I have learned so much about our neighbors to the North.
    Thank you for a great place to come and spend some time.

  505. Happy Blog-a-versary! I’m very happy to be part of the blog collective. Having graduated from Borg Institute of Technology, finding a place in a collective feels very natural. πŸ™‚
    You’re talented in so many ways — thanks for sharing with us!

  506. Congratulations!
    I actually feel honoured to be part of the colective “The Blog”. Thanks for writing it!

  507. thank YOU for writing! If the blog wasn’t there, we would have no where to comment and share with you our thoughts!
    Congratulations for 5 years of ‘the blog’. Surely a great achievement in bloggyness!

  508. No, dear lady, thank you. Because of you I am a Knitter, not just a knitter. When I see a pattern I don’t think I can handle, I think to myself: “It’s just knit and purl”. “I’m not difusing a bomb”. ” There are no knitting police”. You gave me that. Thank you.

  509. Dear Steph,
    How can I express in words the joy you bring to so many lives. I discovered you during my toddling steps back into the world of knitting and found that it was okay to make mistakes. It was okay to be silly amongst knitters because they understood (for the most part — there are days when I confound even the hard core). And it was okay to speak one’s thoughts about a craft.
    You inspire, you entertain, and you encourage. Without you, we would go on, but it’s like cupcakes without fudgy icing. Ya gotta have the icing. And sprinkles too.
    Thank you so very much.

  510. Stephanie,
    Happy Blogiversary!!! You were my 1st— I was a blog virgin before you—and although I am seeing/reading other blogs now, yours is still my favorite!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your humor, inspiration and knowledge of muggles! I appreciate all of the time & energy that you spend on the blog. We love and appreciate you!

  511. Oh, Yarnie, my Yarnie. Did you know that’s what YOU are called around here? Maannn, I gotta have my daily dose of Yarnie. Keep it up and do get well soon. Luv ya.

  512. Thank you for sharing your life with us. It is an honor to know you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a couple years now and never taken the time to let you know that reading it is a highlight of my day. I just read the entry about your hotel stay in Edmonton when you where locked out in the hall in your underwear! Too funny for words! You inspire me, make me laugh, and sometimes make me cry. Thank you for all you’ve shared. Blessings on many more years!

  513. I forgot to tell you one more thing that you’ve added to my vocabulary–it’s one of my favourites, and I love the looks I get when I use it. “You are seriously harshing on my mellow!” You are several different kinds of wonderful, and the world is a much better place because you are in it. Thank you.

  514. As someone else said, thanks for giving us you! We really enjoy sharing your life and loves.
    Happy 5th Blogiversary!!!

  515. Thank you for writing this wonderful blog! I may not always comment (actually I rarely do) but I read everything you write and relate to it, laugh along with you and tell your stories to others. Please don’t ever stop sharing your life with us – it’s profoundly too interesting πŸ™‚
    Happy 5 years!

  516. You and The Blog started me on my pathway to knitting! If it wasn’t for your books, I never would have found you, The Blog, or the knitting community so essential, so compelling, and so addictive! Thank you for all you have done for the knitting community and for me personally!

  517. Congrats on your blogiversary!
    I learned how to knit more then 2 decades ago as a pre-teen, and I’ve been resisting against great incitement(reading your blog and ummm…. all of your books) for a few years now (there are just so many other fiber crafts to explore) and then one day, it was inevitable. I picked up my needles (25 year old needles that had moved with me through university and singleness and married life being ignored the whole way) and said to myself “I wonder if I still remember _how_ to knit?”
    Now my fingers get twitchy if they don’t have a project in hand!

  518. Without readers, a blog would be a private diary, a light under a basket.
    We’re honored that you keep your basket full of wool, and thus share your light with us all.
    There are many days when your blog sheds a bit of light into my day. Today is one such day — just got my husband settled comfortably at home after losing an eye to cancer.
    He’s a trooper. Upon coming out of anesthesia the morning of the 20th, his first question was, “Is Barack sworn in yet?”
    Hoping you feel better soon. Clomping around on a cane is no fun.

  519. Without readers, a blog would be a private diary, a light under a basket.
    We’re honored that you keep your basket full of wool, and thus share your light with us all.
    There are many days when your blog sheds a bit of light into my day. Today is one such day — just got my husband settled comfortably at home after losing an eye to cancer.
    He’s a trooper. Upon coming out of anesthesia the morning of the 20th, his first question was, “Is Barack sworn in yet?”
    Hoping you feel better soon. Clomping around on a cane is no fun.

  520. I must say, I’d far rather be part of The Blog than The Borg!
    Happy blogiversary and many many more!

  521. My husband indulges me when I find something cute/interesting/noteworthy on the web and read it out to him. But as soon as I let on that my chuckle is thanks to you, he *insists* that I share it with him. He’s no knitter, but the way you write about life and its sketchier moments (e.g. Joe stuck in the truck) makes it so much easier to laugh when the sketchy stuff happens to us. Thank you for your wit and willingness to share.

  522. Happy blogiversary! Thanks for taking all of us along on this wild ride with you and welcoming us into your virtual living room. You’ve outlasted many of us, and I’m always glad for a little visit (even if it is a bit crowded in here sometimes) at the end of a trying day. Mazel tov!

  523. Happy blogiversary amiga! It has been a pleasure reading along these last five years. (And occasionally snorting water out my nose when you caught me off guard and made me seize with laughter.)

  524. Yours was the first blog I ever read, and my education into the whole world of blogging. That leads to the thought that you are probably hugely responsible for the fact that I have my own blog now and do so much more with my knitting than I ever would have had I not discovered knitbloggers through you. Does that make your blog my gateway drug?? Many heartfelt congratulations on your anniversary! Thank you for all the laughs and inspiration, and may there be many more anniversaries in store for us.

  525. Happy blogiversary! And you’re entirely welcome.
    It’s a little disconcerting to think of myself as (probably less than) 1/716 of an entity… but I can think of myself as one voice, sometimes singing alone, other times singing in a very large chorus. All I can say is I’m glad you don’t make us audition.

  526. I love your blog, read it everyday. Thanks for sharing yours and your families life with us.

  527. Thank YOU for blogging and making the blog who it is. I think that because of your blog I apreciate my knitting more than I would ever have done without it and you’ve hooked me on socks and I’ve had many laughs although I had nothing to laugh about so thank you for that and being who you are!!

  528. This makes me want to post to mine again. I gave it up with a lot of other things, and now that I’m feeling better I guess I should.

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