Quickie also Random

1. The tree is up, the shopping has been begun and I might pull a Christmas off after all.

2. I am knitting a lot of French Press Slippers.  Don’t think I can stop, don’t want too.

3.  I’m not felting them though, just piling up these weird long slippers all over the place.  Freaking the family out a little.

3. Another pair of socks churned off the needles last night, knit entirely while waiting.

My usual plain vanilla sock recipe, worked over 64 stitches on 2.25mm needles.  Berrocco Sox in colour 1433.  A nice manly colour, though Joe thinks they’re a bit "wild". 

(Joe’s a bit of a plain dresser.  If by "a bit" you understand that I mean that he’s "a bit" of a plain dresser the way that Madonna’s bras in the 80’s were "a bit" pointy.)

4.  My link to the knit-klips thing from the other day is corrupt.  I don’t know why – the rest of the website works and it worked when I linked to it, so it’s a mystery. Here’s another link that works fine.

5. Gifts for Knitters Day 12: Anything from Jennie The Potter.  I love her pendants, her mugs, her bowls…. I think I really have it in for the square pendants.  They’re simple, gorgeous and made by real human hands that also happen to be on a nice person. 

6. Gifts for Knitters Day 13: Tee shirts bearing messages appropriate for knitters.  Choose one that sound like your knitter.  How about "Veni. Vidi. Knitti." or this great Knit/purl one,   or (and I think this one is appropriate for a lot of us "I knit so I don’t kill people".

7. Gifts for Knitters Day 14: The Lantern Moon Yarn Ball Door Mat.  I didn’t buy one of these the last time I saw them, and I have regretted it with a passion that still stings. It’s sold out everywhere right now, and I know it’s sort of unfair to list something here that you can’t buy, but hope springs eternal.  Maybe one of the knitters in the comments knows where to get it and we can all jump on it.   (There’s a sheep one too, but in my opinion it lacks the sophistication of the elusive yarn mat.)

8. Gifts for Knitters Day 15: The Year in Yarn Calendar.  Enough said.

9. It’s snowing.  That’s festive.

10. I think it’s snowing just to make things pretty and Canadian for my girl Amanda (who looks pretty fab, considering she’s been travelling for 30 hours)  home at long last from Australia-

where she did lots of things that sounded very fun (rainforests, hostels, snorkeling, submarines, saw huge spiders, got way too close to a crocodile, almost died on a rope swing)  that I don’t want to know the details about.  (I’m her mum.  I’d like to think she went to a lot of really safe museums. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. For the mothers of 20 year old global travelling backpackers, it’s a way of life.)