In Which We Keep A Secret

Last night, a secret plan came to fruition.  It has become tradition in our weekly Knit Night at Lettuce Knit, to make a baby blanket – all of us together, when a longtime member of the coven falls pregnant.  Sometimes it’s squares, sometimes strips – there’s a lot of ways – This time, it was a real community blanket.  Four knitters, four needles, four balls of yarn, four rounds at a time, knee to knee.  The blanket got started at Lettuce Knit, and was knit on by those who love Jen at every possible moment.  On Saturday, Natalie realized that we were going to need a big knit in to finish, and she set up and hosted one.

We all turned up, and worked for hours – tapping each other out when we got tired, swapping in and out so that the work could be continuous.

It was not just productive, but ridiculously fun. 

Round and round and round wen went, until 2am, when the last bit of the border was done, and then we all rode off on our bikes into the night, and left Natalie to do the casting off (Thank you!)  She blocked it, and lay it on her deck to dry.

Last night, we threw Jen a little knitterly baby shower, and she recieved a ton of beautiful woolies to welcome her wee one.  There were beautiful sweaters and socks and a quilted blanket…

Jen pointed out that the sweater below is perfect for a baby. Dark, vertical lines… very slimming.

At the end, finally, the blanket.  Made by all her friends, celebrating not just the arrival of a baby in our community, but how wonderful it’s been to have Jen in our community from the very beginning.

I think she loved it, I hope, as much as we all love her.
  My present will be late.

With my wool as my witness though, it blocks today.