Going Again

Last night when I was leaving, there was a box on the porch.  I was pretty sure that I knew what it was, but I left it there and went on my errands. 
When Joe and I got home last night, it was still there. 

I brought it in and put it on the counter, and that box and I had a bit of a staring match in the kitchen.  It won, so I opened it, half scared, half thrilled, half flipped out.  (I know that adds up to 1.5, which is probably why it felt so strange.)  I put my hand in the box and pulled out the contents – two books wrapped in brown paper, and I carried them into the living room without unwrapping them.  I went back to the kitchen and got a largish glass of wine, and then slowly unwrapped the package on my lap.

It is an actual book, made out of an actual manuscript that I actually wrote.  It’s All Wound Up, and it is (Joe and I had to count last night) book number seven.
It is very beautiful.  I held it, and noted all sorts of details.  That it has an orange spine. (I love that) That they are still using the old author photo that makes me look unreasonably young and beautiful (I love that too.) That the book feels good in your hands, has nice paper, feels like it’s the right weight, and especially that it looks related to the other books of essays that I’ve produced over the years.  It feels to me like getting a sister, or a cousin in the family, and I’m glad it looks that way.  I turned it over and over, and then opened it, and started to read at random spots. 

There is virtually no way for me to describe to you (except for those of you who are authors)  the feeling that is reading a book that you wrote. The words that I wrote in a notebook or on my computer, now suddenly on pages – The hours and hours of swearing and laughing and crumpling things up and getting up at two in the morning because I’d had an idea and it was a good one, or even the heartbreak of writing for hours and figuring out it was all crap and could never, ever be allowed to see the light of day for even one second… all of that experience, condensed into a book that will go to bookshops and into your homes?

It’s like standing in the bushes outside of a school so you can see your child playing inside, or the first time you go into the place where your teenager works and see them doing just that.  It’s the disorienting feeling of seeing someone you know really well, someone you understand completely in a certain context – suddenly transported to this more formal independent place where suddenly they are their whole own thing, large and real and bigger than you imagined, moving to a place without you.

This book is quite possibly the hardest won of all of them. We have all had (or will have) an Annus Horribilis, and the one designated for this family fell smack in the middle of writing this book. I struggled to write it. There are writers who will tell you that they are not complete without writing. Writers who will tell you that they need to write the way they need air, food or yarn. Writers who tell you that they would do it whether they had to or not, just to be fulfilled as a person. 
I am not that sort of writer.  I probably would write whether I had to do it or not, but mostly I look at it as my job, and smack in the middle of a crisis or ten, like most people, I would rather not go to work, but had to. What I wrote then didn’t make it into this book.  It was not bad writing.  It was wonderful writing.  It was – however, writing produced in the middle of grief and sadness and learning and when I looked at it, I realized that it was – almost all of it, more intimate, more raw, and more naked than I had intended for it to be.  It felt like being caught crying at work…topless.)

I tried then to soften it. To cover its nudity with more words and fewer details and at some point I realized that I had dressed it to the point that it didn’t even look like me – and I started over.  I realized that book- whatever I had written, was something for another time, when wounds were healed, and I put it in a drawer, and went for long walks, and long talks, and sat back down and wrote  again, and what I had at the end of that was the book that arrived last night. 

It is my favourite.

If you’ve been reading for a long time you might recognize a few old stories,  (Joe and the truck, for starters) but that’s only two out of twenty-nine stories.  The rest are new, and I think you’ll love them.  There’s a bunch that are funny, and a bunch that are something else, and there’s one in there that left and returned to the manuscript about ten times, because it is a little close to that public nudity I mentioned, but in the end it felt good to put it there.  An homage to the book and the place I moved through to get here.  I’m sure you’ll see it when it goes by.

It has been two years since I had a book published.  It feels like forever. There will be a tour.  I will be on the road and hopefully, if things are the same way between us,  I’ll meet a bunch of you and see a bunch of you again.

I’m delighted.  I’m proud.  I’m scared too.

I’m holding a book, and I wrote it, and that never gets old. 

(PS.  I know some of you will pre-order this book online, and that’s great and I’m exceedingly grateful,  but if you are considering buying the book (or any book, really)  could I ask a favour? Would you consider buying it at your local bookstore? I think it’s "use it or lose it" time for a lot of them, and they’re the ones who make things like tours and author readings and signings possible.  Buying the book at the store is a nice way to thank them  for hosting knitters, and make it possible for us to keep meeting like this.)

(PPS. It is the first book of mine that says "New York Times Bestselling Author" on it, and I can’t tell you how much I like it. I know that’s prideful, but I can’t help it.)

372 thoughts on “Going Again

  1. Can’t wait! And can’t wait for the accompanying book tour. I’m hoping you come somewhere in the vicinity of Kansas, because my daughter has become an enthusiastic knitter in the years since you came here last and I’d love to bring her to one of your events. Yay Stephanie! (And thanks for the Joe & The Truck story. Never gets old.)

  2. I’ll buy it at Tove’s Needles and Knits – my yarn and book store. She supports us by hosting our meetings, why wouldn’t I support her by giving her all my disposable income (and then some…)

  3. Thank you again for sharing your life with us… and congrats on the new book! Can’t wait to see it.

  4. Thank you for writing so honestly. You are truly an inspiration and I can’t wait to read your new book!

  5. Congratulations! I will visit my LBS (Fact and Fiction) to pick up my copy as soon as it arrives. Your musings, both in print and on the web, are a pleasant break in my day, something to look forward to, and to re-read in no particular order. Thank you.

  6. Well Done! And I couldn’t agree more that we all need to support our local booksellers, just as we do our LYS’s.

  7. Thank you for writing it and putting it out there. I can’t wait to read it. And yes, some stories need time; their time will come, if they’re meant to be out there.

  8. Congratulations. I think I’m as excited to read your book as you are to hold it in your hands. You are a incredible author and reading your books is like visiting with an old friend. I’ll be buying it at my lys, where my husband thinks I should be part owner, so much of my/our money goes there.

  9. There is a time and place for everything – I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to be prideful just now 🙂

  10. Oh how wonderful! I’m going to ask (remind) my lys owner to get some copies. I can’t wait to read it (out loud to my husband too). Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us.

  11. Um, there are pictures of seven books on your blog page. Isn’t this book number eight?
    Anyway, congratulations!

  12. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to read it and I am so glad you included the Joe and his truck story – now it will not be just your thousands of blog-readers who will laugh until we cry at your wonderful Joe and his dilema!

  13. Yeah Steph! And apologies to Joe but the Joe and truck story is hands down one of my favorites. I laugh until my stomach hurts. 🙂

  14. Congratulations. Someday I might write a book. There’s one in me I think. Until then, I love reading yours. Please come to the UK again. When I was last in your vicinity I didn’t yet know you and couldn’t understand the queue and I walked right past your table. I looked up your blog that day and have loved it, and the books, ever since. Now I understand. So please come back. 🙂

  15. I’ve been awaiting your new book. Like you, I’m so nervous about fate of bookstores (even the big chains), so I did not pre-order. I can only help in small ways, so the plan is to march down to the bookstore the minute the doors open on October 18.
    Well done, you! I remember your blog about the dinner to celebrate your New York Times Bestselling accomplishment. Still makes me grin like a loony tune!!

  16. Congratulations Stephanie. I’m sure it’ll be wonderfully insightful with just the right amount of sassy-ness throughout. Sorry to hear you had an Annus Horribilis but keep up the great work and thank you again for giving humor to the situations so many of us see in our own lives!

  17. I know just how you feel, in a smaller scope. Every year, I put out a guide book that gets printed and handed out at work. You’d think it would get old hat after number six or seven or eight, but it’s still thrilling and I still dance a little jig whenever the boxes with the new guides come in. Enjoy it!

  18. OOoooo will you be coming to the UK? Also are there any plans for an audiobook version. It’s a lot easier to knit while listening than read 😉

  19. OMG!! You are all kinds of awesome!! I have to email you privately and “talk”.
    I hope you are coming somewhere near Sacramento,CA. I would love to be your host and driver–will evenpick you up in SF if needed. Of course, I’m sure Stephen would do that, but thought I’d offer!
    Kudos on another book.

  20. I await the e-mail from my Kaleidoscope Yarns to tell me my copy is in! I look forward to the delights to come. Congratulations, hope you have time to bask in the glow.

  21. Congratulations! I hope you make it to San Diego on this tour.
    I have not written a book, but I was awestruck when I picked up the hardbound copies of my public health master’s thesis. It’s a hard cover book-like thing that I wrote! There will only ever be 6 copies in the whole world.

  22. Congratulations Steph! I can’t wait to read it. Do I really have six of your books around my house (not to mention the one on my phone)?
    Goodness! I guess I have lots of room for more so you keep writing and I’ll keep reading and enjoying!

  23. Yay for you!! I can’t wait to read it and I will buy it at my local book store just because you mentioned it. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  24. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m so excited for it, and for you! I hope your tour brings you somewhere near enough to me that I can go!

  25. Congratulations, Stephanie.
    And thank you. Thank you for sticking it out and writing even in the hard times.I love reading your books, and I am looking forward to this one.

  26. Yay! A new book! Congratulations on bringing another book into the world! I hope you’ll be in my neck of the woods at some point on your tour, although I may not be able to wait until then to buy the book.

  27. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it, and I very much hope you go on tour near Providence, RI. Enjoy your newest “baby” and brag brag brag!

  28. Congratulations! I’m looking to reading it & to seeing you on your tour. It would be great to see you in Jacksonville again. Peter, who had the honor of being on your blog on October 21, 2008 at the ripe old age of 7 months is now 3 1/2 years old. How time flies!

  29. I got a little teary eyed reading this post, then I had goosebumps because I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to read it. Congratulations!!

  30. Be proud all you want – we’re certainly proud of you (for lots of reasons). To look at an accomplishment and know that it is good is one of the finer parts of being a human being. (Just called my local bookstore and placed an order. Looking foward to October!)

  31. I am hesitant to comment anymore because you’ll just have to read more, but I want you to know that you are still the first blog I turn to (and the second knitting blog I ever found) and that beyond your knitting and parenting and strength in women’s issues, I read turn to you because you are a great writer. I will order several books- just in time for Christmas giving. Maybe I’ll sneak one into a muggle stocking to give them insight into our world.

  32. Congratulations! That was a very well written post on writing what I am sure will be a good book. 🙂 If your tour brings you towards the Philadelphia area I will try my hardest to come by and to buy a book at the shop you will be at. The Borders in Philadelphia closed down already, though.
    I started reading your blog years ago, and while you were touring the US then, I was a study abroad student in Scotland. I came back and about three weeks later, you headed to London. So I missed out on seeing you back then (and I just read above that a reader in the UK didn’t know who you were then- I feel a lot like she must feel)!

  33. “Crying at work, topless.”
    This brought back vivid memories of pumping breastmilk at my desk. I was never actually “caught” but I was always terrified that someone would try the door. I didn’t cry every day while I pumped, but more than I would have liked. Pumping was pretty frustrating for my low producing self.

  34. I’m so excited for your new book! I’ve been following you silently for years, as at the time I did crochet and not knitting. However, a friend of mine two weeks ago taught me to knit and the result doesn’t look half bad! I’ve been inspired by your writing and hope to continue and enjoy this new facet to my yarn obsession. Keep writing!

  35. Thank you SO MUCH for your writing – and also for encouraging people to order and buy it from their local bookseller.

  36. Can we interest you in a side trip down to Fargo if your tour goes through the ‘Peg?
    My library (home to several yarn enthusiasts) would gladly host and we can get a and/or both LYS involved . . .

  37. Now you tell me. Turns out I preordered it in January. I had faith in you. I promise I’ll buy the copies I give as gifts at my local book store.

  38. I can’t wait to read it and will definitely take your suggestion/encouragement to order it from a local bookstore. Congratulations. P.S. I’ve enjoyed all of your books.

  39. Yippee!! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. You made a crappy Friday a little brighter, thanks (and I haven’t even read it yet, just the anticipation).

  40. You know those nasty little notes you have to occasionally leave for spouse and/or children? The ones that usually include “We don’t have a maid” or “I’ve met your mother — I know you were raised better than this”? Well id I were thou,I would forever sign these letters “Love, Mom. New York Time bestselling author”. Oh, and I’d answer the phone, “Hello, this is Stephanie, New York Times bestselling author. How may I help you?”
    You have a right to be proud. Congrats. G-d bless.

  41. Can’t wait to read it and hoping you will come to WEBs again, or Stitches East to do a book signing.

  42. congratulations on the birth of your newest addition to the family! 🙂
    ps: will any of your tour be in canada this time?

  43. OhboyohboyohboyOhBoy!! I am SO looking forward to this book! You are welcome to come start your tour in my back yard – I’ll give you a beer, you can knit, I can read, and every so often I can look up and say, that chapter is a really, really one. OK?

  44. Congrats to you! I am eagerly awaiting reading your latest offering. I would like to respectfully ask (or beg, if it’ll work) you to PLEASE come to Ottawa on your tour. We are close to your home, travel-wise, and I loved seeing you when you were here last, which feels like too long. Thanks and congratulations again!

  45. Have’nt posted in quite some time. I am so thrilled about this new book. Yes, I will trek to the local bookstore and buy it. We just lost our local used book shop, which was devistating to me and to the grandson!

  46. Congratulations Stephanie,
    How exciting that you have birthed another book! I too will wait until it shows up locally – well actually, I will make sure it gets into the inventory at Maiwa Handprints where I work on Saturdays and will then purchase my copy.
    Knitterly Blessings for an amazing book tour.

  47. A wonderful post and I am quite sure a wonderful book that I will buy locally. I have never written a book and never will, but your description of seeing your child at work is so incredibly apt. My younger son agreed to coach my masters rowing team for one practice. I was pleased that he agreed, but nervous about how he would be received and how he would do. He was fantastic – clear, concise, organized, and pleasant. My teammates thought he was great. I could not have been prouder. I hope I had some hand in the result (grin).

  48. Can’t wait and I will do as you asked and purchase in a book store. I do very much enjoy reading your books. Thank you for sharing..

  49. I would love to buy your book at my local bookstore. But I don’t have one. The city (yes city) I live in doesn’t have a bookstore, or a LYS for that matter. ( a bit of a problem somedays for a yarnhoarder like myself) But I do promise that when I visit the city down the road (8 hours down the road) that does have bookstores, I will buy your book there. Love your writing and your knitting – you’re beginning to convince me to try knitting again, I must admit I am a crocheter through and through, but truthfully there’s nothing like the feeling of a knitted garment/blanket/scarf/pair of mitts.

  50. congratulations stephanie. i’m awfully happy to have another book of yours to read!
    as for the topless crying at work thing, perhaps you need to write a book of fiction next 🙂

  51. Congratulations!
    Hope to see you on the book tour, and thanks for putting in a small plug for the independent book stores!

  52. Congratulations, Stephanie!!! I hope that Madison, WI, will be on your tour schedule. I loved seeing you at the Knit In a few years ago and would love to attend a book reading. Thank you!

  53. Congratulations! You made me tear up with your happiness, excitement and honesty (could also be that I’m 5 months pregnant). I’m so happy for you to have another book out there – they are wonderful reads.

  54. I’m thrilled and I pre-ordered it through Amazon a long time ago! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Thanks Stephanie for writing and explaining and sharing with all of us!

  55. Congratulations!! I am so excited to read it and so happy that there is another piece of Yarn Harlot available for reading and re-reading in paper form 🙂

  56. Congratulations! And it is okay to be proud of yourself for being a New York Times Bestselling Author! We are proud of you, too! 🙂

  57. Sadly, I live in a town with no bookstore… 3 hours of driving from a bookstore. So I will be ordering it online, or possibly getting it via the “whispernet” on my Kindle if it is available that way.

  58. Mind if I wait to purchase your new tome when I’m next at The Tattered Cover? I’m hoping you’ll come back to Denver, land of the Big, Orange Orb so close to the earth.

  59. Books will NEVER be replaced by a flat,plastic, computerized tablet. Love the smell –the bulk –the feel of paper –illustrations!! I’m proud to hear of your new baby!

  60. I want to congratulate you on the new book, but even more, THANK YOU for recommending local bookstores! Use it or lose it indeed!

  61. Yay! Congrats! Can’t wait! But will try to hold out to buy from the shop that hosts you locally. Eh. That might take too long. But I’ll go local, at least.

  62. I am thrilled for your accomplishment. Looking forward to meeting your latest “child”. In these uncertain times, one thing that is certain, I know I will giggle and cry and burst into full on guffaw because there is at least one person in the world who turns a phrase like no other. Do we really have to wait until October for our treat though? Seems like such a long time away…

  63. A really, really good chapter, is what I meant, but I’m sure you could read between my flying-too-fast fingertips.

  64. Congratulations! I’ll definitely being buying my at my local bookstore. And probably a few gift copies as well — I’ll spread those out among other bookstores and LYS.
    I often have one of your books on my bedstand for just those nights when I need some wry, or touching, or funny to finish off the day.
    Thanks so much.

  65. Congratulations. You have had a rough time and after the stress of SS11 you deserve the books, the tour and all the world can give you.
    I can’t wait to read it and to hopefully meet you on tour!

  66. Congratulations!! This means that it will be in my local soon. Enjoy the wine!

  67. Congratulations on your 7th book – and for surviving everything since your last one was published. I can’t wait to read your new essays!

  68. I have all your books. I love to read them. Just the “having” of them makes me feel that I’m in all this big wonderful world of knitting together with you. I can’t wait to get this new one. Thank you!!!

  69. Congratulations! I look forward to it reaching my local bookstore. I’ve enjoyed all your books and read them a bit at a time. It feels like spending time with an old friend 🙂

  70. Does Powell’s qualify as a LBS? I bet they would love to host a book signing! Congratulations on your work of love. The world is a richer place because you lost your job in 2001!!

  71. Congratulations! Without having read a word yet, I am still confident that you have earned the right to be proud. And sometimes I think that the more painful the process, the more rewarding the result. Look at childbirth fer cryin’ out loud. 🙂 So “way to go!” and please come to the SF peninsula on your tour. Ooo, someone mentioned Kepler’s – perfect!

  72. Congratulations on the addition! 🙂 And the picture that makes you look “unreasonably” young and beautiful, you looked amazing at sock summit! It’s not at all unreasonable!

  73. There is nothing wrong with being prideful. Your books are an achievement, similar to your 3 wonderful daughters, that you have worked hard for. This is pride you have earned. It will be there to remind you when the writing is hard again or something breaks that you cannot afford to have break that you are strong and accomplished.

  74. Aw, congratulations! I don’t have children but I am working on a manuscript and hopefully will have that feeling one day. (okay, more than once)
    And the story of Joe and the truck is Classic.

  75. Oh Harlot, sincere congratulations! I cannot wait to put down my kniting, procrastinate a bit more on my dissertation writing, and enjoy your essays.
    Also, when are you coming to Boston for your awesome and international book tour??? We miss you!

  76. If you are doing a bookstore, could you also do signings at yarn stores as well? We lost our Borders bookstore which means a hike to a Barnes and Noble. The Barnes and Noble is next to a trader Joe’s and Pier one imports in towson Maryland. Because these three stores are REALLY popular, parking is a bit of an adventure. Did I mention the parking lot is the the size of a postage stamp?
    Best wishes on your latest Baby.

  77. Congratulations! Your books are entertaining and comforting and I’m looking forward to reading this one.

  78. Yay!!!!! Congratulations!! I can’t wait to buy and read it!! I’m hoping you will come somewhere close to me for your book tour!!!

  79. Congratulations!! I was going to buy the kindle version, but after your PSs… I will buy from a local – either yarn shop or book seller. Our Borders is going away the end of the month… sniff… but.. I guess I’m partly to blame because I have a kindle… and I love it! I’m in New Hampshire.. I trust you’ll go to Webs… (please and thanks!)

  80. Congratulations! I’ve pre-ordered it, but I’ll either cancel it or buy another one from a bookstore. Compromise. Thanks for writing it, I love your stuff and can read it over and over which is why I buy yours instead of getting them from the library. Thanks again.

  81. Prideful? Well, of course. You certainly have something to be proud of. Well, several somethings and this is certainly one of them. Looking forward to finding it at my local shop.

  82. Guess that answers the question about whether or not you will have it available on Kindle or Nook. I love books, I’m just running out of space! Hope you will post your book tour information to your Ravelry fan group. I know lots of us would travel to get to see you!

  83. Congrats! I will buy my book at the Tattered Cover and look forward to seeing you speak there(again) on your book tour 🙂

  84. Congratulations! I look forward to you visit to Any Local Book/yarn Store in Portland. . . including Powells!

  85. So proud, pleased and excited for you – and the rest of us to enjoy your words. Thank you for trusting us with your stories. A gift of mutual benefit!

  86. Congratulations on persevering to a happy end result. And I believe you are right about buying books (and many other things) locally, if we want to be able to do that in the not too distant future.

  87. Congrats! I have pre-ordered mine from my local bookstore – just an option I thought I would mention for those who want to shop local.

  88. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it, and I hope you’ll include Denver as one of your tour stops!

  89. Congratulations on your newest book. Love your writings and there is no doubt this will be no exception. I’ll wait for my local bookstore to receive it and I’m sure each time I check in for it, I’ll end up grabbing another. Nothing compares to a good book.

  90. Congratulations! I love your books, and your blog. And thank you for voicing support for local bookstores!

  91. Just called my LYS/local bookstore owner and asked them to order some. P.S. Ludington, MI would be a GREAT place for a tour stop! Congratulations.

  92. Hm. Need new nomenclature…calling it ‘bookbookbookbookbookbookbook’ is a bit awkward. Perhaps exponents?

  93. Oh hooray!!!! It’s ok to strut your New York Times bestselling stuff every once in a while.
    If the book tour makes it to the PNW, I expect I’ll be there.

  94. Congratulations!!! Thank you for a little glimpse into the trials and tribulations and triumphs of a writer.
    I will look for your book later this summer when I travel and buy it from a bookstore. Alas, the Borders near me closed. While it was a big chain store, it was the only brick and mortar bookstore within a reasonable driving distance.

  95. Congratulations for you and yeah for us, your readers!
    Love that you plug local bookstores – NZ book prices are crazy high, but I’ll see if I they’re going to get this one in (I already told them to get your other books in because you rock and they are a rockin’ bookstore).

  96. Oh dear lord! Whoohooo! Now to save and scrimp for the time you’ll be up in Austin again. *glee!!!*

  97. Congratulations! I’ll wait until you come on tour to buy one so I can get a signed copy (Portland is like a second home to you now, isn’t it?). If you were here now I’d give you a special “Congratulations Zucchini!”

  98. Congratulations Stephanie! I hope to get to see you on tour again somewhere, or at least at the author’s tent at Rhinebeck. For now, get some rest, you deserve it – Sock Summit and a new book? You’ve surely earned some time off.

  99. Congratulations! I have every single one of your books and re-read them often, sometimes to re-read a favourite story, other times to check how to gauge sock size by someone’s height. Thank you for the laughter you’ve brought into my life!

  100. Reading you all this time feels like I have part ownership in all this (even though I know that’s stupid), but I just feel so PROUD of you, as if you were part of my own family. Thank you.

  101. For what’s in the book and what isn’t, for the honesty and objectivity that informed the process of making those distinctions, and for persevering and finishing: BRAVA!
    Thanks so much for allowing us to share in your life and your incredible wit. Can’t wait to read the book!

  102. Congratulations! I hope to see you on your tour.
    Unfortunately both of our book stores have already closed so I will be ordering on line.

  103. Congratulations on the new “baby”. I certainly hope the joy of it erases some of the memory of the pain of the “A.H.” I’d buy it at my LYS or LBS, but I guarantee, unless it gets translated into Portuguese I won’t be able to find it…and probably not even then! Next trip home to the States! I promise!

  104. I’m glad that through all the crap this year, good things still managed to percolate through. Congratulations on getting it done. I can’t wait to read it.

  105. As a bookseller, I want to thank you for suggesting that people buy your book in a local bookstore. We appreciate every customer that walks through the door.
    At our store in Omaha, we do have a knitting group that meets regularly so we feel there is a bond between readers and knitters.

  106. Congrats! I’ve just ordered it for my library. Had to do it through a national distributor but that’s how it works with libraries 🙂 I can’t wait to read it!

  107. Congratulations! What a great tangible symbol to signify survival after a rough year.
    If your book tour takes you across the lake to Rochester I will be there with a sock for a photo!

  108. I did preorder mine already a few weeks ago. Trust me that if I had a local bookstore I would absolutely have got it there, but I live in the ‘burbs and if it ain’t bigbox, it doesn’t exist (and I sadly know my local Borders where I DID do some bookshopping will not be around once this book hits the shelves). Every other bookstore is far enough away to be horribly inconvenient (even the one I used to work at!) and for a working-full-time mom, the siren call of Amazon is too sweet. 🙂 Congrats on another book Stephanie! I haven’t been able to see you the past couple times you’ve come (I came about 4 years ago to see you here), so I really hope I can make it out this next time around!

  109. Can’t wait!! for my copy, whenever and however I find it. There’s no bookstore “local” to me where signings could take place, so I’ll just keep it with me in hopes of running into you sometime!! 😉

  110. congratulations on the latest book. ASAP I plan to be at my lbs (local book shop) to get my copy. And one of these years, I will have one of your books with me when I see you somewhere .(example: Sock Summit) so I can get an autograph.
    But, I find myself totally anticipating the day when you have had the time and perspective to publish writings from Annus Horriblis. I am guessing they will be profound, moving, thought-provoking and wonderful in a different yet comfortingly familiar sort of way.
    Hugs and best wishes to you,Jo

  111. I cannot wait. I say that with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Sorry to make this about me, but your books represent a timeline in my life… I met you at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA, US in 2008 when my wife and I were hard at work trying to make a baby. My mom and I took pictures with you, and without knowing the significance, my mom held your sock. I read your last book still longing and trying for my firstborn, and it cheered me through the difficulties we were experiencing. Right now, I’m sitting on the couch next to her, watching her sleep – she’s 8 months old, and she’s a knitter-to-be if I’ve ever seen one, and when you come to the SF Bay Area next, I’m determined to have her touch your knitting, or your needles, something.
    Thank you for writing, for entertaining us, for sharing your wit and wisdom, and for being a part of our lives whether you know us or not!
    I’m so excited for you for lucky number 7! Congratulations!!

  112. Thank you for describing so well what it feels like to see a book you’ve written come to publication and the way it is to actually hold it in your hands.
    I will definitely look for it in a local bookstore or yarn shop. Thanks for knitting, thanks for writing—–here and everywhere!

  113. Congratulations honey.
    I hope on this tour you are making your way through the Dallas area since that’s where I am now. I can’t wait to get this one signed in person as well.

  114. It’s the line: “in the end it felt good to put it there..” that really got me. What a good criterion to sent something out into the world.

  115. Congratulations Stephanie! Well done. As the
    events coordinator for a small independent book
    store, I thank you for the “indie” plug. It’s
    tough out there, but folks still like to read
    and some even knit! Now how can we get you to
    our store?

  116. Congrats on the new book. I was all set to go pre-order, but then I read the rest of your post. I will wait till it can be purchased at the local book store here. You are right, we don’t stop and use the places we have, they will disappear.

  117. Did you ever think kyou would be in a place like this Steph? What a journey you have had. Maybe you should document the changes in your life since the day you had your girls all the way up to Sock Summit II. I suspect you have learned much more than knitting alone taught you…

  118. Thanks for reminding me about the local book store! I will gladly buy it through them.

  119. My child is never, ever allowed to grow up and have a life where she wanders off in to the big world and does things without her Mama. Except, well darn, I just realised what the alternative is and that isn’t okay… Congratulations on the book. I will be buying it as soon as it hits my store’s shelves…And in the meantime I’m going to go gaze down in to the crib for awhile.

  120. I think you are wonderful and I’m really glad that this is your job, because your job makes my life better. (not in a creepy, I’m in need of help way, but in a lovely adding more joy to life way). Congratulations on yet another wonderful accomplishment. Go ahead and revel in it!

  121. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a librarian and former bookseller (and of course knitter) I’m delighted that the book exists, and even more at your shout-out to indie booksellers. You’re right, it’s hard times for all of them — even the larger ones that looked bullet-proof only a couple of years ago. I’ve been pimping your other books to each of my, let’s see, four? Stitch’n’Bitch groups, and will be pushing this one as well. Small quibble: would you please make sure that whatever henchperson is updating your “Where’s the Harlot” page please DO SO? It’s so often faaaar too little and too late….
    Apart from that, congratulations, and THANKS again!

  122. I would buy your book at my local bookstore, except that it was Borders, it’s closing for good, and that’s the only bookstore around for 40 miles (about an hour’s drive one way). I’ll get your book some way, never fear. I have all the others 🙂

  123. Stephanie I was lucky enough to read All Wound Up last month through NetGalley.com and I have to tell you now (instead of next month when I’m allowed to put my review up) how much I truly enjoyed it. Some stories made me laugh out loud and one in particular made me cry. Thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us to enjoy and appreciate. Even though I may never meet you in real life when I read your books or this blog I feel understood and I am happy that you are out there in the world.

  124. Can’t wait to read it let us know when book tour in Toronto area will definitely go!!

  125. Congrats! So happy for you. : )
    A well-written post. I, too, am a writer, both for my job and as a hobby on my blog. I haven’t written a book (yet!), but I’ve been published in magazines and see my work “in print” on my clients’ websites/portals. Not quite the same, but I can relate.
    I’m also a pattern designer and I’d be delighted and honored if I ever designed a pair of socks you’d consider for your self-imposed sock of the month club (I’m doing one, too). Maybe some day I’ll have a pattern good enough to send your way. : )
    Congrats again,
    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  126. Very hearty congratulations!
    I too am waiting for the Toronto tour stop announcement.
    Sometimes it is good to celebrate many new years in a year (Lunar, Tibetan, Persian, any others one can think of) to try to start the year again on better terms.

  127. Yeah on the new book!!!! And I can’t agree more that we need to support our local bookstores as much as our LYSs…with books, as with yarn, there is something about wandering through the stacks, and stash, and finding something wonderful and a little unexpected.

  128. I’ll be getting mine from Jane Jacobs at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA. Remember them? They were the ones who, when the knitters said they were coming, booked you into the Masonic Hall across the street.

  129. Can’t wait to read the new book, I am hoping someday that your tour will stop in Spokane, WA, we have lots of knitters here and a great independent bookstore called Aunties.

  130. your books are wonderful and i am looking forward to the new one. can’t wait for it. i pre-ordered it for a friend (we are learning to knit together) and can’t think of a better gift. i will be buying my book at a local book store – when i visit my daughter (who lives in a big city) CONGRATS STEPHANIE !!!! you have enriched many lives, my friends read your books and see me in them -i have received no better compliments.

  131. Hey Hey!!! congratulations! I love your books – I laugh so hard and they give me such encouragement for my own knitting. I’m looking forward to this one too!

  132. I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time, I never ready books more than once… except yours that I have reread numerous times!!

  133. So looking forward to this book. I still love re-reading your books, At Knit’s End and What I Learned From Knitting. Oh, and my copy of Knitting Rules is well used and loved as well. Hope you make it to San Diego. It is a lovely city.

  134. Big Congratulations on your new book! Have a great tour. 🙂
    But this is really about that silly article in the Huffington post as I’m not on Twitter. I’ve never heard of the author, but she should take her head out of the movies and look at the real world! For some feel good support, take a look at what the gardeners who she also linked to said about her!

  135. Many blessings on you for writing this! Would that I could purchase at my LBS….but alas, THEY ARE OFFICIALLY EXTINCT in my area. The last one closes at the end of this month.

  136. So sad that we don’t have a local bookstore where we live. Heading out on vacation tomorrow, and will keep an eye out for one. Can’t wait to read your new book – thank you for your wonderful blog!

  137. I’ve just survived my own horrible year. Survived it,literally, although not everyone I love did. I also had to write about it at the time. Those who read what I was working on asked how I could write about it when it was so raw. How can you not? It would be like chatting on the phone about the weather while there’s a rabid grizzly bear in the room. Like you, it will be a long time, if ever, before anyone else will read what I wrote then.
    Congratulations on your new book. Welcome to the other side of it.

  138. Will be heading to my nearest bookstore down the street to buy your book. Can’t wait to read it! Love your books and I am sure ANYTHING with your name on it would sell!

  139. oh goody i can’t wait to read it. but really stephanie, don’t you think it’s time for a movie? or better yet! a mini series? yes, on TV that’s it! 3 sunday nights in a row. now that would be heaven! oh and a knit along with the series!!!! please say yes.

  140. WAS going to preorder it, now I’ll enjoy a stop over at Women & Children First (in my Chicago neighborhood). Thanks for pushing that. Loved the other writings you’ve done, and love the person you’ve presented on page. Thank you for that. Be well and continue with all you do, k? 🙂

  141. “It felt like being caught crying at work…topless.”
    Hey! Have you been watching me at work??
    Congratulations, Steph!! You have articulated the experience perfectly. It really is kind of surreal. It’s hard to even figure out how you’re supposed to feel about it. I just go right for an intriguing blend of pride and terror.
    I can’t wait to meet this latest critter you’re unleashing on the world. It will behave, I’m sure of it.

  142. Can’t wait to get my hands on #7. And I DID hide in the bushes at school and spy on my little daughter inside (just once)– how’d you know?

  143. Steph, as a guy raised during the 60’s and 70’s — as a guy who purchased “I Am Woman” with his allowance money — as a guy descended on both sides from long lines of strong women best described as “Tough Old Broads” (someday, I’ll tell you the story of one grandmom and, on another occasion, my baby sis each beating the snot out of would-be purse snatchers):
    Don’t sweat the Huffington Post BS. Ms. Aloi so obviously does not know what she is talking about that, if she said the sky were blue, I’d stick my head out the window to check her so-called “facts”.
    Keep calm and carry on knitting, raising a fantastic family, coping with an elderly house, teaching, being a birthing coach, writing, getting your Joe out of the occasional fix, advocating vegetarianism in the least obnoxious way I’ve ever seen, proudly wearing working-class boobs, loving your cat, and doing all else that you do. The world is a better place for your existance.
    You’re one really cool Tough (if not so old) Broad — and I’m happy to know you through your books and blog.

  144. Congratulations!
    Funny you should talk about supporting brick and mortars. I closed my Amazon account last week. Solidarity sister!
    Columbus Ohio is filthy with knitters. I hope you can make it here one day.

  145. Congratulations! Have had my copy of All Wound Up on preorder for a couple of years now. I can’t wait to read it.
    But I promise to buy a second copy at at a local bookstore. And if they don’t have it, I’ll get it from Knit-Purl!
    I hope it sells several million copies, and that the book tour brings you back to Portland. I have a lot more sock knitting behind me than I did the last time when you were here, when I took my first pair (of baby socks) to your lecture and was too shy to show you.

  146. Oh my gosh, I’m so proud of you. It gave me chills to read what it’s like to hold a published book. I hope to hold my own someday. This is the first time I’ve ever posted, but I love you a lot and can’t wait to go to a real bookstore and buy this, because I can’t imagine that it’s not perfect.

  147. I can’t wait!!! Will you come to Edmonton? Please? I’ll come and see you and buy the book at the place and everything 🙂

  148. Woot! I’ve had this on pre-order since last fall. (but I will make a point of getting a copy for my daughter at my local bookstore)
    I would love to re-visit the story of Joe and the truck-I remember how hard I laughed when you first wrote it.
    Congratulations on another wonderful book (Im sure it is wonderful) and I look forward to savoring it over cups of tea. 🙂

  149. So pleased for you and the rest of us too. I just love Joe and the truck, it makes me laugh out loud over and over each time I read it. I have all your other books and am looking forward to getting this one, think Powells wil be my store of choice as I want it to remain right where it is. Thanks for being you and making us smile and cry sometimes too Hugs, missy and know you are a treasure.

  150. It’s not prideful when you totally deserve to feel that way.
    Looking forward to the tour schedule to see if (hopefully) there’s a bookstore remotely near me that you will be visiting!

  151. That’s totally awesome, the shtuff, gnarly, wicked cool! congrats. I wouldn’t hold back if I were you.

  152. “Prideful’ is what I am when I talk of your accomplishments, but to muggles (especially my sister, a non-knitter mostly, and librarian) I proudly use the phrase “NY Times Top 100 Writer”, it has some elan, and you deserve it. I have an elderly neighbour, a retired forensic botanist, who wrote a small tome on the wild plants of the local mountain ranges, I did tell him I didn’t think it would reach the ‘NY Times Top 100 List’, he said ‘it wasn’t the point’! Who would have thought a book on knitting would have made it to that dizzy height?
    Hearing Paul Jennings (Australian children’s author) talk of his similar pride in his first published book, I begin to understand the feeling.
    ‘I felt like I had been caught crying at work … topless’, is one evocative metaphor. How true, how true.

  153. Can you tell us if Salt Lake City will be on the tour? If so then I’m happy to wait to buy it from whatever book store you happen to be visiting 🙂 Otherwise, I’ve just got to get it as soon as I can possibly get it into my hot little hands 🙂

  154. I add my voice to the heartfelt chorus of congratulations!! Like Angelina, I met you at the Maker Faire in 2008 in the midst of difficult personal circumstances, and it is definitely a highlight of my life as a knitter.
    I find it very interesting that this book doesn’t have any form of the word ‘knit’ on the cover. To me, that is an indication of the broader canvas of your work – you really are observing and writing about life! Can’t wait to read it…

  155. Congratulations! If you end up somewhere where I am, or I end up somewhere where you are, or we both manage to be in the same place at the same time, I’d be happy to come to your reading and buy a copy! (Or, if I can’t wait, I’ll buy a copy locally.)

  156. Dear sweet, wonderful, delightful Stephanie,
    YAY! Congratulations!
    Best wishes,
    PS. I’d really, really like to go into my local bookstore and get this book, but last time I tried to buy (well, order. They don’t stock many English books. Let alone English knitting humour) something you wrote there, they told me you didn’t exist. I’m still offended on your behalf. So no, I will NOT go to my local bookstore.

  157. Yay! I’ll be ordering my copy from my small country town bookstore on Monday morning. Can not wait!

  158. Congratulations!!! You keep us all thinking. And laughing mostly. I will be buying your new book at my wonderful LYS.

  159. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to read it. How many people can say that they’re a New York Times Bestseller! How cool is that, and no, I don’t think it’s awful to be proud of that achievement. I’m with you on buying your book from the local booksellers, but could I add that you can also buy the book from your local yarn store. Either way we are supporting the local economy and getting a great read at the same time. Congratulations, I hope that you get on the Times best seller list again!

  160. I can’t wait! But I won’t be buying it for myself. Instead, I am sponsoring a copy for our public library system, I hope this is okay – that way many people who can’t afford the book will have the chance to read your wonderful work.
    And Peg Aloi needs to figure out just what she means by tough: teaching film studies? Or traveling cross-continent, speaking before thousands of people, raising great kids, and during it all writing and creating.
    We think you’re awesome!

  161. I am so glad that you could enjoy your moments with new book and wine and Joe! Congratulations for this spectacular result of all the fine work, and thank you for gifting us all with joy and insight on a regular basis.

  162. Can’t wait to read it! I pre-ordered it months ago. You’re one of my daily habits and when a whole book arrives it’s a real bonus!! Kudos in advance…

  163. It’s like the baby born yesterday. I knew it was coming, just didn’t know when 🙂
    Congratulations on the new book, can’t wait to see it on the shelves (yes, of a local store, but probably not the book store… more likely the yarn store.)

  164. Boy, I’m so happy for you!! (and for me) I’ve only just bought two of your other books and I am loving every second of the reading. Now, one request…could you come to the UK?? PLS PLS PLS PLS!!!! Congratulations on the book. I’m sure it’s great 🙂

  165. Yay, can’t wait to read it! Now, if all us European knitters get together and holler loud enough…. how about a European tour? Please. Pretty please.

  166. As Kahlil Gibran says, “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself.” So it must be, too, I think with the part of yourself you launch into print. Thank you for sharing, Stephanie. You have made my life richer. You’ve taught me it’s OK to screw up but it’s imperative to cast on again. And that it’s probably funny, not dramatic. I can call myself a knitter because of your writing. Wow!!!

  167. Congratulations! I am so excited about the possibility of seeing you. I starting reading this blog about 6 months ago because my LYS told me about it. You have made me an addict. I have since converted another friend to knitting and she in in the middle of her first socks! She claims that I am her own personal “crack dealer”. Having this knitting addiction is like being a “crack addict”! I have also read 3 of your books already and can’t wait to get the new one. Happy Trails and hope to see you soon!

  168. There is absolutely nothing like holding one’s published work in one’s hands, and when I read your description of it, I actually teared up a bit (happy tears) as I felt your joy.
    Do you (or anyone here) love the scene in Julie & Julia as much as I do . . . the one where Julia Child is on her front porch and the acceptance letter from her publisher arrives? I cried my eyes out at that scene, and even after seeing it five time, it still makes me cry. It is the most joyous moment. I could watch it thousands of times.
    Your blog post made me feel much the same way.
    Congratulations on your latest book!

  169. I’m delighted. I’m proud of you. I’ve just figured out what a few friends are going to receive for Christmas. That means I won’t have to knit as quickly. Cheers and red wine, Hazel

  170. congrats a million times over.
    if you have some whiskey at home,
    and i’m pretty sure you must,
    take a shot.
    that one’s from me.
    xoxo. can’t wait to read it.

  171. Congratulations, Stephanie! A wonderful accomplishment for a wonderful person! Thanks for bringing so much laughter and warmth into our lives.

  172. You are wonderful! Congratulations on your accomplishment! You deserve happiness and success! Blessings to you and your family.

  173. Congrats! hope you come to New Jersey!
    I am hard pressed to think of a local bookstore sigh — near my house, and I live near a major university. Some used bookstores, and we are unfortunately dominated by a major chain …
    Real loss. Sad, too — plus, my local library is not great either.
    Hope to see your name on the NYT best seller list again.
    as to Annus Horribilis, hope yours gets better. My life is a constant “what will today’s curve ball be?”, but alas and alack, that is often life.

  174. I will add it to my list. Thank you for encouraging your readers to buy local. It does matter. And, I have to say the story about Joe and his truck was one of my favorites. I even read it aloud to my husband. It still makes me laugh.

  175. Congratulations, I look forward to getting your new book. You are so kind to recommend buying the book at local bookstores, I love going to local book stores almost as much as going to local yarn stores and agree they need to be supported by all of us.

  176. That ‘New York Times Best-Selling Author’ sure looks good right there under your name.

  177. Stephanie, congratulations! You are a marvelous writer, and I love your books. I read a comment about someone sponsoring a copy for the library, and I think I’ll look into that — it’s a great idea.
    I’m sorry about your annus horribilus, and hope that this year will be filled with more joy, happier experiences, and less stress all around.

  178. Congratulations on your new book! I can’t wait to read it! And on your tour, as the old 1970’s song says… “Please come to Denver….” 🙂

  179. Incredibly wonderfully beautifully fantastic!!!!
    I am so looking forward to this one. And won’t mind rereading some stories again as I have thought some of your blog deserves to be in your books anyway.
    Way to go!!!!

  180. Dear Steph, congratulations. I hope that you will keep enjoying what there is to enjoy about this, and that the bad year will go away and be a better one, and that you can find a balance now of being on the road, which gets very old, with spending time with your wonderful family, …as families grow up and move on, as I have found. Enjoy them….. and don’t be away for too long… love, Kathleen in Vermont, fellow LC….

  181. For a person who is a published (NYTbestselling) author, you are surely unselfish with your throw-away lines. We are so very lucky to read you (for free) as often as you blog.
    And seeing as how you’ve come to RJ Julia’s in Connecticut and WEBS in Northampton, Mass, that means you HAVE to come back to tour our neighborhood, right?
    As for Joe-and-the-truck, I’m sure it will read differently in a real book than on a screen. Just as good, maybe better, but different.

  182. Big congratulations!!! I am so looking forward to reading it. Please consider coming to Houston on your book tour. There are plenty of knitters here, and it’s nice in fall, winter, and spring months 🙂

  183. Many congrats!!! I have pre-ordered, but I also want a copy to give away so I’ll get that at our local B&N. We have no indy shops in our area, which is a shame.

  184. Congrats! I can’t wait to read this one, I’ve just started reading your books now, but I’ve been reading the blog for a while. Have you ever been to Nebraska? Consider somewhere here for your book tour! We have sweet corn!

  185. If my local bookstore doesn’t have it, I will have them order it for me. 🙂 Congratulations!!! Let us know when it is available!

  186. Very much looking forward to reading your latest! Your books and your blog give us all so much inspiration, tickle our knitting funny bones, and remind us how knitting and perseverance can overcome all obstancles (with the additional indulgence in a glass of….;-) ) There is a balance in life….time for a swing to the “annus mirabilis”. May this be your best book tour ever.

  187. Oh Steph! How exciting for you, especially after a hideous year!
    I first met you in Petaluma (was that ’05?) and you blessed my first pair of socks, on which I had just turned the heels while you spoke. I brought my copies of every one of your books up til then and you graciously signed all of them. And then there was Maker Faire ’08, and I brought you jam, and got the latest missive signed.
    If you make Northern California on this tour, I’ll promise to pull out my now-borderless, one-stitch-dropped 2″ from the top Snowdrop Shawl and finish it up, and my locally-purchased copy of the new book, so I’ll have a complete set of Harlot-signed copies.
    Joe and the Truck is right up there on my favorites list with the predator squirrel tale and the little blue sock. Your writing is warm, real, and honest – just like you! Can’t wait to see you out here in sunshine land…
    And hugs to the family for being the support system that keeps you (partly) sane in the midst of the chaos!

  188. Congrats! Can’t wait for the tour. So enjoyed meeting you last time. Also can’t wait for the book. Though I won’t get any sleep the first night it’s in the house.

  189. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed al your books. I can’t wait to read this one!!!
    I hope you tour to London, Ontario!

  190. Hooray for you!!!! Looking forward to getting it locally and enjoying every word of it. Would love to see you speak again too. 🙂

  191. So Awesome!
    I hope you do a signing in Portland =) I just had you sign my copy of Free Range Knitter at SS11 and thought it was pretty rad to meet you in person after following your blog for years. Thanks!

  192. Good for you Steph. You SHOULD be very proud. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new book (at a book store). Congrats!!!

  193. Stephanie, I can not wait to get my hands on your new beautiful book!! It could not come at a better time. I started reading your blog in the last few years and went all the way back to the beginning and finally but sadly just finished and reached your latest blogs. I really miss sitting with my coffee and spending that wonderful time reading your entries so a new book will be perfect now! You are wonderful and make me laugh constantly. Jaimee

  194. Wow Congratulations, the only news that could poissibly top this would be if you said your next Sock Summit was going to be held in the GTA…..Just sayin’

  195. Hi Stephanie! I’m so excited for you. I remember when the first book came out! It doesn’t seem like so much time has passed. I sort of feel like my evolution as a knitter has gone along with your evolution as an author…they sort of started at the same time. And I’ll be sure to look for the book at our local book store 🙂

  196. I love this post! It really makes me think about what it would be like to be a published author.
    I agree that bookstores are wonderful and in trouble. So I pledge to buy your book at my favorite bookstore.

  197. Congratulations!!
    PLEASE come to Maine!!!!
    Halcyon in Bath??
    The Maine Fiber Guild in Topsham??

  198. I. Can. Not. Wait.
    Also have to add Denver, CO to the wish list of your tour stops. (The Tattered Cover is an amazing book store that would be great and I would definitely make the drive down the mountain for it!)
    As a few others have mentioned, you’ve also just allowed me to cross off several Christmas gifts off my list. We have a small new/used book shop here in Confier, so I’ll be asking Jesse to order several copies for me! Thank you!

  199. Oh Steph, I’m so proud of you. I know you probably get that, but you are just so inspiring, and I am so happy for you. ‘tears of joy’. You are such an inspiration to me. I started writing this last year and I am getting what you mean like I was looking in a mirror. Can’t wait to buy your book!

  200. I’m sure I will love it just like I have loved all the rest of your books. Congrats on another Best Seller!

  201. OOOOHhhh! It’s beautiful! I’ve been on the pre-order list for forever! I’m looking forward to drinking in your witty, wonderful, woeful, wistful words! Laughing and tearing up sometimes at the same time.

  202. Oh, thank you, thank you! I have worn your other books to shreds reading and re-reading them (actually bought replacement copies for a couple). I am so happy to have another Harlot tome to look forward to, and I do so love the story of Joe and the truck! It even had my husband in stitches. The laughing kind. He’s a fly tier, not a knitter (but there’s still time).

  203. Hi Stephanie,
    Congratulations on the new book. Thanks for your blog. Thanks for the book … which I’m sure I’ll see soon on a shelf near me, at the very-nearly-at-the-make-or-break-point independent book store where I work. Thanks for the plug for them too. Very best regards!

  204. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it! Any chance of your visiting New Jersey?? Pleeease!!!

  205. Betcha your tour won’t bring you to Gimli, not even to lovely old Tergesen’s, the oldest family-owned General Store in western Canada. They sell clothing, footwear,jewellry, and – gasp! – YARN, needles and BOOKS!
    Still, congrats on the new book and yes, indeed, holding something you wrote, reading something you wrote, seeing it in print, never grows old. I’m a journalist and have this thrill every week; go on marathon writing jags to put together all my articles before the deadline; but never get bored of the feeling.

  206. Congratulations on the new book! It looks very cool and I fully intend to have my very own copy as soon as it comes out. 😀
    Will you be coming to Salt Lake City? Seriously, no one cool ever comes to SLC and I can think of more than one yarn shop who would love to have you.

  207. Well being that I’m in south central BC it’s doubtful that your book tour will come near me. I will however, beg and plead the local book stores in Nelson to please, please get me a copy.
    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  208. Congrats.on the new book,! I found your blog when I first started knitting a few years ago and you were a wonderful inspiration. Thanks

  209. Congratulations. How dear to hold your creation. I will purchase at my local bookstore. I abhor the thought book stores are closing.

  210. When you are in the corner and have no money to go out from that point, you will require to take the mortgage loans. Just because that will aid you definitely. I get short term loan every single year and feel myself OK because of that.

  211. Congratulations! And you have such nice hands and nails – I have to cut my nails short to knit!

  212. Awesome!!! Please come to Fort McMurray, or even Edmonton!!!! Would love to meet you 🙂

  213. You should be proud – it is an achievement to be a New York Times bestselling author, nothing wrong with that!
    I remember the last time you had a book out you toured and came to England. And if you’ve done it once, it’s a tradition… (I’m English, this is my indirect way of asking you to come back!)

  214. Congrats! Thought about buying on my nook because it is easier on my eyes, but will buy local as you requested. You make me smile!

  215. Congratulations on your new book! Happily, I just bought one of your previous books, ‘Free Range Knitter’ for my own bookshelf. Sadly, I bought it at a local bookstore that is closing its doors after 4 years attempting to stay afloat in the world of general bookstore doom. I’d better get the new book ASAP. Will do. And thanks for sharing with all of us. You are a national (and world) treasure.

  216. Congratulations on that lovely new book! I must also echo the rest of your readers and hope you’ll make it near my neck of the woods (I live by the vineyards if that helps entice you).

  217. I’m really looking forward to the book!
    And I hope you’ll be coming to Ann Arbor again on your book tour.
    Might I suggest Nicola’s books as a stopping point? It’s a local bookstore with a good craft books section that does a lot of author visits.

  218. A new book! Awesome! (Happy dance) I’ll go to Stitches and Scones in Westfield, Indiana. Can’t wait!

  219. I had to momentarily de-lurk to say Congratulations Stephanie! I’m very much looking forward to reading this. And I have my fingers crossed for a tour stop in southern California. Thanks for all your hard work.

  220. I’m looking forward to this book, & am hoping that you will come to the Minneapolis / St. Paul MN area on the tour!

  221. Thanks for no false modesty. You deserve to be proud to be a NYTimes BSA.
    Congratulations and crossing my fingers that you will come to Minneapolis/St Paul!

  222. Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to order it. Just a footnote. Don’t know if you will read this, but wanted to tell you that the pattern for the EASY reversible scarf that you posted a few years back, is my “go to” pattern. It is reversible, great for guys or gals, and everyone loves it. I just finished one using possum and merino. IT IS AWESOME!! The little possum “glow” shows us wonderfully on the pattern. Thanks for your blog, your great ideas, and wonderful writing skills.

  223. Squee! I like that you’re still excited by seeing your book in person. I’ve have to confess that I’ll be getting my copy from Amazon (it’s been on pre-order for quite a while now). I would order from a local indie book shop, if we had one. There hasn’t been one that I know of in the ten years I’ve been living in this city. And I don’t even think there’s one in the centre of the other nearby city. It’s a real shame!

  224. Wonderful for you–congratulations!I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on your newest book.

  225. Patience pays off. Again. (I pre-ordered twice, too impatient for the bookstore… I support them too.)
    I like reading New York Times Bestselling authors, too. Thank you for being the writer you are. I enjoy your books so much… well-written… sweet stories. And if you think it’s your favourite, then it might be mine too.
    Writing a book, publishing it, providing words for readers… proud is fitting, so knitterly. (Like growing yarn, being shorn, providing yarn.)

  226. Hooray for you and for all the knitter eagerly awaiting your next book! Please consider coming to the San Juan Islands for a signing event? 🙂

  227. Thank you for sharing your initial moments with your new book with us. You should be very proud. I’m really looking forward to reading it!

  228. Congratulations, can’t wait.
    My first thought was, why didn’t this book come out a week ago. I had a knee replacement last week, and I thought that a new one of your books would be exactly the right book for the hospital. But, I have all your previous books, so I chose Knitting Rules! from my bookshelf, and because I must be the last sock-knitter in the world to finally use your recipe, tossed in some sock yarn (wish I could find a good summer non-wool sock yarn) and needles to finally make “A Good Plain Sock” according to your recipe in the book. Then I reread the Socks chapter before packing the book away.
    Turns out that I only read one page of the book in the hospital (the first night, at three o’clock, six people were in my room trying to unjam the over-the-bed paraphernalia, ended up moving me to another room and I lost an entire night of sleep, and couldn’t make sense of anything I read from then on.) and my knitting consisted of knitting, tearing out and re-knitting the first decrease round of EZs tam (I entirely lost my knitting sense as well).
    But when I returned home, I remembered that, while I might devour some books cover to cover, that’s not the way I like to read yours. With yours, I like to dip in for one essay or chapter at a time, then put the book down on the table by my reading chair until the next day, which makes the book last weeks, instead of just a day or two.
    Happily anticipating this one. Best of luck on the tour.

  229. Although I’ve already commented (just can’t say enough how much I love your books and articles!!!) this is another plug for requesting that you add Shreveport, Louisiana to your tour! We have LOTS of knitters in the local region and we have a wonderful knit shop in the city as well.

  230. Ahh, but you should be proud! Congratulations on birthing another beautiful “baby”.

  231. At some point, I hope you will be able to go on a tour that goes through someplace within a couple hundred miles of me. Congratulations on that new baby, er, book.

  232. Congrats! I am sure those wonderful feelings will never grow old, no matter how many books you write. Hope to see you on tour!

  233. Congratulations Stephanie, on your new book, your NYT bestseller status and on surviving your Annus Horribilis. I can’t wait for the new book, while I love all your books, I love the essay ones best. There was a story about something being knit for a baby that was born sleeping and I read it just after a friend’s first bub was born sleeping and another friend has just lost the second bub in a row. This story made me cry in a good way. It got rid of the grief for a little life that would never reach its potential, but reminded me that even their brief existence is important. So thanks. Thanks for all your stories. They are all entertaining but they all have their special message too. I would buy your book from my local bookshop, but it means I would have to wait another 6 months as your publisher doesn’t release in Oz until later. So I have ordered it online because I can’t wait another 6 months.
    And could you please (pretty please) tour to Oz and Nz one day? Your Commonwealth cousins would dearly love to see/hear you. As a bonus our summer is your winter, so if you came here on tour at the right time and for long enough you could miss a winter altogether – and our winter is pretty good too – the forecast for today is sunny and 21 Celsius – and it’s still officially winter!

  234. I love you Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and we’ve only ever made eye contact once, at a little bookstore in Plano, TX. Reading your blog does that to people, you know?
    The truck story is one of the best ever. I read it aloud to my husband when you posted it. His comment? “She’s good. She should be a writer.” I told him I would pass that idea on to you. (never mind that he’d seen me reading your books. He’s a wonderful man, but he is a man.)
    Congratulations NYT Bestseller!!

  235. Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for quite some time…and your posts still make me cry and laugh — and just feel good about “life.”

  236. I will anxiously wait to find the new book in our local bookstore. I love your books and have 4 or 5 I believe. It is so odd, when someone you have never met has struggles, and it touches you so deeply because you feel you “know” them somehow through their writing. I hope things have turned the corner for your family. Take care of each other.

  237. Congratulations on the new “baby”!
    Will your book tour bring you to the UK again? If so, I’ll hang on until then and buy it from whichever shop hosts your visit. If not, I have some book-related gift vouchers to spend…. :o)
    – Pam

  238. Go ahead and be prideful – you deserve it for writing another lovely book. I can’t wait to read it, especially “Joe and the Truck” which is one of my all-time favorite stories and something I periodically go back to just to make myself laugh.
    You are awesome. Own it!

  239. Congratulations on this fantastic accomplishment. I look forward to reading it. I hope you make it to the Albany, NY area – the capital of the great state of New York. We have a great knitting community here and would love to see you and share in your joy (of writing, of knitting, of life!)

  240. Hurrah! and congratulations on All Wound Up! I am terribly excited at the possibility that I may get to hear you speak again; I will certainly buy the book from the bookstore (and be sure to wear the finished socks I was starting the first time I got to see you!),if you’ll come back to Middle Tennessee. Shoot, I’d even go to the “big town” (don’t ask) of Paducah, KY, to see you in person. Got my fingers crossed.

  241. Thank’s for the plug for local bookstores. I own one that sells promarily used books, but does carry selected current titles. We are primarily a paperback store, but I do get selected hardcovers. yours will be one of them. Hope it sells like hotcakes. For all of use
    Alice at Annie’e Book stop in Portland Maine

  242. Would love to be able to order it from a local bookseller – unfortunately we don’t have one. So, it’s Amazon.com for me – mine was ordered months ago, so eagerly awaiting my copy!
    Thanks for sharing so much knitterly goodness with us!

  243. I am super excited for you, not only that you have a new book out but that writing the book helped you grow as a person and a writer. I know that your books and blogs help me when I’m a frustrated knitter. I’m glad its a two way street 😀

  244. I am so sorry that you have had a tough year, Stephanie. Sometimes it’s just your turn in the pit and all you can do is hang on until it’s someone else’s turn.
    But you know, I must quibble (I dearly love to quibble. Not sure what the word really means exactly but it just sounds fuss-budgety and grumpy) as to your description on Amazon.com. They are describing you as “Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is the author of several knitting books…”
    Several?!?! Several is three, maybe four. Your seven offspring should have CLEARLY put you into “prolific”, “multitudinous” or maybe even “boat loads” category.
    Somebody should tell Amazon that….>:-)

  245. When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up. In high school I wanted to be a comic book writer, specifically Neil Gaiman. In college I wanted to be David Mack (an artist/writer – beautiful work). Now, that I’ve discovered knitting and blogging I’ve decided I want to be you. I hope one day to get that thrill of holding my own book and waiting for it to be out in local book stores, but for now I’m working on finding my style and my voice.
    Also, there are three phenomenal LYSs in Austin, as well as a fantastic Local Book Store, BookPeople, and they would all knock your socks off were you to visit.

  246. Congratulations!!! You deserve a few minutes to relish the outstanding moment.
    I’ll be buying your book. Will you be coming to North Carolina on the tour?

  247. I clicked the link over at Amazon requesting that this book be made available for the Kindle. I no longer read DTBs and would hate to miss out on this one.

  248. Steph,
    Can I call you that?
    (It seems like all of us are yarny friends.) I just want to say congratulations and thanks so very much for sharing your life with us. This Feburary I got breast cancer (I just had my six month check -up and they got it all, yeah.) I do not write as well as you but, for all of my tears and nakedness this year you have made me laugh, cry and just be grateful to get through this rollercoaster of life.
    Happy book tour I will try to meet you in person!

  249. Ah, Stephanie, if I had a local bookstore I would purchase it there. Heck, if I had a really local yarn store I would buy it there. Unfortunately, the big boxes got the book stores and ill health and a desire to retire got the LYS. I’ll just do Amazon as I refuse to drive 50+ miles round trip just to purchase a book – I’m sure you understand.
    Congratulations on making this book work — I’m sure it’s grand.

  250. Beautiful, Stephanie. I look forward to reading All Wound Up – and I’ll go to my local bookstore first. = )

  251. Congratulations! I will definitely pick up a copy locally, hopefully when you come to Kansas City (please!) for your book tour!!!!

  252. Wonderful!!! Congratulations! Thank you for continuing to share your talent, even through the tough time. Makes us stronger, right? (I keep telling myself that.)

  253. COME TO OTTAWA!!! Please oh please oh please oh……I’ll give you beer and Chocolate…

  254. OK, just cancelled my Amazon pre-order and will buy at last, remaining non-chain bookstore in Cleveland Heights Ohio!! Hope you come somewhere near here. You renew my faith in humanity. Constantly.

  255. My dear, thank you. As a displaced bookseller, one who used to be able to schedule events for local authors and even for special events like the first Yarn Harlot book, it still hurts when people bemoan the Passing of bookshops and then order on line. I’ll be ordering my copies fromthe newsstand, the used book store and the children’s book store who serve our town these days, and calling blessings down on anyone doing the same — starting with you.

  256. “first time you go into the place where your teenager works and see them doing just that” – or watching your daughter holding her first baby.
    I’m looking forward to your book and will go to Chapters to buy it. We’re losing Borders here in the US and it doesn’t feel good.
    All the best.
    Joanne, the Canuck in Colorado and in three days…the Canuck in Calgary!!

  257. Congratulations! I loved reading your other books, and trying to explain to people on the bus why I’m laughing out loud about knitting stories :).

  258. And? Another advantage — my sister coaches an award-winning forensics team, but they have to have a print version of anything they use. Internet printouts don’t count. So she can use Joe and the Stuck Truck! (Hmmm — maybe a picture book next?)

  259. Great, really looking forward to reading your book. Unfortunately no bookshop in my hometown stocks your books so I had to order it online! Cheers and looking forward to your book after this one. Sorry, that’s too much to put on you but your books make me laugh and cry which I can’t say for many.

  260. I can’t believe you left it alone on the porch! I would have been all over that box so fast, it wouldn’t have known what hit it.
    It’ll be great to have a chance to see you again. I’m sure you don’t remember me in the slightest, but last time you were in town I was knitting a wedding ring shawl, which somehow miraculously got finished and I’m just dying to show it to you. (Okay, and brag a bit…)

  261. Congratulations! What a great feeling a new book is!
    Hmmm, I’d love to buy/preorder it at my local book store, but unfortunately that won’t work. Is there a local book store you’d prefer me to contact that would be willing to ship the book overseas to a USA address, but with a custom slip filled out? Thanks!

  262. I’m sad to hear that NA is lacking in small bookstores. There are many around here (Kitchener ON). We are lucky in that way. Nothing will ever beat the feeling, texture, and especially smell of a book. Electronic sources will never replace, though I admit I have ambitions to buy a kindle simply because it would be lighter than carrying around many books at once… but when I do I will have everything in duplicate as I will need to buy any book I really like in its paper form. Electronic just can’t cut it!
    Congratulations on your new book. I’m looking forward to introducing myself to your collection as I have yet to read one.

  263. Yes, bring it on to Loopy Yarns here in Chicago. We’d love to see you covered head to tone in yarn plus your book!

  264. honestly- i can’t wait. i’m very excited. i hope you come to (or near) rhode island so i can see you speak in person again. i had a ball last time. 🙂 thanks for keeping on.

  265. Congratulations on another fabulous book of yours. Can’t wait to read it. You are very gifted!! Thanks for sharing.

  266. You are the coolest! I will buy my copy at Book People here in Austin, where I once saw you speak and hope to see you again for this tour. Congratulations!

  267. I would gladly buy it in any local place… but since we are in Hungary it is not likely anybody carries it.
    On the other hand, can be glad that these days of technology, I not only can have a best friend halfway around the worls, someone I never met in R, still knows me better than anyone else, but buy anything I want online… yes it is a bit dangerous too, but I rather be glad.
    Congratulations! I cann hardly wait to read it.

  268. Mazel tov, Stephanie! Any chance your tour will bring you anywhere near Charlottesville, VA? I’d even come to Washington, DC to see you and buy your book!

  269. I will certainly be going to my LBS (local book store) to order your newest creation! And it’s not bad to be proud of being a New York Times Best Selling Author!! I would be, if I was one! Congratulations!

  270. I hope you come to a Barnes & Noble in the Baltimore, Maryland area. To be specific, the one in Bel Air. I’ll buy my copy there and I’ll get to meet you. Win-win!

  271. I promise to go to McNally Robinson in Winnipeg to buy it – It would be so much better if you made that store part of your book tour too! You have lots of fans in Manitoba.
    thanks for making me laugh and cry.
    All the best!

  272. I appreciate the support your book store comment. I buy from them and order from them all the time.. you can pre order from your bookstore!
    A young friend of mine put into words what it feels like when holding a book you wrote “When you hold that book, you know that some day, 60 years from now, someone will buy that book at a garage sale for 50 cents. And they’ll love it. And even though you’re long dead, you’ll still be alive.” She’s just so right!

  273. Humongus~ Ginormous~ Congrats are in order Steph.. ” new yorks best sellers ” WOW that is something huge to be proud of..XO cuz Di

  274. Wow, I can’t believe the book is finished. Can’t wait to see it in the shops. I’ve got all your books and can’t wait to buy this one. Are you coming to the UK when you go on your book tour?

  275. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it 🙂
    I’m so glad you included the bit about purchasing at a LBS, too. There are so many genuinely fantastic stores which are really struggling right now. I’ll be buying yours at either Left Bank or Subterranean Books in St. Louis. (Hope you make it somewhere near here for the tour, too! I’ve not yet gotten to attend a real live Yarn Harlot Event.)

  276. My DEAR! It was my “Anno Horribilus” too (think 4 months of living on the sofa watching television with no desire to eat, read, write or knit!!) (Followed by two months of terrific palsied tremor which PREVENTED eating…well, soup; reading…except with a bookstand; writing at ALL…odd keystrokes and couldn’t hold a pencil; and knitting? Nope.) HOWEVER — all’s well and/or on the mend and I am VERY excited to see a New Book – and yes, I’ll buy it at my LBS!!

  277. My LBS or my LYS, whichever one I can get to faster once it is released! Thank you.

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