In Which We Keep A Secret

Last night, a secret plan came to fruition.  It has become tradition in our weekly Knit Night at Lettuce Knit, to make a baby blanket – all of us together, when a longtime member of the coven falls pregnant.  Sometimes it’s squares, sometimes strips – there’s a lot of ways – This time, it was a real community blanket.  Four knitters, four needles, four balls of yarn, four rounds at a time, knee to knee.  The blanket got started at Lettuce Knit, and was knit on by those who love Jen at every possible moment.  On Saturday, Natalie realized that we were going to need a big knit in to finish, and she set up and hosted one.

We all turned up, and worked for hours – tapping each other out when we got tired, swapping in and out so that the work could be continuous.

It was not just productive, but ridiculously fun. 

Round and round and round wen went, until 2am, when the last bit of the border was done, and then we all rode off on our bikes into the night, and left Natalie to do the casting off (Thank you!)  She blocked it, and lay it on her deck to dry.

Last night, we threw Jen a little knitterly baby shower, and she recieved a ton of beautiful woolies to welcome her wee one.  There were beautiful sweaters and socks and a quilted blanket…

Jen pointed out that the sweater below is perfect for a baby. Dark, vertical lines… very slimming.

At the end, finally, the blanket.  Made by all her friends, celebrating not just the arrival of a baby in our community, but how wonderful it’s been to have Jen in our community from the very beginning.

I think she loved it, I hope, as much as we all love her.
  My present will be late.

With my wool as my witness though, it blocks today.

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  1. What fun to see all the people I know knitting away on that baby blanket. Now I wish I lived in Toronto so I could be part of that knit community.
    But for now I’ll stay in the Heartland and knit one of these for a local baby in process. (Once the Dr. gives me the go ahead after a bout with Carpel Tunnel. Flick carding for F2F not knitting is the cause.)

  2. What a lovely communal blanket — and what a lovely expression of friendship from all of you to Jen 🙂 Your blanket is beautiful, too. So close to being finished!

  3. Lovely blanket. Very nice.
    Also, glad that your gift will be late. Makes the giving that much special, in a “I spent so much time making it I couldn’t finish it in time” way.

  4. Love the blanket! What a sweet thing for all her friends to do. 🙂
    (The weight-loss wedding dress I talked about the other day– my husband took pictures of about 10 of us, with yards of skirt spread out, hand beading it. Everyone was instructed to put good thoughts into it. The thoughts are what makes it special.)

  5. Me: So…Jen has “fallen” pregnant?
    Me again: Yes dumbass, and look at the bump she got from it!!!

  6. Sometimes, when I’m knitting for a baby, that’s what I think knitting was invented for. Of course, when I’m knitting socks, I think it’s socks.
    But for babies, it’s always sweet and soft, and colourful.

  7. Wow, what a wonderful labor of love! That is one of the coolest blankets I’ve ever seen. When I get pregnant (hopefully soon!), I’m totally directing my knitter-friends to this post for ideas. 😉

  8. wrapping a new baby in a community of knitters’ love is wonderful,thank you for reminding us. and my thanks to Alice-in-the-heartland for supporting and helping with the one we’re doing for a baby XY coming in January in whom I have a grandmotherly interest. And thanks also for her teaching me I was doing YOs backwards. Alice, you’re right, they’re much easier when you do them right.

  9. The community blanket is amazing! I love the bright colours! And your blanket is the perfect contrast – soft, peaceful and quiet. This baby will be wrapped in love!

  10. Alas, I am too far away in Iowa to help with the project, but I would have. I’m that kind of person.
    Beautiful, large, blanket. And yours…. gorgeous.
    Jen’s a beauty.

  11. If you’re blocking today and she hasn’t had the baby yet, you’re on time! However, if you didn’t finish the knitting in time, the communal blanket is a fabulous alternative. Congratulations to the knitting crew for completing such an awesome endeavor so quickly.

  12. Cool! I’ve seen you and a bunch of friends make baby blankets this way before…seems like last time it had a feather-and-fan border…gotta try that someday! And good Lord, just how pregnant IS Jen? Hasn’t she popped yet from the sheer strain of it? Hope she delivers soon!

  13. I have never ever seen one of these and wonder if there is a website or book that tells how to do this. What Fun!!!!

  14. Lucky Baby! Luck Jen to have such wonderful friends! Lucky you to be part of such a great group!
    Good times.

  15. It’s fabulous!
    Someday, when you’re not busy finishing up your blanket, can you try to explain how you knit four rounds at once with four people? That makes my brain hurt.

  16. Jenn is very, very lucky and it was an awesome project! I a few of my ladies at my lys will have something for my baby in December! I hope she delivers very soon! She is really pregnant!

  17. That community blanket is such an awesome thing!
    I am sure your blanket will be done on time Stephanie 🙂

  18. Your blanket’s not late – that baby’s not making an appearance until the blanket’s blocked & ready. The group blanket is gorgeous, too. You’re all so lucky to have each other.

  19. Well now, that’s one nifty little trick! How’d y’all do that? Are you going round and round? Back and forth? Explain please, before I die of brain meltdown trying to think about it!

  20. Never knew how great a knit night could be until I found myself an amazing group. Although your group looks pretty amazing too!

  21. Oh how beautiful both blankets are! You are all super lucky to have such special people in your lives. Cheers to a wonderful group of people! (And it doesn’t hurt that they’re a bunch of knitters either.) 😉

  22. Wow! That community blanket is beautiful, as was the group process! I totally agree that this is what knitting was meant for. I got a little teary about it, I hope Jen did too! Lucky girl!

  23. Wow! What a wonderful group achievement. A great tradition. At the beginning of your post I didn’t realize its size but when I saw it held up I realized it is HUGE! What a great gift from a great group of women!!!

  24. Just think of all the sisterhoods of knitters around the globe, all doing this kind of thing, loving up one another in birth and death and everything in between. We should be running things. Everyone in the world would be warm, well fed, and loved. What more could anyone want?

  25. Beautiful blanket. How does the group knitting work? It looks like fun but it is mystifying!

  26. Beautiful. All of it. I love the bright colors of the community blanket. I cannot wait to see your finished product.

  27. I love the community blanket – what a great symbol of friendship. And yours – so close, and yet so far….

  28. Technically, it’s not late unless she’s had the baby.
    She hasn’t had the baby yet, has she?
    Oh, and blocking doesn’t count. I’ve decided. If you’re done knitting on it, then it’s done. “No, you can’t have it yet even though it’s done. It just has to, um, dry…”

  29. The blanket looks like an awesome experience. I wonder if my current knitting group will gell in the same way, so that we make awesomeness for each other.

  30. What fun! Yours is going to beautiful, too. Late? How many blankets can you bring a baby home in? She has the group one now for that so the pressure should be off.

  31. If she’s not being induced, it could still make it. It won’t take too long to dry. <3

  32. I am fully expecting to hear that Jen goes in to labour tonight… I love the sight of love in this way. Lucky Jenbump.

  33. Dear Stephanie, If it makes you feel any better about the bazillion stitches to go… the blanket is absolutely stunning!! Can’t wait to see it blocked, and again thanks for the laughter… it really is a gift! Love, Josie

  34. What a wonderful process to make a blanket as a community – worked on the giant sock at SS09 the same way and it was great fun! Your lacy baby blanket is turning out beautiful and you are oh, so close to completion. Don’t forget to get a lovely photo of it after blocking to share!

  35. A community of knitters is truly a beautiful thing. Also, look how you totally have enough yarn to finish the white one!

  36. What a gorgeous blanket! I’m still looking at the photos and trying to figure out how four of you knit at once…. Hmmmm

  37. That baby will be born to party! What a wonderful way to arrive into the world, with smiles, willing hands and wool.
    Eve from Carlisle

  38. Both blankets are gorgeous.. but I can’t figure out how you work that, and who made the center square?

  39. The stripey blanket is so gorgeous. How DID you all do it? I hope an explanation is upcoming!

  40. A true rare gathering of loving Knitters to express love. This was done in the days of our forefather by women. So happy to know this still exists.

  41. Yes- please explain how you knit this blanket with 4 people – I think I remember you telling about this before, but I don’t remember the instructions. Such a fun idea! Share when you have a minute:)

  42. the gifts were fantastic, but i just can’t wait to see yours all done and finished and on display!

  43. Love this. LOVE this!
    I’m a solitary knitter by preference, but a group like this could change my mind, methinks.

  44. Love it !!!!
    (Wish I was part of a knitting coven…… more than a little envious … !!)
    And I am absolutely curious about how this is done with 4 people knitting at a time…? I simply cannot wrap my head around it….?

  45. Ok, I take it back. If you did the other blanket, too, I can’t really call you a slacker.
    But I *would* like to come over there.

  46. wow – you all are fabulous!! that is a gorgeous blanket – what a great group of friends!
    You will get that blanket done, you will, you will 🙂 and what a nice gift it will be.

  47. I’m still not sure just how four people can knit together on one project and actually make something, but the resulting blanket is beautiful. As is your (almost) finished one. Jen looks really, really big, so knit like the wind. I see that other people are wondering about the group knitting technique too. Perhaps YouTube might have some information? I’ll go take a look.

  48. to be fair, and i’m sure someone has said this already, if you hadn’t helped on the group blanket, you’d be done.
    just sayin’.

  49. Oh, dear. Jen looks ready. Jen looks more than ready. Jen looks like that kid(s) is(are) tired of waiting for an engraved invitation into this world. . .
    So, GO, HARLOT, GO!!!!
    And don’t block it on your deck. We all know how squirrely your neighbors are!

  50. The communal blanket looks very much (especially on border) like a Tibetan Buddhist mandala, which is also a communal undertaking of great consequence and devotion. Maybe you planned it this way, but if you did not, please recognize the amazing thing you have accomplished.
    This will truly be a blessed child.
    Mary Sue (aka NewarkKnitter)

  51. Most of all I love that many people are looking at the same pictures and words and all feeling the love and being inspired…sort of like when me and my sister (650 miles north of me) look at the moon together. Also, knitting like that seems like a relay or a quadrille or hoe down…in/out, under over…come on out little baby!

  52. Please, give us an entire post on how to create the communal baby blanket. I see the concept, but I have a feeling that unless at least one person groks the whole process, it could be a massive group fail.

  53. Now that is some serious fun!!! I love the resulting blanket. And the white blanket you are working on is just stunning! Am waiting for the baby on the blanket picture……… all in good time.

  54. Congratulations for the big group knitting blanket. It looks simply amazing! I bet Jen feels loved and is thankful for all the wooly gifts, that were bestowed on her and her unborn child.
    Can’t wait to see the finished blanket.

  55. Awesome beautiful group knit blanket.
    It almost makes one want to be pregnant again….that’s ALMOST….
    In 3rd trimester in August heat anyway, lol

  56. That’s the second time I’ve seen a community blanket like that, and it’s AWESOMESAUCE.
    But not being as cool and clever as Ms. Y Harlot, makes it hard to figure out exactly what you are doing. Can we have a written pattern, PRETTY PLEASE?????

  57. Beautiful blankets. I admire Jen’s posture, so straight in the back, none of that hanging backwards to be seen, really, so close to giving birth that is amazing. I just tried to imagine how many people are eagerly awaiting the news of Jen’s baby entering this world and knowing if it is a boy or a girl. Knowing thousands of people read your blog it must be in the same numbers as waiting for a royal baby to arrive (or maybe a popstars or moviestars baby, but I live in a kingdom, you see).

  58. What a wonderful gift! I don’t even know Jen but that blankie brought tears to my eyes. You gals are the best!

  59. Will there be instructions to make a group blanket? It looks like a great idea, but I can’t quite get my head around how it was made. Thanks.

  60. What is the pattern that you used for your community blanket?! I love it and have a friend who is expecting….

  61. Wow, knitting in such close quarters like that until 2:00am?!? Um…..did anyone get…um…grumpy?
    “Would you PLEASE keep your elbows to yourself?!”
    “You’re sitting too close, move over”
    “Stop pulling on it! You’re not the only one knitting here!”
    I noticed you have a very interested observer in photo three. On the floor. With gorgeous fur. 🙂

  62. My last baby blanket knitted as a gift was finished about a week before the baby was born. But the blanket before was not finished until the little one was about a week old. It didn’t matter. Both mothers were appreciative of the work and have wrapped their daughters in the blankets. Jen will love your blanket whenever it is finished–just as she loves the community blanket.

  63. The notion of community knitting for a new baby strikes a soft place in my heart. I love it, and the blanket! Details, please…….

  64. What an amazing experience. I love the blanket AND the true friendship in finishing. That is a true, heart-felt gift for Jen and baby 🙂

  65. Hi! Still not entirely clear how that “everyone knitting at once” thing works, but it is very cool.
    I just wish I lived near you – seems like that is where all the real fun is!

  66. That looks like so much fun! I hope to work on a blanket with some friends like that someday, how inspiring! The blanket, BTW, is GORGEOUS. Totally unique and beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see your lovely white lace blanket when it’s done, too!

  67. What a fun and thoughtful gift the collective blanket is! I know yours will be finished soon. I have faith.

  68. I know I’m older than you and married and all but…would you adopt me? And maybe a couple of my friends? You have such a wonderful community. I’m half Canadian – does that help?

  69. Wow! That blanket is gorgeous! I will admit, though, that I am befuddled as to how all of you knit on the blanket at one time.
    Yes, I am a teacher, but the how-to’s of this project are blowing my mind…kind of like math…which I don’t teach, thankfully.
    Maybe I shouldn’t teach people how to knit either…at least not four at a time on the same project.
    BTW, y’all are some wonderful, generous gals! You do us knitters proud!

  70. ok……….I’m dying to know more about the teeny brown sweater. gorgeous!!!! is it on ravelry?

  71. I have to say I love that community blanket. I still just do not get how you have 4 knitters at a time knitting–very very cool though.

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