That’s Rushing

I have no idea what to say today, because things are getting wild enough that I can really only do two things. 

1. Keep plowing away at the list of things to do.
2. Attempt to appear absolutely calm about the whole thing, because if I’m not absolutely calm for a moment, eight people tell me I’m "freaking out", and if there’s one thing that’s going to put me right off the almighty ledge of sanity it’s people telling me to be calm, when I bloody well am.

I am unequivocally not freaking out, just rushing rather quickly, and if Joe some people can’t tell the difference between rushing and freaking out, then maybe Joe some people should try a little rushing and see if they don’t understand immediately the subtle but important difference. 

People who are freaking out are ineffective.  They don’t host little parties at which ice lanterns that they’ve been freezing for days twinkle on the steps.

People who are freaking out also don’t have a finished pair of chunky alpaca socks. *

People who are freaking out aren’t able to smirk at the finished Christmas sweater, upstairs blocking on the bed, and people who are freaking out absolutely can’t show you a detail of a very nice hat that they finished –

or tell you that most of the wrapping is done and there’s only a few things left to buy and that the meringues will be made by the end of the day – God willing and the creek don’t rise.  People who are freaking out can’t tell you that they only have a small sweater, a sock, a hat and a pair of mittens left to knit by Saturday, and people who are freaking out don’t have a plan for that. 

You know why they don’t?  Because the difference between "freaking out" and "rushing" is one word, my friends – one word.  Efficiency.  Freaking out is an inefficient state with energy wasted on an emotional reaction to the circumstances in which one finds oneself.  Rushing, on the other hand, is simply moving quickly from task to task with no time to discuss it with the people who think it’s freaking out – and a word to the wise? The best way to move someone from "rushing" to "freaking out" is to tell them that they’re freaking out when they’re actually rushing -especially (and this is key, should you really, really want to see them lose it) if you tell them that they’re freaking out while they’re changing the laundry, washing the floor, separating egg whites from yolks, knitting a hat, making a grocery list, watering the tree, fixing the lights and wrapping your mothers present, because I promise that we, the great and mighty makers of Christmas will take the time out of rushing to FREAK RIGHT OUT ON THAT SCENE.

Just saying.

* These slipper/boot socks are quick, soft and fabulous, and make a ladies medium.  In our family we call them Foot Ovens.

2 skeins of Misti Alpaca Chunky, each divided in half. 
5mm DPNs, or whatever gets you about 3.5-4 stitches to the inch (go with 3.5 if you want a bigger sock, 4 if you’d like it a little smaller
Start toe up with 8 stitches. (I use JMCO)
Increase every other round until you have 32 stitches. 
Change colours, and knit until your work is the desired length. Mine are 19cm from tip of the toe til I begin the heel.
Change colours and work a short row heel on half the stitches, leaving 4 unwrapped in the middle.
Change colours, knit until the yarn runs out, or they are as long as you want them.
Change colours and work 1×1 rib until you like how things are. Cast off very loosely (I use a sewn bind off.)   Repeat with the other half of the skeins. Revel in the speed in which you just made a pair of socks. 

Gifts for Knitters: Day 19

This one is short and sweet, and can be done online.  How about a subscription to a knitting magazine?  Here’s all the ones I can think of. 

Interweave Knits
Vogue Knitting
Creative Knitting
Knit ‘n Style
Simply Knitting
The Knitter
Knitting Today

148 thoughts on “That’s Rushing

  1. Can’t believe I’m first!! And people who don’t know the difference between rushing and freaking are to be pitied, because they will never know the joy of rushing and finishing stuff, versus freaking and getting nothing done!

  2. Ok lady! (and I’m being nice calling you a lady right now) You can’t just go and give me a pattern that might, just might mean that my dear father will actually get a knit present for the first time ever by this Sunday and name the one yarn I’m SURE is not sold in my LYS.
    Make it up to me. You or your little elves (those ‘ladies’ you call friends and/or followers) give me a few good subsitutes because not even looking this up on Ravelry is enough to help me decide what I have that might just make this work.
    All the love in the world, Steph!!

  3. OK….where did you get the instructions on making the ice lanterns? They are way cool and here in Maine will last all winter. LOL
    And by the way….just tell Joe that there’s not a friggin thing wrong with freaking out…sometimes everyone around us needs a reminder that they are letting us do most of the work!

  4. Here, here- well said.
    Maybe it’s that my husband’s name is Joe (and he too never works with any sense of urgency), but reading this post, I could’ve written the same words myself!

  5. Love the socks/foot ovens.
    I now have a good reason to buy some Misti Alpaca Chunky. I have been holding out since I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

  6. Great post and so true. To Mrs. Meg C: it is a bulky weight yarn so you can look that up on Ravelry. Tons of choices, including superwash if you want you father to not worry about shrinkage!

  7. You forgot Knit Scene. I really like that magazine, because many of the patterns are for younger knitters, so are things my daughter would like.

  8. My poor (8 y.o.) son almost lost a limb over the weekend when I asked him to pick up his pencils and he told me I was asking too much of him while I did whatever I wanted (=laundry multitasking with knitting a hat for my mom, washing breakfast dishes, and cleaning up from husband’s work party at our house the night before).
    But I have to say that I LOVE your ice lanterns. Very pretty and solstice seasonal! Good job on that one.

  9. In my opinion, if you think someone is freaking out, the only proper thing to say is: “What can I help you with?”

  10. Ever notice that those who make comments on your “rushing” are not really contributing to getting the said tasks done???
    But they will enjoy the fruits of your labor…and sometimes make comments like “I could have done that in ONE bowl.”
    @su1282 – My son once commented that it wasn’t fair because he “had to go to school” while I “got to go to work and play with my friends.”

  11. Knitting envy is a given (yes, I do knit in waiting rooms, meetings, and anyplace but the car when driving) but now I also have ice lantern envy. A bit too warm here, alas (Iowa in the heartland, not that far from Alice)

  12. So, you could always go on strike. No laundry etc. until Christmas knitting done. Some people could then help out, or call take out.

  13. I should clarify. I’m not being horribly mean to Steph because I can’t find this yarn, but rather as I was reading about it in Ravelry several people have tried to ‘clarify’ that it’s CHUNKY not BULKY. Which since I’ve never seen chunky as a weight didn’t help.
    I’ll shut my trap now..

  14. Those people on Ravelry are wrong. Nowadays, yarn marked Chunky is the same as yarn marked Bulky.
    (Not that it makes a big difference, since in my experience yarn is rarely exactly the same size, even within the same brand, style, and dye lot.)

  15. I appreciated reading “rushing” and “freaking out” defined, compared & contrasted. Turns out I am, as I suspected, “freaking out.” 😀

  16. I got into an argument with my husband about JUST THIS not two hours ago. Sans knitting involvement.
    HIM: “Why are you freaking out?”
    ME: “I’m not! I’m in a huge rush to leave early for work and having to shout over your LOUD music to even be heard! It’s impossible to sound sweet and calm while shouting!”
    HIM: “Well, I can’t tell the difference, and I haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t get mad at me.”
    ME: “Grrrrrrrr”

  17. Love this post, as I am one who rushes about trying to get a similarly-long to-do list done, and I *know* I would lose it if someone told me to stop freaking out!
    By the way, in regards to the sock pattern, wouldn’t you want to do MORE stitches per inch to get a smaller sock, and FEWER to get a larger one (assuming the same # of stitches), so that 3.5/in would be larger than 4/in?

  18. Your “foot ovens” may have solved a little Xmas gift problem I’ve been having. Thanks. Rushing here as well, but thinking seriously about freaking out now that my hubby has come down with something worse than a cold, but not quite the flu. Stay healthy.

  19. I love the ice lanterns–so lovely! And definitely doing the same rushing around here (with maybe some freaking out thrown in, too).
    Also, my little girl came up behind me as I was reading your post and started to read it out loud. So cute and funny to hear her little voice, “People who are freaking out also don’t have a finished pair of chunky alpaca socks…”
    Good luck! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  20. Interesting bit of trivia: the phrase “God willing and the creek don’t rise” is not a reference to a creek as a body of water. It is a reference to the Creek Indians. As in, “God willing and the Creek don’t rise up and kill us all.” So, kind of a racial slur, though one so obscure most people don’t even realize it’s a reference to humans at all. I certainly didn’t until recently!
    Also, I ALREADY HAVE that chunky alpaca yarn. Clearly I am supposed to have those socks. Thank you! Good luck conquering Christmas!

  21. Are people allergic to wool also likely to be allergic to alpaca? I have a sister-in-law I would love to make those slipper socks for but she is allergic to wool. That’s always meant things meant for her have to be acrylic and I can’t stand to knit with the stuff.

  22. Just a mention- another good magazine is KnitScene. Also by Interweave, but I know as a 20-something I find their patterns are often chicer, a little simpler, a little more, well, ‘hip’ I guess, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

  23. thanks to you, I received stitch markers & a necklace from Jennie the Potter from my husband for my birthday today!
    we both thank you for all your suggestions 🙂

  24. Great pattern, but I think you reversed the gauge on the small vs. large socks. Rushing (not freaking out) sometimes causes us to miss a couple of smallish items.

  25. Many leadership organizations and courses will tell you that the busiest people are the most effective, because they ARE busy. Keep those examples coming!
    PS – “Someone” should have come to my house on Saturday…they would then see the difference – I embodied “freaking out” and got absolutely NOTHING done! After kicking myself in the pants, I’m now on my way to being done for the holidays.
    PPS – Merry Christmas!

  26. Clearly I am insane, because the list of what you have to knit by Saturday looks really, really doable!

  27. A note about gauge: There have been several objections to the sock recipe as presented. Unless Stephanie sneakily went in while we weren’t looking, and changed something before I read it, the pattern is fine as written. 3.5 sts/inch will give you a bigger sock than 4 sts/inch. Knitting at 3.5 sts/inch, 32 stitches = 9.14 inches around, whereas at 4 sts/inch, the same 32 stitches produce a sock that is 8 inches around.

  28. It looks really doable to me too!
    To Anne: Many people who are allergic to wool are not allergic to alpaca. I am one of them.
    Merry Christmas!

  29. Knit Simple is a mag I like because most of the patterns are, well, simple.
    Awesome foot ovens! Maybe I’ll make some–in January.
    Ice lanterns = gorgeous!

  30. I love you for the fantastic delineation of freaking out versus rushing. I am SO tired of people telling me to “stop freakin’ out” when I’m simply in the process of working through the to do list in a calm, organized and thorough manner. How do they think the whole bloody thing comes together anyway eh?? You do rock – and I really miss you and Tina xx

  31. Oh, I love the ice lanterns! Pure brilliance! So sad that I can’t make them for outside here in Florida.

  32. I’m really glad that my Christmas ambitions are much smaller. Go to church on Christmas Eve, spend a nice evening with my son, watching the Alastair Sim and the Muppet versions of A Christmas Carol. Make pancakes and Christmas punch for Christmas morning. I don’t have to rush or freak.

  33. I’ll add Spin-Off magazine. I’m not even a spinner (yet!) but I love this magazine. Great patterns.
    Anne- wool and alpaca are not cross-allergens. I’m allergic to alpaca but not to wool (alpaca makes my eyes itch and my throat close up) If she just has sensitive skin (itchies) she may not like alpaca either.
    No rushing here- we vowed to make it a simple Christmas and so far, so good.

  34. Great blog! Would love to know how you make those ice candles; thanks for letting us know how you made the foot ovens.

  35. Hanukkah is tomorrow night, and my kids leave town Sunday. I still have three angry birds and half a hat to make for the kids before they leave town. And a business lunch tomorrow, Hanukkah party tomorrow night, kids school parties on Thursday, and an additional school party Friday morning. And I decided to go grocery shopping since we are eating condiments as main courses. House is not yet decorated (not as important for Hanukkah, but the kids like it). I’m so far behind I picked up my crochet hook to keep the projects moving.
    I’d have a major freak out, but I just don’t have time. This is actually pretty organized for me. And now I’m off to take the kids to karate. Wish me luck!

  36. Thanks, Nanceye and Kathom, for answering about allergies. I guess I will make the ovens and if my sis in law does not like them, more for me. 🙂

  37. Texas and Florida: no ice but if you save your metal coffee cans, use a hammer and nail to punch out patterns (stars, trees, moon and sun, etc) and then paint them blue-white and put them on your steps with tea-lights in them, the effect will be pretty darn nice just the same!
    Rushing or freaking: if you are just standing there commenting, I will for sure take you off at the knees and/or put you to work. Just saying.
    We aren’t celebrating this year, except for the preparation of a meal on the actual Day, and since we would have to eat anyway no matter what day it was, it’s no big deal. No stress, but no fun either.

  38. Socks look luscious! I agree you are not freaking out…yet. 🙂 However, I might be…washing machine died today and I must face the purchasing of one for the first time in 18 years. Help!!

  39. Wow. Just wow. In your position, I’d have hyperventilated and passed out – I’m feeling slightly stressed and I’ve got part of a foot and toe of a single sock to do before New Year.
    Love the ice lanterns.
    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  40. You certainly have been knitting up a storm. I had a somewhat freakout episode yesterday as I realized that Christmas (at the time) was only a week away) and all I have done is knit 5 hats. I still have 3 more hats, a pair of socks, a sweater (and that is all I can remember off the top of my head). I hope you get your knitting done.
    And Joe she isn’t freaking out, she is rushing. And yes there is a difference. All knitters and crafters rush around Christmas time. This is normal.
    Thank you for the sock pattern, I will definitely have to implement this into my arsenal, hey maybe these can be the pair of socks I knit. The person never did specify what “type” and thickness of socks they wanted. Mwahahaha! Evil plan in motion. *AHEM* I apologize. Please forgive me.
    In conclusion I am glad you are getting the knitting (and other things done) it is good to see that I am not the only one who rushes. And thanks again for the sock pattern 😀
    P.S. love the ice lanterns and the hat. What pattern did you use (for the hat)?

  41. Classic blog entry! There might not be a woman/mother/wife/partner/female in the hemisphere who didn’t recognize themselves in your post. I suspect Joe, who appears to be a lovely man, is not “kicking in” as one might wish. I also suspect he has given the matter some thought and has adjusted his perspective. Thanks SO much for all the blog entries this month. I know you are hugely busy and I really appreciate your ability to both amuse and instruct. Nice lanterns!
    Merry Christmas.

  42. Socks on biggish needles with thicker yarns are my new favorite things. Briggs and Little Tuffy and 4mm needles, toe up pattern means a sock in just a couple days of knitting.
    Also agreeing with the recommendation of Wild Fibers magazine. I learn so much from every issue.

  43. I second the suggestion to add “Knit” (a lovely British kniting magazine, formerly known as Yarn Forward) especially if your kniitter is generously sized. I like them better than the Knitter because their patterns are usually unique to the magazine, not lifted from books or yarn compainies booklets.
    I also like “Yarn”, which is an Aussie magazine, and Knitscene when looking for younger styles and simpler patterns.

  44. Ok, I’m FREAKING out, I”m not rushing, therefore I’m going to calm myself, make a list, then CALMY but quickly follow the list. Either that or I’ll just go pour myself a stiff vodka and cranberry juice, right now it can go either way.

  45. It’s too warm here, but it isn’t always.
    How do you make those cool ice lanterns? We use bags, but boy howdy, those lanterns are lovely!

  46. Oh….I want to knit and bake and do all the things you are doing to get ready for Christmas. But I have this pesky job!

  47. Love the foot ovens! Can you reverse it and translate the patter to cuff down??? Pretty please???

  48. I am not freaking out about my knitting, which is almost done, I am freaking out about finding the right size pants/jeans for my granddaughter. This is going to be a tough one at the last minute. (Don’t tell me it serves me right for procrastinating because I do not want to hear it.)
    (Although it does…)

  49. With a short-row heel, this is probably the easiest translate-to-top-down ever. CO 32, knit ribbing. Change colors and do leg in stockinette. Change colors and do short-row heel as described. Change colors and knit until appropriate length. Change colors and decrease 4 sts every other row until you have 8 sts. Graft toe.

  50. Go Harlot, go!
    Oh, and @Jules Cox, that’s why around here we say “and the crick don’t rise”… Avoids the whole issue.

  51. There is nothing more infuriating than someone telling you that you are freaking out! Actually, that is not true. It is far worse when “some people” simply TELL you “Don’t freak out” in that condescending sing song (suppose to calm you down) voice. Raaawwwrrr! 🙂 Best post of the season. 🙂

  52. jules cox @ 3:25 pm: you beat me to it! i live in vermont, but spent the summer in knoxville tennessee. it was at a local bookshop that i learned (and finally understood) what “Good Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise” means.
    steph: i love you. just love you.

  53. I love that you call us the Makers of Christmas. That’s exactly how I feel. It’s a very powerful title. 🙂 Thanks for the Foot Oven pattern. I always have freezing feet!

  54. I’m a fan of Piecework Magazine, another Interweave Press jewel. Love the historical articles as well as the patterns for not only knitting, but other lovely handcrafts.

  55. My problem is that I am not even rushing – OR freaking out. (DH has just about given up on trying to get me enthused.)
    I DID go out today for yet another round of present buying. Now if I can only get things wrapped and delivered before the end of the month.

  56. Might not be a helpful insight, but…
    The “freaking out” thing is their reaction to the INTENSITY of your rushing about and their belief that you may have taken on too much to be able to pace things and enjoy them.
    Is their reaction fair? Well not when it is falsely accusatory, no.
    But in the general assessment? Particularly based on past behavior? And maybe forseeing an unsustainable pace? Maybe?

  57. Wow! Very organized, and not freaking out at all – love the ice lanterns! I wish I had some chunky alpaca yarn, ‘cuz my mom would love those socks, but I’m afraid they are not machine wash/dryable, and I know she won’t hand wash socks, so that’s a non-starter. A side note for Anne, however – my sister is allergic to wool but can wear an alpaca scarf I made for my mom a few years ago. alpaca doesn’t have the lanolin that sheep’s wool has, so many people don’t react to it the same way they react to wool. But I’d have her try something first, before you put the effort into socks that she still might not be able to wear. Just a thought!

  58. I too have the ice lanterns that I made last Christmas. I guessing they don’t melt as quickly in Toronto as they do in Vancouver!
    Merry Christmas!

  59. Yarn Harlot, May I just say… I love your blog. You make me laugh every time I read it. I read it religiously. I LOVE your ice lanterns! And now that I know the difference, you are not freaking out. Phreaking out maybe, rushing for sure; but not in any way, shape, or form freaking out. Merry Christmas!

  60. Perfect sock pattern! My mother requested several pairs of store bought wool socks for Christmas….now way, when I can knit them! This pattern was exactly what I was looking for!!!

  61. I could use a pair of foot ovens right now. I managed to break my toe last night and wearing proper shoes hurts my foot. Can’t hardly wait for work tomorrow where proper shoes are required.

  62. I love everything you have pictured! Such lovely things 🙂
    I agree completely about rushing and freaking (my family would say “panicking”). And I’ve decided that what gets done this year is fine, and what doesn’t is fine too. I’ve let go of lots of things this year…and embraced my sanity.

  63. Might want to switch to decaf, Steph. . . well, never mind then! I have been blessed with a horrible cold just before Christmas. That makes for some good knitting time, but I fear that I may need to soak all my finished projects in Lysol before gift wrapping them.

  64. That’s for sure a description of rushing. Definitely not freaking out. 🙂
    Thank you for the foot oven recipe!! Those are my Christmas knitting, on the day, for me. Perfect! and Thank you!!
    If you have time, after the Holidays, could you tell us how you made the lovely ice candles? I’d like to make some for next year, so no rush.

  65. Don’t forget “Knitting” and “Let’s Knit” both British and have given their awards for originality to “Knit”.

  66. Ah, those starry-shaped ice beauties right there are made using Lee Valley Tools’ “ice lantern” molds, for those who are wondering. Got ’em. Love ’em.

  67. Love all the gift ideas.
    Another way to make ice lanterns is to make water balloons, leaving some air at the top. The air at the top is the spot for a tealight candle. Then stick in the freezer or outside if it is cold enough. Once frozen, pop the balloon and you have an ice lantern.

  68. Rushing makes me freak out so I have been trying lately not to rush. If it doesn’t get done it doesn’t or I start earlier so I don’t feel the stress of rushing. Better than getting sick and nothing is that urgent. Trying.

  69. I, too, will be a January knitter of those socks…….maybe by then, could you post a pattern that is just a little more specific? I THINK I could figure those out, but just a tiny bit more direction would help! Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  70. I am freaking out and rushing. Your life sounds like mine right about now but, apparently, you are handling it better than I am!

  71. Thank you for writing this. This is exactly what I was thinking today. Or the version of it that goes, “Do not tell me to relax, because if you tell me to relax, I will, dammit, and then won’t you have fun when you wake up on Christmas morning and have to explain to our crying children that the reason there is no dinner and no presents is because you felt that Mommy needed to chill.”
    On the bright side, I finished all 6 Lopi totes I had planned to make. Life would be perfect if I could have gotten them in the mail today, but, hey, I’m not freaking out about it.

  72. For Anne:
    I would definitely have her try it against her skin before making it for her. My sister is allergic to all animal fiber and could not do alpaca. I’ve learned there are people who react to the structure of wool, such as what makes it able to felt, and people who are allergic. And lucky souls like my sister who are both. I have to be very careful what I knit for her or her kids.

  73. Your clarity when defining chronic truths never ceases to amaze me. I believe good husbands feel a little foolish realizing how clueless they are regarding the making of a holiday so they blurt out.

  74. Love the socks, love the ice lanterns.
    I nominate “Love of Knitting” for a Christmas gift. One of my favorite knitting magazines.

  75. Totally efficient missy and that is for sure. Sorry Joe . Merry Christmas to all. I thought of you both today as my coffee pot leaked all the water and half made grounds all over the floor while I was out of the room and darn it, I was the operator who was not awake and forgot to put the filter container back under the paper filter because I needed COFFEE! The dog just looked at me shook his head and walked out to the kitchen

  76. oh my, oven socks and ice lanterns. the minute I saw those socks I was warmer (am sitting in four layers, one being a leather jacket and one being a big turtle neck up around my nose). the ice lanterns are magic. nope…not ‘freakin out’. some people just can’t move fast/rush.

  77. I would start with the sock, then the hat, then move up to the mittens. The sweater would be last,cuz,well it’s a sweater and just not that portable. Just sayin’.
    Love the lights 🙂

  78. I always think meringue is guaranteed to play up when you need it not to. It is the passive agressive toddler of cooking.
    Love the Moose gingerbread, yesterday.

  79. Hi Stephanie!
    Happiest of Holidays! Is there any chance you’d be willing to share your cookie recipes?

  80. Ok,
    1. Joe, Chill and stand back out of the way.
    2. Thanks for sock pattern, will be gift to self on Christmas day! yippee!
    3. Please please please tell how to make those amazing Ice Lanterns!!!
    4. Happy Holidays to you, your loved ones and all of your readers.

  81. I am ridiculously charmed to note that I made two pairs of these chunky socks for my sister last Christmas, and I think our patterns are very close to stitch-for-stitch identical.
    And I adore your ice lanterns. They are lovely.

  82. I see others have suggested Spin Off and Piecework. I’d like to add that Wild Fibers is also pretty great.
    And AFTER the holiday rush (not now; keep knitting!) it would be really, really cool to know how the ice laterns were made. Hmmmm, it’s probably Google-able, isn’t it…?

  83. One gift item that my spouse gave me one year when the kids were small – several homemade gift certificates for 4 hours of uninterrupted time to work on knitting, weaving, spinning, etc. I was always able to find small chunks of time for crafting but 4 straight hours? It was a great gift!

  84. Hubby has named mittens (or at least most of them) finger furnaces.
    For the first time last night, I did not put away all the groceries when I got home. It was 11:30 pm, I figured the canned goods could wait!

  85. I’ve never seen ice lanterns. I’m going to Google and make some if it ever gets cold here (58F yesterday) In Indiana, they look beautiful. And the socks will be great for then also. After the holidays why don’t you tell us the secret for not having your hands fall off with all the power knitting? Have the happiest of Holidays.

  86. Love those ice lanterns.
    And i agree you are doing a great job!!!
    Love your projects. Happy Holidays and thanks so much for finding time to write the blog. LOVE IT!!!!

  87. I’m carefully rationing my ability to get things done and not freak out. I would rather get less done for Christmas than have the all-mighty meltdown because I cannot knit and sew faster than the speed of sound.

  88. Well said, making that distinction for the good of the general public.
    Nothing gets on my nerve more than someone telling me to “Calm down!” Regardless.
    Beautiful, beautiful work. All of it.
    Someone freaking out would never be able to blog such nice photos.

  89. OK I need to know how to make those awesome ice candles!!! I finally live in a part of BC that will accommodate them. AND am hosting a Boxing Day dinner.
    Now I must rush off to make some Foot Ovens too!!

  90. Wow! You are doing fantastic!
    My Mom told me to stop freaking out in the last minute rush of Thanksgiving dinner. In front of everyone. And that’s when I freaked out…

  91. Ladies! I really don’t think Steph needs another thing to do on her list! Google ice lanterns for pete’s sake and leave the poor woman alone!!!!
    Nice lanterns! Great sock pattern. Thanks!

  92. A–Men sista! I am not freaking out–but if my husband accuses me of it one more time, I’m going to freak out all over his obnoxious self!

  93. Now, why do I suspect that there will be many pairs of foot ovens knit this week. I just need to grab my keys and I am off to my LYS

  94. The lanterns are amazing, the knitting is amazing, and you are inspiring, Stephanie! I love, “Freaking out is an inefficient state with energy wasted on an emotional reaction to the circumstances in which one finds oneself. Rushing, on the other hand, is simply moving quickly from task to task …”. Am going to use that definition to calm myself when I start freaking out. Usually my response is to slip into, “I don’t care” mode. lol

  95. You seem to be doing amazingly well! I have my list and I, for now, am perceiving that I have just the right amount of time to do everything by Christmas day.

  96. Love the socks! And I have never heard of ice candles: I am utterly charmed at the very idea, gobsmacked by the rendition. That’s. so. COOL!

  97. @Erin B at December 20, 2011 11:26 AM:
    Nylon is *often* found in sock yarn to improve strength and make them wear longer, but there are plenty of all-wool and other fiber sock yarns out there as well. In the case of the alpaca socks, I suspect that a) the yarn being very thick adds to the longevity and b) they’re probably too warm for most people to wear as an everyday sock.
    I did two pairs of these- in Wool Ease Quick and Thick- for my sister last year. They work fine. And also- they’re so fast to make that even if they wear out, I’ll just make more :).

  98. I love the irony that you can be accused of freaking out, but I don’t see any mention of said accuser offering to take on any tasks to lesson the supposed freak out (e.g. laundry, cleaning, wrapping presents). We of the blog readers can tell when you’re freaking out, and this isn’t it.
    And thank you for providing a cost-effective project suggestion for the Misti Alpaca Chunky! I love all bulky/chunky weight yarns from exquisite fibers, but my mind always turns to cost-prohibitive sweaters! Gulp! This is much easier on the budget.

  99. I need foot ovens! I’m always so cold! Problem is alpaca of any kind makes me itch like I’ve been in poison ivy. Are there any chunky/bulky merinos that anyone recommends? I only have one pair of wooly non-itchy socks..

  100. Just a note to say thank you. Thank you for all the years of posts, but most especially thank you for giving us the extra present of the daily December posts.

  101. Only a woman would dare even attempt such a crazy-pants list of items, much less complete it. And thank you for the photo of the ice lanterns – it almost makes me miss living somewhere that they would stay frozen. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Boxing Day from sunny Las Vegas. (Whew, that at least got me through next week!) Thanks for sharing your life and knitting with us.

  102. Just HAD to read your post out to my husband today. His comment was a small and apologetic “………….oh”
    Ha! Very well said, Steph 🙂

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  105. I can SO relate! My ex-husband used to wonder why I was so stressed at Christmas. I was doing all the Christmas baking, all the shopping, all the wrapping, all the cooking, planning for a week-long 13-hour car trip with two kids to visit family, packing, laundry, etc., and all he had to do was shop for and wrap ONE gift for me. He would typically forget to do this, then realize immediately prior to gift-opening that he had nothing for me, and he would wrap an empty box with an IOU in it.
    There’s a reason he’s an ex-husband…

  106. +sigh+
    Knitter Insanity=
    Seeing great pattern…
    In Favorite yarn!…
    HAVING 2 skeins handy and unspoken for….
    BUT….. (wait for it)….
    driving like a bat out of hell to the LYS
    in rush hour, pre-Christmas, twilight frenzy
    I just would rather knit the foot ovens in
    a different color….
    OMG- somebody stop me!!!!
    (but I haz a happy now!
    AND fresh yarn!!!!)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours! xoxo

  107. OMG Thank you!!! I am seriously thinking about printing this out and posting it on my cube at work! I am a rusher when things go crazy at work and have a few people that tell me that I’m freaking out. Which I’m not, I’m trying to find a way to work around the outstanding problem. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone! Now I need to get back to making my own Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  108. Do you have any really good hints for unmolding the ice lanterns? I make them every year and pledge to figure out how to do it with less pain the next time. There MUST be a method!
    Love the writing. Rushing off for last minute groceries right now!

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