Once more

I’m still the boring spinning factory over here, so once again I’m pillaging the comments for interesting questions to which I can give vaguely interesting answers.  Before I do that though, I have to show you my plan. 
I’m going to ply this these two of the Judith batts together…

and I think it will be amazing.  We’ll find out tomorrow.

How’s the post Christmas vest you were making for your daughter coming


See? This is a very well known down side of having a blog.  Nobody lets you give anything up for a moment.  There’s something interesting going on with that vest.  First up, I absolutely didn’t have enough yarn. I thought I would, but I didn’t.  I knit the back, and thought (quite cleverly) that since there were two fronts left, each of them would take 1/2 the yarn.  When I was only part way through the first front I could see that I was in trouble – so I asked for more yarn, but when it came it was the wrong colour, and now I think I need to show Tina the colour so that I can get the right one. Until then, it’s stalled and driving me CRAZY. It was working out beautifully, and it’s the exact right time of year for Sam to be wearing it. It’s going to be done as soon as I get the yarn.

How’s the weaving going? (Or what’s really going through my head: How can you be resisting this utterly addicting playing-with-yarn activity?)

I’m not resisting very well. You’ll see. There is a game afoot.

What about the Catkin?
-Judy in Indiana

You people have long memories.  My beautiful Catkin is upstairs, awaiting buttons, until it gets them I don’t really consider it done.  Unfortunately, I seem incapable of remembering it needs buttons while I’m somewhere that I could do something about that.  I’ll re-apply myself.  It’s very pretty, and it should be finished.

Yes, my (perpetual) question is, where is the picture of you modelling Gwendolyn?

Arrgggh.  That’s only not done because  I have to persuade someone to take pictures, and persuade myself to be in them.  I love that sweater and wear it all the time.  I’ll get it done.  I promise.  (Natalie is here this morning, maybe she’d help me.) 

Did I miss the part where that wool/stainless steel Habu jacket got finished?

No.  Neither did you miss the part where it got started.