Obsessed Briefly

I tell you, one thing about weaving that I love (there are many, but today this is at the top of the list) mercy me, it is fast.  Ridiculously fast.  You can get really obsessed with an idea for a weekend, and not have another half finished thing kicking around the house.  Check this out:
Thursday: I got a batt out of the stash, thought it was pretty, admired it and put it by the wheel.

Friday, I started to spin – and I finished the singles on Saturday.

Sunday, I plied.

I liked the yarn I got, and felt briefly confused, because I knew it wasn’t a yarn I wanted to knit, but also knew it wanted to be a scarf.  It was my second cup of coffee before I remembered how yarn can become a scarf without being knit. 


I wove for a little, went for a bike ride, wove a little, did some work, wove a little, and by dinner time I was taking a scarf off the loom, knotting the fringe and giving it a wash in the bathroom sink.

The yarn relaxed and bloomed in the bath, filling in the surface and leaving me with a beautiful fabric, that looks like it was born all together. 

From carded batt to handspun yarn, to finished scarf – three days – and it used every inch of that beautiful stuff. 

I love weaving.  It’s a simple yarn trick. If you love yarn, you might like this too.