So cute they are dangerous*

Oh, look.

Can you stand it? I mean, can you even for a little tiny minute, just stand how completely cute these are? Oh, wait, did you feel that little pain? That tiny cramp some of you felt in your side? That was ovulation, because my friends, that is just how cute these are. They cause spontaneous ovulation. (If you’re a male knitter, steady on, and be careful. I have no idea what this level of darling little wee-ness might do to you.)

I think it’s safe to say that I found my perfect yarn for this project.  I think it’s fuzzy enough to be cozy, but not so fuzzy that it will make a baby look like they are dressed up like an angora rabbit. (Although I almost just fainted thinking of how cute that would be.  Sorry. I’m okay now. It was a moment. The urge to dress human infants as fibre bearing animals has almost evaporated… leaving only the tiniest urge to knit sheep shaped booties in its wake. I’ll be all right.)  Not only am I perfectly and happily in love with this yarn and these booties, this morning when I chose little buttons to sew on, I actually thought ahead five minutes and chose buttons that I had several of. That way, when I go ahead and make more of this yarn, and knit the little sweater that goes along with this (I can see it in my head, heavens to merino it is perfect, bloody perfect) I will be able to put matching buttons on that and have a SET.

Oh man.  Maybe I will make a bonnet too.  Damn. That’s cute.

Several of you guessed yesterday that these booties are from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies, and no.. they aren’t, but couldn’t they be? I looked up the pattern after seeing the comments, and they’re so close as to not matter. It’s a classic little shoe shape. You can also find it in 50 Baby Bootees to Knit, and in Easy Knits and The Baby Knits Book and… you get the idea. I don’t know how it got into my head, but there it was.  Charming little pattern, and knits up in a snap, so be careful there too, it’s easy to get stuck in a bootie loop where you end up knitting a truckload of the things.

* Maternal or paternal feelings inspired by extreme cuteness and tiny soft clothing is normal. It is important to remember however,  that babies are only cute for a little while, and that these booties will only fit them for about fifteen minutes, and then that soft and sweet little darling thing will spend the next twenty years making you wonder what you were thinking.  It’s like the way kittens are so really, really cute, but then they grow up, claw the sh*t out of your chesterfield and pee on your coat because it fell of the hook.  Don’t fall for it.

244 thoughts on “So cute they are dangerous*

  1. I’m eight months pregnant. I’m just hoping you didn’t cause me to have been bearing twins retroactively.

  2. Lickle elf shoes for lickle elf feet. Sooo cute with their fuzz and their buttons. And a matching jacket – get to it. Me I have a 42 inch chest “can you just do it in plain grey” cardigan to finish.

  3. The little booties are so very cute. And the buttons are the perfect finishing touch. I do realize that “shoes” for babies are really just for the parents so it is perfectly fine for us adults to love the booties.

  4. I love you! (And the booties too!) Thank you for starting my morning off right.

  5. Ok, the knitting gods smiled on you with this one. Those are absolutely adorable!!! Since there are no babies in my life – and none expected for many years, I may have to knit some of those for some dollies I know just for the sake of knitting them. My nieces will love me for it, too.

  6. I love that they are not pink or blue, and they look like they could be sized up to be perfect adult slippers. You like them because they are wee, but I like them because they make me think of peasants in novels by the seaside in the 19th century.
    Not sure where all that came from, but they are lovely shoes.

  7. I literally JUST finished posting a comment about how flat booties do not have the power of actual booties. I think I have temporarily lost the power of speech.
    When you’ve done the matching sweater, and the bonnet, and the baby has been produced, there will be pictures of it in these items, yes? Because that’s the pinnacle of ovulation-causing cuteness.
    Also, I have to admit I didn’t quite believe you about the flat bootie-thing becoming a real bootie. I bow again to your superior knitting knowledge.

  8. Oh. Em. Gee! Mother of purl, aren’t those the most precious, adorable and sweetest little things ever! May have just found myself a tad broody just looking at them… 😛

  9. Having an adorable pre-schooler (that was once the cutest baby girl ever) and 3 cats (who were once the most adorable and cutest kitten ever) seems to make me a tad immune to the cuteness of this elfin-slippers.
    but I do agree – they are adorable…. but I keep thinking that this yarn would also make a wonderful cardigan for a pre-school girl (something dressy that would go well with a dress)

  10. I have knit 2 pairs of these booties…and they are dangerous….What? How could that be? Any fertile woman within 5 miles of these things is going to be ovulating… Just sayin’

  11. Thanks alot Steph. I am 7 months pregnant and just when I thought I had successfully fought the urge to make wee things that last two minutes, you go and make these. Now she has to have some. Great, and I haven’t even started the all lace christening gown yet. Are you up for a commission????

  12. They are really adorable! My question, though, is how well do they stay on? Even tiny babies seem to have this anti-gravity thing in their feet and instantly kick off anything put on them… Best, randmknitter

  13. Now, the previous booties were just lovely. And they were showing a lovely halo of angora. The ribbons were sweet (if impractical). But whoa. Holding these in the palms of your hands to show their tiny wee-ness was pure genius. Also the non-baby buttons. Just whoa.

  14. Had to tuck an historically enlightening note in my children’s teeny booties and hang them in the tree at Christmas. Sniffle.

  15. Oh look at those cute widdle booties – them’s so ickle & cay-ute! Yes, them’s is!

  16. I am 61 years old. I don’t know anyone who is even remotely close to having a baby anytime soon. But those booties are so flippin’ adorable… I need some yarn and some needles and cute tiny buttons, stat!!!

  17. All praise to your first-commenters. I have a bet with myself (it’s like betting when the car will go through the ice) about how long it will take for someone to voice concern that the baby will choke on the buttons. The fact that you’ve raised three, that a baby that small won’t even realize it HAS feet for months and the certain knowledge that you sewed them puppies on just slightly firmer than your corneas will not stop the self-righteous. Taking bets starting … now. (You’ll have to monitor, though. I’m grabbing my ones and that alpaca blend and casting on – NOT that the previous pair are done, but that’s a longer story…)

  18. I have a new grandbaby on the way…. I can see the endless baby knitting happening to me very soon. Darling booties! I can’t wait for the matching sweater to be revealed.

  19. Oh man…These booties are giving the “make-babies-now” pains! Especially seeing how absolutely
    teeny they are!!
    By the way, what about not only sheep booties…But bunny booties with tiny floppy ears and a little nose and wee little eyes?
    Katie =^..^=

  20. So beautiful. Do the patterns scale up to SIZE 13 to fit my wee little boy who towers over me and is nearly 15-yrs. old? Hmm.. maybe not. 😉

  21. “The trouble with a kitten is that
    eventually it becomes a cat.” ~Ogden Nash
    Took me four kids to (mostly) get that through my head… DARLING booties!

  22. Yup. I’m pretty sure the reason there are 4 children and a guinea pig and two dwarf hamsters in this house has to do with the debilitating impact cute widdle booties have on my otherwise rational thought processes.
    Those are lovely.

  23. I am REALLY CONCERNED that those buttons are a choking hazard, that the angora is TOO FLUFFY and will be a choking hazard, and that the bootees are going to fall off INTO THE BABY’S MOUTH and be a choking hazard.
    Why don’t you just knit a hazmat suit?

  24. I have to make these just to put them on my two fingers and walk them on the table top like your daughter did. How I amuse myself!!

  25. Oh, and I just tested my 10yo.
    “Look at these,” I told her. “What do you think?”
    “Oh,” she said, “they are so cute and tiny. They are just beautiful. I wonder how you make them.”
    Note that she stayed in standard English the whole time. No baby voice, no silly words…. apparently she managed to evade the bootie gene.

  26. Itty bitty teeny weeny widdle booties! I couldn’t and can’t resist (slap to face to get a grip)

  27. Those have to be some of the most dangerous photos ever posted to the World Wide Web! There is bound to be a baby boom rivaling the post-WWII boom. We’ll have to call the resulting babies Bootie Boomers.

  28. OMG Harlot I am overwhelmed with a cuteness attack. Heading out for a walk and a break from my office to recover.
    And Presbytera … sometimes I think I am reading the comments as much for your input as for anything else! Snorted coffee through my nose. Honestly.

  29. What byLorili said! Really, truly did LOL! The bootees are too cute, and since I cure my residual broodiness by knitting baby things, I see a plethora of bootees in my future!

  30. Those are very cute and I am glad that you got the yarn you wanted.
    If you are in the mood to knit “things” for the feet, there are also some great “daffodil” booties on Ravelry just now…
    That I mean to be an enabler or anything…

  31. Mother-in-laws everywhere should thank you for this post. Best argument I think I’ve ever seen for having children. If nine months from now there is a spurt of tiny ones covered in knitwear, you should definitely take all the credit.

  32. Not only am I well past ovulation, but my grandchildren are now teenagers. Even so, I love these booties. I can see an adorable baby wearing them as they kick their legs.

  33. aaaawwww
    These belong on the feet of the specialist little baby!
    I think if we could remember the bootees and the baby they fit on, we would do better as parents of our children as they grow up.
    Our very direct and practical daughter turns to moosh at the sight of baby bootees or socks.
    I can’t wait to see the matching sweater and the wee one which will wear them first.

  34. OMG. These sooo bring on the baby-talk urges and I WILL be back in a couple of weeks to insure ovulation (I know, TMI) because we’re ready for another baby… ack, these slay me!

  35. The raucous laughter that resulted from reading your wild swing from gushy sentimentality to blistering reality drew suspicious looks from my co-workers. And yes, the booties are flipping adorable.

  36. I’m way too old to know anyone who needs booties at the moment. I do have grandchildren, but both are out of the bootie stage now. The minute I hear of someone who needs booties, I’m knittin’ these. They are absolutely adorable!!

  37. You totally need to make a sheepy sweater, booties and hat with “widdle” ears…

  38. Teh CUTE!!!
    It BURNS us!!!
    I don’t think my son’s newborn feet were ever that small.

  39. OUCH! I felt that cramp and I don’t even have ant of those parts anymore!!!
    Please Stephanie in the name of all that is goodness and knitterly
    please, send me the pattern!!!

  40. I have knitted a few of these. They are for show, not for staying on. I found that you can make them stay on a bit longer by narrowing the foot opening to fewer rows (like 1 or 2) rather than the recommended 8 or 10.
    I just now wondered what it would be like to make a larger size version of these for an older child or even adult to wear as house slippers?

  41. Those are indeed extremely cute. But I only have maternal feelings for baby animals and plants. Not for baby humans. Baby humans just don’t push my cute buttons.

  42. Not only does the sight of those bootees cause ovulation, I think I have a toothache from the sweetness of them as well. Thanks for the images, the prose, and the smile your posts invoke. But not so happy about having to call the dentist. Tee hee.

  43. You are definitely right.. there’s something about booties… I made and felted bunny booties about 4 years ago and couldn’t bear to give them away. They’re on the filing cabinet in my office , just smiling at me , ready to cheer up my day. You can’t be aggravated or mad looking at them.I think Staples should sell them instead of the dumb easy button.

  44. What rocks my cuteness boat as well as booties, is baby hats with ears. For me there is some primal urge to give sweetly rounded ears to a baby hat.

  45. I’m with Donna, I so want the pattern!! Please post it! I don’t think I can wait until a book is delivered from Amazon. Is it on Raverly anywhere?

  46. Oops. I spent 1972-1998 stuck in a bootie loop. Working full-time in obstetrics gave me scraps of time, and my knitting was a very small bulge in me pocket. Folks thought I did a couple a month. Hah! I cranked out two or three pair a week. Eventually I started giving them away in sets of five to keep up with production. Seeing yours has me thinking it’s time to start again, except that my cohort is done having babies.

  47. If I could figure out how to make them into a women’s 9 1/2, I would SO wear these! The color is perfect, it’s not gushy frilly baby colors, and the sweet fuzzy halo made me tear up when I remember my three babies being that tiny. They’re perfect booties, and the recipient will love them to pieces! 🙂

  48. yes they are fabulous! just got 3 new kittens to augment the 2 adult cats and 1 dog (had to replace that dog’s mom who passed away). and yes, they are right up there with the absolute adorableness of kittens who can make you happy no matter what else is going on. Enjoy your bootie making. Send more good vibes into the world! (the new kittens are Marty, Jeannie and Doug…just in case you wanted to know)

  49. Oh the cute is reaching new heights. I’m thinking something along these lines could be the perfect vehicle for a pair of wee sheepy buttons for the tiny toes of my littlest girl, and as summer appears to still be far away in the distance she could totally still need wooly bootees.

  50. Those are just adorable. Fortunately I’m not only immune to the desire for making babies but I don’t have the equipment anymore. However, I do fall for kittens, so I’m with you there on the tiny wee fuzzyball seduction.

  51. A D O R A B L E. *Almost* makes me wish my kids were babies again, but the real, actual truth of my life is that I like teenagers more than babies. 🙂

  52. LOL, Deb! I’m six months along and was thinking I was safe from the spontaneous ovulation until I read your post.
    Of course, on Saturday I did have to knit a pair of booties for the bump after seeing the post about the first test pair. And the bump’s nonna is urging me to cast on another pair. When I suggested going up a needle size so that they’d be a tad bigger than straight-out-of-the-womb, she scoffed. Nothing like having your mother be your knitting enabler!

  53. Good heavens. I think I just ovulated, and my ovaries have been gone for YEARS. And…I assume Presbytera was joking.

  54. Sheesh, dude. I am all atingle with bootie love. Spose it’s a good thing my husbands out of town. That set you’re planning is going to blow my mind. Also i think we have the same cat.

  55. Those are so sweet, and the halo is perfect. Also like the green buttons since they are so (IMHO) gender neutral. Thank goodness they only inspire me to cajole friends to have more babies that I can borrow and then return to owner. 🙂
    Did Sam walk these around the table & coo in baby talk, or is she still too embarrassed by her earlier display?

  56. This is why I spend my time knitting for other people’s small ones. I feed the baby rabies and I don’t end up with a house full of them (which my boyfriend would wonder about, since he’s fixed).

  57. Adorable – and they look absolutely huggable.
    However, since you are so often an enabler for me, tempting me with patterns and yarns and the speed of your needles as you produce project after project – I’ve decided to give it right back to you! Here’s a pattern for sheep-shaped booties (I’ve made the duckies and they are show-stoppers!)

  58. Eek! – absolutely adorable! Great job on making the perfect yarn for it. Can’t wait to see the hat!

  59. I’m due with a little girl in two weeks and this may send me into spontaneous labor.

  60. Rams, I think you’re the one to blame for bringing up the tiny buttons as a choking hazard. And Presbytera doesn’t need encouragement, does she?
    Those are ADORABLE. I love them.

  61. Thanks for posting today. I needed a little ray of sunshine and you were it;P

  62. I have five kids…why I am reading this blog today? 🙂 Thanks for the laughs!

  63. OMG!! are they ever cute!
    no ovulation for me though. missing parts and menopause…darn. I always wanted a third one! I guess I have to spoil future grandbabies!
    now my question is, how do you keep them on? I always found my babies lost either one, or both of them within a short period of time after putting them on.

  64. Yeah, pretty sure I just ovulated. Cannot stand how cute they are! I had the same thing happen the first time I knit a pair of Saarjte’s booties. I carried them around in the palm of my hand for a week.


  66. Yes, those are insanely cute. I wonder, though, if you made those booties for cats, whether said cats would quit behaving like spawn of Satan…Naw. Mine wouldn’t.

  67. My Wednesday knit group was going gaga over your little booties from your post a couple of days ago. Then, I look at your post from today, and we all went nuts all over again! Very cute. And for the record, most of us are well past child bearing age, or have been “fixed.” LOL No side twinges for us.

  68. Forgot to add – I challenged the knitter of your booties to see how small she can make them. Maybe for a preemie baby. I expect to see some wonderful examples next week!

  69. OH…………..MY…….GOD!!! I almost had to reach for the smelling salts when that first picture loaded!! I couldn’t even FOCUS on the writing… I had to keep staring at the picture for several minutes before I could scroll down to read about them!! TOO ADORABLE!!! If it weren’t physically a thing of the past, I would suspect I am expecting twins just from the yearning this post inspires… whew! Comin’ down from the cute high, now.

  70. That’s what foster kittens are for. You can squee about them for a few weeks and then send them back to the shelter to be adopted and pee on someone else’s coat.

  71. Ohhhh, I love these little softy booties!!! So lovely, you did GoOD!!!!

  72. Cute feet things for small humans.
    Last period ever in Febuary, get away from me now with the cuteness. damn you and your fluffy yarn too.

  73. Oh my, I’m far past ovulation but I did get a twinge when I saw them! Had to read this post to DH. He enjoyed it as much as I and even commented that the booties were really cute!

  74. so unbelievably cute, and such beautiful photography (such big words too, and i didn’t spell one of them right. too bad, I’ll go back an fix them after looking at the ADORABLE bootees some more)

  75. That is the picture that could get me over my fear of knitting baby booties permanently. So, so adorable.
    And Rams and Presbytera, you guys totally crack me up!

  76. I believe the word I’m looking for is: Sqweeeeeeeeee! And yes, I heard my remaining eggs sigh with longing at the sight of wee little baby booties.

  77. they really are lovely – and they stir some sort of deep longing that comes along with hoping that I’ll, at some point, (soonish perhaps?) be pregnant myself. Until then, I’ll keep knitting for everyone else’s littles ones, putting aside a project for my potential family.

  78. Awwwww… They are cute! I sometimes think that I’d like another baby. Then I remember how much harder pregnancy was with baby #4 after age 30. Then the baby (who is now 2 and very good at that) decides to assert his displeasure at the fact that he cannot play with whatever sharp/dangerous object he has his eye on. Kid’s got a set of lungs! 🙂 Good thing I have pregnant relatives and friends to knit for!

  79. They are so cutely adorable I can’t stand it… I know three people with babies-in-progress so have an excuse to knit many… but need the angora to be as cute as yours!

  80. A male knitter here: The squeeing is giving me a headache. Upon seeing the booties, I did not go Awwww! Instead, I realized these could easily be recycled into cat toys by stuffing them with catnip and sewing the opening shut.
    Steph, next time you think about dressing some defenseless baby as a fiber-bearing animal? You KNOW they’ll literally grow to despise any pictures of themselves dressed like that, especially the boys (ask Hank, Joe, or Ken if you’re not sure). So quell the urge by thinking of what it would take to dress the kid as a camel, musk ox, bison, alpaca, or vicuna. You might qualify for an advanced degree in architectural engineering if you actually accomplish one of those.

  81. you MUST MUST MUST do the little sheep booties!!!! My head nearly exploded at just the IDEA of tiny little sheepie feet on a baby! (and maybe in adult sizes, too???)

  82. Had twins..their feet (size 13 men’s now) would never have fit these…even in the first 5 minutes of life…but boy they make me think about trying again…or better yet start knitting for their kids! Adorable!

  83. Oh boy, no ovaries, so no ovulation, but did have a hot flash in simpathy. Fostering some infant cats now, with the understanding that THEY WILL BE MOVING ON. I have 3 cats now, not going to be the crazy cat lady of 13th st… (denial)
    An adorable knit, Steph. Can’t wait to see the jacket and bonnet. Is there a wee lace edging on that jacket?
    Distance hugs from SW MN US…

  84. Ah, widdle bootees! Perfect and when I really learn to spin I will remember the twining two different threads instead of trying to combine two different sheeps bats, I will be only a starter by then. Babies, like kittens, grow up. A purring grownup cat, lying right next to you, is a bliss, as are grownup, well behaved children baking sweet things and cleaning up afterwards. Calves, foles, chickens, name them, cute as a baby, grownup, well, not cute anymore. But there is one animal very close to wool, that is the top of losing cuteness and that is the sheep. A lamb is so adorable, a sheep such a dull beast, mostly seen as a bundle of wool and meat, sorry, on four sticklike legs and often stinking a big reek too.
    Llama’s are like sheep, Alpaca’s on the other hand stay cute, they can have a smile, an impish look or just rightout cheeky or “boys will be boys” just looking at their faces, oh, there is the Scottish Highlander cow, same thing and Yersey and Swiss Cows look just like the sweet things they are. Yes, sometimes, when my sons grew up, I asked myself, what was I thinking. Now they are grown up, I know: Good heavens, my thinking was right after all. Great wee widdle booties, I wish I had a DIL right now, then there would be a chance of widdle bootees knittig for my own family.

  85. I do like the buttons, (I have definately missed out on the maternal urge so the squeeing just isn’t happening for me) but they are very cunning.

  86. LOVE Them-Please post pattern if possible!!!!
    Sheep Booties…Hmmmm I think I love them already too!!! Go for it!

  87. These are so adorable, I just might have to knit some. The good news is that my daughter is expecting in DECEMBER. A perfect time for lots of small booties

  88. Don’t put them away in a box for 20 years! Gently tie them together at the top, insert an ornament hook and you have one precious Christmas ornament that goes on the tree every year. We have a pair of lovely booties that may daughter wore for her first Christmas when she was a newborn. They always have a special place on our tree.

  89. Baby socks may outlive their initial purpose long past the 20th year of the original wearer. My mother saved a pair of baby socks for my brother and I to use as Christmas ornaments. These darling items of clothing are the ideal size to adorn the symbol of life, renewal and family.

  90. May I suggest the need for a drop of Fray Check on the thread stitches holding the buttons? Inside the bootee would work just fine. So many new moms have been warned about tiny objects that can end up in their babe’s mouth.

  91. OK, I just went GAGA. These are THEE cutest booties ever. Just found out on the weekend that we are going to be grandparents for the first time and not allowed to tell anyone yet. These booties make me want to call everyone I know or put a full page ad in the local newspaper. These booties definitely have to be in my near future.

  92. “The key to happiness,” Carl Sandburg once said, “is to admire without desiring.” Goes for kittens, puppies, and – at my age – babies. No matter how freaking adorable the booties are. Thank goodness for younger siblings who are still in their early reproductive years and not yet too exhausted…

  93. @Anonymous Male… The little guys have the rest of their lives to be manly men. Their infancy is our time, said the mother of five grown men. 🙂 Awww..the widdle booties! Them’s so sweeeeet!

  94. While I think the booties are adorable, I seem to have an immunity to wanting babies just to have some way of utilizing the booties. That said, I have two sons, and your description of the few minutes of cute followed by 20 years of scratching the daylights out of you and ruining your things is dead-on accurate. I’m 16 years in and figure I still have seven years before I stand any chance of being able to claim I survived. Maybe if I made booties (and matching mittens) in a men’s size 11, it would at least take the sharp edge off the clawing nails? 🙂

  95. They are so cute and fuzzy and oh my so adorable. My little person is 13 months now and almost getting to a stage of proper shoes and not little fuzzy booties 🙁 My ovaries are twinging for another to dress up in soft, warm woollies…no chance though!

  96. I am not getting much work done since I first saw these yesterday. I keep sneaking over here just to look at them again and smile. And Presbytera and Rams, you two are wonderful. I do a search on the comments just to see what you two say each posting! Like a little tag team. My idea of perfect: Sit in a bar with knitting, you two, Stephanie and just listen. And laugh.

  97. O_O
    I’m ovulating right now as it is and then I open your blog and see THESE BOOTIES! Eeeek! They’re so perfect and small and simple and adorable and they need to go on widdle tiny baby feet!! Ahhh!!
    I have inherited the baby-talk gene. I’m helpless. Lucky for me, my aunt is seven months pregnant and I can resist acting on my own biological urges!

  98. There’s a vocabulary gap among some of our young these days: when grandgirl was about 7, i told her i was going to knit booties for a pregnant friend. Looking mightily puzzled, she asked me, “gogo, how would you knit one of THOSE??”
    It took me a moment to realize that to her, a bootie wasn’t a soft baby shoe, it was a human posterior. when i quit giggling, i explained that bootie and its sound-alike, booty, had several meanings that also included baby shoes and pirate loot. (Why, yes, i AM a word nerd.)

  99. OMG….redonkulous (which Cute Overload describes as “ridiculously cute”)!! I made those from the Cherished babies book once, but they came out huge. After seeing yours, I’m going to try again since I have 3 pregnant ladies in my circle of friends and friends’ daughters. Lovely lovely lovely – you are so talented to even spin the yarn, I bow down before you as “not worthy” . and the buttons? don’t get me started…I feel baby talk coming on!

  100. As I’m already pregnant, I don’t have to worry about the spontaneous ovulation, but those are adorable. There are too many adorable baby things out there for me to knit them all, though.

  101. ;;;;pee on your coat because it fell off the hook- made me laugh so hard I fell off my stool in the kitchen. Luckily nothing was hurt and I still kept laughing. What a talent you have! And yas those booties are mega cute! Still nothing like a good old laugh until you cry thing!

  102. Holy. Crap.
    I’m not worried about spontaneous ovulation (7 months pregnant and counting) but I’m now a wee bit worried about finishing that sweater I’d started. Must.. find.. fuzzy yarn and knit wee booties with buttons on!

  103. Hi…thank you for your recognition that we (male knitters) do in fact exist… As to what these booties do to us…well, I’d rather not say in front of all these ladies……. Ron

  104. Stephanie said: “The urge to dress human infants as fibre bearing animals has almost evaporated… leaving only the tiniest urge to knit sheep shaped booties in its wake. I’ll be all right.”
    I confess, Steph, I’ve been reading you because I don’t think you are “all right.” I think you’re just a little bit off, and that’s what I really like about you.
    Sweet little booties!

  105. As my 5 year old says upon seeing the booties, “cutesie, cutesie” in a high pitched babytalking voice. Dangerous indeed.

  106. They are so cute, you will just have to keep knitting them in larger sizes until the child grows old enough to yell, “Mom, do I have to keep wearing these booties Stephanie keeps making me? I wanna wear athletic shoes like everybody else!”
    Sadly, it won’t take that long to happen.

  107. Adorable, and nice spinning too!
    I had your cats twin! Any clothes left on the floor were to be peed on overnight. He trained me to pick them up and put them away. Never did manage to train the hubby or step-children, nor FIL either,sigh, but I miss that cat! Other than that one quirk, he was an excellent cat. Cheapest therapist anywhere 🙂
    Sometimes it’s better to rent children than own them. Feed them candy and sugar, wind them up and send them home ;p

  108. As cute as they are, I don’t think my 8 lb 11 oz boy had feet that small. Like, ever.

  109. Holee Toleedo this is primely why we love you! you make us laff you let us cry you do not judge. i’m 62 and had that ovulating twinge. such is the power of the cute!

  110. I love how the booties have that nice fulled look and are shaped JUST like a little foot with that sweet little bend~

  111. To Connie,
    On May 31 you posted that sometimes it is better to rent children than own them.
    You are so right about that. These “rental” children are sometimes referred to as grandchildren, and they are the reward for living through the growing up years of your own children. You get to spoil them until they smell, then send them back home.
    I think it’s called payback.

  112. Okay, I am 12 weeks pregnant, so I didn’t spontaneously ovulate, but I know what you mean about the whole “cute lasts 5 minutes” thing, especially have just spent the evening trying to control my 21 month old at a religious meeting. I got sucked in by those teeny tiny onesies I was washing and packing away a few months ago, and by the other pregnant ladies in my world (I am currently one of 4, but one of them is ending the “pregnant status tonight [squee]).
    Adorable booties, now I need to make booties too, to match the mittens I’ve been working on. 🙂

  113. Well, I immediately got the book, 50 baby booties to knit, but I am having a hard time deciding which pattern in there makes. These booties, (so, cute . they have tempted me to knit my first Pair of booties). Help, please. 🙂

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