Tidying up

I know it’s been a while since the Bike Rally ended, and I’m not really sure what happened to the time in between then and now, but I’ve still got gifts to give away and emails to answer – so I’m giving part of today over to getting a bunch of that done.

If you emailed me to let me know that you didn’t get an email on how to submit your name, know that I submitted it for you – and I’ll all up to date there. 


A sweet little present, the pattern for Slippy the Cowl will be headed off to Carol S and Suzy H courtesy of author, designer and mother of two year old twins, Joanne Seiff . (I can’t even imagine she has time for anything, once you get the twins in there.)

Susan has donated a gorgeous kit.

It’s her Newport Shawlette pattern, the beautiful hand-dyed yarn to go with it, and all the beads you need. This gorgeous treat will be headed to the home of Kim P.

Everybody wave at Suann!  She’s got nice presents too.  Beautiful sets of silver plated stitch markers, the winners choice from her shop,

and a charming pattern for her Doodle Mittens to go with. 

One combo to each of Susan K, Carolyn S and Emily W.

Next up Genia is clearing out some stash, and a bunch of you are going to be happier as a result.  This skein of STR in Love is going to live with Kathy S.

There’s one in Hard Rock for Sarah B.

A skein of Ms. LaRock for Jennifer R.

It’s Firebird for Helen C.

Happy Go Lucky for Brenda G

and a skein of Lunasea each for both Sage G and Jessie S.

Whew! Genia’s generosity makes for a lot of emails.

Next up, the fabulous Stephanie at Rock Solid Designs has donated a beautiful project bag. 

She’ll be sending that to Ruth T.

There you go! The first of the last (only one or two more rounds I think) and then we’re all caught up. I’ve emailed all the winners. Thanks, as always for the generosity. You’re amazing.