Buttons are Cheap

This morning I went down to the fashion district and bought some ribbon and buttons for the layette set. That makes it sound simple, doesn’t it?  What really happened is that because I live in a world of denial and still believe that it’s possible to finish this set before the shower tomorrow (set now missing booties and 1.5 sleeves, we shall see) last night I searched the house for an appropriate length of ribbon and a few perfect buttons and came up short. There was nothing that went together, or if it went together,  it didn’t go with the yarn, or there wasn’t enough.  I decided that nothing could be done but a trip downtown to replenish the baby ribbon/button stores, so this morning I got my bike ride done early (6:30-8:30.  It was a pretty dawn) so that I could zip downtown on the subway super fast, grab buttons and ribbon and rip back.  I decided to take the subway instead of biking because I still have the aforementioned delusion that I can finish this thing if I maximize the knitting time and I can’t knit and ride.

Off I went, knitting on the subway, until I got to the place where I had to switch to the streetcar.  I got off, went up, queued for the car, and waited nicely.  I only checked my watch about four times.  When it came, I got on the front doors, took a seat, reached into my bag for my knitting, noticed I had no wallet, cursed creatively, violently and silently, and then stood up, walked out the rear doors, back down the stairs, back onto the subway, all the way home, got my wallet and left again. 

I was just about incandescent with rage when I told Joe, just because I’d wasted so much time, but he pointed out that at least I’d noticed before I got off at my stop. He had a point. Without my wallet I didn’t have any money to get back on, and if I’d have had to walk home from there it would have made me as nuts as if I fell out of a crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down.

I rushed as fast as I could, but by the time I was back there I was seriously short on time. I walked into the ribbon store and immediately realized I had a problem. I needed one metre of a nice ribbon that went well with cream.

Yeah. That’s one corner of Mokuba Ribbons.  I’ve been in there before, and I’d forgotten it was such a time suck. There’s so many ribbons you could stay there all day, pondering the possibilities.  I decided, since ribbon is cheap, especially the thin ribbon I need for the layette, and since I only needed a metre, to get a few kinds, and make a break for it.  I could decide at home, I told myself.  I grabbed what appealed, and sprinted down the street to one of the button stores.

This wasn’t an improvement.  I stood there, clutching the ribbon in my hands, looking around me and realizing that I had made a tactical error.  Somewhere in this shop were buttons that matched my ribbon.  Somewhere. I stuffed the ribbons in my bag, and just started choosing buttons I liked.  Some of these, some of those.  Buttons are cheap, I told myself. The little ones are 5 and 10 cents. I grabbed some boxes, took them to the desk and tried not to tap my foot while the lady counted them out.

When all was said and done, I had ribbon, and I had buttons, and they all go together surprisingly well.  I don’t mind that I have more than I need, I mean, obviously this is going to come up again, and it’s not like I don’t have a button bin and a ribbon jar, but it does leave me in a difficult place. 

Ok.  So maybe I got more than a few.  Stop judging. The problem now is which ones to pick?  Something subtle? The taupe cotton ribbon with the little buttons that look like stone? The brown satin, with the buttons that have the brown rings? Cream satin with taupe buttons?

Yellow? Or is yellow just so, so predictable.  Maybe that dirty lime that I love so much? Or, at what point does a baby own way, way too many lime green things.
Maybe something brighter, less classic, more fun and bold?

I’m sure you see my dilemma.  I don’t know why I’m worried about finishing the knitting.  I’ll be choosing the buttons until I’m old. 

1,219 thoughts on “Buttons are Cheap

  1. Looks like I’m first but I bet someone else beat me to it. I really like the light blue!

  2. I vote for the brown ribbon and the little buttons with yellow in the center ringed with brown. But mostly I’m still reeling over the fact that you have whole stores with buttons! It’s probably a good thing I live in a small town.

  3. Dirty lime or chocolate brown. Something a little bit more fun and modern, but not way out there.

  4. The bolder blue, definitely. And I believe I can tell by the way you photographed them that you agree with me. 😀

  5. I like color on babies. My vote is either the dirty lime or the bright organge, depending on the baby’s expected coloring.

  6. Go with the brown satin and buttons that have the brown rings. They’ve got a classic elegance that’ll be appropriate in formal settings but not inappropriate at playtime.

  7. Oooh, the dirty lime or the light brown above the lime.
    I love the blue and orange as well, so maybe those are good to have around once the baby flavor is known :).

  8. I like the taupe. It’s elegant. But I bet with a glass or two of wine in me I would go with the orange because that’s just fun!

  9. Assuming the little one is going to have the blue-grey eyes that most newborns have, I’d go with a blue. But the orange also pops for me. Put the buttons in a box and draw at random if you just can’t make up your mind.

  10. Do you have any idea how lucky you are?? A button store??? Seriously??? How fun is that? I won’t even mention the ribbon store!!!

  11. The taupe with stone buttons has a nice earthy mod look to it! All of ’em are cute though…

  12. The cream satin with the taupe buttons (upper right corner). At first I thought maybe the orange or a bright colour, but then thought that since this is heirloom, it should have an heirloom look. With bright colours, the eye is drawn away from the knitting to the colour & really, you want the knitting to stand out and be noticed first. Subdued & subtle for heirloom.

  13. Seriously? You have a ribbon store and a button store? Is that all they have?
    Btw I like the brown with the buttons with the rings or the darker blue.

  14. That’s it. I’m coming to Toronto. I would love to have your problem right now.
    To choose: write each option on a slip of paper. Fold said slips of paper. Place in bag. Ask wonderful Joe to select a slip. Use that choice. Kiss wonderful Joe and then ignore him so you can finish knitting.

  15. I am soooooo jealous of your ribbon and button stores! It would be an hours car ride for me to find a store that had a fraction of those choices!!! And I like the taupe ribbon.

  16. Oh! I like this option:
    > The brown satin, with the buttons that have the brown rings?
    This has, once again, awakened the need to go find a button tin and/or visit a button shop. And a ribbon jar? Intriguing!

  17. All of the brown variants made me purr with approval. The rest are adorable don’t get me wrong, but you are looking at heirloom status; something to move through the fashions. The brown work, any of them, although if I was putting them in order.
    1. The darkest with the ringed buttons (BEAUTIFUL!)
    2. The Taupe (Gorgeous!)
    3. The cream (LOVE IT!!!!)

  18. I’m partial to the dirty lime. It’s a nice colour, contrasts nicely with the cream sweater, and is gender neutral.

  19. You know what, ignore what I said earlier, LIME!!! Oh man I love the ribbon on that one!

  20. I’m not sure that leaving this to commenters to thrash out will make things one whit clearer.
    that said, the very first option is so beautiful, and the lime is GREAT.
    I could probably spend a week apiece in each store.

  21. I’d go with the cream combo…there’s a quiet elegance to it, perfect for an heirloom item 🙂

  22. I read the post, and then scooted right down here to make my comment. I don’t want to see what others have chosen before I state my preference. My first choice would be the green ribbon and green buttons; my second choice, the taupe ribbon and stone coloured buttons. The stone buttons are lovely with the cream wool, of course, but the green–it’s bright with hope and its the colour of new life. Now I will go read the other comments!

  23. Here’s another vote for the taupe ribbon with buttons that look like stone.
    Just perfect with the beautiful cream yarn!

  24. I just have to vote. I love the first one, the taupe and stone button. Beautifully classic. And the orange is also stupendous!
    But… if you want to get all heirloom the taupe is where it’s at!

  25. They are all really pretty but the yellow and taupe seem more unisex to me (although I have no objection to blue on a girl I don’t know how the parents would feel), plus this is an heirloom piece and you’d want it to be unisex for the generations to come, right?.

  26. The taupe. It’s lovely, classic, and unlikely to look dated when the wee one looks back on the layette. The brown or cream would also do quite nicely on those counts.
    As you don’t know the flavor of relative you’re getting, a neutral seems nice (some people feel strongly about colors by gender, or at least feel funny putting a girl in dark blue when she’s still in the androgynous baby stage). Speaking as someone who is expecting a baby shortly, the dirty lime green is everywhere in baby gear. Everywhere. Can’t get away from it if you try, and by my alpaca stash, I have tried. So perhaps not that, just in case.

  27. Definitely the buttons with the brown rim–classy but not boring. You are SO lucky to live in the big city. If you were here in Kingston, you’d be lucky to find one good choice!

  28. It is so hard to choose without actually having met the baby, isn’t it? On the other hand, newly minted babies are completely devoid of fickleness when it comes to their wardrobe. So I vote for whatever will look stunning in the new mother’s arms.
    BTW, after seeing all those buttons and ribbons, I’m actually sort of glad there aren’t any button and ribbon stores here in town. Otherwise the husband would have to send the children to fetch me home.

  29. Shush…there’s never too much line green. You’re simply coordinating their wardrobe for them and setting good colour taste markers for the future. 😉

  30. My 2 cents (which may be worth even less in Canada?!?!) either the dark brown with yellow/brown buttons or the orange. But I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them and I’m very envious that you have ribbon and button stores!!!

  31. Oh, they are so pretty. All of them (and I’m not just saying that because I’m due in 6 weeks and I think hand knit baby things are my personal weakness at the moment)! The brown satin with the buttons with the brown around the edges- that’s gorgeous!
    It’s pretty clear that the knit is so beautiful, the ribbons and buttons are just going to be such perfect icing on the cake- no matter what you choose!

  32. The taupe does not fight the color of the sweater so that is my first choice even though my eyes went straight to the lime and I said, “Oooh.” For heirloom – go taupe!

  33. love, love, love the “dirty lime” color!!!
    but I also really like the taupe ribbon and stone-ish buttons. a lot.

  34. I’m completely in love with the taupe cotton ribbon with the little buttons that look like stone.

  35. OOh, I love the ‘dirty lime’, too. It must be something going around because I have bought the heck out of that color this year – and I am not a cool colors person. More of a hot colors person. That being said, the orange is nice too. Another of my faves this year. But then, you cannot go wrong with basics… brown, red, royal are all good colors.
    I’m not much help. Maybe the other Pamela is right. Let the mamma choose.

  36. I can’t help you decide . . . I love all the combinations . . . you caught my usual mode of “ditheration” so well, I think we must have been separated before birth! Thanks for the laugh, as always.
    Ok – go with bold green or blue (or…), and add an optional set for mother’s choice since its family.

  37. What is the mama’s favorite color? 🙂 I’d go with something that will coordinate with her wardrobe…
    Failing that, I loves me some dirty lime, and I agree with the folks that think the upper left taupe-y one is the most “classic” looking for an heirloom. Blendy, classic, understated colors.
    If it were for my baby, though, I’d love that orange. Such a happy color.

  38. At least you have a choice. We live in a small town with just one small place for buttons and ribbon. I’d give anything to have choices like that, although I’d probably go mad for the first while.

  39. Assuming the ribbon is easier to replace than the buttons, go with neutral for the buttons and put in a touch of color with the ribbon(s)?

  40. I think the taupe is lovely and maybe goes with your “heirloom” directive. But I also love love love the lime!
    Also, PLEASE send news of the November retreat soon! I’m so excited I could plotz. And, I might have a roommate lined up! And, tickets are only $300 right now. And, I signed up for spinning lessons. And, I’m planning what I should finish knitting so I can wear at the retreat! And, and, and…!!!

  41. I’d vote for the brown with two-tone buttons,but most of all, I want your button and ribbon store. My lys has one rack of thirty pots -lovely buttons, but I repeat thirty. Oh, and five reels of ribbon. The ony other store with ribbon has reels and reels of 1″ red or green.

  42. I would pull the ribbons in a pile, close your eyes, reach in, draw out a ribbon and go with that. All of them are beautiful and I’m sure will be loved and appreciated.

  43. Taupe or orange, although they are all nice. Just to make your life even easier, I would have gone for a rainbow mix of button colors and cream (or rainbow!) ribbon. Hope the shower is great, I’m sure she will love it no matter what.

  44. Every combination is terrific and will be well-appreciated by the new parents. As long as they don’t read your blog and thus know that there were other options, I think you’re fine.
    As much as I like the subtlety and sophistication of the top group, it is the bottom group that shouts “happy baby” to me.

  45. Wow. Wish I had shops like that near me… not such cheap buttons with a transatlantic flight factored in!

  46. The taupe with stone… there’s something about that. And that beautiful deep blue that you have there. I think either of these would be classic for either boy or girl. 🙂

  47. Definitely, the brown ribbon with little brown-ringed buttons.
    Or the orange.
    You are suffering the angst of too many options, friend. Oh, to live in a town that has a button STORE. And a ribbon STORE. So amazing! But it would make me crazy, too.
    I have no doubt that you will meet your goal in a beautiful way and have the pieces finished by the shower.

  48. I vote for deep blue but the taupe is really “heirloom!” What wouldn’t I give for a ribbon shop and button shop like these. Not my right arm; I need it for knitting!

  49. I can’t help you with your dilemma. I do so wish I had a button store like that!

  50. Two more reasons to visit Toronto…. a store full of ribbon and another full of buttons. Wow!!! I would go with the brown ribbon and buttons ringed with brown. Or, one of the taupe choices… owing to the fact that you wish this to be an heirloom. I love, love, love the lime…. but I think the neutrals look fabulous with your yarn. And…. what a fabulous contrast of knitting stitches you have chosen!

  51. Oh gosh. I’m torn between the dark brown and the lime. Could you do both? Brown ribbon, lime buttons?

  52. One more vote for the taupe and stone. They don’t compete with the knitting for attention and have a true heirloom look.

  53. Goodness gracious! To have such choices! You are one lucky knitter to live in such a city with such great selection! Pick what you like the best and the most adaptable. That way if the buttons need to be swapped out because the baby is a girl it will be simple! I love all the combinations, every single one! Boy or Girl!

  54. The taupe, definitely. Or the dirty lime. Is there such a thing as too much dirty lime? Or the yellow – classic. Or the orange – love. Oh, decisions… I like them ALL. ; )

  55. Definitely the lighter green. Gender is still undetermined and the wee bairn who comes will be sure to care about saving the environment, yes? So green….

  56. I’d choose anything I liked [orange] to finish the sweater for the shower, but I’d also print out this post in colour, show it to my friend and offer to change the ribbon & buttons to whatever colour she prefers.

  57. That orange is nice with the yarn. (My mother knit baby things in pastel yellow, orange, or green. Not pink or blue unless it was a request.)

  58. Can’t wait to see what you choose. I’m partial to the taupe but dang that lime green really does it for me too! lol

  59. OK I’m done oohing and ahhing..THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE!!. I pick the brown satin, with the buttons that have the brown rings. There is something so different about those button that stand out. Classic with a touch of pop. Good Luck. I would be driving my family CRAZY if I were in your shoes. Keep those pictures in front of you and keep knitting.

  60. he thing I love best is how we’re absolutely no help whatsoever in making a decision.

  61. Yes, lots of pretty combinations. Remembering that you don’t know the gender of the baby, I’d go with either the dirty lime, the brown with the buttons with the brown rings, or the taupe. But you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  62. Orange. Those were the first ones that jumped off the screen at me and said “Pick me!”

  63. Seriously, a button shop AND a ribbon shop within walking distance of each other???! SOOO jealous. Go for the orange!

  64. Neutral yarns makes this part so much harder! Picking colored accents is one of my favorite parts of knitting, but I’m so indecisive that the sweater I’m seaming now will be the first sweater I knit for myself with a set of buttons instead of mismatched buttons.
    In a situation like this, at least you can’t make a bad choice! I like the orange, the lime, and the two-tone brown, especially.

  65. I want to move up to Canada where there are sweet stores of buttons and ribbons that you can reach by streetcar!

  66. Oh, dang, I don’t live anywhere near a button store like that. I’m looking for some white toggle buttons to go with a denimish sweater I made for myself. I think what I want are called toggle buttons.

  67. Please tell us where is the ribbon store, and what is the name of the button store. What a great dilemma to have.

  68. If the goal is passed through the generations and worn by boys and girls then I think classic and predictable is where it’s at. Brown, yellow, taupe, or ivory.

  69. The taupe. Definitely the taupe. You won’t go wrong with any of the others, but you’ll knock their socks off with the taupe.

  70. Ok, as soon as you mentioned transferring to the street car I knew you would be heading for Mokuba, but you are the first person I’ve heard describe their ribbon as cheap! It’s wonderful stuff, and really hard to decide what to choose, but phew, you could spend a lot in there!
    Your lovely color choices are all wonderful, but I do like the understated elegance of the taupe/ stone combination. Babies need bright and cheerful too, but for heirlooms, they deserve elegant.

  71. brown. I love earth tones on babies. i never see it enough. and will look nice on whatever else baby is wearing.

  72. I personally like the olive green, (to me it doesn’t look lime, unless the lable says that, then I can’t really argue).
    But the brown ribon with the yellowy and brown buttons is very nice too. It’s different and looks good.

  73. Ohhhh! I would go with the brown satin ribbon and the buttons with the brown rings. Classically beautiful ,but with a modern touch.

  74. Sorry to say you’re either on your own choosing a color or someone else will have to guide you. I was stopped at…..button store. Button store? I would think I’d died & gone to heaven if I had a button store anything like that near me. I’m drooling just looking at the picture. I may have to come to Toronto just to see the button store!
    OK…I prefer the taupe with stone buttons with the lime a close second.

  75. Well, I could tell you which one I really like, but lots of others will do the same and there’s no possibility we’d all agree (wouldn’t it be funny if we did, though?), so here’s my suggestion: Put all the ribbons in a bowl. Close your eyes, and pull one out. Next put all the buttons you think will go with that ribbon into another bowl. Close your eyes, and pull one out. Go with those choices. It will look fabulous.

  76. I like the top left (taupe color) and the bottom right (orange? Coral?) The knitting is pretty, too. 🙂

  77. I like the chocolate brown with the wee wittle buttons with the yellowish center. Those are by far the best… but, if for some reason you need a second option the lime green is very pretty too.

  78. The Orange…. it’s so crisp. Plus it goes from a lovely Creamsicle light orange in the bright light to a deeper, russet. Orange, orange.

  79. So jealous of “button store.” Sigh.
    Do they all wash equally well?
    I think I’m voting on the ones you didn’t get. They’re always best.

  80. If you’re going for timeless heirloom, I’d go for the taupe. Otherwise I’d go for a primary color, keeping mind that red tends to run.

  81. Honestly, I vote for brown (the chocolate one, the bottom left on the first set of ribbon/button photos) and green (the lighter, spring one) together. Or just red. Or just the green.
    This looks difficult.

  82. Taupe and stone combo. LOVE it! Second choice being that spring green set with the edged ribbon. It looks gorgeous!
    Plus I want a garment district. No fair.

  83. Personally, I love the emerald green (bottom grouping, top left). And I would kill to have a button store like that near me. I have the worst time finding buttons I like and then when I do they’re invariably hideously expensive or there are only 3 available when I need 5.
    Buttons are, quite literally, the bane of my knitting life.

  84. Taupe cotton ribbon with the stone look buttons. Second choice is the dirty lime.
    And I’m so envious that you have a ribbon store and a button store! I could probably happily live in a button store–as long as someone brought me in yarn.

  85. In order of preference:
    1) Taupe on Taupe
    2) Brown/ brown ringed
    3) Cream
    4) Lime
    On the other hand, why worry? Any of them will be STUNNING so eeny-meeny-miny would be just as good a way to choose!

  86. I lived in Toronto for the first forty years of my life and don’t recall ever seeing a button store or a ribbon store! I vote green, BTW.

  87. Ohhhhhh, I am a button designer, designing tiny buttons made out of REAL mother of pearl – I wish you had put out a request for these a couple of weeks ago and I would have had an assortment sent to, that along with real silk ribbon – would have been SO lovely for a layette! Paula in Canada – http://www.KelmscottDesigns.com

  88. I love them all, but especially the taupe with those little buttons that look like stone. So pretty.

  89. Love love love love them all!!! If I had to choose I think I prefer the neutral brown or taupe tones with those gorgeous buttons! So classic! Would fit in with the “heirloom” feel perfectly!!

  90. I love the orange. But I firmly believe that babies should be in BRIGHT colors (My kids were in colors like lime green and stop light red until they could choose for themselves 🙂

  91. I like the taupe ribbon with the stone buttons. Very elegant and will go with anything else the little fashionini might be wearing. And it’s more ‘heirloom’, I think.

  92. I am refreshing and counting, and so far, taupe with stone and dirty lime are neck and neck, 38 to 35! With brown rings (27) and orange (25) close behind!
    Oooooh, which will it be??? So exciting! (Can you tell I am having a bit of a dull Friday night?)

  93. Auhhhh, you are cruel, showing pictures of button paradise when some of us have been wearing buttonless sweaters all summer. What’s the name of the button store?

  94. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not even through reading and I am posting a comment. I live in Minneapolis and we HAVE NO FABRIC DISTRICT. We have no ribbon shops and no button shops. We have almost no fabric stores. I have seen a button shop in Florence Italy and was in awe. I have seen similar stores in New York City and Paris, but here at home we are pretty much stuck with what the chain stores carry and the taste of the LYS owners and their buttons. I am in shock. Will post a proper comment when (if) I recover.

  95. The olive green looks real classy as does the taupe. I think that it is a tough call. Good luck. cd

  96. Taupe ribbon (top right corner). Then one button of every colour you have, just to mess with the whole thing a bit: but orange at the top and any combination of colours in between.
    Anarchy rules.

  97. Ok. Now for a real comment. Ahem. I like the purple. What, there is no purple choice??? Well then, you choose.

  98. Don’t know if anybody mentioned it, but it would be amazing fun if you combined two or more colors of ribbon withnthe same color buttons . . . . Just sayin’

  99. Wasn’t going to respond, as any would do well. But in looking closer, it is the brown ribbon with the yellowish buttons and brown ring around the outside. That One Stopped My Scroll Button.

  100. They all look lovely but somehow the brights just don’t seem right. Brown or Dirty Lime would be my top choices. Most importantly though, I applaud you for giving yourself so many options. Such fun!

  101. I hope you are fully conscious and aware and appreciative of the fact that you have such a fantastic button store right near such a fantastic ribbon store.
    What a wonderful problem to have! Too many great choices! Too many lovely possibilities!

  102. Oh my, those stores make me green with envy. But go with the brown. Heirloom all the way! So classic. Never out of style. Any gender. And just classy.

  103. I love the red. Bright, cheery, and definitely not classic in any way. Goes with girls, boys, and everything in between and won’t get mixed up in the piles of neutral baby clothes

  104. Heirloom, posterity, definitely chocolate brown with edged buttons. And how delightful to have two whole separate stores dedicated to buttons and ribbons!! I’m surprised you restrained yourself as much as you did! 😉

  105. be bold and go with the orange! OMG you have both of those stores? i am “green” with envy. my town has walmart. for anything kind of choice i have to drive 45 min to a small shop that has some buttons in the back room.

  106. Who says the ribbons and buttons have to match? Who says you can’t use two different buttons, alternately, or one on each garment? (I agree with the envious. We used to have a store called The Notions Place. Now gone, sadly.) Why not combine primary and/or secondary colours?

  107. I like the green… green for growth and luck… and since the little one will be born as the holidays start coming around it’ll be perfect….

  108. I too am in shock of a button AND a ribbon store. In SF, we have a store that has one floor which carries a good selection of both, adn I thought that was superb! I think I need to relocate….oh, and the taupe stone mix gets my vote. 2nd place to the brown ring button combo.

  109. Taupe cotton ribbon/stone buttons or the orange. Depends on how bright you like it. I’m with you that yellow is too predictable, though.

  110. You want this set to last for a hundred years. Imagine if colour bled from the ribbon over time!. Go with the stone and taupe.

  111. They’re all lovely, but I would choose the brown, that looks so lovely and it’s an unexpected combination!
    I don’t think I have ever seen either a ribbon or button store with so much selection, no wonder it is hard to make a decision!

  112. …I vote for either of the greens you have. They look surprisingly good to me and I don’t even like much green…

  113. Another vote for the taupe; it doesn’t draw your eye away from the knitting details. I usually love bright colours for babies, but the cream knitting looks like it has lovely details that might be overpowered by the more vibrant colours.

  114. I’m loving the first two……… but I am sort of influenced by the fact that my son (my only child) and daughter-in-law are expecting my first grandchild in January and want those neutral colors – cream, taupe, pale gray, pale yellow. So all of my knitting and sewing is with those colors these days!

  115. Either the dirty lime or the brown with yellow.
    But truly–anything. Honest. I am a button maniac…

  116. At this point I almost hate to remind you that you claim you made a catkin some years ago. You said you could not post a photo of it, as it as not finished yet….needed buttons. Any miracle happening that would have made you take the Catkin to the ribbon and button stores?
    I would go with chocolate brown. The baby is likely to be able to have a lot to match that color.

  117. Either the taupe or the lime – they seem to compliment but not complete with the cream yarn. Besides, the lime is very sweet and pea-podish, so it totally works.

  118. Um… Maybe let the mom pick the colors? Especially since there’s that teeny-tiny infinitesimal possibility the knitting might not be quite entirely all the way completely done…
    They’re all lovely. I have a couple of favorites, but who cares what I think? Like everyone else, I’m still trying to get over the button STORE and the ribbon STORE. Lucky, lucky, lucky…

  119. Wow, what a variety 🙂
    Taupe seems to be in the lead, still… with lime in second, followed by chocolate then orange.
    What I noted was a lot of “taupe or lime” and “brown or orange”.
    Not a lot of love for the light blue.. I saw only two votes.
    (My counts are likely a little off because if you listed it, it got a tally, so if you listed three colors, that was three votes. Taupe is still winning, which was my vote. Yay!)

  120. All beautiful! And, just when I think I have a favourite one, my mind changes. Good luck!

  121. I am sure you are going to choose what you like best, but the rimmed brown buttons with brown ribbon look most sophisticated to me. And the orange is so happy!

  122. I ordered buttons for some decorations for my wedding but couldn’t find exactly the right colors in town so I ordered them online. The place with the best deal was selling them by the half pound bag. I was on my second glass of wine and my husband to be and I assured ourselves that if the half pound bag only cost a few dollars, it couldn’t be that many. And in case my monitor was displaying things incorrectly, I’d get multiple shades.
    My first sign of trouble was when I told my mother and mother-in-law how many I had ordered and their eyebrows went up to the roof. 8 pounds of buttons is a lot by the way. A lot. But at no point in my life (or my children’s lives or my grandchildren’s lives) should anyone I know be out of blue, purple, or white buttons.
    Thank heavens for pinterest and “button crafts”.

  123. I like the taupe ribbon and the stone looking buttons.
    But seriously you have ribbon and button stores -those stores looked amazing.

  124. After speaking with my daughter, I’m withdrawing my orange vote and adding it to my dark brown combo vote. Reason: She reminded me that she had been “a wee bit” jaundiced when born, and the lovely red and orange things I had made for her made her look like a li’l punkin–and not in a good way. And then, her younger sister was born a very ruddy baby, and looked like a little rutabaga in them. 🙂

  125. The taupe buttons with the dirty lime ribbon, of course.
    Great sweater!

  126. Yes you do have a dilemma…lol. I like the buttons and ribbon in the first picture…top left. All the others are great matches but the taupe ribbon and buttons just speak to me.

  127. Babies respond best to bright colors, so I’m voting for the orange. (Too bad you didn’t have bright red. . . .)
    However, if the baby may be wearing this ensemble at a somewhat formal occasion — say, his/her naming ceremony, a big-deal anniversary or birthday party for the great-grandparents, or some such — I’d go with the taupe ribbon and stone-colored buttons. (If not, save those for something classy-looking for yourself!)

  128. Ooooh! I’ve been in that button store (during my last trip to Toronto). It is a dangerous place indeed! Ottawa has no such store, luckily. Or at least not that I’ve found. Yet. 🙂
    I vote for the orange, it’s awesome and unexpected and fun, and totally on-target with the bright colours in today’s fashions. But really, they are all so beautiful. Have fun choosing!

  129. I’m a traditionalist regarding heirloom quality knitting, so shoot me!……. mother of pearl buttons and i-cord “ribbon” with pompoms on the ends.

  130. I am so jealous that you have, close by, an entire store devoted to ribbon and another devoted to buttons.
    As far as choosing, tough call…how about putting a button of each color into a dish, closing your eyes, and picking?

  131. The taupe with little stone buttons!!! So classic and classy. Love the knitting, too, by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  132. A button store? A ribbon store? I am so deprived!! I want to head your way and seriously waste (spend quality) time in both of them.

  133. Orange, either green, or the stone. Do you really have just a ribbon store and just a button store? Jealous!

  134. My favorites are the lime and the rusty orange – they have a nice amount of contrast without being too garish.

  135. I was knitting on the westbound platform at Spadina station this morning around 10:00, and looked up to to see you approach and then steam by. Walking very, very quickly and knitting very, very intently and wearing headphones. I wanted to say hello (Hi! I’m a huge fan!) but you looked very, very focused….now I know why.

  136. I like the deeper bright blue ribbons and buttons, personally. They add just the right pop of color. Good luck choosing!

  137. I go for the taupe cotton ribbon and little stone looking buttons. Good for either a girl or boy, and “heirloomy”.

  138. I love the blues, but taupe probably would serve the heirloom goal better. Can’t wait to see what you chose.
    Your story and pictures made me sigh. I have super happy memories of a road trip to Toronto with my mom just to buy buttons for a dress I still love to wear. Nothing like the fashion district in your great city. Beats LA and NY in my book.

  139. I’m feeling a certain amount of jealousy here; no button stores or ribbon stores. We have quilting and fabric stores that have a limited selection of both. As to your choices I like either the orange or darker blue; both make a statement.

  140. They’re ALL beautiful. I don’t see how you could possibly settle on one. I say you make creamy wool layettes and use every single color you bought.

  141. I would go with the dirty lime.
    You said that you want this to be a little bit of you and your love left for future generations and the lime is one of your favorite colors.
    It may not be as “classic” a color as the neutrals, but this color could be considered part of who you are.

  142. OMG! I might have to visit wherever you live just to go to the ribbon and button stores! I notice I am not the only one with this sentiment. Why don’t you have a knitting/ribbon, button shopping conference in your city? Seattle is truly a great place to live but we don’t have ribbon or button shops equal to yours.

  143. I like the blue/light blue combo myself. But I had to explain to my hubby why I was laughing so hard–he looked over at that button store picture on my screen and instantly got it.

  144. Lime, chocolate brown, or orange. Personally, I agree with Sinatra’s belief that “orange is the happiest color.”

  145. They are all very nice. My top pick is the green, #2 is orange. But any of them would be nice with cream. Not a bad one in the bunch. I just think green goes so well with babies. My mother always said that no matter what the color of the flower, nature always puts it with green leaves. And we all know, mother nature knows what she is doing. Check the window of a nearby florist shop, green goes with anything.
    I hope you finish in time.
    Julie in San Diego

  146. Bright emerald green, a sign of new life and new beginnings.
    Yes, the brown, creme, and taupe are classic, but too sedate and boring for a young one. Besides, the ribbon and buttons on the sweater can always be changed at a later date.
    Running out of time and can’t make up your mind? Include a copy of the 9 photos and let the parents-to-be decide which ribbon and buttons they prefer for their baby.

  147. I’m sure your going to get a million different opinions. which in the end, if its anything like my family, will most likely be of no help and you’ll end up choosing what you like best anyway.
    I personally would go for one of the brighter colours,
    although I love the paler blue, you can grantee that if its a boy he’ll probably end up with quite a bit of blue clothing anyway.
    so my pick would either be the brighter green of the rusty red.

  148. Either one of the browns, not keen on any of the other colours, but as not had kids & never knitted for kids or had much to do with kids may be it’s what do I know about it lol. Beautiful knitting as always, good luck with the finishing on time.

  149. PS….Have to say I have NEVER & I live in London seen a button & Ribbons stores like yours. Think I am seriously missing out here!!

  150. I can only eliminate the yellow, as it does nothing for either the yarn or the buttons/ribbon, IMHO. But every other combo you created has its appeal so you can’t go wrong.

  151. Wow! I;m so jealous that you have that problem! Really. I can’t imagine having that many ribbons and buttons to choose from. I can definitely see where this could be a big problem. As for your dilemma, I think that the brown satin ribbon and buttons are absolutely amazing. They definitely have heirloom written all over them. So do the taupe and cream sets. All your choices are lovely but I think those three are really classic. Good luck on making a choice!

  152. I think the taupe (first pic) looks very classic and beautiful. I love it. I also like the dirty lime green. Just one of my favorite colors. The light blue is nice, too. Obviously I am as wishy washy when it comes to these choices.

  153. Oh..my..Godddddddd! I could never pick! Firstly, I would never be able to leave the store. How is it possible I’ve reached adulthood without knowing there are BUTTON AND RIBBON STORES??? Ah, the wonders and delights of big city living. I must get off the farm more often. 😉

  154. ah, the taupe or the cream reminds me of the baby clothes my father had…and he was born in 1921. that *really* says heirloom to me. 🙂

  155. I like the taupe ribbon with the stone colored buttons. I think they compliment the cream instead of making it a background color.

  156. You have a whole shop with ribbons AND a whole other shop with buttons. You will be telling us next that there are shops in the real world (I mean obviously not the town called internet) that sell yarn that is made from something other than acrylic. What a blessed paradise is this place where you live. Oh and I like the one with the little ‘stone’ buttons.

  157. You can’t knit while riding a bike?? Hmmm… I just assumed. 😉 Whenever I go on a long drive with my kids – and I’m the sole driver – I always say, “Wow, I’m going to get a LOT of knitting done on this drive!” I wait for the howls of laughter/rolling of the eyes.

  158. I vote (and I know you didn’t ask for a vote but I vote anyway) for the subtle and classic, the taupe. I think all the fashionable and refined babies are wearing it this season. However, the brights are fun. DI-LEMMA.

  159. I love the brown ribbon with the yellow centre buttons. It looks classic and unisex. If I ever go back to Toronto, where are those beautiful stores, just my of store!

  160. You just provided me with fodder for a vacation. Buy a first class ticket to where ever you are, and spend the days in the button/ribbon stores. WOW!
    btw – you finished the sheep sweater which was lime green. At least don’t repeat that. (I am looking at my yarn for the sheeps – hope my sweater comes out as beautiful as yours.)

  161. First, I am VERY jealous that you have a button store. My local yarn store carried wonderful buttons, but the owner retired at the beginning of this year, and I am reduced to shopping at the fabric store, which mostly carries boring buttons.
    Second, I love all the combinations. I agree with those who recommend drawing a button at random – with one addition. If you draw a button, and find that you are disappointed, draw again! Any of the options will be gorgeous.

  162. Despite the fact that I am basically a “color” person and will almost always opt for real color vs. neutrals, this time I go with the taupe. It’s lovely, elegant, calming – and unisex! Good for whoever follows! 🙂

  163. Somehow the chocolate ribbon with the brown-ringed buttons looks so classic, but not predictable. The lime green appeals as well, but doesn’t quite say “heirloom” to me.

  164. I have tried and tried and TRIED to love the colored ribbons and buttons, but just can’t do it. No how, no way.
    The lovely layette looks white on my screen, and I would go with white in both ribbons and buttons. Other people see the layette as cream in color, and if indeed the wool is cream, then I would go with cream.
    But I’m old and a traditionalist…

  165. I have tried and tried and TRIED to love the colored ribbons and buttons, but just can’t do it. No how, no way.
    The lovely layette looks white on my screen, and I would go with white in both ribbons and buttons. Other people see the layette as cream in color, and if indeed the wool is cream, then I would go with cream.
    But I’m old and a traditionalist…

  166. I like the taupe, but the orange is striking, different, good for either sex, and, well, different and striking! One of a kind for a one of a kind baby.
    You are so lucky to live where you have a button store and a ribbon store. I live in a metro area with 7,000,000 people and have to pick from the skimpy selections at the 3 chain craft stores. They are NOT 10 cents apiece.

  167. Make your own decision, dang it. You have a BUTTON store, and a RIBBON store. I will just sulk here in envy. (Just not the orange, please. Personal opinion here–the kid will look like a fan of the rival university.) Just kidding, they’re all great.

  168. Sales pitch #2–ya know, I can imagine your using those buttons on nine cute little sheep sweaters. Orange sheep, lime green sheep, electric blue sheep…..a stash busting Harlot Style Heirloom.

  169. Since this is an heirloom set – maybe the taupe ribbon and stone buttons. These would be timeless, and could stand the test of time. I really love them all! You have a good eye for colors.

  170. For me, for an heirloom, I like the taupe and stone best too, with the cream or yellow close seconds. They’d never look dated, and are instantly classic.

  171. Where’s the purple? Eggplant with the cream wool, I think, for a fall baby. Periwinkle is fun, too – and fun to say! Of course this means another trip to the ribbon and button stores!!!!

  172. Wow, great choices and they match so well! I love all of the browns, particularly the first one. Also the yellow and orange.

  173. Definitely lime or brown. Lime and brown? Lime, brown, and cream would be a delicious color combination.

  174. I totally cracked up reading this. This is so typical – getting a “few” extra and then deciding at home.
    and also how we stress about using chocolate or lime. Or this or that.
    Luv it!

  175. I would not presume to offer an opinion on the button thing. I am clueless on the subject and only occasionally get it right on my own sweaters. What I would like, however is to attend the event (second coming of knit/spin/dye). I’ll find your email in case you don’t manage to get to this point in the comments.
    I’m positive the sweater will get done AND be gorgeous even if you have to finish it at the shower.

  176. Lime! Also, have you shared the pattern? It’s really beautiful. Not sure I’m up for a whole layette but I could maybe do a few pieces. So purty!

  177. I once lived near NYC, and a friend took me to a similar button store on the Upper East Side. Looked amazingly like your button store. I bought black, petal shaped buttons for a black lace sweater for my mother. That is the ONLY time I have ever liked the buttons I picked for a project.
    By the way, I vote taupe ribbon and buttons. But, then again, I’m the person who liked the gray baby sweater.

  178. Sally at 12:32 AM, there’s a fantastic button store in Portland, should you get down to Our Fair City. The Button Emporium and Ribbonry, on Taylor Street downtown.
    LOTS of buttons. Many, many

  179. Okay, you have stores devoted to ribbons and buttons? I’m so jealous I can’t even look at the color choices!

  180. Lime green from the first set of pictures, or orangey red from the second. GL for the shower!

  181. Definitely the brown satin and buttons you have in the photo (in my opinion)! They are all so nice but that is my choice.

  182. I went to Twist today in St Andre-Avellin Que
    It made me think of you because that is where I Kinneared you last year.
    It was amazing.
    did you make a button decision yet?

  183. My mum has an obsession with that lime shade, and it seems to make my son pretty happy. But there’s something about the burnt orange that’s pretty special too..

  184. Your photos are gorgeous! And I almost fell off the chair when I read “it would have made me as nuts as if I fell out of a crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down.” That’s really nuts! LOL!
    I am really looking forward to seeing what you decide and also seeing a photo of your finished projects. (And I wouldn’t mind pattern information when you are done. I just might need to make a set like that myself!)

  185. I love the first choice. Here’s a thought though…..why not all of the above? Let the mama choose!

  186. What hit’s you the most when you see it? That’s the one you’ll love seeing over and over again.

  187. Second to last photo of the post, top right corner. I love the beige ribbon & wooden buttons with the cream fabric. Classy, completely unisex, and unexpected.

  188. The orange pops and is not as predictable as green or yellow.
    But after the discussion on heirlooms, the cream ribbon with taupe buttons may hold the test of time.
    I would go for the orange though because it is more fun.

  189. Decisisons, Decisions, Decisions.
    They are all beautiful. But the discerning eye would choose the cream/taupe combination or the taupe/stone combination. As they are the most neutral. This way the heirloom quality sweater set can be worn with any bright play outfit or neutral play outfit that the mother chooses that day.

  190. I like the lime ones (actually I like most of them but if I was picking or it was for me I’d choose the lime).

  191. The comments have been great!! Love the shock over button AND ribbon stores…. and the diverse opinions re: colours.
    How’bout printing these pics, and putting them in the card, and letting the parents decide! Sure it means sewing them on after, but hey… (…either that, or add my vote for orange or lime!)

  192. Go for what is likely to suit the baby, looking at sibling and parents colouring, and make the choice from there.
    All your choices look great, but may not suit a McPhee (hoping that I am making a good stab at the baby’s surname). I love them all, and the knitting looks exceptional.

  193. I think I just had my first button-gasm.
    I won’t be of any use picking out colors for a while. Sorry.

  194. I like the brown satin with the buttons with the brown ring. Or maybe the orange, or possibly the darker green.
    Close your eyes and pick one. Have Joe take the rest away so you can’t change your mind. Good luck with choosing.

  195. Wow – this is hilarious.
    Of course you should choose what you like – but my eye was taken with the lime …. until I scrolled down and saw the orange. So my vote goes with the orange. It would be interesting (and time-wasting/time-consuming) to tally up the preferences and see the favourite. Good luck.

  196. Choose whichever pleases you and/or the expectant parents the most of course!
    If it were me I would choose one of the combos with the more natural looking buttons (like the taupe buttons or the stone looking buttons). They present less of a contrast and I think go better with the sweater. As more neutral buttons they are more versatile, so that the sweater can be worn with more colours. Plus they are just pretty. I like the ribbon in the first upper left picture too (taupe cotton).
    Always enjoy your blog! Thanks for all of it!

  197. What adorable combinations! Those buttons with the brown rings are so nice. Whatever you choose (at this point, probably chose!), it will look great. It’s hard to believe that you didn’t spent hours matching each ribbon to each button. It looks as though you did!

  198. “and sprinted down the street to one of the button stores” …………. ONE of the button stores??? Are you kidding me? You mean there is more than one?
    I thought we were pretty well equipped here in Australia, but that has completely flabbergasted me. And buttons at 5 to 10 cents each???
    How do I emigrate to Canada?
    I like the first 3 – the browns & taupes – timeless and gender neutral.

  199. Man, I miss the variety in Toronto craft stores. Ottawa has nothing on it. Even back when I was a poor student and could rarely afford to buy, a wander up through the garment district generated so many ideas…
    (I like the bright orange button/ribbon combo, myself.)

  200. Make the brown set for someone even if you may choose something different for this baby. Love those buttons. Want those stores where I live!

  201. I love the stone buttons and the cream satin ribbon. Satin is so soft on a babies skin. I know it’s not one of the combos but there you go.

  202. WOW, those are fantastic stores. Beautiful combinations too…I go for the quieter tones for the layette set.

  203. I like the taupe ribbon/stone buttons combo. It’s very classy looking, but not blah like cream buttons and ribbons would be. It’s not like you can’t change them later if you don’t like them. 🙂

  204. Dirty lime is my favourite, followed by the red – but go with what the mama would like, I say. Tiny details like that can bring joy on the wearier days at home with a little baby.

  205. The brown satin with the buttons with the brown ring. Save the colorful ones for something that has color in it. The brown against the cream is so pretty and classy.

  206. I did not read all the comments so this may be a repeat idea, but is there a reason you have to choose one color? Why or make a combination… Like the blue and green. You could double the ribbon and have a strand of each. Cream is so neutral… The possibilities are endless! But I guess you already know that
    The other idea I had is to wait until the new baby is born and see what feels right at that time. ( ten minutes seeing time shaved off project now and added to another to do list )

  207. For the heirloom piece, I’d definitely go with this order of preference:
    1. brown
    2. cream
    3. taupe (though I love these buttons)
    Babies always get TONS of colored stuff. That beautiful white yarn needs to shine next to another neutral, not get drowned out by a bright ribbon/button set. Just my $0.02 🙂

  208. Obviously I am chiming in late.
    However my pref is for the lime green set unless the mother is a bit sophisticated and then I’d go for the brown with brown ringed buttons.
    Curious to see if you finished, maybe the sweeater got done, but the booties are on IOU? and what color you went with finally.

  209. Green. I have the fabric/button/ribbon decider’s agony disease, too, but this one’s easy. Green.

  210. My gut instinct is always, always for lime green, but the creamy ribbon and taupe buttons are really cute!
    Can’t wait for the reveal, since I’m late to the party!
    (I have no idea if you’ll see this, your blog seems to eat my comments, boo :< but I wanted to weigh in anyway)

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  212. Brown for a more sophisticated baby look. I love brown for babies because is jazzes up typical baby colors such as light blue, pink and aqua.

  213. Lime would be my first choice (it looks very fresh – does this seem like I’m talking about produce) and taupe second.

  214. Keep it subtle–don’t take away the cuteness of the baby; and subtle is more appropriate for an heirloom. The bright will fade with time.

  215. Stores that only sell button, and stores that only sell ribbon? Wow….
    Anyway — my favorite is the orange (or red-orange – can’t really tell). But the brown with the brown-ringed buttons is also nice, and perhaps more classic.

  216. Oh, thank the heavens that there are NO button or ribbon stores anywhere near me. They would be even more disastrous to my budget than a reallyreallyreally good sock yarn store would be!
    I’d go with the orange, as it’s my grandson’s favorite color.

  217. They are all lovely. There’s no wrong choice here.
    I say the taupe. Then mum and dad can put whatever they wish with any piece and it will look stunning.

  218. What is absolutely amazing, wonderful, and unbelievable to me(except for the proof in the pictures) is that you have access to stores that only sell ribbon or only sell buttons! You must live in a very special place!

  219. I think it needs a pop of color. Either of the greens or the yellow would be good. I personally like the orange, but not sure how appropriate that would be for baby.

  220. Christmas green … isn’t the baby expected sometime in early winter ? Christmas green will look smashing whatever variety of baby arrives.

  221. I love the brown ribbon with the buttons with brown rings. Second choice is the taupe – it will look classically beautiful.
    Good luck with your choices, and with finishing the knitting!

  222. All if the colour schemes look gorgeous, so sorry I’m of no help to you! I wish we had a ribbon and button store that was so extensive and so cheap!

  223. I’d go with Orange or the Irish Green. Gorgeous! I would be very pleased to have those shops near me, they look amazing!

  224. So…are you going to make a spreadsheet and log all the votes for each combination and then crunch the numbers??

  225. Wow! Pleasure overload! Our local (Windsor Button in Boston) just closed last spring, so I’m living vicariously through your button shopping adventures! It will be lovely no matter what!

  226. Dark taupe with the ring around the buttons. They are so different. I liked them immediately, and the dark sets off the cream so well.

  227. I know I am late weighing in here, but my votes are for the taupe, the brown with the ringed buttons, or the green. Any of them would look very nice. The cream is too pale, not a fan of yellow, and the second set of pictures all seem too bright.

  228. OMG Button and ribbon heaven! I have to drive about 15 minutes just to get to a fabric store and with limited button and ribbon selection! Yes it still takes forever to choose the right buttons as the selection is so limited that I’m trying to see which sorta goes with the yarn. Myabe I should be picking buttons and then go find the yarn. I’m so jealous. Hmmm wondering if having a button and ribbon themed vacation might be stretching a bit far?

  229. So, which ones? By the way, contrasting your button pile with the availability of buttons in the shop, I think that you showed great restraint. No judgement here!

  230. You have whole stores for buttons and ribbon?? There is definitely nothing like that in my area. I have been to some lovely craft stores that have beautiful yarn AND fun buttons, as well as various other textile-related items, but nothing so wonderful as a button shop.
    I like all the color combinations, but I’m leaning towards the more traditional ones. Of course, it depends on what the baby’s parents prefer; and I like the idea of going with a seasonal brown or orange. Mmmm.

  231. I can see your problem. I like the olive green combo. It looks colorful without being overwhelming. Good luck choosing!

  232. The concensus (determined after reading a few of what looks like hundreds of replies) is that any of your colourways (I am Canadian too) will look lovely. However, we all knew that when you said you picked your favourites (still Canadian).
    TWIMT — I live in Toronto too, and I have never been to said ribbon and button stores. Peculiar. I must fix that.

  233. Well, it looks like you have 376 opinions, but for what it’s worth, the brown really punches up!

  234. I’m a huge fan of the taupe. It really says “heirloom” to me. But if I were going to choose a bright color, I would go with the bright green. I love the look of green and ivory together.

  235. I can’t vote on that – I pick them all. Can’t you just make 8 more sweaters so you don’t have to pick? 🙂
    I also wanted to tell you that the day after I read your entry about heirloom and differing definitions I was shopping for a catering company for our firm summer party and found this one: http://www.heirloommarketbbq.com/ I found it funny that they had 2 different definitions of heirloom on their front page. the timing just amused me.

  236. See? Asking us was like no help at all! We are just green with envy that you have a WHOLE BUTTON STORE and a WHOLE RIBBON STORE…something I have not seen since 1955. Yet, here are my two cents:
    1. Brown with buttons with ring
    2. Taupe
    3. Blue for anticipated fair haired baby
    4. Green or orange for darker haired baby or redhead!

  237. Oh, it is so hard to choose between the dirty lime and the orange. Both are a bit of a surprise, not colors you’d normally expect on a baby sweater. Yet gorgeous! Good luck choosing. You may have to pull the winner out of a hat, Stephanie.

  238. First World Problem, for sure. But I’d be doing the same so don’t ask me – they’re all good choices!

  239. The taupe cotton ribbon with the little buttons that look like stone. It has that classic heirloom look. 🙂

  240. The NW and SW corner combinations, of taupe and brown, in the 1st set of photos, are especially appealing.
    Good luck w/ your choice!

  241. Another vote for taupe/stone. How many votes do we get? I vote 12 times for taupe and stone. My work here is done.

  242. It just dawned on me that you have MORE THAN ONE button store: “sprinted down the street to one of the button stores.” Wow.

  243. Taupe! So many people have already pointed out the timelessness of this particular colour combination, and when the lovely young mum-to-be pulls it out of its wrappings a hundred years from now, it will all have faded and it will still look classic and, well, timeless.
    Of course, the cream fits that criterion, too…

  244. Brown. Babies get too much green and yellow. I like bright colors on babies too but it will date the sweater. Brown is classic for an “heirloom” piece.

  245. Taupe and stone. Definitely. Or you could choose something else and send the taupe and stone combo my way. Just sayin’. I’m expecting my firstborn in January and would use it without a doubt on some woolly item! 🙂

  246. They are all beautiful, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them!
    So pick lime. 😉

  247. I like the buttons in the lower left hand corner of the first collage and the orange ones in the lower collage. Good luck!

  248. Very classic brown or taupe. You are so fortunate to have a ribbon and a button store within a subway ride! I love ribbons.

  249. Please tell me you made a spreadsheet or chart of all our answers to see what The Blog thinks! (my undergraduate statistician’s heart is fluttering at all this data.) I think I’m with all the folks early on who suggested that if the momma-to-be knows, let her pick. If not, that lime is amazing as a pick-me-up color for a dull or cold day for a baby. 🙂

  250. I vote for the buttons with the brown ring and the matching brown ribbon…classic yet unexpected, and so totally adorable.

  251. Never mind the buttons and ribbon….I am lusting over your ribbon and button shops!! Nothing like this in Boston!!
    my vote is: classic-taupe combo fun & modern-orange

  252. I’d go with the orange – blue is a problem if you don’t know the baby’s sex, and personally, I prefer bright colors, rather than pastels, when I do baby knitting. Everyone else does pastels, so I like to be different.

  253. Truly this is not a problem. I live in a smallish city and all we have is a Joanne’s fabrics. Paleeze! And you have a store dedicated to Just buttons AND a ribbon store with just ribbons. I’m surprised you got out of there – period. I think I’d still be stuck there choosing. BTW: All choices are appropriate – go for what makes your heart sing!

  254. dirty LIME buttons and ribbon… they look lovely of little pink beings wrapped in cream.

  255. Soft green! Or Chocolate! Or Taupe! How’s that for helpful? 🙂 Just a lovely layette and series of posts. Thank you!

  256. Taupe or orange – it’s fall baby and both are beautiful.
    Next time you are in NYC – check out the button and ribbon stores – 6th and 7th Avenue there are a bunch between 36th and 40th Street. Just wander – it’s fun!

  257. Definitely Orange or Lime Green. The baby is going to be born around Christmas and you don’t want them to be too predictably seasonal!

  258. A wedding for most women, is the DAY. Not every day, it’s time protagonist, the expected time. It is a series of elements that must be detailed so that everything goes exactly PERFECT.

  259. You stopped at ONE of the button stores??? Consider yourself lucky. My part of the world has no such kind of store at all! I’m jealous and a little bitter.

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