In which there are small sandwiches

 I love baby showers. 

This is not an entirely true statement. It turns out that I love several things to do with baby showers, but maybe not baby showers themselves, entirely.  I’m hopelessly shy, so the whole thing makes me nervous, but I love getting to see the mum to be, and I love watching her be the centre of attention, even though if it was me, I would rather go lie in the path of a bus.  (This may or may not be related to my fear that someone will make a hat out of all the bows and ribbons from the packages, and make me wear it – which has never happened, but I see pictures, and I live in fear. We didn’t make Robyn wear a hat.)

I love seeing all the presents being opened, and at this shower, I loved that there was a plethora of knitted stuff. There was a little hat,

and some bootees, and Kelly made a sweater (I don’t know the pattern, but it was super cute)

and a very sweet version of Pebble. (That was good thinking. I wish I’d done it.)  My niece Kamilah even knit a pair of socks and a little hat while she was with her parents this summer.

We were all very impressed, since Meek hasn’t really been called to the needles before, but all was explained when she said that she’d been a little bored. (Oh, knitting – you get all the teenagers when they have no internet.) 

I love cupcakes – sort of, I mean, I don’t eat them, but I sure do like the way they look, and I even love the strange little tea sandwiches that we all made. 

I love the way that you can eat seven of them without admitting you’ve eaten practically two sandwiches. It’s like they stop being real sandwiches as soon as you take off the crusts.  (I made those ones.  Radish with lemon butter, and avocado and cucumber with dill and mint.  I heard cucumber is mandatory.  I also made cheddar with fig, and a killer Roquefort and Red Pear that was spectacular. Thank you Martha Stewart. You let me fake posh when it really matters. You should bookmark the radish one in case you ever have a tea sandwich emergency. I made it to 45 without it coming up, but you never know.) 

I love the little things we all had to do, like write wishes for the baby on tiny paper onsies,

or stringing beads along with dreams onto a string for the nursery and I wish desperately I thought of things like that – but I didn’t. My big nursery tip is that the crib holds a lot of laundry, once you give up on keeping the baby in it.  (What can I tell you. I nursed my babies in part so that I didn’t have to stand up at night. I’m that kind of mother.) 

It was a lovely affair, a beautifully brilliant shower, and not at all silly, and I totally finished the little layette for our new wee one on the way.

There’s no pattern, because I’m still writing it up, but I was entirely thrilled with how it came out.

The little bootees, the tiny hat…

and yeah, in the end I went with the taupe cotton ribbon, and the little buttons that looked like stone. The look seems so classic to me, and I think Robyn liked them a lot.

It turned out that I sort of messed up the whole shower thing a little though.  On Friday night I was desperately knitting and sewing and making tiny sandwiches and generally losing my mind, when my Mother- in -law pointed out that the shower was Sunday, not Saturday, and after I ate all the tiny sandwiches in a wave of devastation (and planned to go buy more radishes the next day) I realized that the good thing about the shower being a day later was that it meant I had one more day to knit – so I did.  One little tiny thing, just a little token… just a little something that says that no matter what kind of baby arrives, I’ll be a thrilled auntie, and that it doesn’t matter, Girl, boy….

I have no preference.

Maybe just a wish. 

(Pattern, Pink set with hearts, yarn Simply Sock Yarn in peach.)

I know there’s someone good in there, and I can’t wait to meet them.
I better go knit a blanket.

257 thoughts on “In which there are small sandwiches

  1. I love babies. And showers. Especially the ones with the rain forest shower head thing.
    Absolutely adore the classic cream and brown. Way to make a timeless knit. Just stunning.

  2. I’m dying of the sweetness! You already got me to knit a sweet little pink cardi for a baby that turned out to be a beautiful boy. (I know, but it was stash yarn and really I couldn’t go out and buy new right then.) And now…well let’s just say I’m looking at tickets to NY to go to the button store.

  3. I hate “showers” of every stripe, but at least for a baby it makes sense, since one does very much need things for that. But I love the idea of women gathering together, ooing and ahhing and making a fuss over a soon-to-be-new-mother, honoring her because she is the Goddess Embodied. Love it.

  4. I was fine, just fine, until I got to your layette, dammit. Keeping the squee inside may have fused some synapses.

  5. A beautiful party filled with love… and such a pretty mom-to-be. xo to baby!

  6. YAY taupe!! It’s beautiful, and I would love the pattern. That waffly stitch looks wonderful!

  7. Um, you know Norwegian and/or Finnish? I’m thoroughly impressed. (That pink set only comes in Norwegian and Finnish. Bummer, because I really like it.) I’m kind of hoping you publish that layette set, because I really feel the need to knit that. Smaller things mean more FOs. We could *all* use more FOs. 🙂

  8. what lovely things, food, knits and mother to be all. Especially the layette – can’t wait for that pattern! I tried the link to the heart pattern and it seems to be in another language? Is it available in English somewhere?

  9. Aww, here I was, getting all gooey over the layette set, and then you went and showed that pink bonnet, which just killed me dead. And Robyn is the prettiest pregnant lady I’ve seen in a while.

  10. Love the layette. I will be anxiously waiting for the pattern. I intentionally over bought the the yarn for my niece’s wedding shawl in order to someday make something just like this for her. No pressure but she is due in mid Novemeber:)

  11. That is the most adorable baby gift! Are you going to release the pattern?!
    I just found out that I am going to be an Aunt (technically again as I already have four nieces by marriage, but this will be the first one I am around for the birth of) and I am impossibly excited about all of the things I am going to knit. I also don’t know what ‘flavour’ the baby will be, so I have lots of knitting to get done before March as I seem to lean towards patterns that aren’t exactly unisex… 🙂 Yay!!

  12. Two days ago my son proudly announced that a new little is on his\her way after I had accepted that I would be gramma to one. I so want to make a baby life line using that gorgeous pattern. Write it up, Stephanie, please! I will be first in the queue.

  13. The yarn ISN’T white! Your buttons and ribbons are wonderful! I take it all back–every word– about using cream or white buttons and ribbons!! I’m so glad you ignored me.

  14. The pink bonnet is there a pattern in English? Also I hope that there will be a pattern for the layette set.

  15. Does the pattern for the pink bonnet come with really good pictures? Or did you use an on-line translator? It only comes in Scandinavian languages. The layette is LOVELY; you did such a beautiful job!

  16. oh I shudder when I think of the paper plate hats with all the ribbons tied on them that were being made at a bridal shower I was at — at least I didn’t have to wear it but for that reason I now live in fear of showers (baby, bridal, doesn’t matter) that and some other game that we had to play with clothes pins… I don’t recall, but I know I lost.
    the knitting is fabulous, and your little set is beyond sweet. I can’t wait for you to write it up, so I can knit it even though I have no little ones to knit for right at the moment.

  17. That button-ribbon combo was definitely one of my top three. And your layette set is so wonderful that I find myself wishing someone I knew was having a baby so I could knit it for them…

  18. I’m due in November and have been desperately trawling Ravelry for months, making some nice things but never really finding a ‘coming home’ outfit. No pressure, but I fell in love with this layette when you first started posting it. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  19. Like everyone else, I would love to be able to knit that tiny set. But also a question? Does anybody else worry about which side to place buttons on for unknown sex babies? I am grandma to two 20+ grandsons that are both newly married. I would love to get ahead of the rush and do some early baby knitting but keep hesitating because of not knowing sex. Is it that big a deal? Will the great-grands be forever damaged if I put buttons in the wrong sides?

  20. Lovely layette!! The ribbon and buttons are just perfect. And what fun to see all the shower photos… I love that level of sweet happiness!

  21. I know a knitted blanket should come first, but I’m dying for the matinee sweater pattern, so maybe you could write it to sell on ravelry first? Pretty please?

  22. What a stunning layette! I have no words…. Do get working on the blanket – we don’t want that baby (or mum) to have to wait very much longer.

  23. Oh shoot. Guess I’m not getting those buttons after all! 🙂 Lovely layette set. Would you be so kind as to share the name/adress of the stores you visited, in case I ever make it to Toronto?

  24. Too sweet 🙂 The sammiches look amazing (and I do eat cupcakes when they’re available).
    SO many perfect little hand-made presents for a new someone 😀 Your family rocks!

  25. I love your layette! I especially love the sweater. I look forward to seeing the pattern. I don’t know if there will be any babies soon, but it is best to be prepared.

  26. Lynn Winders at 3:53, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s solution was to make buttons on both sides, and, once the baby was born, close the wrong ones as you sew the buttons on top of them.

  27. Your choice of buttons and ribbon were the ones I was most drawn to when you showed us your choices!
    The layette is beyond gorgeous!
    I did have to wear a paper hat with ribbons once – and since I too am shy – it was not a fun experience for me!!
    Linda in VA

  28. Beautiful party with beautiful gifts. Are those pink cupcakes a not-so-subtle tip-off?

  29. I guess I am slightly older but I love the ribbon hat at showers. But then, I remember when you always wore a hat when you were dressed up (although my hats still had elastic that pinched!).
    But yes, the little finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and petit fours and all the little girlie touches. Hmmmm, I will have to think about this for the party that I am going to throw myself one year…
    I like the well wishes on the paper onsies and the wish beads on a string…and all the other silly games that you play. I really stink at not saying “BABY” and am usually the first to lose my pins.
    And it was really fun to see all the pretties that had been knit. Because I guess I miss that the most…

  30. Oh man, good job! 🙂
    Everything looks awesome, from food to knitting. And as other posters before, I think that the important part is the whole getting together and oohing and ahhing over the soon-to-be-new-mom.
    Good luck on the blanket! I’m sure it will turn out equally gorgeous and loved.
    Katie =^..^=

  31. ok, am i the only one who noticed that the mom to be was accidentally (i’m assuming!) flipping the bird in one picture! i loved that as much as i loved all the pics of the beautiful gifts! that will be something the family will (hopefully) laugh at for years! thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  32. Robyn looks lovely, the sandwiches have my mouth watering, & I really hope that you’ll write up that sweater pattern. It’s so lovely that I’d knit it up for expectant mothers I don’t even know!

  33. The layette turned out awesome! Truly beautiful.
    Whenever I have finger sandwiches I wonder why I’m not eating them all the time. Especially the cucumber. Those are delicious! The Roquefort and pear sound devine! I may have to try those out in my very own, private tea party. No sharing the yummy sandwiches!

  34. Beautiful knitting, it goes without saying… but I have to comment on what a STUNNING mama-to-be that lovely woman is… a young Julia Roberts comes to mind! So lovely. Bless.

  35. Did you have those spiral sandwiches made from pink bread with the cream cheese and maraschino cherry filling? Those are awesome shower sandwiches. Any excuse to eat pink bread.

  36. Wait… you don’t eat cupcakes? Cupcakes are like sandwiches with no crusts. You can eat three and not have to admit to yourself how much cake and icing you just had.

  37. Beautiful mama, beautiful shower food, and beautiful heirloom layette. Please, please, write up your pattern! I suddenly have the urge to knit wee wittle fings…

  38. Will you come be auntie to my little one on the way?
    Because seriously, your layette is way too stinkin’ cute/beautiful/priceless.
    Though it will have an Auntie and an Oma and a Mama that do knit as well, I simply love your creations and am thoroughly jealous.

  39. you designed the baby cardi? too cute, bravo! I wanna knit one, with little flower buttons, and flowery ribbon, weeeee!

  40. Thank you for sharing the lovely shower! Gorgeous layette! Impatiently waiting for the pattern to be made available.

  41. Taupe! Lovely layette, sweet heart bonnet, beautiful mom to be, sounds like a great day.

  42. The layette is GORGEOUS! While I don’t have any upcoming babies to knit it for, I can’t wait until you’re finished with writing up the pattern, for I will knit it. Knit and a baby will come for it? Eh, it’s a theory I’m gonna run with!

  43. Loved the layette. Would love to have the pattern. Don’t speak a work of Swedish or Scandinavian.

  44. I would love to buy this pattern when you have it ready -incredibly beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  45. I’ve been reading your blog long enough to know that along with no interest in babies I am impervious to baby knitting. It just does nothing for me, until this post. All I can say is thank goodness I’m past the age of having a baby or I’d be in trouble. You softened me up with the neutral colors and then when the pink bonnet showed up, I was close to a squee. Heaven help me. At least I’m certain I’m dead set against finger sandwiches.

  46. Ooh, not to be a nudge, but please consider writing the pattern quickly! I have a friend whose first granddaughter is arriving late September and your layette entirely thrills me also.

  47. I’m so glad you’re writing up that pattern! It’s a lovely layette, the ribbon and buttons exactly right for the yarn, and the stitches so pretty! I think I need to try the radish sandwiches too… Looks like a great shower.

  48. I was SO hoping you would pick the ribbon and buttons that you did. I like all the other colors too, but something about a layette that says “speak softly”. and those colors do. Well done, it is all beautiful!

  49. Ohhhh…. lovely knits for the wee one. Now please explain yourself: what’s the deal with NOT eating cupcakes? What?

  50. Wish I looked half that good when I was pregnant! Maternity clothes in the 80’s left a lot to be desired.
    Beautiful layette with perfect buttons and ribbon.

  51. Beautiful knitting! I just love how that…..wait a sec. Did you say you don’t eat cupcakes?!!!

  52. Lovely! Mom-to-be is radiant. The food & presentation divine AND my dear YH…your love shines in that amazing layette. I love the onesie wishes. We did something similar at our youngest daughter’s shower (now 29 yrs – soon to be married) – compiled them in a small booklet tied with ribbon. I gave it to her when she was 18 & it’s one of her ‘treasures’. Her sister (4 at the time) ended her dictated wish with – “and when you cry I will sing to you”

  53. I feel much better about the radish and lemon butter sandwiches now that I’ve followed the link and realised that in your part of the world lemon butter does not mean lemon curd.

  54. So glad you went with the ribbon and buttons in taupe/stone. That was my vote. Love this.

  55. I’m so glad you took my advice and went with the taupe. It’s absolutely classy and gorgeous. What? You got there on your own? Don’t we have marvelous taste!
    I’m another who would like to knit that heart hat but I no longer live near anyone who knits in a Scandinavian language. (oddly enough, here in Portugal I do have a Canadian neighbor who knows Finnish. The problem is she doesn’t know “Knitting”. I’d love to make it for my two week old granddaughter to use this winter. Any ideas out there? Thanks.

  56. PLEASE let us know how to get the pattern for the adorable layette. I’m about to be a Grandma for the second time – but…
    When the impending birth of my first grandchild (a boy – he’s 18 months old now) was announced, I had just lost my Mum. I know she’s looking out for us and would be thrilled! We now know that there is a second grandchild on the way, but at the same time – I know that my Dad’s time left on this realm is drawing to a close. Knitting keeps me sane and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how your layette turned out. I would love to welcome this new little soul with the same love you are welcoming your new family member.
    Thank you (from the bottom of my heart) for sharing this with us.

  57. Oh, she’s BEAUTIFUL! Look at that happy mom!
    And that sweater will get me over my fear of baby knitting more than any one I’ve ever seen. Seriously. I want to make that right now, and that’s saying something huge.

  58. Now I’m not sure about this, obviously, but that yoke pattern looks suspiciously like Bee Stitch interspersed with Garter Stitch, in which case we can see the previous washcloth to have been a small and useful Dress Rehearsal for the layette. LOVE the combination of the cream yarn and taupe ribbon and buttons – classically lovely and understated.
    Buttonholes occasionally confuse me and I really don’t think it matters for small babies, and the moms probably couldn’t care less as long as there are both buttons and buttonholes that work; however, convention does decree that buttonholes for a girl go on the RIGHT front (Baby’s right, that is). I mostly get this right, but occasionally flub; as with a VERY feminine and pretty BSJ I just made in which I inadvertently put the buttonholes on the left. I wasn’t worried, the grandma wasn’t worried, and since the baby is a particularly happy smiley little girl, I’m sure she won’t be worried either.

  59. I’m pretty sure I’ll spend the next week coming back to the picture of that layette. Makes me want to knit it, and go find a random stranger having a baby to give it to. (Horrible grammar there, but you get my gist.) Beautiful mom there, bound to be a beautiful baby and very, very well loved. I am happy with the world in general right now. Thank you!

  60. Lynn Winders at 3:53 PM and StrongCat at 6:30
    While convention does decree that buttonholes for a girl go on the RIGHT front, it’s because women were expected to have somebody helping them get dressed, like a maid, so the buttonholes were placed on the side easier for the other person to button. Men were considered able to dress themselves, so the buttonholes were placed on the side convenient to be butttoned by oneself.
    Since all babies will be dressed by others, I generally place the buttonholes on the right side, making it easiest for a right-handed adult. If you’re a lefty, all bets are off.

  61. What a beautiful set! I see why many people request a pattern. I love your knitting recipes better, and maybe at some point you could consider posting one for a baby sweater with the round yoke, like you did for the raglan sweater?

  62. Your layette is beautifully designed and knit but this comment is about something else: you are doing an amazing job at taking pictures! You manage to capture the beauty of your subjects with creativity and detail. Perhaps your next book could combine your knitting, writing and picture taking abilities? Just a thought.

  63. Love the understated elegance of cream and taupe! All the food looked delicious and festive! Congratulations to Mom to be and the new addition to your family.

  64. Get that pattern written up and for sale at Ravelry–I think you will be able to finance your retirement with the residuals on that one. I predict a big win! It’s so…heirloom! And yet not fussy or precious. Just so classy. Lucky baby, to have the original.

  65. I’m with you on the sitting down, if it hadn’t been for nursing I don’t know if I would ever have gotten to sit down. That’s 12 twelve years of nursing whew.
    The layette is beautiful, wonderful choices.

  66. While I didn’t post a comment on the color choices for buttons and ribbon, you picked the combo I would have definitely gone with. Perfect!

  67. What a beautiful mother-to-be! I love that so many of the gifts were handmade and that you chose the taupe ribbon. It’ll make this little one look very sophisticated among all those other pastel-clad babes. And Nana’s note brought tears to my eyes. I’d go to more baby showers if they were like this one.

  68. Martha Stewart, eh? Didn’t your mother have an ugly Festive Season encounter with some MS cookies that refused to cooperate? And didn’t your mother say something along the lines that Martha could go do something biologically impossible?
    ( Your Mom is the coolest, by the way.)

  69. Can you please update the tour page now? Or do I have to come over there and do it myself?
    You know, I think I’ll just come over there and do it myself…and maybe stop at the bead shop…and Kensington Market for butter tarts…and Lettuce Knit…oh, I’d better plan on staying over a Wednesday night, of course….I already have spanakopita in the freezer…and then, you know, the tour page will be up to date and I can go back to nagging you about the gansey.

  70. Such tender love in the the pictures, the words, and the knitting. Why the cupcake hate?
    You are a knitting sensei.

  71. As lovely as the knitting is, it is that last picture, of Robin, that drives this post. She is beautiful in that shot.. That’s all, just wanted her to know that, as if she didn’t know. Congratulations on the upcoming little one!

  72. Oh, Robyn is so lovely. Robyn I hope you feel as good as you look!
    So you used the crib for laundry too? Works great, huh? And clears up all that space on the couch that used to be under the laundry!

  73. Presbytera, don’t forget the button shop.
    YH, the layette is gorgeous. Very classy and elegant looking, and just right if the baby has to put in an appearance at some more formal function. Can’t wait to see the matching blanket!

  74. Just found out that a baby (not mine!) who of course need to be knitted for will arrive in April… so please, please do write up the layette pattern and post. Soon, because they turned out beautifully and I can’t wait to get started. And please tell Robyn she looks gorgeous!

  75. I will be buying the patterns for those beautiful baby items as soon as they are available! Glad you finished in time! 🙂

  76. That is one absolutely fabulous layette! You do such beautiful things. I cannot wait to see the pattern. Spectacular!

  77. I love the layette it is beautiful. The choice of ribbon really gives it an expensive look, fee (except I am not close enough to touch)
    Love the little hat.

  78. What a beautiful mom-to-be, she is carrying so wonderfully. (I totally did not look like that. I am short. I looked like I swallowed a basketball and a spare tire.)
    I must confess, I despise baby showers. I will try like heck to get out of them. However, of late, I have been knitting for the baby-to-be, and it has been very well received, so that makes it all better.
    And tiny sandwiches totally make the day. 🙂

  79. I love the texture of the layette. Waiting for the pattern, and wishing there were babies expected in the family.
    Blanket? From the looks of that mama-to-be, your needles need to fly. Never mind, I forgot who I was talking to.

  80. The knitty bits are lovely, but that is the cutest pregnant lady I’ve seen in a long time. Best wishes to all.

  81. I knew you could do it, and you did! Yay! The end result is a baby set that is so beautiful I can hardly stand it. It almost makes me wish my granddaughter was an infant all over again.
    Stress says you can’t do it, talent and skill says you can.

  82. I haven’t read any of the comments…I simply rushed ahead to be able to add mine.
    That mom-to-be has a WONDERFUL glow.
    Just a beautiful, content, confident and strong woman; that’s what I see.
    Oh and lots of wonderful knits…and I totally called the buttons and ribbon you would use. Just say in’.

  83. Such GREAT photos, Stephanie! I nearly felt like I was there. And your layette… OH MY GOSH! It is just the dearest thing and yes, I will buy that pattern any old day!!! Being a grandma, with my kids all finished up ( they say ) on making babies, I just HAVE to find someone to make it for! It’s so classically beautiful I don’t even know how to express how much I love it, and admire your creativity and cleverness!

  84. UH OH! My oldest of three daughters is due with her first baby and I have not yet knitted ONE thing…PANIC! I have a ‘stick to it’ problem, but this has me inspired. Now to keep up the momentum! Wish me well!

  85. I couldn’t help noticing the lovely white knit blanket behind your little pink bonnet. Was that another shower gift? Your family sure has some amazing knitters. This new little one will be snug and warm in all his/her wooly treasures.

  86. The layette is truly heirloom-quality! And could you translate the pink heart pattern for us? Neither my Norwegian nor my Finnish is up to it!

  87. Stephanie, the layette is stunning. It is simple, classic, and beautiful. And heirloom, of course 🙂

  88. Simply stunning – I love the colours you chose. How lovely that there were so many knitted gifts. Thank you very much for the sandwich recipes, too!

  89. Wonderful! I look forward to the release of your patterns for these darling items. Love the notes idea too, for the baby on the onesies.

  90. Looked like a lovely party, full of beautiful food & hand knits! Best wishes to the mother-to-be.

  91. Oh, I forgot to ask: Do you only let beautiful people hang out with you, or are all of your friends & family so very gorgeous?

  92. so many beautiful hand knits for the baby. he or she is very lucky to have all of you in their corner.
    love the tea sandwich ideas. like you i have made it to that age with never needing to know this stuff, but i can see it on the horizon.

  93. Oh, the baby knits. What a gorgeous heirloom set. I am sure I will want to knit this. Oh, the mother. She is gorgeous as well and so healthy looking. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity to bless someone you care for at such a special time.

  94. Man I wish I had looked that good pregnant. I looked like I needed shot and put out of my misery. She looks like a demigod or something…

  95. Looks like a wonderful shower and those little sandwiches sound divine!! And I was totally that mother who exclusively breastfed two littles for a year and a half because it was so much easier and cheaper than anything else. People would comment how great it was…yes, it was, but mostly I was just lazy and nursed them laying down half-asleep in bed all night. 🙂 Also, this post makes me want another one…that’s not good. Love the way the layette turned out!

  96. WOW! So beautiful – all of it! The knitting, the pictures, the food. And of course the mama-to-be – absolutely stunning!!! Layette is simply amazing – love!

  97. “I love the way that you can eat seven of them without admitting you’ve eaten practically two sandwiches.”

  98. A darling layette for the beautiful Mum’s little sweetling! I almost hope you don’t publish the pattern, as I’d then have to get it and knit it — despite having no tiny people to knit for! I suppose I could beat the bushes and find one or two. They do keep showing up, don’t they.

  99. At some point when you have time , don’t laugh, it might happen, I do hope you write up the pattern for that layette set. It really is lovely.
    When I first read the blog, because of the way the sentence was directly over the picture of the sandwiches, I thought you’d said you don’t eat sandwiches, so that whole paragraph made little sense to me. But I’m currently in hospital on major drugs, so lots of things make little sense to me. It was not until I started reading the notes and then went back and checked that I correctly read that you don’t eat cupcakes. This still makes little sense to me. Maybe I need more drugs. Where’s my nurse call button?

  100. I’m so glad you went with the taupe. It was my favorite from the other day. It looks like it was a nice party. Thank god no one had to wear one of those silly, silly ribbon hats!

  101. That layout is a knock out and the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen. Love it Love it Love it!

  102. I know what you mean about attending gatherings. I have had a hard time with it my whole life and I’m not shy! Just a bunch of people in a space not designed for so many is a panic for me, especially family. I love that she received so many knitted things, too, I’m betting many become ‘heirloom’ in that she keeps them to pass down to another little one in their future. Your layette is beautiful and that Love Bonnet is chocolate-sweet!

  103. If I could make a set like that I would knit for babies too. I love it. Will the pattern be available for purchase when you write it down?

  104. “the crib holds a lot of laundry, once you give up on keeping the baby in it”.
    I had to laugh when I read this. Somehow you managed to peek into my brain, and my 2-month-old’s “bedroom”, all at once.

    I almost never squee, but an exception is called for here.
    My niece and her huz are planning a second child in a year or so, so please publish that pattern soon. Even with that much lead time, my urge to knit All The Things simultaneouly will make producing the whole layette problematical without a big, fat head start.
    Best wishes to the mum, the dad and the wee one under construction.

  106. This looks approximately 100% more enjoyable than any baby shower I’ve ever attended (which is why I don’t go to them any more if I can help it). I would also like to live in a world where I give a handmade gift without the entire party looking at me like I have two heads.

  107. I just discovered when talking with my middle-aged son about the book-signing you had in Kansas City, that he knows only one way to spell Pearl, and it’s not ‘purl’.

  108. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know when that layette pattern is available! I have a niece who has fought with infertility for a couple of years and is now pregnant! I would love to make that set for this extremely special little one.

  109. I love the understated elegance of your layette and choice of color; lacy whoops and whirls go quickly, but not much help in keeping the little one warm. Blankie would be the perfect accessory; just a suggestion… usually my go to gift at the last minute – no seams or worries if it will fit!
    Pink bonnet looks very similar to a set knit years ago (“baby” turned 21 in March) from a pattern booklet published by Leisure Arts. Will have to check the library when I get home tonight; if not the same, it’s very close – no charts, but not Scandinavian, either.
    Photo of the lovely mom to be is absolutely stunning; perhaps to be given as a present to Dad in a nice double frame with room to add a portrait of the wee one after their arrival? After all, he probably didn’t get invited to the shower…

  110. Wait, is that Pheasant’s Eye? Because if that’s Pheasant’s Eye I do believe I could fake that…

  111. Oh please post the pattern soon! I have my own wee one growing inside, due March 7th. I find out the flavour of the baby on October 4th (sorry, I NEED to know, or my OCD self would go crazy) and then I can pick a beautiful yarn to make it with.
    I love the ribbon and button combo you picked, it was my favourite of the bunch! I’d also love to know how you translated out the bonnet pattern. Most designers don’t mind you adding on a translation at all – any chance you could release it to us with the permission of the lovely designer?

  112. Knits are stunning – looking forward to patterns – and so are the sandwiches. Everything looks perfect.
    But I’m stuck on: you don’t eat cupcakes?!

  113. Half this group can’t get over the layette, the other half can’t get over your statement about the cupcakes… You are such a rabble rouser, Stephanie.
    I was totally voting for the soft green buttons and trim. But okay….I must admit that it looks pretty darn fabulous in taupe. I hate it when you are right.
    A layette and mom-to-be that cute almost makes me wish I was pregnant too. Almost….>:-)

  114. Love the layette set. I’m glad the pattern isn’t written yet, or I’d have to start that one too for my nephew before I even finished Welcome to the Flock. I started that one the day after seeing it and am on the second arm right now.

  115. Beautiful picture of the mom-to-be, she is just glowing! The layette is absolutely stunning Stephanie, great color choice for the buttons and ribbon. And the pattern is beautiful – looking forward to seeing it in Ravelry soon (hint hint). 🙂
    Your radishes look yummy! At first when I saw the cupcakes I thought it was cups of icing, and I thought ‘oh wow, everyone must’ve been hopped up on that’. We have a baker in town who drives around selling cupcakes, as well as cups of icing. It was interesting (there was champagne in it and it was my birthday) but I won’t try it again. 🙂

  116. are you sure you didn’t actually have Martha Stewart cater this and fake us all out?? Soooo beautiful, everything! And I for one will watch for the patterns of your layette, I don’t have a baby coming in my family but I’m going to knit it all anyway.

  117. Yes, that is absolutely an heirloom layette. Utterly elegant.
    (And what’s more, you picked the buttons and ribbon that I liked best. I’m almost as proud as if I’d made the set myself).

  118. How utterly gorgeous that layette is!!!!!!!!! And everything else too, ok? The mum, the sandwiches, the cucumber….

  119. What a terrific post. What a beautiful party.
    Such beautiful knitting, Stephanie.
    And your reactions, feelings, all that internal dialogue…scarey how you live in my head…the knitting, well I am not so much at that level but, emotionally, girl, you are dead on. Love to hear your thoughts. You add to my day each time that you post. Thanks!

  120. Absolutely beautiful sweater, hat and booties. I love the cream with the taupe. Classic and indeed an heirloom piece that will never go out of style.

  121. I, for one, would LOVE patterns! My sister is a having a baby and this looks exactly perfect.

  122. Stephanie:
    As promised, I checked the stash and found the pattern mentioned in yesterday’s post. Not identical to your bonnet, but almost – treatment around the face is plain rib. Leaflet includes pattern for pullover, booties, bonnet, and blanket with openwork hearts, plus generic pattern for long pants and soakers; three other sets as well:
    Leisure Arts Outfits for Baby (Four to Knit) #654, designed by Carole Prior; copyright date is 1988 – so may be hard to find in its original state. But LA has republished lots of patterns in collections and “best of” versions over the years, so it’s probably out there. I didn’t check Ravelry, but publisher might be able to help.
    After all these years, your new pattern just might replace this as my go to baby gift!

  123. Hi, it’s me again. I posted on Aug 28 at 1201 begging for that pattern…well I just found out that my niece struggling with infertility is having twins!!! We are so thrilled! I can’t wait to make two of those sets!!!

  124. I love how the layette came out, and the color choices. The brown and cream are classic and fresh at the same time! Also, please do write out the pattern for the layette. It’s adorable, and I will gleefully buy the pattern to make for my own children, when the time comes.

  125. Part of me wishes I had more knitters in my circle of friends. It would have been lovely to get handmade items for my little one (still a few weeks off), but our shower/going away party was definitely a celebration of friendship and that is good enough.
    All of the knitted items are perfectly lovely. I think the layette is awesome, especially because I’ve been stuck in the summer of stockinette (last year was a ton of garter stitch, so at least this time there are two stitches, right?).

  126. I had just finished reading Quiet by Susan Cain (all about the world of the introvert) when my dear friends insisted on throwing me a baby shower. Even though it was my fourth baby, and third baby boy, and I’m a pack rat and didn’t need anything, not even diapers because I use cloth. But it was so kind of them that I couldn’t say no. But the entire time I had to open gifts while a room full of women stared at me, I kept thinking, “This is wrong! I’m too shy! This is not a good situation for an introvert! But I have to smile! And I know that it looks like a fake smile because it is! Because I’m sort of having a panick attack! But I can’t not smile at this onesie with a baby chick and a magnet that says ‘Chick Magnet,’ can I?”
    I’m sure glad I’m not the only one. And I’m glad nobody thought to make me a gift ribbon hat.

  127. Such a beautiful texture. Can’t wait for the pattern. I have a Neice that would look so sweet in that.

  128. I absolutely love the baby outfit you knit and look forward to your publishing the pattern so I can buy it.

  129. Sorry, but I wonder if it’s “the hurrieder I go” as in “the behinder I get”. (I hate people who take it upon themselves to correct others. Why am I hitting “post”?)

  130. Even I will purchase the Layette pattern when available and I have no babies on the horizon! It’s really beautiful…..and yes, I’m afraid I squealed.

  131. Adorable shower, adorable knitted wee things. I smiled through this entire post! : )
    (so sorry about all those spammers up there! Sheesh!)

  132. I don’t normally comment on your blog as I’m sure you have more than enough comments to wade through.
    But I thought the messages on the paper onesies is a fantastic idea! I have four children and didn’t have a baby shower – it’s more of an American/Canadian thing than a UK thing, I think. This makes me sad.
    Your layette set is beautiful! I think you made the perfect choice!
    I eagerly await the pattern release as I keep thinking about starting a baby box for when my kids start having kids of their own

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