Welcome To the Flock

Warning. This post contains an extremely cute sweater in a newborn size. It is possible that this sweater may trigger embarrassing cooing or squealing in otherwise healthy, normal adults with a usually reliable degree of decorum.

This warning should be taken seriously. The sweater is very little, and has many small sheep knit into the yoke.  These two factors together can create a force of cuteness that exceeds normal levels.  Symptoms that this sweater may be more than you can handle include suddenly exclaiming "Oh! Widdle sheepies!" while you are still at your desk in front of colleagues,  or finding oneself clapping your hands a little bit, while unexpectedly saying "BAA BAA!" in a disturbingly high pitched voice.

Pattern: Welcome to the flock. Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool Dk in #19 – Avocado (2 balls) and little bits of Black (004) and Enamel (013). Needles 3/3.5mm. Buttons: Vintage from my Grandmother’s button bin.

Unfortunately, an additional high pressure system is brought to bear by this sweater when a knitter considers the name of the pattern, and imagines a little lamb cared for, clothed and loved for a lifetime by those that love them, now viewed as "Flock".  (Additionally, it should be noted that those knitters with a special affection for sheep may be more vulnerable to predicted levels of cuteness than anticipated, and should approach this pattern with extreme caution.)

If your reaction is severe, and you find yourself looking at bunnies and thinking that they aren’t cute, or wishing for a grandchild, even though your eldest child is only 14 and unprepared in any way for providing you with a sweater model  parenthood, then immediately close your browser and navigate away from the pattern purchase page on Ravelry, or direct your efforts towards the closest family shelter in your neighbourhood. 

(For public safety reasons, I have decided not to make the hat.)


614 thoughts on “Welcome To the Flock

  1. Cute beyound words BUT!!! you live in Canada and not making a hat for a newborn baby???
    It would take you 1 hour

  2. The really dangerous bit for me is the note at the bottom of the Ravelry page for this pattern saying the adult size is coming soon. Resistance is futile.

  3. Someday when I learn to knit with more than one color of yarn at a time. I just LOVE this little sweater!! Maybe before the next grandchild comes along 😉 Can’t believe your not doing the hat. You are a excellent knitter!!

  4. Make the hat (it is Canada, after all), but ask a neutral (?) party to evaluate if putting the photos on the blog would overload everyone cuteness resistance.
    After seeing the pattern name, I immediately wondered who got put in as the black sheep… Can’t believe you didn’t add one!

  5. oh oh Debra, here we go again! lol
    I want to knit it and there are no babies on the horizon!!!

  6. Drat! No babies in the pipeline in my flock… I mean family.
    Did anyone else picture wooly sheep in a fluffy boucle yarn? I need a baby to knit for naow!

  7. Aww, wook at the widdle sheepies! Them’s so cayute!!! AKA – “ouch, my uterus!”

  8. Make the hat!!! You must for the sheepie’s sake! And besides, I am sure that you have the yarn left over to do it. Think of it not as harming the public, but as pre-emptively clearing a little tiny bit of stash!
    Please make the hat.

  9. The Blog would like to see the underside of the sweater…and did you continue the sheep along the back?

  10. Oh, I so want to knit that! It brings back all kinds of memories: I made a smocked bishop-style dress for my younger daughter when she was a baby and designed a sheep front and center within a circle surrounded by other stitches. A friend of mine definitely not given to excess compliments saw it and exclaimed, Oh, that’s the prettiest I think I’ve ever seen!
    Coming from *her*…!
    Perfect sheep and perfect babies. Love it.

  11. You know you’re going to make the hat. Go on. Make an adorable, matching sheepie set. Go on. Hat.

  12. No hat??? Oh but you have to make the hat. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?
    (reading the comments above, which I did not before I started to post this, seems to indicate I’m not the only one)

  13. Correction, I saw the project page, you must’ve added the sheep in the back. Because you read the pattern eventually 😉

  14. I could feel the tug on my ovaries, then I remembered that they were taken out many years ago.. . . . I still felt the tug on my ovaries.

  15. So cuuuute! I want one in my size! Of course, it wouldn’t be as cute as the widdle baby size, but it would have the cute widdle sheepies.

  16. Oh that is too cute for words. And there are 4 newborns in my world who would look adorable in the little sheepie sweater. I am a slow knitter so if anyone has an extra, please send it my way.

  17. So sweet and so perfect! Is it intarsia or stranded knitting with some longer than usual floats?

  18. Joy! I have two grandbabies on the way. One in January, one in February. I’ve purchased the patter and now on the yarn. It’s a good day!

  19. I just saw the comment about sibling rivalry on this sweater…Are you knitting one for Lou (even though he has already been woolen-ly ushered into the flock)?
    It looks gorgeous! I’m making one soon for my long-term planning box (2-3 years to go, still…But wool doesn’t go bad)!
    Have fun. What are you knitting now?
    Katie =^..^=

  20. Wicked cute! Now go knit the hat and some booties to match. And make little Lou a sweater with a matching (but larger) sheep on it. Imagine the cuteness of the widdle kiddies wif dere widdle sheepies”. Squeee!

  21. That does it!
    I am going to make a couple of the sweet little sweaters for some sweet little people that aren’t even conceived yet.
    This is an irresistable pattern, and Should Be Knit!
    Thank you Stephanie for adding these beauties to the world.

  22. I have officially died from cute! I love sheep and tiny little sweaters. What’s better is tiny sheep wearing tiny sweaters. In another lifetime (read as 20 years ago)I had a yarn store called “ewe asked for it!” I miss it to this day.
    Thank you for the cutest sweater I’ve seen in a long time. Ewe really tugged at my heartstrings.

  23. Oh, NO! I have grandkids who are 25, 23, 21, 21 and 18. I do NOT need greatgrandchildren for the next few years. This sweater may have to go into the “gifts for future greats” drawer with a few other things I have not been able to ignore.

  24. How about a wash cloth or dish cloth with the little sheepie pattern in it- for those of us with no babes to knit for…

  25. You are going to send that poor unborn infant out into the Canadian winter without a hat? Seriously?

  26. Will have to jump into my wool stash. Can’t resist anymore . . . I just HAVE to knit this little jacket. Don’t know who will wear it one day, but I’m sure there are foster parents, hospice, and many more that can do with a little donation like this.
    Thank you for linking to this adorable little jersey

  27. I am in the hat list, too…
    Did something happen to the rest of the donations? (just asking, as I though I had donated yarn…)

  28. Too late. I have already purchased the pattern.
    Make the hat! You live in Canada!
    And, Ann in NJ at 3:31? Mine is definitely going to have at least one black sheep – that is brilliant.

  29. Squee! I’m in the middle of knitting a birthday sweater for a friend’s daughter. Now I have to hope there will be enough time to add this to the gift bag. And there will be many sheepies!

  30. Wadda cootie widdle sheepy sweater. It’ll make da liddle cuutie wearing it all the cooter.

  31. I did as you warned me not too….I went to the Ravelry page before reading the entire post. And I saw it. The hat. Imagine my disappointment when I read “For public safety reasons, I have decided not to make the hat.”

  32. This is not good for my decision that my family is complete.
    I need a being small enough to wear one!!
    Maybe a friend will procreate,and I can make one…

  33. Oh my doodness! Teeny weeny babies need warm earsies! Dey need widdle hatsies to go shump! over their fuzzy wuzzy headies!
    (Who is this woman? I don’t know her. I’m going to fire up a power tool or two.)

  34. A baby without a hat to match that sweater would be a crime. Please do the hat. After all we live in Canada, eh!

  35. Oh, Presbytera!… I love your stick-to-itivity. I also would love to know when/where the Harlot is going to be; I will leave it to you to continue to encourage the update of the Tour Page.
    Love the sweater, but I’m currently finishing the Color Affection and also struggling with the (seemingly) rudimentary washcloth with the (seemingly) simple Bee Stitch. Something in my brain just snaps every few rounds. And why did I forget that I kind of hate knitting with cotton? Whole lotta froggin’ goin’ on…
    Oh, and my daughter has forbidden me from making baby clothes yet. Boo.

  36. Awwwwww…… so little and sweet. Maybe I could talk one of my daughters-in-law to just one more baby? Please?

  37. 18yr old daughter just announced……….pregnant!
    dying now for this sweater!!!!………AGRWWWWW!!!

  38. I’m confused. Is this adorable sweater for Robyn’s soon to arrive baby or for a sibling for Lou? Perhaps you are doing doubles of everything and only showing us one of each in the interest of “public safety.” I add my vote for the hat to the growing tally.

  39. As the happy mother of a tiny sweater model in an appropriate size I am utterly powerless in the face of such cute sheepies. Elma needs this cardigan and it is my maternal duty to provide it! Also you should definitely make the hat!

  40. My 2 oldest aren’t through college yet. Is it appropriate to start knitting for one’s future grandchildren years before they show up?

  41. A coworker just gave birth. I can coo over the little sheepies in private.
    But I do plan to include ONE black sheep on the front in a randomly selected spot.

  42. I just did some calculus. Matching sheep hat and booties on separate posts would not cause a cuteness explosion. I would cautionagainst putting them on the same blog post, however.

  43. LOL at all the comments! and add me to the “make the hat” list…. it’s TOO cute!

  44. My eldest child is 14, unable to supply a sweater model, but his sister is 10 months old…
    Heading to Ravelry to queue…

  45. I’m so glad the muggles in my family don’t read your blog! I have a year old niece and a three-year-old nephew to knit for, but their parents are not knit-worthy (the baby blanket I knit for the oldest was left on the couch and destroyed by the dog… as was the first sweater I knit him… and the second blanket….). I just don’t knit for them anymore. Which is HEARTBREAKING.
    Fortunately, everyone around me seems to be breeding right now, so I have an abundance of knit-worthy babies to produce squee-worthy pieces of love for!!

  46. Oh, please make the hat. Cooing and squealing are not embarrassing. They are normal human reactions when faced with something so cute it transcends anything seen before.

  47. I remember seeing a picture of Princess Di years ago wearing a sweater (red) with widdle sheepies all over it, but there was one black sheep which may even have been facing the other way.
    There is nothing new under the sun.
    But that is one cuuuute sweater…..

  48. I resisted the cooing and squealing, and even resisted clicking on the Ravelry link….until I read the word HAT. Apparently all my resolve is helpless in the face of a hat with sheep on.
    Pattern bought, yarn shopping has commenced.
    Now, to work up the pattern for the matching tiny sheep booties and little wooly pants with sheepies on…

  49. This is so cute there should be a support group for people who are overcome by addictive nature of sheep and wool.

  50. I’m embarrassed to say that yesterday’s post was too much for me…before I even saw this post I had already purchased the pattern, picked up two skeins of Rios in “Lettuce,” and made entirely unrealistic plans to finish the sweater for my friend’s baby’s christening on Saturday. Off to cast on…..

  51. Why am I imagining an adult version, with tiny sheep on the yoke of a Fair Isle-style sweater.

  52. and the pattern shoots to the top of the list in Rav. Stephanie, what does it feel like to be able to influence so many people? and it’s because you are nice and kind and.. full of yarny wisdom.
    Live long and prosper..
    And make the hat..

  53. For those overdosing on sheepy cuteness, try looking at it this way: That sweater is built ram tough (apologies to the Chrysler Corporation).

  54. I love the pictures of your finished projects that you take in your garden. I wish I had a nice enough garden to take my pictures in. Plus the sheepies are super cute!

  55. Hey Donna 3:42 pm
    No babies on my horizon at present, either, but I already have the yarn picked out! Love the sheep!

  56. Too late! I bought the pattern yesterday based on your blocking photos alone! I’ll be knitting the hat in adult size at the request of my wife. 🙂

  57. oooooohhhhh!!!
    I am so lucky– just had my first grandchild two weeks ago on my 50th birthday, so I have a reason/excuse to make that sweater! To the yarn store I go…

  58. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! However, I have future grandchildren to knit for and am working on filling a “hope chest” (which is actually an idea I got from my Nana)….. unfortunately this wouldn’t work for my granddaughters (9 and 4) but I have “bonus children” (part of the package when I married my dh)that are all in their 20’s (one married, one engaged, and the third still in college, all boys) and the youngest two are 15 and 13 (so no, no cute widdle sheepies for them)….. but there’s a hope chest to fill with knitted goodies….
    Besides, think how cute a baby would look in this sweater while wearing your “cutest booties” in a matching color too 🙂
    ok, need to hit my LYS tomorrow!

  59. OMG!!!!! I want one for myself—make it bigger and knit the hat maybe that will fit me!!!

  60. I hate to express any ill will for such an adorb sweater, but buttons are a choking hazard, and should be avoided for baby clothes.

  61. I CANNOT stand how cute this is. Seriously. I want to have a baby just so that I can knit it this sweater…but that would not be right, so I will wait.

  62. That. Sweater. Is. ADORABLE! My squee of delight brought my spouse to the door of the office. He too agrees it is a very cute sweater.
    Seriously, Jennifer at 127 am….? Choking hazard? How many hundreds of years have people been sewing buttons on clothes…? If you sew them on properly you really have to gnaw for quite a long time in a very dedicated manner to get them off, or even loose, and most babies really don’t have that sort of attention span. And most mothers would take the time to inspect a sweater with a wonky appearing button to make sure it wasn’t loose.

  63. Oh my goodness…and it goes up to 24 months meaning I could make one for my baby girl (totally still a baby and not a toddler…honest) it’s so adorable.
    Then I’d need another baby to put in it when she outgrew it…

  64. Oh, you must knit the hat! Wait – my cousin just had a baby… I must knit the hat!
    Gorgeous sweater. Thanks so much for the link.

  65. Too..late! Approaching… terminal… cuteness… level! Must… make… sweater… for… friend’s… grandbaby! Save…yourself….Aaaaahhh!

  66. Too late. The “Ooooo” was out of my mouth before I read the warnings.
    Now… back in 1986 (gaaa, is that possible?) when sheep grazed across every third sweater in the western world, I bought a gorgeous sheepish kit from the late Lynn MacLachlan. I got a long way into it, and then, inexplicably, never finished.
    You’ve inspired me to pull it out of the closet again, and have yet another go at it.
    But no hat.

  67. my eldest (and only) IS 14, and I don’t need this to tempt fate – We need to wait at least 10-20 years before I need a newborn sweater…
    But… I have friends, and their kids are starting families, so maybe…

  68. Note for all those who are looking for a baby to knit this most beautiful baby cardigan ever: I have a 7 months old boy! 🙂 I am a knitter myself but have zero time to knit with two little children. This sweater is so cute that I already see myself knitting this in the night instead of getting at least some sleep! 🙂

  69. inspiring!!! with a family member expecting in December, I’m pouring over the baby patterns today!
    wonderful job! What a lucky baby!

  70. Make the hat! 🙂
    Sweater is adorable and deserves all the cooing and baa-ing that comes with it!

  71. Do the new Moms-to-be in your life know how to take care of wool wee things, or do the adorable clothes come back to you for cleaning?
    It seems the one for whom I am knitting is part of the ‘bic generation.’……Use it once and throw it away. 🙁
    I am using acrylics, but would love to move to wool.

  72. My sister is due to have her first baby in December and she’s already expressed an interest in sheep toys for the nursery (we raised sheep growing up). I’ve already queued this. And maybe the hat. I love this so much!

  73. Oh do make the hat! No announcement of Grand-babies yet, but there is potential….maybe I should start “widdle sheepies” now?

  74. I vote for all of it–hat, booties, blankie, and a pattern for adults! (I’d wear the hat and booties too, just see if I wouldn’t!) I think I’d make my sheepies out of something very fuzzy. One would have to be black and facing the other way…

  75. That last paragraph? That’s me. Except, youngest is about to turn 14. The oldest two aren’t going to be giving us grandchildren, so we’ve pinned our knitting hopes on the baby. It’s a sickness. We reign it in pretty well most of the time and then BAM baby sweater of death.
    Speaking of killing us with cuteness, how goes the pattern writing for Princess Prettypants? I still need that pattern like air.

  76. Just couldn’t resist bought the pattern. Off to pick out the yarn at my LYS. It’s just to cute!

  77. I know you have leftover yarn….it will lurk in the night, whispering ‘I want to be a hat….’

  78. This is for Sally Williams at August 14, 2013 7:16 PM. RE: the Princess Diana sweater – I have one of them (packed away; I am heavier, but continue to hope will get into again). There were rows and rows of sheep and only one black one which was facing the same way as the others. It was “hand” knitted in England. The quotation marks are because it was obviously made by hand – but on a knitting machine. Lots of knitting machines have a 24 stitch repeat and that is what this sweater had. I bought it at what is now Dillard’s, but it may have still been Higbee’s at that time.

  79. Yes, you must make the hat, and I agree with the suggestion for matching booties as well – the newborn cuteness will overwhelm everybody within two hundred feet (maybe wear some earplugs to avoid being damaged by excessive baby talk).

  80. That sweater is so cute it makes my uterus ache for another- and the baby only vacated 4mo. ago! I wonder if the cuteness will trigger ovulation even while breast feeding? I also wonder why my husband looks at me crazy when I say things like “look at this sweater! We should have another baby!” He just can’t figure out why those things are connected. 😉

  81. you are a delight, stephanie pm of the north –
    your writing is lovely – thanks much for that. and your knitting – yeah, not so bad, either…

  82. I managed to withhold the squealing, but that is still a damn cute sweater. And I did consider briefly who I could knit one for. 🙂

  83. Ok, I’m a little dead from the cute over here. Also? Someday I’m going to get to peer into your Grandma’s magical (and bottomless apparently) button bin.

  84. Alternate to the hat? Search “sheep booties” on Ravelry–there are a few GREAT options on there!! Hilarious and oh-so-appropriate! =)

  85. I miss RAMS. Where is she?? She always luvvs it when someone mentions the ENORMOUS and IMMEDIATE danger of baby buttons. You don’t think she chewed on a cardigan and choked on a poorly sewn on button, do you?

  86. Even with an eldest at 19, and not anywhere near parenting… there is the idea of a baby hope chest, right? Right? So, one could conceivably make it and put it away IN PREPARATION. Right?

  87. Oh my goodness! I haven’t been to your blog in far far far too long, and I randomly come and see THIS? So not fair to subject an 11-week pregnant lady who has committed to finishing her super long-armed/long-bodied/6’2 tall husband’s boring stockingnet sweater before allowing herself to tackle adorable baby knits. This is now top of my queue and it is going to make the big-ape sweater even more purgatory than it already is!!! Way. Too. Cute.

  88. Did someone say buttons?
    Looks to me like the subject’s been beautifully dealt with here. Glad to see the voice of reason in full cry (no newborn has the coordination to pull –“gnaw” was a good verb choice, there — off a firmly-sewn button, let alone find its mouth. Sometimes it does seem the world conspires to find SOMEthing with which to scare new mothers — I’m all absorbed in the new fad that you mustn’t give a baby a blanket because she’ll wrap her head in it and smother. (Once I get this newly-bloomed rheumatoid arthritis in check — seriously, cosmos? The god of Irony didn’t have anything to do that afternoon? — I swear I’m cranking out blankets for all and sundry. Clearly a conspiracy by the blanket-sleeper/velcro-swaddle people.)

  89. Sorry — apparently RA leads to randomly-strewn parentheses, too.
    But even I am buying that sucker. Julia Farwell-Clay has got to be feeling the Harlot-love.

  90. yes, Rams. I am. You guys are scorching my little inbox. I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful, and so excited for the imminent bump in the birth rate among the knitters 9 months from now. Y’all get busy!

  91. Strand. And yes, on the wrong side because it is worked flat. Surprisingly similar to stranding on the right side. They are widdle, aren’t they?

  92. I can’t quite bring myself to believe that you aren’t making the hat. I think I may have gasped (a little). I know my eyebrows raised. And I’m not even a knitter.

  93. Please reconsider making the hat. There would be nothing more adorable than a matching hat with that sweater!

  94. Wow, the Commentariat is hysterical following this post. I am checking in 4 or 5 times a day just to read you guys!
    Special Bonus: Rams and Presbytera commenting on the same post; been a while, you two seriously funny ladies.
    Such fun!

  95. No grandchildren in my foreseeable future, but fortunately my daughter has many friends/coworkers who produce offspring regularly. I do believe that it’s time I learned intarsia. Because I was sqeeing over the “widdle sheepies!” as I scrolled down the page and saw you had just quoted me (and everyone else who reads this entry, I suspect)!
    You HAVE to make the hat! It might be cute overload for us, but it would be cruel and unusual punishment for the upcoming wee one to have the sweater and not the hat, too!

  96. (….said to the tune of a Hockey Night in Canada chant…)
    Hat! Hat! Hat! Hat!….
    Hat! Hat! Hat! Hat!….!!\
    (…and that black sheep would be perfect on the hat!)

  97. Thank goodness you didn’t make the hat. That would have been way too much cute for one person to take.

  98. The sweater is just too darling. I mean really . . . the bomb! However once again I think, oh my, the photos of the sweater are spectacular. What a great job you do with the photographs of your knits, your beautiful family and your adventures in general. I hope I haven’t assumed in error that you do the majority of photos. Either way, the photos draw us into your wonderful world in a most delicious way.
    Thanks a flock!

  99. Es la cosa mas hermosa que he visto en mucho tiempo. Felicitaciones Stephanie!!! (desde Buenos Aires)

  100. I can confirm I said awww, look at the sheepies! And the girl next to me leaned over to look and also started making noises. Our boss (male) just looked at us, shook his head and left…

  101. Ok… You totally just FORCED me to buy not only this pattern, but also the Wolves will be Wolves hat. Bear in mind, I have zero time to knit these days because in addition to 2 kids, a husband, 3 dogs, 40 raised beds, a house, and an orchard, I now have a full-time outside-the-house job as well. But you killed me with the cuteness of Puffy Lambs. I am powerless.

  102. OK. I survived yesterday, but…
    Is it only me, or did anybody else dream of Dylan Thomas last night and ‘The Child’s Christmas in Wales’? “…and a painting book in which I could make the grass, the trees, the sea and the animals any colour I pleased, and still the dazzling sky-blue sheep are grazing in the red field under the rainbow-billed and pea-green birds.”
    So I broke down and bought the pattern. My version might not be with the yarn described.

  103. arggghhhhhhh……tooooo cuuuute second time today to come take a look at this. tried to resist. but toooooo cute. love love the colour too. almost makes me want to have another. (almost :D)

  104. If you enter “sheep sweaters” on Ebay, the 13th from the top is a by-golly-actual-directions for Princess Di’s sweater plus 2 others, all for a mere $49.95.
    They even show a picture of her wearing the same sweater, and it is still cute after all these years.
    The directions for all 3 sweaters is $49.95, and if you want to defray the cost, I’d be happy to buy a copy of the sheep sweater directions.
    Just sayin’.

  105. Squee! Must make that for my nephew who is due in early January! Thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for providing a model.

  106. All I had to do was show the picture of this sweater to my husband, and he exclaimed “Ooh, widdle sheepies!” Hilarious! Now I have to make one for my niece’s baby.

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  108. The sweater is definitely adorable. I’ll have to add it to my queue, because there is no baby that doesn’t deserve a sweater like that.

  109. My best friend has just finished her first trimester. I sent her the RAV link for this sweater. Her response was “OMG widdle sheeps!” She doesn’t knit, and has never read your blog. I think it’s the estrogen.

  110. Get excited ladies! She is at this moment creating an adult version of this pattern!!!!!!!

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