Adventures With My Mother

Here I sit, drinking coffee and posting to the blog from sunny Mexico, where I’m warm for the first time in weeks.  I’m on a little adventure with my mother, a trip I almost didn’t take because I was feeling like it was too decadent to travel to a warm place twice in one winter.  I came to my senses, obviously. A maternally subsidized holiday is nothing to sneeze at, and I did vow to travel more earlier this year, and I’ve never been to Mexico – and at some point during one of the ice storms the whole thing seemed so clear.

We travelled yesterday, leaving Toronto at 5am, crunching our suitcases outside through the bitter cold and snow, and by mid-afternoon we were here – a little town called Puerto Moralos, where mum’s found a little condo by the sea, or very nearly by the sea – we checked it out yesterday and it’s a little hike around the corner, but a very pretty beach when you get there. The town looks to be very interesting, and a good place to practice my fledgling Spanish.  It’s a fishing village, and pelicans were swooping overhead yesterday, along with another big bird I couldn’t identify. (Add that to the list of things I’ll google later, along with finding out whatever the hell the thing was that walked along the back garden wall last night.  Looked like a rat the size of a small dog. Scared the hell out of us.)   Mum’s friends Don and Alison are here, and they’ve been here several times, and helped us get the lay of the land.
boatsbyside 2014-02-04
Mum and I are going adventuring today, after we go for a swim and visit the beach, and we’re going to walk both directions and see what we can find, and I’m going to go on a hunt for the perfect office, somewhere in this apartment. (There’s a palapas outside – it’s shared by many people, but it’s popularity makes me think it’s where the best of the dodgy internet resides.)
I’m taking my sock, which seemed so bright in Toronto, and fits right in here.

hibiscussock 2014-02-04
I’m taking my sock, which seemed so bright in Toronto, and fits right in here.

PS: I’m so glad you like the new blog – and thanks for listing glitches in the comments. Dylan (the web guy who helped Ken and I when it became obvious we were in over our heads) will be tweaking it over the next few days or a week, so it’s helpful to hear what works and doesn’t.  We’ll keep working on it. Please forgive any mistakes I make with posting over the next little bit as I learn.  Also my old offline editor (Qumana) doesn’t work with Word Press.  Any suggestions? Got one you love?