Adventures with my mother: Day three

Guess who’s learning to snorkel?

memumsnork 2014-02-06

She’s a total natural.  Next stop, the reef.  (I have to say, the more I snorkel here, the more I think about not going back in. Man, there’s a lot of stuff out there. I had no idea I’d been swimming with it for three days.)

mumsnork1 2014-02-06

PS. I am not sunburned and neither is mum. These are just crappy iphone pictures.

PSS. We did not find a panaderia, but we found something better. We were walking home from the town with Don and Allison, when a van passed by, and Don took off a thousand miles an hour after it. We thought he’d taken all leave of his senses, but the van pulled over, and he said something to the driver.  They opened the back and the sliding side doors, and Don waved wildly for us to come over.

panaderiawheels 2014-02-06

It was a bakery on wheels.  Never seen anything like it, and it was cheap and delicious and filled with amazing things. I asked Don how he knew -turns out that one of his superpowers is the ability to smell a cake at a thousand metres.