It was bound to happen

Have I ever told you guys about my sister-in-law Kelly?  I know I wrote about her here, and another time here, but all you need to know for this story is that she and I have a lot in common. We agree on parenting, on food, on families, on how you should hold a baby if you want them to go to sleep, and what you say to a two year old if you want them to put on shoes. We agree on making things cozy and on teenagers and doctors and how many candles you light at dinner.  Kelly and I took care of Lou and Katie when they had their rough start, and she and I she and I together are pretty much responsible for the wave of handknits that washes ashore and crashes over all the little ones in our family.  (My niece Savannah is starting to be rather prolific too.) Kelly lives in Madagascar – but it turns out that you can take a knitter out of Canada, but you can’t take the Canadian out of the knitter, because there she sits on an island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa, and she’s pounding out woollies all year long in the 40 degree heat. (That’s Celsius. Smoking hot.)   Her bi or tri-annual visits home bring all sorts of warm things with her.  Lou usually gets a sweater or two – and Kelly is home  right now (why you’d come home this time of year is past my reasoning, and likely Kelly’s right this minute) so wee Lou is sporting a new sweater fresh off her needles.

littlelousweater 2014-02-21

(I know the pattern is Tama – you’ll need Kelly to chime in to find out the yarn.)

Last night, I was knitting away, working on the Lancelot for Lou – and I was plowing along at a pretty good clip, and my mobile phone chimed with a text.  I picked it up and looked, and it was a picture, and the picture looked like this:

kellylousweater 2014-02-21

My first reaction was one of confusion. How was someone texting me pictures of my own knitting – and even more confusing, why were they texting me pictures of my knitting from the future, because in the picture, my knitting had all the raglan decreases done, and I only had a few of them finished. I glanced down at my own knitting. Had I left it somewhere? (In the last 30 seconds) or had someone broken in, stolen my knitting and was now sending me pictures of it? Have you seen that movie where the babysitter gets phone calls all night from a killer, and then the cops trace the call and he’s in the house? Was this a knitting version of that?

My knitting was still on my lap, and my knitting looked like this:

mylousblue 2014-02-21


I stared at it, trying to figure out what was going on, and then another text came in, and it said “Bound to happen.”  That’s when I glanced at the name.


Kelly had been sitting there, knitting away on her Lancelot for Lou, and had decided to read this blog while she was doing it.  Apparently she did the same double check from hands to screen, and then burst out laughing. Same sweater, same colour, same Auntie plan. Great minds think alike.

This sweater must really be perfect for Lou.