Randomly on a Monday

1. My laptop bricked on Friday – if we understand that I am here using the word “bricked” as in “the laptop became a brick.” Which is to say that it has decided to fulfil its ultimate goal of being a really, really expensive paperweight. It was backed up, so I’m not really that upset (except about what it might cost to fix it, but until I hear back from the laptop fixers, I’m just breathing through my nose when I think about it) but not having it is proving tricky. I’m trying to live a life through an ipad, so we’ll see if I can get this entry off the ground. Forgive any oddities, will you?

2. I finished Lou’s sweater, and I’ll drop it off to him later and see if he’ll participate in a photo shoot. The other day it took Katie and I 10 minutes and every trick in the book to get him to put on a sweater Kelly knit, and the pictures are still blurry because he was moving so fast, and his arm is only in one of the sleeves for half of the shots. This does not bode well. (To be clear, he loves sweaters, but can tell when you want him to put one on and the fact that he’s two now can’t be beat.)


3. In 1989 I bought a card of old buttons at Fabricland. They were 50% off because one of the three buttons was missing. Today I sewed them to Lou’s sweater. Don’t let people tell you your stash doesn’t pay off.


4. Holy cow is it hard to figure out how to do this on an iPad.

5. I started that vesty thing with my Habu Linen.

6. I love it.

7. Today Sam and I are taking the day (or as much of it as I think I can take) to go shopping for clothes. The tour starts in a week (Hey – look over in the sidebar! I have a tour page back again, and it’s working and easy to update! I’ll be adding things that are coming up over the next few days) as always, it is coming down to pants. Well, pants and a shirt – or maybe two shirts, and when I’m in the store by myself I can’t find anything. Sam says that I just don’t know what I look good in, because I can’t see myself properly, and I’m too hard on myself, and so she’s coming along to suggest things I might not normally consider.

8. I’ve promised to be actually consider some of the things.

9. I’m still never going to put on skinny jeans.