Adventures with my mother: Day three

Guess who’s learning to snorkel?

memumsnork 2014-02-06

She’s a total natural.  Next stop, the reef.  (I have to say, the more I snorkel here, the more I think about not going back in. Man, there’s a lot of stuff out there. I had no idea I’d been swimming with it for three days.)

mumsnork1 2014-02-06

PS. I am not sunburned and neither is mum. These are just crappy iphone pictures.

PSS. We did not find a panaderia, but we found something better. We were walking home from the town with Don and Allison, when a van passed by, and Don took off a thousand miles an hour after it. We thought he’d taken all leave of his senses, but the van pulled over, and he said something to the driver.  They opened the back and the sliding side doors, and Don waved wildly for us to come over.

panaderiawheels 2014-02-06

It was a bakery on wheels.  Never seen anything like it, and it was cheap and delicious and filled with amazing things. I asked Don how he knew -turns out that one of his superpowers is the ability to smell a cake at a thousand metres.

104 thoughts on “Adventures with my mother: Day three

  1. I am very glad I don’t share Don’s superpower. I love your adventures. I almost don’t need to go to Mexico myself now. Almost.

  2. Wishing we had taken our Christmas holiday vacation to Hawaii this year….looking forward to it next year and to Madrona next week! have a bun for me!

  3. i live in central California and we have rolling bakeries. they cruse the streets honking their horns and stop when you go out. the horns can be annoying but love the bread.

  4. I live in central California and we have rolling bakeries here. They cruse the streets honking their horns and stop when you go out.

  5. What a wonderful trip! I don’t know what looks more tempting the water where it is actually warm enough to swim (as I look out the window at a foot of snow), or the bread and treats, yum.

  6. I’m a diver and you don’t need to worry about all the stuff in the ocean, I don’t think we’re on most creatures’ menu, just don’t step on anything. I’m totally jealous of you snorkeling in that warm clear water.

    Love the bakery truck.

  7. Give your Mom a pat on the back for me. Good for her learning to snorkel! I’ll bet she wishes she had tried a long time ago. Those baked goods look yummy!

  8. Looks like you love being warm! I tried to post a link for a Mexican Grocery store that is online and has receipies that you will find usefull as well as answer some questions such as “What is that?”. MexGrocer dot com is the address.

  9. Don is my kinda guy! (although I’d weigh 1000 ibs if I hung out with him long)…Your trip looks fabulous and relaxing – good for you! Enjoy 🙂

  10. There’s a panaderia across the street from my apartment building. The huge assortment of edible wares is displayed in the window and I always wonder how the heck they manage the variety EVERY NIGHT. I like the guava empanadas.

  11. So… blue water, bathing suits, snorkeling and BAKERIES ON WHEELS? Have you actually died and gone to heaven? If not, you’ve got a crapload of snow to shovel when you get back home.

  12. Panaderia? What a wonderful concept! Wonder if that word works on Words with Friends? Good to see you and your mum enjoying yourselves so much. Just snowed another 7 inches here and was -10F this morning so I’m vacationing vicariously through you two. Keep up the good fun!

  13. A bakery on wheels….there’s potential here! I figured out the RSS feed and am back in business. Enjoy your fabulous vacation.

  14. If you ever see that truck again, grab the Tres Leches cake, the one with the whip cream rosettes. And if he has bolillos, even better. They make a great ham sandwich or you could make gorditas: refried beans with guacamole, salsa, lettuce…to die for.

  15. Two comments:

    1. Your mum looks like Judy Dench. 🙂 She is beautiful!
    2. I think the world also needs a yarn store on wheels.

  16. Go Don! Those look wonderful!

    But you’d best not use your Iphone underwater to take pictures of those fish for us, much though we’d love to see them. I know, you were totally going to.

  17. My sister’s Hawaiian snorkeling tip — frozen peas. They hover in the water where you strew them and various fissies come over to nibble on them. (Unlike bread, which you didn’t have, anyway, though I’d go to Mexico just for that van.). Don’t know how available frozen peas are there,but now you know.

  18. Oh I need one of those vans in my life… make up for this lack…we do have a fish and chip van on a Saturday night at the top of our road :-))

  19. I have no desire to snorkel but I love that your mom is learning. The bakery on wheels is fantastic (I almost typed “vantastic”, which I suppose applies too). Hope you find a farmer’s market for veggies next – can’t wait to see what they have.

  20. I usually hate it when a familiar blog or website changes but I have to say the new appearance is startlingly attractive. Clean, easy to read. A change for the better even though I had no complaints about the previous style.

  21. Love your new website design!

    It looks like there actually are food trucks in Mexico! That is actually a good idea for the business, because they don’t have the expense of maintaining a business site.

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun!

  22. Stephanie! Love that you are at the ocean where it’s warm. The pictures are wonderful and make me yearn for summer. Just got 12 inches of snow and heading into some subzero temps. But at least one of us is warm. :D:D So happy for you and your mom. Enjoy!!

  23. Stephanie, so glad that you are warm by the ocean-sand, surf and sunshine. We just got 12 inches of snow and are heading into subzero temps. Don’t you feel a wee bit sorry for me? :D:D

  24. the travelling bakery! oh how I miss them. In France and Luxemburg they had them all over. I can’t remember if he came daily or twice a week, but I do remember the smell and the goodies he had. We could hardly contain ourselves when he came into sight.
    I can almost smell the yummys in your photo…mmmmm!

  25. I’m very very happy for you. You look happy and warm and your mom rocks! It’s going to be -18C tonight, and I live in the banana belt of Canada, eh? Bwaahahahaha!

  26. I recently discovered how fun snorkeling is too! Amazingly beautiful and startling!
    I hope they had some of those creme filled donuts in the van as well; so yummy! Enjoy the fun and sun:)

  27. Here I am on a low-carb diet and you have to post that picture showing all those delicious-looking baked goods! GAH!

    And what kind of things were you swimming with? Bitey things? Garbage (no, not the band)? Creepy-looking guys? Please distract me from my craving for sourdough baguettes and onion bagels. . .!

  28. You look so…… warm.

    You probably have been told this already, but just in case: Your blog feed is not showing up in ravelry in my ‘friends’ blogs’. I’m trying to decide if remembering it exists (because really, I’m totally dependent on visual cues) and coming over to see all that sun, sand and surf is a good thing or not… 😉

  29. New blog looks good. Hope you’re having fun in Mexico! I was wondering why I can’t see the sidebar when I view the blog on my iPad – all of that is at the very bottom now. Any one having the same problem?

  30. I think you may have brought winter to Phoenix! BTW…We have a lovely little shop here, owned by a sweet friend I’ve not been well enough to see in years. She taught me that there was will much more and better than cheap acrylic for yarn, you are the reason I learned and love socks. I would love to see you come to her shop, Phoenix Knit, I’ve always known it as Phoenix Knit and Needlepoint. She even hand paints the canvas for her shop. I would love to meet you and I know that many others who attend and shop there would too. Please try to arrange a trip out here this year, and let me know if you do so that I may be there. Much sock love, Amber

    • P.S. Avoid Phx. from about mid to late June (depending on what this know winter causes) through late Sept. / early Oct.

  31. New home for the blog looks great, and so does your holiday! The only things i’d say about the new layout is that it’s a shame to read the comments in reverse chronological order, and as many have said, it’s a shame they’re so narrow now. Have a fabulous holiday!

  32. I am just finishing up my dissertation on the history of marine science and really the long and short of it is: there’s a lot more in there than we thought! I love to snorkel but I’ve also always been a bit intimidated by the sheer amount of life you don’t realize is just swimming around you all the time.

    Seeing these photos makes me long for baked goods and the sun. Enjoy both for those in the frozen north!

  33. I believe it. My boyfriend says he can tell FROM THE DRIVEWAY when I’ve been cooking and dinner will be awesome LOL He says he can also tell from the driveway when I’ve been cooking stuff that’s not meant for him. He claims it smells like disappointment.

  34. New blog and look is excellent. I think it will be easier to read on cell phones.
    Love your vacation and my vicarious one soaking up the reflected rays from your blog. All the way up to 20F in the sun at 10 this morning here in upstate NY.
    I marvel at how much life there is on this earth and that we are only aware of a small percentage of it and our lack of reverence and care for it all.
    Surprise rolling bake shop. Love it!

  35. Gosh, the baked goods-sniffing superpower is commoner than I knew- I thought it was just me and my dad.

    And I was doing a pretty good job not being envious of the warm until I saw the snorkeling. Awesome! You’ll just have to have a superbly good time on our behalf :).

  36. FYI, your RSS feed stopped updating for me after the blog change. I think it’s because I was following Once I realized I hadn’t seen any posts from you in a week I came here looking for updates. I fixed the issue by following Not sure if there is a way to notify other readers subscribed to /blog…

    And when I tried to post this, I was told I hadn’t entered my name and email address, but I didn’t see a spot for those. Turns out when I scrolled all the way to the end, the spaces for name and email are off the screen. Maybe you could move those so they are between the comment box and the “Post Comment” button?

    AND THEN when I tried to post I was told I failed the human verification test, which I didn’t realize was a test. I saw a printer icon and assumed the symbols were print/email/share links.

  37. Find the restaurant called La Pirata (it’s on the main road that runs parallel the beach). A few doors further down is a panaderia.

  38. There was a Mexican bakery in Woodburn, OR that had a van. They would travel around playing Music Box Dancer and all the kids would come running… And me too! I would get these little turnover-type things with a fluffy outside like a doughnut. Inside was some sort of sweet potato filling. So yummy!

  39. My brother would show up unexpectedly at our door each time I baked his favorite cookie. From 90 miles away?? Go figure.

  40. That is hysterical!!!! And I thought for sure you’d be eating tortillas until you go home! I’m wondering if you ordered to go or if you just stood there stuffing your faces!

    PS you’re making me really excited about leaving for our vaca to the Caribbean soon! I seriously may NOT return to the Vortex!

  41. You’ve gotten great advice on battling the ants–cleaning the counter with bleach, ziploc bags, rubbermaid containers, the fridge (or microwave if you had one, which also has a rubber seal around the door), and water are effective barriers to the ants. These are things we learned while camping when I was a child.

    You also brought back wonderful memories of our five years in Germany, where they had delivery trucks for everything, and they each had a different schedule and bell or buzzer to tell them apart. We had a wine/beer/soda truck, two bakery trucks, a veggie/fruit truck and one with small housewares and plastic items like the rubbermaid containers that came by regularly. There was also a bulk trash item truck that picked up appliances–we called it the “Bring out your Dead” truck, because a man leaned out the window with a bell on a handle and rang it “Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong” as they drove slowly down the street. The bell sounded exactly like a Monty Python skit where a man was walking with such a bell, calling out for people to bring out their dead–morbid humor about the plague, but British humor is British humor and it fit the duty of the trash truck.

  42. I am just so pleased you and your mom are in warm waters seeing beautiful things. AND, wow, that bakery truck…a bakery truck, in the evening, in the road with things to eat. amazing. those look great with strong coffee?

  43. I so want Don’s superpower!!! (And to be someplace warm!) Thanks for letting me vacation vicariously through you this winter!

  44. What a wonderful vacation. Love the new blog. One little comment, though: When I try to use the “page up” or “page down” buttons on my keyboard, it doesn’t seem to work. This may be a problem with my laptop instead of the blog (although they work on other internet sites), but you might want to check.

  45. There’s a wood-fired pizza truck, brick oven and all, that shows up regularly at a gravelly intersection not far from here. They do the rounds of the farmers’ markets in the summer.

    Re ants in keyboard: isolating it on a brick in a pan of water works, but be careful. However, if it’s plugged in they will just climb up the cord anyway.

  46. What a terrific trip! What exactly are you seeing down there? I will someday snorkel in warm clear saltwater, I will! Continue having fun, your mum is brilliant!

  47. Just now getting the chance to catch up on your Mexican adventure. Sure looks like fun and much warmer than here in Ohio or back at your home in Toronto. Your Mum looks like someone who enjoys life. ( and I agree that she could double for Judy Dench) I’m probably a bit older than she is, but I too am a gin and tonic fan. Would love to be in a warm place enjoying one.

  48. I see – I’m supposed to drag those things to the circle…. Between Feedly not understanding where I want it to go when I type in “” and it still takes me to the old blog and my not understanding your spam filter I’m not doing well. Good thing I know how to knit and type.

    Enjoy your mother – she seems like a wonderful lady. I’m so jealous of her and your fantabulous vacation.

  49. I so envy you being able to vacation with your mom. Mine passed away 6 years ago and I miss her every day. Would that I could go anywhere with her. Enjoy your time together.

  50. Yay! We’re back. 🙂
    Fantastic job on the site. Kudos to you and the geek guys. Thanks Ken, thanks Dan!
    Interesting shopping trip. Your Mom is too cute.

  51. Just what I didn’t need to see at 11:00 on a Sunday night. I want to eat all of those. I’m going to stop and get a bagel in the morning for sure!
    Great pictures, looks like you and your mom are having a blast!

  52. A bakery on wheels? That has got to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard and it all looks fresh baked. So were they driving somewhere or they just drive around waiting for people to flag them down?

    I got this error when I tried to post a commend with the audio captcha thing:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function visualCaptcha\mb_strtolower() in /home/harlot/public_html/wp-content/plugins/visualcaptcha/inc/visualcaptcha.class.php on line 142

  53. We used to have the Helms Bakery truck come around our neighborhood when I was a kid. Loved the glazed doughnuts. That was also in the day we had milk deliveries. Anyone remember having a milk door for them to leave the dairy products? They don’t build houses like that anymore.

  54. Looks like a great vacation. By the way, the first picture is a great picture of you. Happy, cute, relaxed. Another great thing about this vacation!!


  55. Me too. I just noticed that I don’t know the date without the Yarn Harlot’s calendar. I didn’t realize until now just how much I depend on it.

  56. First, I was scrolling down and I thought your beautiful mom looked JUST like Dame Judi Dench.

    Secondly, I know you get tons of replies to every post, but is there any way you could tell me where she got that beautiful bathing suit? I am an orchid fanatic, and I have been searching for a bathing suit like that for ages, lol!

  57. Hola, Senora Stephanie,
    and that does it for my spanish right now. Try shopping for food in the large open air markets. You will be amazed at the choice and freshness of produce. The “Super Macados” are ok, but most shop in the open air markets. you will not regret it.

  58. I’m enjoying the new blog. One of the things that’s changed for me is that on Feedly (where I read most of the blogs I follow), I can now see your entire post whereas before I’d get the first couple of paragraphs, no pictures and would have to go to the website for the full post with pictures.

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