These things

I was going to have a lovely post today about how I knit and knit and I know how things are with the scarf because it’s totally finished, but these things happened

1. Joe, completely and totally out of the blue, decided we should have company to dinner tonight, which is a wonderful idea and one I can fully support (especially since he’s committed to at least half of the cooking) despite the fact that you can’t cook and knit at the same time, which is a real bummer and probably the reason takeaway exists at all.

2. The sun came out – briefly.  I’ve been trying to get out for a ride for days and days now, but it’s been rainy and gross and cold and I don’t know if I’m cowardly or smart, but I don’t ride when it’s lousy like that.

3. The problem starts to be when it’s lousy all the time. Did I tell you that Jen and I decided, after we didn’t die on the Bike Rally, that we would increase our commitment? Have I mentioned (I don’t think I have, because I can barely believe it myself) that we decided to be Team Leaders? We have our very own team of 22 riders this year, and all the responsibilities that go with it.

4. I don’t know about you, but I think that Team “Leads” shouldn’t be trailing behind, and Jen and I are still middle-aged-slightly-dumpy-mothers, and there’s no way that we can just get out there and do this thing without some really, really significant training. and the weather has been so bad that I’m starting to hyperventilate when I look at the date.

5. Which means that when the sun came out today, I ran to my bedroom and stuffed myself into my (incredibly discouraging) spandex, and hit the road.  I got a quickie done, and that’s probably going to keep the panic at bay for another 24 hours.

6. I can’t believe that as a species, we’re thinking about a trip to Mars, but there’s no way to knit while you drive a bike.

7. In case you’re wondering, I sure am hoping to do Karmic Balancing gifts on the blog this year. I’m riding, Jen’s riding, Ken’s riding, Pato’s riding and (be still my little heart) Amanda, Megan and Sam are all riding.  That’s a super high number of knitters on a team. A record.  We’re so proud of making this a family affair this year.  Details next week.