That was a close one

I swear that I thought this one was going to go south on me. I swear it.  I was knitting and knitting and going faster and faster, and I kept thinking about how embarrassing it would be for both Lucy and I if this didn’t work.  Two knitters, with at least 80 knitting years of experience between them, fairly clever minds (at least Lucy’s is stellar) and despite all that, and doing a bit of math, and the purchase of an insurance skein, and the fact that one of them is the designer of the project, and we screw up yardage? It would have been entertaining for you, but a dismal performance for us.

six metres 2014-05-02

I should have had more faith. I had 3 skeins, 83 metres each, and that’s a total of 249 metres. Resting there, upon the scarf, see that little butterfly? It contains SIX METRES.  I measured. I got away with only six to spare, and I can tell you that that wee bit there is a smidge sweaty. The last few rows were squeakers.   Holy cats.

All that remains now is my nemesis – crochet. We have an uneasy relationship, the hook and I.  At least I have lots of yarn for that part.*

*I would not say that if I were not totally sure. I know a booby trap when I see one.