I’m so Random Again

1. I went for a bike ride this morning. A quick 15km, just to get a hill or two in. (I struggle with hills. I have to practice.)  It’s still so cold out – but I’m trying not to complain, on account of how much better this is than the frozen wasteland we’ve been in until now. At least it’s not snowing.  Still, I don’t remember having to bundle up this way by this time last year.

2. The spinning (the other kind) is going pretty well.  This roving is cotswald from Nistock Farms, and it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, but I love it.  Cotswold is a rare breed, and delicious to spin, but it doesn’t make yarn that’s super soft and bouncy. Instead it’s strong, lustrous and… well. You don’t wear it next to your skin. That’s all.

spinninggreen 2014-05-07 (1)

3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity supporting us all for the bike ride. We’re blown away.  I know that by now I should know that this is just the kind of community that we have, and that this is the way knitters are, but it never stops surprising me. It’s just… unbelievable.

4. In the first of many draws, I pulled a name, and my very pretty Fiber Optic handspun merino/silk yarn will be flying off to live with Marcia K, and I hope that she loves it as much as I do.

pastelstripedyarn 2014-05-06

I can’t wait to see what she makes from it.  Thanks Marcia!

5. There’s so many wonderful Karmic Balancing Gifts coming in, I’ll totally have to give some away tomorrow.

6. Guess what?

samsin  2014-05-07

Yup! She’s got it all worked out, and Samantha is in! Her little pledge page is here, and she’s raring to go. (And yes, her hair has a fair bit of wild pink in it. To paraphrase Barbara Coloroso, it’s not life threatening, morally threatening or unhealthy. Vive la difference!  By the way, her book  Kids Are Worth It! : Giving Your Child The Gift Of Inner Discipline(together with How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk) are pretty much responsible for the fact that I have never dropped even one of my kids off at the edge of a grizzly bear infested forest at -30 and said “good luck, you jerk.”)

7. I think if all goes well, I’ll finish my latest Colour Affection tonight.

almostfinishedobsession 2014-05-07

I think that will probably change the weather – it seems to enjoy nothing more than making you look silly in an accessory. I knit this to match my coat, so really, finishing it should make the coat obsolete, right?

8. Thanks again for the donations. You guys are the best – and I tell it to anyone who will listen. You make the ten years I’ve been writing this blog all worth it, everyday.