Day 27

I’m coming in under the wire on this one.  I promised myself I’d knit 12 pairs of socks before Christmas this year, and it worked out to churning out a pair every 27 days. (Or so, it was really more like every 27.84 days, but I’m dropping the fraction.) This morning I got up and did a few things, and worked for a bit, and then while I was at my computer it chimed, and an alert popped up in the corner. It said “Sock.”

This is because I am totally a big enough dork that I entered the deadline in my calendar for every 27 days, and set an alarm to remind me. (I know. I’m so hip it hurts.  Somewhere my children are flinching that sock deadlines are a real thing in my world.)

strandeddonefeet 2014-05-22

As it popped up, I realized the flaw in my plan.  I should have set the deadline, and then set a warning alarm for a few days before, because telling me that I have a sock due on the day that it’s due is really – well. It lit a fire under me this morning, and I was super lucky I only had a half foot to go, and I could finish this fetching pair.

strandeddonewhole 2014-05-22

These are Stranded Show-off Socks, and they were a party on the needles, and I mean that. Super fun to knit, and a great choice for this variegated yarn. The stitch pattern makes wee dashes of colour across the stitches, quite pretty, I think.  (Yarn: Skeined Alive 80/merino 10/cashmere, 10/nylon in “Vermiculture.” Great colourway. Great name.) The pattern’s got a short row variation that’s charming, and sends the stitch pattern all the way down the back of the heel and makes an oddly neat anatomical shape round the arch.  I like ’em.
strandeddoneside1 2014-05-22

Changes to the pattern? Just one, and I’m not sure that it’s a change at all, because I didn’t check. When the time came for the toe, I just did my current favourite, without looking to see which toe the designer recommended. I like a nice round toe.  It’s a quirk.

stranded round toe 2014-05-22

The roundish variation I do on the standard toe fits the same way, but I like how it looks better off – Not that it matters – except it does.  (Because you’ll ask, I do a standard toe, but change the rate of decrease. 1 decrease round, 4 plain. 1 decrease round, then 3 plain. 1 decrease round, then 2 plain… see where I’m going? When there’s no rounds left to set between the decrease rounds, I just decrease all the time until it looks right. Like a toe.)

strandedfolded 2014-05-22

So, voila.  On track to finish the year with at least 12 pairs, and you can bet that I added an alarm before the next deadline. I don’t want to get caught again. I might not be able to knit my way out of it.  I’m off to the sock yarn cupboard. Mama needs a flash new sock project.

84 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. OMG, I think I may be the first to reply.

    Great socks! They look fantastic in that pattern. I am traveling for the next couple of weeks and was going to bring some sock yarn. This looks like the perfect pattern for a very varigated skein I have!

  2. 27.84… wouldn’t it be better, mentally and mathematically, to round up to 28? That would give a whole extra day!

  3. Those are some handsome socks. I found that pattern yesterday and am starting today, so good to hear you liked it.

  4. Ah ha! You’re the reason I have this in my to-do list. I was trying to figure that out last night. The socks look great and I hope that I can knit them just as quickly as you did. Of course, I have a pair of mitts to do first…

  5. The only problem I see with your Sock Early Warning System is that you need to be home on that computer, unless that computer (or other devices) follow you everywhere. That’s nothing for a homebody like myself, but you’re always chasing planes, trains and teaching schedules…….

    • We need to set up a DEW line: Deadline Early Warning. That’s a joke that may not make sense if you’re not Canadian.

      • I live in the US but grew up around the military in the 50’s & 60’s. I know what the DEW line is/was. I agree there needs to be a crafters DEWline.

  6. I just knit my first pair of socks (well, correction, my first SOCK) from your basic pattern! It turned out a smidge big (I have smallish feet) and I am trying to correct that with my next sock, and maybe I’ll try this toe decrease too!

  7. I love this pattern and had already downloaded it to knit my (orange!) varigated yarn.

    Any opinions on best way to join yarn in socks?

    Any opinions on this loop stitch wearing as well as my stock standard slip stitch heel?

    • I have no idea about wear, technically, though my instinct suggests it’s a little less durable. Worth it though, so pretty.

  8. Very nice looking socks. I’m buying the love of my daughters and my husband in handknitted socks. I’m so happy we all have rather smallish feet…. I teached my 12 year old how to knit – she’d better knitts fast -before her feet starts to get bigger than her dwarfish xxs size.

  9. I thought your 12 pairs of socks in 12 months was a great idea, so I went with it! I’ve already knit 5 pairs in a little less than 5 months. Yeah! The only problem is that those socks were meant to become christmas gifts, but they were so pretty and comfortable that I’ve kept all of them for myself and worn them, a lot…
    Now, I need to knit more than a pair a month (during the summer so that I can resist their cuddliness) just to catch up…

    • Haha! That is so like me.
      I am knitting a shawl for my sister, love the pattern, love the yarn but hate the color for me (hint – my favorite is orange, this shawl is grape and grey). Perhaps you could choose colors you do not like so much?

      • I am onto this trick too. For scarves and shawls, I pick colors I do not like but the recepient will. In the case of socks, it helps if the intended recepient has a different-sized foot!

  10. They are beautiful! I’m currently slogging through the Socks of the Long Footed Husband. Found a great way to beat Second Sock Syndrome though — screw up and reknit the first one 3 times. The second one knits up so quickly by comparison!!

  11. Love the pattern! I’ve been on the lookout for patterns that are meant to show off variegated yarns after a little yarn buying accident I had recently. Also thank you for the toe decrease pattern – I’ve been struggling with pointy toes and might give that a shot on my next pair!

  12. I want to know about the heel. I knit a lot of socks, but I don’t think I’ve knit that heel/gusset before.

  13. My LYS is going out of business and is having a 70% off sale next week, right after I get paid. Oh, dear; I foresee a Sock Yarn Incident in my immediate future.

    • Here’s an idea: take every possible method of payment out of your wallet. Then take cash in the amount of your yarn budgeted amount to the LYS. No accidents.

      • Here’s what I did: over the course of my LYS closing sale, I gradually moved half of the inventory into my basement.

        (Terminology is also important. It’s not ‘stash-diving’ but rather ‘my personal yarn shop’…PYS for short.)

        • No, no! you misunderstand, I WANT to have a Sock Yarn Incident. I just don’t quite see how to do that and have a grocery budget too, but I’ll work it out. I do like Presbytera’s suggestion but in my case I have a pocket-handkerchief-sized house and my two Yard Apes reside in the basement, so storage is an issue. I already have about a third of the Yarn Formerly Known as LYS’s, but no sock yarn, so as you see it’s a work in progress.

          • Destash your pantry. Make a plan that you will ‘ eat only what is in pantry for 2 weeks’ then you will have a) a yarn budget and b) empty containers into which you can put your yarn.
            Wish I was there, I would love to help you choose 🙂

    • I’ve also been known to refer to knitting needles as ‘anti-snacking devices’…so you knit more, snack less, save money on snack food, and buy yarn. I think that’s a win-win-win-win scenario…

      • I always tell people that knitting is the best dieting tool. Keeps your hands busy while you’re watching tv so it’s impossible to snack.

  14. OOH they are pretty nifty socks!! I’m still working on my first sock that you held in a pic back at Rhinbeck last Fall … moving slowly but I’ll pick it back up again soon I hope. lol

  15. I love the socks! They kind of remind me of being at the cottage; when you walk through the woods, the sun catches some of the leaves on the ground. Very pretty. Thanks for your explanation of how you do sock toes. I’m always juggling to get the toe to come out (a) not too pointy, (b) not too round, and (c) the right length for the recipient’s foot. I could never work out a go-to formula that worked every time.

  16. Love that pattern and have downloaded it too. Since I’m currently knitting a wardrobe of socks for my husband, I will add that pattern to the list. And a pair for me too.

  17. I totally stuck the deadline for my almost 3 year old granddaughter’s birthday sweater– her birthday is Saturday and I sewed the buttons on it and blocked it yesterday… except that made me miss the Mother’s Day socks deadline. For which I’m about ready to turn the heel on the 1st sock. But that’s ok with my mom. She knows they’re coming, and this time they’re cashmere… and she doesn’t need them for a few months 🙂

  18. I immediatley saw the difference in the arch, and I’m lovin that idea! I need a better fit there, or they’ll move around in my boot. BTW, those socks will go with orange,pumpkin or persimmon or whatever you want to call orange. They are so Halloween-ish. I tried to be like you, knitting an baking/eating shortbread…and now I got a big butt to work off. So little time for knitting,sigh, will have to stick to the red wine like the above mentioned ladies. Speaking of orange & socks…I just got a Lorna’s Laces in “The Red Wedding” inspired by Game of Thrones. Guess what they have orange, russet,plum, scarlet, brown all mixed in.

  19. I did the 12 socks in a year last year, and just squeaked in a 13th…..this year my poor socks are abandoned for a sock yarn blanket…..Love this pattern though…..think I will be casting on soon.

  20. But I bet the children who might find sock alarms dorky probably would be disappointed if they didn’t get socks for Christmas….

    Love these socks. Great match of pattern and yarn.

  21. Because I FINALLY have found a sweater program that I can use to get a sweater that fits (Custom Fit By Amy Herzog) I am now, for the VERY first time knitting a successful sweater! I have yarn for one more and have got more yarn for 2 more sweaters on the way. I have got one sock of one pair done. Socks are my “knit at work so I don’t get mad or go crazy” projects so I might get one sock done in 27 days. You go Steph and may the best socks win!

    • I’ve been eyeballing Amy’s book, but not sure I am experienced enough as a knitter, I’ve only been knitting since 2008. I’ve knit plenty of sweaters and know socks. But my question would be, is Amy’s book/instruction different from Elizabeth Zimmermann percentage system?

      • Yes!!! EPS gives you guidelines for the size but not the shape of each part of a sweater. Amy’s book tells you what designs to choose to flatter your body and how to modify and shape within each part of the sweater so that the sweater fits you. It is part patterns and part how to modify existing patterns. CustonFit designs a sweater for you.

        Also – I think EPS is for seamless sweaters and Amy’s are set-in sleeves.

        • Totally different. EZ tells you how to create a right size. AH tells you how to create the right shape and size. Shape is vital to a good fit, IMHO.

  22. I don’t knit socks often enough to be sure of myself in changing the anatomy of them, and I’ve never loved the pointy-toe effect, especially with my EE width feet. You have just given me permission and the means to do it the way I wanted to all along and I’m sitting here quietly thrilled. Thank you, Stephanie!

  23. My children think that I am the limit because I know that the flight time between melbourne Australia and Los Angeles is 1.25 socks.

  24. These socks are great – put the pattern right into my queue. I would so love to do a pair of socks a month but I’m not as organized as you — I totally get distracted by other patterns that I have to knit right away. Two socks in progress on the needles from KAL’s in Feb and they still aren’t done. Maybe I need a calendar system with reminders like you have!

  25. Lovely pattern, and very pretty socks 🙂 I might have to cast on a pair, as they work so well with the variegated yarn. I also have reminders popping up for anything and everything, and my calendar is linked between my mac and my phone so wherever i am, the reminder appears!

  26. These are the sort of fantastically beautiful socks that keep my thinking, “One day… One day I will set my crochet aside and learn how to knit socks properly.” Properly as in I currently understand what knitters are talking about most of the time but I’ve never really truly actually knit anything more than a few scattered rows here and there. Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

  27. I have been knitting for 50 years and have NEVER knitted a pair of socks. What is wrong with me? Maybe someday…. Love the yarn.

    • Nothing, as long as you are having fun! But do give them a try at some point. I’d been knitting 25 years when I first tried socks, and now I’m an addict!

  28. Love your thoughts on toe decreases. Sorry in advance in case I missed it but with your new method, t what point in the foot do you start your decreases?

  29. I knit a pair of socks in this pattern last year for myself, and for those who are going to try it, let me warn you — it uses up a LOT more yarn than you think it will. I ended up having to dip into a second skein (which, fortunately, I had available) in order to finish the second sock. But I love them — they’re very sturdy, very comfy, and extra-warm. Yours are gorgeous, Stephanie!

  30. Gorgeous socks, love the toe idea.
    Re your alarm: can’t you just use this dealine that just passed as a starting alarm, meaning you now have 26 or so days to knit the next pair, and so on down the line?

  31. Love the socks! Love that you are able to CAST ON a new project!

    And not that I have set goals for myself for the year like that…but totally like the reminder on Outlook!

  32. I’m with you! Rounded toes are best. Thanks for your formula; I’ll give it a try. These socks are lovely and all autumnish. 😉

  33. Dang! I’m impressed you’ve stayed on schedule. I always start out the year with good intentions and then fall down on the job in the first month or so. It isn’t that I can’t knit a sock every 27 days, heck, I’ve knocked out a pair in a weekend in an emergency once, I am just easily distracted.

  34. Thanks for the heads up on the pattern for variegated sock yarn. I’ve downloaded it and will start this weekend. It looks like a good one, at least on your socks.

  35. I love those socks & wish they were mine even though I’m a Summer & they wouldn’t go with anything I own. Who cares what color you wear on your toes . . . . the color is so perfect for that pattern. As usual, the perfect project.

  36. What a little Harlot can do for a pattern! I just went on Ravelry, just to see what’s new, and the sock pattern has been a huge hit! Happens when you post a certain yarn, too…you use it, you post it, it sells out! WOW!!!!!!!!

  37. Wow, that yarn is truly beautiful! It actually glows! Or that’s due to your excellent photography skills. I want those socks!

    I’m so glad you mentioned this pattern, it’ll be great for a skein of yarn that’s given me immense frustration and indecision trying to find a pattern (swatches galore!). The two-tone yarn needs this type of strand stitch and/or trinity stitch to pull the dabs of color into bits of dots and dashes and give the fabric some body other than thin and limp. Socks! I didn’t think of socks. 🙂

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