Why isn’t there a guardrail on this thing

My sister Erin is getting married on Saturday, and just back from two back to back trips, with a bike rally meeting looming in front of me, and all the things I have to do before the big day making a very, very long list… I think I might just go over the edge on this one.

Everything seemed so doable in Colorado.  When I was at The Loopy Ewe’s Spring Fling, I took pictures of the people I talked too (There were a lot of them) and I was light hearted and at ease.

loopy1 2014-09-24 loopy2 2014-09-24 loopy3 2014-09-24 loopy4 2014-09-24 loopy5 2014-09-24

The wedding seemed far away. All I needed was a dress – and I had so much time, so I just enjoyed the ride.

claudia 2014-09-24

I met Claudia from Wollmeise, although that picture is going to be no help identifying her in public (which I think was the goal) my fellow teachers were charming, the students very clever, and the trip, spectacular in general.  I’m so grateful to Sheri for inviting me.

blurry teachers 2014-09-24

(That’s a super blurry picture of me, Ann Budd, Marly Bird and Susan B Anderson. It was at the end of a day of teaching, so I don’t think the problem was with the camera. I think we were all blurry.)

Then I came home, and I only had two days at home and all I had time to do was go to a bike rally meeting and wash my clothes (I literally took them out of my suitcase and put them back in again) and as I left for The Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza, I was starting to feel just a little bit of anxiety.  Just a little voice in the back of my mind that said “Hey, McPhee.  You might want to start thinking about that wedding a bit.”

arkansas2 2014-09-24 arkansas1 2014-09-24 arkansas3 2014-09-24

I told it to screw off, and I played with the knitters.

babycpd 2014-09-24

By Saturday, I could feel a knot of concern attempting to wiggle it’s way up into a place where I’d do something about it – but I still didn’t feel like it was a really big deal, so I played with those knitters too, and I took pictures of an ADORABLE baby dressed up as a Cabbage Patch Doll.  (Can you even stand that baby? So cute it hurts. I can’t believe we’re legally allowed to dress them up as anything we want. Fabulous.)

By Sunday, the Extravaganza was over, and it had been fabulous,  and I had a few hours before it was time to leave for the airport, and I drank a cup of coffee, and I thought to myself – Steph, what is that feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Is that pressure? Should I be worrying about this wedding? I spent a few minutes thinking about what I had to do, but I’m an experienced procrastinator, and so it only took me a few minutes to decide that what I should really be doing was walking into Hot Springs to see the Springs and the old Bathhouses. So that’s what I did.

hotspringshot 2014-09-24

(By the way: Confirmed. Springs in Hot Springs actually hot. Steaming hot water coming right out of the ground. Extremely cool.)

I knit all the way home, and that night I felt that little tap on my shoulder that is my better self trying to keep me on track, but I had a glass of wine and a little knit, and went off to bed.  The next morning though, I didn’t look away when it was time, and the slight concern I had about getting a dress only took two minutes to be converted into full fledged panic as the to-do list mounted.  I needed a dress. I needed shoes. I needed a lipstick. (I thought there was one here somewhere, but there isn’t, and I’ve been informed by my indomitable mother that I will be wearing lipstick to this event, and frankly, she had a look on her face that I don’t argue with. Even at 46 years of age, I know when I have to comply with my mother, and lipstick isn’t the hill I want to die on. I’ll get one.)

I need to write a toast (everything I write is suddenly not funny. Or inappropriate. Or might be rude.  I can’t tell. By the time I’m done worrying about it all I have is a speech that says “My sister Erin is awesome and congratulations.” I know she was hoping for more. I’ll keep trying.) Mum and I are hosting the Friday evening dinner (crap I’m out of balsamic. I’ll have to get some) and I haven’t checked in with the girls to see if they need maternal support in the shoes/dress department, although truthfully, other than infusions of cash they usually do better than I do.  There’s more, oh, so much more, and all of that is smashed in with cleaning the house for guests, and taking (what rather seems like a lot of) phone calls from my sister, and going to work and there’s totally another Bike Rally meeting tonight and I’m going to lose it. I can feel it. I don’t even know what losing it looks like in this case, but I’m going to slip right over the edge any minute.

Yesterday Mum and I went out and got a dress, so that’s done, and I love it, or I love it as much as it is possible for someone  as hopelessly informal as I am to love formal wear. We went to about five stores, it took three hours and it’s out of the way.  (By the way, did you know that apparently you wear special underwear when you go dress shopping? I didn’t know, but my mum and I had this text conversation, so apparently it’s true.)

mumconvo 2014-09-24

(Also, there’s a chance that conversation disappointed my mother.)

This morning I was at the closest shoe store when it opened, and 20 minutes later I had shoes all bought and paid for. (They’re a little tight. The shopgirl said that was good – because they’ll totally loosen up, but I don’t know. They’re no birkenstocks, that’s for sure.)

shoes 2014-09-24

For the rest of today I’m going to clean the house so that someone can stay here without reporting us to that TV show… you know the one.  I think it’s called “Hoarders” – and I’m going to start writing a toast in my head while I do that. Also, I’m going to wear my new shoes while I clean, so that they “loosen up” the way the girl seems confident they will. My Mum is dropping by to critique the shoes and pick up some celery (she’s having a celery crisis that I’ve decided not to question, but merely fork over the greens for) and I’m expecting to take several phone calls from my sister during which I will say only reassuring things, regardless of whether or not I believe them to be true, while not allowing any words to come out of my mouth that imply for even a second that my to-do list is anything but AWESOME because I know hers is longer.

Then I’ll go to my meeting, where I’ll pretend none of this is a strain at all, and act exactly like someone who would never, ever procrastinate like this, and has all the time in the world.  (I’m typing up my meeting notes some time before the meeting, I’ll figure out when that will be after I post this) and then when I get home I’ll make a plan for tomorrow that will include hemming my dress, doing something about my hair (no way to know if that can be helped) my nails (I broke one. Can they fix that?) and shopping for all the cooking on Friday.

It’s going to be cool.  Right? I don’t even have to warp the time-space continuum.  Maybe just bend it.  It’s going to be cool.  I’ve got this.


(PS. The yarn from the pictures on Monday is from Must Stash and is in the colourway “Dark Side of the Moon.” That’s a link that should take you right there, if you’re dying for it, she’s dyeing for it.)

(PPS. The Buffalo Wool Company (I’m a fan) is a finalist in the “American Made” contest. That’s a link that should take you right there if you’re so inclined as to vote for them. I bet they’d like that, and they’re nice people who make good yarn.)


168 thoughts on “Why isn’t there a guardrail on this thing

  1. Love the shoes. Isnt the cabbage patch baby adorable. Definitely tooth rot. A great picture to show for her 16th birthday party.
    This agenda of yours sounds like Xmas prep to me.
    Life is full & good. Especially when there are lots of people to love & celebrate.

  2. Well, you’ve got us trained — I assumed your mum knew you well enough that ” the right underwear” meant the bra. The shoes are fabulous, but don’t get blisters now in an attempt to loosen them up. Consider, and I realize to whom I’m saying this, stockings. Not socks. Nylons. Slippery. Containment. Trust me. (I know, Sam. I’m old.)

    • So am I, ‘old’ I mean (well I think I am 28 but will not turn 58 again) and I too have learned that you can never trust a shoe sales person who tells you the shoes will stretch to fit. That for those of us used to super flats, those are heels and our feet are not used to them. That stockings are a girl’s best friend in these circumstances but so is a pretty but flat pair tucked in to your purse because you are allowed to put them on after the formal bits.

      • Wholeheartly second the idea of taking flats to change into. Learned this from my son’s friend, and is so much better than going around barefooted or sockfooted!!! Enjoy the wedding!!!

  3. Take deep breaths, be calm. You love your sister and the right words will come. Boring cleaning should help… Well give you space to think anyway!

  4. Sounds like a typical YH week. Stress, fun, success, all leading up to an awesome event – in this case, the wedding. I hope you get everything done with sanity intact and enough energy left over to have a fabulous time on Saturday.

  5. Love the shoes! I don’t know about them stretching though. You will be fine with the speech, just remember she is your sister and she loves you.
    Oh and thanks for the reminder about the balsamic vinegar, I need to get some too.

  6. Love the shoes; they pass my inspection and I hope they go with the dress. It is a shame that you have to hem the dress yourself, though. I like the handsewing and the actual stitch, but I personally hate hemming (I think it is because I have no one to help me get it pinned correctly BEFORE I hem…or at least, that is what I tell myself!).
    Enjoy the next few days…then post a photo of you all dressed up. You don’t even have to include a sock!

  7. Put on socks with the shoes. That will help to loosen them up (and don’t listen to that sales ptich again, shoes should fit when you buy them, not loosen up).

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  9. The Top Five Statements You Should Never Believe:

    5 – The check is in the mail.
    4 – Of course I’ll still respect you in the morning.
    3 – It doesn’t cost anything to look.
    2 – What could possibly go wrong?
    1 – They’re a little tight now, but they’ll loosen up as you wear them.

  10. Isn’t it funny, no matter how old we get, our mothers still have this effect on us? I still remember going with my mom to visit my grandmother, and listening to all the things my mom said to me, being said to her. “Put your sweater on, it’s cold out there.” “Take a flashlight when you walk, it’s dark.” And my mom, gritting her teeth and answering, “We’ll be fine, Mom.” While I LMAO….

  11. If those are leather shoes, a quick “loosen them up” or “mold them to your feet” trick a shoe store gave me years ago is to put the shoes on, and then aim a hair blow dryer on warm at them for a bit. (Can you borrow one from a neighbor/friend if there is not one in the house?) It allows the leather to warm up and more easily stretch – just like it does as you wear them, but it’s a tons faster process. Kind of magical. If not leather – sorry, I’ve got no tips there.

  12. If your nail is cracked and not broken completely off, a manicurist can easily glue it for you. A coat of polish (clear is fine although color is better) and you are good to go. Half an hour, tops.

  13. If you can’t wear the Birks, those are totally the next best choice! You’ve got this. Really. But make sure you have the right kind of coffee on hand to get you through the next few days. And enjoy. It’ll be grand!!

  14. As someone who just got married this summer, I remember this crazy time well and, looking back, can see how even if none of the last minute details were done (i.e., cleaning, the “right shoes”), it would have still been completely perfect. It’s love, and family, and how could it not be perfect?! ENJOY!!

  15. Baby Carolyn (aka the Cabbage Patch Baby) and I had a wonderful time meeting you this weekend! —

    I’m also glad we can dress them up any way we want. She’s already been Princess Leia and a Dr Who Dahlek. I’m about to cast on a Little Red Riding hood cape for the dress up box. —

    Take care!
    Love, Angela (and Baby Carolyn

  16. Those shoes are very classy, timeless and perfect for formal occasions. You can keep them at the back of your closet and pull them out for years to come on the occasional formal event, and not have to shop again.

  17. And I love that your mother monitored your dress shopping – I’m 50 and my mother still has to go with me because apparently I can’t get it right on my own.

    • And I thought it was sad that I still needed to take my mother clothes shopping at almost 32…but nothing looks right if I do it by myself…

  18. …I LOVE those shoes!!

    Good luck with the to-do list. I just got married, and have friends who are getting married, so I’m well aware of both sides of this!

    But, in the end of it all…everything will go fine! Congratulations to your sister. And good luck to you! 🙂

    Katie =^..^=

  19. If the shoes seem to pinch or rub anywhere, Bodyglide is the bomb for that (it’s to stop chafing while running but it’s excellent on feet). Better used before it gets too bad. Good luck!

  20. I must say, I love the shoes, but they look too small. The salesgirl, bless her heart, may not be in sales for long. As for the underwear, I’m with you. I would have assumed that the ‘right underwear’ has no holes and is reasonably clean. In fact, this whole “right underwear” thing — until the last US presidential election, I didn’t know about the Mormon stuff, either — is a bit creepy.

    Have fun at the wedding. Your toast will be warm and witty and wonderful. The bride will be beautiful. They will be married. And that’s all that matters.

  21. I feel your pain. My dad died last night, after I flew interstate just with a carry on bag. So I suddenly need to help organise a funeral, plus buy shoes and a dress, and arrange clothes for my kids for when they arrive. Instead, I am sitting in bed, knitting on a scarf, and it’s making me feel a bit better. Your shoes look awesome, and I hope they stretch to be actually comfortable. But you need nice stuff for the wedding, even if it hurts.

  22. Those shoes are KICK ASS!!!!! I would love to know what they are.

    I know you too will be KICK ASS – you will do a wonderful job for your sister.

  23. With all the stuff you have to do ( and we know you’re the Harlot but it still sounds like you could use a couple of extra pairs of hands this week,) don’t forget THE SHAWL! Have you wrapped it yet? Or have you already given it to your sister? The wedding will be beautiful no matter what gets done or doesn’t, just like Christmas. Where there’s family, and love, and laughter, and good food and wine, everything will be perfect. Enjoy.

  24. The to-do list doesn’t worry me – but the shoes do….a little. I’m just a great big baby when it comes to shoe comfort, and I’ve made too many mistakes of my own. HOWEVER – I learned somewhere on the internet that if you rub a bit of stick antiperspirant on all the spots you think might rub or blister, it fights friction, and you will not get sore spots. I have found this technique extremely effective!

  25. You got this! Remember your sister just wants all her loved ones celebrating with her- she’s not going to care about anything else!

  26. Incredible shoes!!! And, by the time you’re ready to rip them off and heave them across the room, it’ll be time for dancing barefoot, anyway!

    Adding my vote for Gotta See The Dress!!

    • those little satin slippers with the elastic all around the top and tiny bow, you know the ones I mean…are perfect to tuck in your purse for dancing in

  27. Make sure to have a cold bottle of champagne around for wedding day emergencies. I’ve been a maid/matron of honor to two of my sisters. One wedding had a tornado and the other lost power for 3 hours before an August wedding in NC. Both needed an emergency bottle of champagne.

  28. A. Yes, you’ve got this. And you won’t even have to warp space/time.

    B. Don’t be surprised if the shoes don’t loosen up. On the other hand, how often will you need to wear them?

    C. I finished the veil for my daughter’s wedding the night before, and the shrug I was wearing the morning of. You’re doing great, considering.

  29. Best wedding advice? If, at the end of the day, you/they are married, to each other and happy? Nothing else matters. These things always work out.

  30. LOL! My mother knows not to even try for me and lipstick. I didn’t wear it for my wedding. I’m hopeless.

    Shoes? Easy. Best dress shoes going…Character shoes. AKA tap shoes without taps. I own two pair, black, and taupe. Go with anything formal, look fine, no one will notice, they are just innocuous very low heeled dress shoes. There is a reason that all the dancers in all the plays always wear them.

  31. I am adding my “yes, they’re fabulous!” to all the shoe comments. And you have your dress! Loved the underwear stuff! Remember to have a good time. If it doesn’t all get completely done, run with what you’ve got and call it good!

  32. Hem a dress? At times like this there is the alterations store in the mall. At our mall there are even two to choose from. Done in an hour if you ask nicely. Probably the price of a nice case of beer or 3 Starbucks fancy coffees. In fact you could drink one or the other of those while waiting for the hem to be done.

  33. Kabowzer…your footie looks quite pretty in that dress-up shoe. shove some newspaper in them and some sticks to stretch them out… Have a great time; I imagine the Pearl-McPhee families are going to infuse that ceremony with extreme love and grace.

  34. I predict Joe will find the shoes to be SEXY, especially if paired with the right risque underwear! However, exchange them for the next half size larger if they are uncomfortable. (I wear a wide width, so comfort outweighs style & sexiness.)

    I’m surprised you got your Mom to help you find the right dress, when your three daughters/fashion mavens have done soooo right by you in the past! Maybe they weren’t available?

  35. All the best with the to-do list, and of course the wedding! (Part of me feels guilty for commenting on this, as if I am complicit in procrastination if you read these before.)

    So glad that blocking the shawl is not part of this list! You may still be procrastinating, but I think that is something you should be really proud of! Good job!

  36. I’m with anonymous at 11:28pm – you need the next half size up. if not available, wear the thinnest socks you have while you wear them around the house. But don’t wear them all day straight – take them off every hour or so for a while and give your feet a rest or you’ll have blisters before the big day arrives. Before you leave for the wedding, put the socks back on and wear them till you get out of the car at the venue, when you take the socks off your feet will feel better right away. Also – yes thigh high stockings are still available. I get them at (sorry) WalMart – beige, black are most useful. And they are not only sexy for your sweetie, but they’ll probably make you feel sexy for yourself. And they are pretty darn easy to peel off when you need to dance barefoot.

    You will all have a wonderful time no matter doesn’t get done. It’s about being together at an incredibly important time of life. Have fun!

  37. OMG! I CAN’T FIND THE “SEND ALL YARN HARLOT POSTS TO MY EMAIL” BUTTON! SOS!!!!! MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!!!!!! HELP ME SOMEONE!!!!!! PLEASE, I MUST HAVE MORE YARN HARLOT IN MY LIFE!!!!!! (and I don’t even knit……I do, on the other hand, crochet and procrastinate in equal measure) Seriously tho, how do I get you in my inbox?

  38. P.S. As per the shoes: very nice……definitely wear some type of nylons……your feet will thank you……take off shoes and hosiery when the dancing starts……enjoy!!!!!

  39. I suggest slow, deep breaths while you’re cleaning the house and, later, a long soak in the bath with a glass of wine, candles and some soothing music.

    If you’re this frazzled before your sister’s wedding, imagine the state you’ll be in when a daughter’s wedding day approaches (not that any of them must get married, mind you).

  40. Oh my God, your life is my life right now except that instead of knitting conference trips and my sister’s wedding I have a 15-mo-old and translations to do (when? oh 1am) and the English class I teach had to be moved from today to yesterday because my husband has to attend a conference at the Red Cross all day today and tomorrow, meaning also that our son’s passport renewal appointment that was tomorrow had to be moved to Monday afternoon and oh my that’s cutting it close cause we fly out on WEDNESDAY morning for the US (from Spain) also to attend a wedding (how does jet lag work w/a 15-mo-old? Ask me in a week) and see my family. Yes, please, a guardrail would be wonderful and I don’t just mean the one on my bed to keep the baby from falling out at night.

    Good luck to you. Here’s hoping we both make it through. (with the right underwear? I’m with you on that one.)

  41. Stephie you have done so well to get the dress out of the way. I remember a previous family wedding where you spent five whole days looking for a dress! Things are improving.
    I hope all goes well with the toast. I hope you can remember to recount some Erin-family stories that show her in a good light.
    Enjoy the proceedings.

  42. LOVE those shoes! But I must warn you, we must have pictures of you at the event in all your finery, otherwise it didn’t happen!!

  43. Love the shoes & I heard this for stretching: put some water in a Baggie, not totally full & make sure it’s sealed. Put Baggie in toe of shoe. Freeze overnight. The water expands when it freezes & stretches the shoe. The source said it worked great for cowboy boots. I have not tried it myself.

  44. (1) There is the ‘Right Underwear’ for almost every event/occasion.
    (2) I can pretty much guarantee I’m not wearing it.

  45. 1. Ditto on the comment to bring flat shoes for dancing.

    2. Treat yourself to a manicure to fix the nail. Even better, get a gel manicure. The polish won’t chip and you won’t need to worry about actually *using* your hands!

    3. Hem your dress? Honey, you can hire someone to do that!

    4. Be your totally awesome self!

  46. I say this with knitters love, relax take a breath answer the phone from mum or sis. Remember this mum is losing another daughter and sister is saying love for ever to someone else. Hide in a closet and knit clean the water closet, put sheets on bed and clean main living room, then hide everything else. People or there for your sister and her wedding they know already you hoard yarn so don’t worry about it, find a quote on. Love and sister on the net and put it in the toast and most of all knit when you can and have fun it’s for your sister. Ps as for shoes you and I talked about that in Arkansas you bought the right size this time and we are use to clogs!

  47. Never question a celery emergency.

    And as for lipstick, did you know Carmex has a tinted lip balm? It’s very light (sheer) and comes in only 2 or 3 three neutral colors (like berry and pink). And not very ‘lipstick-y’ at all. Or Cliniques’ Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, which looks dark, but goes on subtle.

  48. Put on some socks ans stuff your feet into the shoes and then use a hair dryer to blow dry them. Should heat up the leather and help them stretch out a bit. And the socks will help protect your feet from blisters while you wear them around the house to break them in. 🙂

  49. 1. Your shoes are pretty.
    2. They will NEVER be as comfortable as Birkenstocks (or Clarks Sunbeats, which is what my feet live in, now that I am retired from law, finance [and pointy Stuart Weitzman stilettos).
    3. Bring your knitting ti the wedding. Tou can do a row or six in the bathroom, and it will help you relax).
    4. If guests don’t complement you on the ahawl you knit for your sister, they are ignorant heathens.
    5. As for thw “wedding speech”, just soeak from the heart.

  50. With no desire to add to panic, I’ve been selling shoes for 6 years at a specialty (read: medical/orthopedic) shoe store. You shouldn’t buy shoes that have to be “broken in”. If they don’t feel good in the store for 5 minutes, they won’t feel good after 8 hours.

    In the meantime, however, if they are leather, you can use some rubbing alcohol to ease the stretching along. Put some rubbing alcohol on the inside of the shoe where it is tight and they rub out the spot with a wooden spoon. Afterwards, you may want to use some shoe conditioner or olive oil on the spot of the shoe that you put alcohol on as the alcohol will dry out the leather.

    The Alcohol helps the leather fibers to relax. If it isn’t leather, bend and massage the fabric before wearing it. Wear around the house with super thick socks. Take Ibprofen or another anti-inflammatory the day of (to preemptively reduce foot swelling). Then, on that day, DO NOT TAKE THE SHOES OFF. Your feet will swell. So if you take your feet out of the shoes, they will expand and not be able to go back into the shoe as easily. So, no matter what, don’t take the shoes off if you want to put them back on again.

  51. Procrastinators are the best kind of people. We use all of the time that we have to worry, stress, & obsess over our To Do list, that when we get around to it, we finish with a bang! Just keep the coffee and the wine within reach.

  52. My teen age boys go to a charter school where the unofficial student motto is “Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow!”
    Not that I approve for them, you understand. But you got this.
    Can’t wait to see wedding pictures.

  53. Those Shoes. I want a pair exactly like those. That’s as high a heel as I can handle, but still elegant to look at. They don’t say, “I don’t give a cr_p how I look”, which –while usually true–seems too prickly a frame of mind to take to weddings. They say, “I make this dress look good. I may not be 17 but I’ve got it going on.” Please please please. Tell us the brand, now!

  54. I think you killed Must Stash’s site LOL

    There’s nothing but wrist fobs left in her shop. Deep breaths for Saturday – you’re not the one getting married! 😀

  55. Those shoes are really nice. I’m worried about “breaking them in” on the day of their debut. Wear them now and every day (indoors, with socks) until the big day. Wear bandaids IN ADVANCE of the blisters. Please heed my advice.
    Looking forward to photos of your sister wearing that magnificent shawl. Enjoy, it’s going to be a beautiful weekend.

  56. Hey Steph – at least you’re not finishing The Second Shawl. #1 is to enjoy your sister’s wedding – I expect that she’ll enjoy whatever you say. Enjoy!

  57. This advice may be too late – but be careful about wearing those shoes right before the wedding. When I was in my sister-in-law’s wedding, we had these terra cotta-colored dresses, and we each got our own shoes died to match, separately. Of course no two pair of shoes were quite the same color, but one of the groom’s sisters finally tried on her dyed shoes the night before the wedding and realized they’d shrunk. So she wore them that evening to ‘stretch them out’. Come the day of the wedding, her feet were so swollen that she couldn’t get them on, and wound up wearing a pair of brown suede shoes she had, and we had to arrange all the pictures to hide her feet. On top of that, years later, one of their kids looked at the pictures and asked why one of the pair of bridesmaids’ shoes were PINK.

  58. Lash out and get the dress professionally hemmed – it’s not worth your time stressing over. and Yes they can fix a broken nail – but if you’re getting that done before the cooking, BUY RUBBER GLOVES. Lastly, I don’t care whether or not you usually wear stockings – wear them while you’re breaking in the shoes. Putting up with a little discomfort at home is better than blisters on the big day, and while you’re doing said cooking!

    I can’t wait to see wedding photos with the shawl you made for Erin.

  59. Dear Harlot, the lipstick you’ll want is by Clinique: Almost Lipstick in “Black Honey”. Don’t be afraid when you twirl it up. It looks like something a burlesque dancer would wear but it is totally sheer with just enough color to look as though you’ve eaten a blackberry. It’s good with all colorings and is easy to re-apply without a mirror. There’s a reason it’s been around since 1971. It’s beautiful and I have one in every pocket and purse. This shade won’t make you look as though you’ve tarted yourself up, it just give you a more polished look allover. You’re welcome.

    • I love Clinique and will try this one; I hate it when they discontinue my favourite colours! I usually have Bamboo Pink in every purse.

  60. It’s lovely that there will be lipstick and heels and whatnot, but no-one will really pay attention to anyone but your sister, which is as it should be. So delegate and outsource everything possible, smile proudly as the source of the epic shawl, and relax knowing that you are allowed to be less freaked out than both your mother and sister.

  61. SO enjoyed seeing you in Hot Springs and taking classes from you. Don’t know which story was funnier the Fiber Festival or the Biscuits. Hmm, do you have any stories about you and your sister as young girls dreaming of our “Prince Charmings”???

  62. Hey, nevermind the wedding, you missed the real important info! Did Claudia bring some of her new yarn for you to test? It has cashmere and knits up great!

  63. I love how everyone is talking about the shoes and the dress while I am sat here hyperventilating that there is sock yarn called Dark Side of the Moon? Two of my favourite things in the one sentence :o)

  64. Yes, they can fix the nail. It takes time but is relaxing and you could be thinking about the toast while someone rubs your hands;
    Would it be quicker to take the dress to a tailer/dry-cleaner and ask them to hem
    It while you do something only you can do?
    Can you get help with the cleaning?

    You know, of course that it will all be fabulous in the end. Have a wonderful time!

  65. What a lucky sister to have you, knitting an amazing shawl, hosting dinner, hosting guests and writing a speech. This kind of relationship doesn’t exist everywhere. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so awesome! Now grab a beer, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

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