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  1. Too tired or too cold!! Welcome back to the windy city. I have those wee Christmas (cable) trees to decorate my piano. I plan to make a forest. The photos are great – looking forward to the stories.

    • We had a wonderful surprise workshop in Sunday night, with hunky firemen, and one fantastic woman firefighter. We got to pretend to put out a stove fire, and what it would be like to be in a house when a hurricane hits. It was pretty awesome, and the firefighters had great senses of humor.

  2. It’s too much! I can’t decide what I want to read about first… The tray of white wine.
    The hunky fireman…
    The cork covers…
    This does look like the best. Time. Ever.

  3. It looks like so much fun, and I can’t wait to hear more about it!

    But on a serious note, what do I need to set on fire to meet that handsome fireman?

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  5. How much wine did you all consume to mistake the oven for a fireplace? Wow! The flames are rising through the burner and you all stopped for a photo op? [Shaking my head, laughing].

  6. sigh… who are you fortunate souls who get to partake in such glory? The gods have surely smiled upon you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Fire in the hole!
    Seriously though, it all looks awesome, especially the scenery, the vendors’ tables, the yarn bombing, etc., etc., but I gotta know…if it’s not soap, what is it?

  8. (That’s a treble clef, BTW, not a music note.)
    Looks like Judith actually put at least 5 spinning wheels in that vehicle, along with various miscellaneous paraphernalia. A tetris master, indeed.

  9. I swear I’m going next year! It looks so wonderful. I missed this year because we had a trip planned from California to Boston and New Youk to see family. It coincided with the “Polar Vortex” or, as I’m thinking, “Canadian weather”. I’m struggling with the cold. You all are clearly hardier than me… Welcome home. Save me a spot next year.

  10. That looks like a wonderful time! I am curious about the stove photo with the fireman. Can not wait to hear all about it and the time spent with Judith!

  11. OK. I get the lovely tray of wine, but I’m really concerned about the stove with an oven in what appears to be flames, and NO ONE is concerned. Then the Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue arrives. So I wonder what the morning report is like: “Well, Chief, it was a knitting retreat. Yes, sir, I did say knitting retreat. Well, sir, it was like this….” Looking forward to YOUR report.

  12. This post has been up for at least eight hours and Presbytera hasn’t weighed in with one word about the fire nor the fireman. What’s up with that?

    • Sorry to leave you hanging; too much wine led to a popcorn fight. Had to clean up.

      So. Anybody notice that it’s Stephanie who is closest to the fire? Barking mad, all of them, but she’s clearly the ringleader.

  13. These photos inspire so many questions!!! Let’s take the top ones:

    1. Why were you all inspired to put the over on “Self-cleaning mode”? (Or, was it “:Nuclear Reaction Mode”?

    2. What inspired the little basket of knitted veggies?

    3. Can we see a full-frontal (and majorly less-dressed) photo of that hunky firefighter???

    • Answer to #2: It was an homage to the chef at Port Ludlow, who always makes sure the vegetarians in the group have wonderful things to eat and that we aren’t singled out as having to have a special meal different from everyone else. You can find the patterns in Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh (except for the basket, which was done one the fly — literally on the plane on the way there)

  14. Welcome home. Hope your travel was safe and easy. It does look wonderful – wish I could go home and pull out my stash to knit up my own fruit and veggie basket. Who is the spindle vendor in your photo? That array gave me palpitations. Some day cyber media will advance so we can all “attend” a gathering like that, even if we can’t feel the fiber, whirl the spindles, or smell what’s cooking (or burning – I hope the Fire Department was there to buy yarn, fiber, and spindles, and not because something burst into flames).

    • Greensleeves Spindles! Elizabeth couldn’t be there herself, so Julie & I represented her in the market place (we’ll do this again, next time, because it was fun).

  15. Always looks so lovely. I do wonder though, if non-drinkers would be welcome? And I’m waiting to hear more about the fire department . . .

  16. I live *so* close to this event and have never gone! I shall put it on my claendar for next year!

    And…yeah…what is up with that oven?! You all look strangely calm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Chuckling at the Manly firefighter. Yes. So the Not Soap was…? And was that Debbie at the end? And and and. Wish I’d been able to come. So glad everyone had such a good time!

  18. So smiling & looks of gleeful anticipation- notice Judith’s clasped hands- in front of a flaming appliance? Wouldn’t a fire outside have been easier? – or maybe a fireplace? At least you’re having fun.

  19. Oh! You have your “Birch” back! Yay! Did you make a new one or find the original ?
    PS your lovely description inspired me to try making one (scarlet) – thank you! Most unpicks and frogs and unravels ever, but it’s stunning and perfect and finished. Thanks again for the inspiration

    • I wondered the same thing when I saw the photo. I have a feeling that someone from The Blog knit a replacement for Stephanie’s sorely missed Birch and sped it on its way to her doorstep . . . insured, in case it, too, became missing.

  20. Stephanie I currently have the Knitting Rules in the car for reading when my boys both fall asleep, and it’s just too funny! I’m starting to get odd looks from people walking past me rocking the car with laughter parked on the street outside my house! Thanks for the laughs x

  21. My oven did that once, and I thought a hellgate had opened up in my kitchen. I was not nearly so calm about it. (I think I may have levitated across the kitchen. Too bad I wasn’t paying any attention to how I did it!)

  22. Smokin’!! And truly, the confidence to wear the word “Manly” on your butt, (even if it is his name), is seriously great. Admirable, in fact! Can you imagine wearing either your own last name or “Womanly” across your own backside in huge script?!?

  23. All I want to do is come to this retreat and ABSORB the magic. I don’t want to knit or spin or do anything creative. I just want to absorb. I need this!

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