Never Say Die

This is a quickie, since I’m just changing planes in Vancouver before flying to Seattle, for the annual textile party that is Madrona.  (By the way, if you’re around, I’m signing books Friday after class, and if you bring yours, I’ll sign them. I don’t think there will be any for sale, so bring yours, or a bookplate, or something. I’ll sign anything. Almost. I have a few standards yet.) I can’t wait to get there. I’ve been doing Madrona for years and have a soft spot for the event that’s hard to explain, but I’ll tell you about it as we go along, and maybe you’ll get an idea.  This morning I packed two things of note. First, an unblocked but totally finished Fox Paws.

halfcatfromdone 2015-02-11

Fox Paws is seen here yesterday one half cat short of a chesterfield, at the exact moment that I realized that I could totally finish if I blocked it at Madrona, so I charged off and totally crushed it.  I finished really late last night (don’t talk about what time, it makes me want to nod off where I am) and it’s tucked into my bag, and it will have a swim and a pat when I arrive.  I can’t wait.  The other thing I brought with me? One of the reasons that I was so anxious to finish Fox Paws.

Dontpanicearly 2015-02-11

That yarn totally needs to be a size four sweater by Monday night.

Don’t panic early. It’s going to be fine.

(PS. I’m aware the blog has been up and down, if you’re a tech type, the problem is that the HTTP keeps deciding to be unresponsive, and has to be restarted. I’ll look into why when I land and have a chance to get on the phone.  In the meantime, try not to worry too much. It comes back up after a bit.)