I guess I deserved that

Sorry for radio silence pets, but man, did the last few days ever get on top of me. I got home Tuesday night – no, that’s inaccurate. I left Mexico on Tuesday night, but thanks to an ice storm here in Toronto, I didn’t actually arrive home until about 5am on Wednesday morning, and as you can imagine, the rest of that day was a total washout. I managed to get to a Bike Rally meeting that night where I was probably the stupidest person in the room, and collapsed in a heap shortly thereafter.

Yesterday then, was the first real day for taking stock, and boy, is there stock. As much fun as that holiday was, and as grateful as I was for the sunshine, warmth and time with my mother, there are consequences to self-employed people taking holidays, and those consequences are stacked up on my desk a mile high. Also, apparently I’m slightly cursed in a knitting way right now. How so? Here’s three pieces of evidence.

Thing the first:

socktoosmall 2015-03-06

Isn’t that a pretty sock? You bet.  I love it. I spent quite a bit of time working on it while I was holiday making, and I guess I relaxed way too much, because as soon as I finished this sock, I realized that it absolutely will not fit the intended recipient. It’s way too skinny for him, and I probably knew that the whole time, but everything seems fine if you’re warm on a beach.  I kept thinking “is this a problem?” and then some voice in my head would say “problem? YOU’RE ON A BEACH. YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS” and then I’d sigh and keep knitting this too-small sock.  When it was done, I  couldn’t lie to myself anymore, and since a need a pair of socks on a deadline, I didn’t pull it back and start again. I set it aside, I went to my suitcase, got other sock yarn, and made a fresh start.

Thing the second:

One almost finished sock, that will totally fit, and looks really awesome, and…

socknotdone 2015-03-06

I ran out of yarn.

socknotdoneleftovers 2015-03-06

Ten rounds before the end of the toe, and it’s screwed. I think the only way out is to pull it back and use something contrasting for the whole toe – and for the record, the voice of my inner knitter warned me about that too, but I couldn’t hear it over the ocean.

Thing the third:

This little sweater should have been done by 7pm tonight. It’s not going to be. I knew I needed to pick up the pace on that too, but the beach beckoned, and something about a warm wool sweater just didn’t seem that important while I was warm. It’s crystal clear now though. I should have been knitting faster.  I see that now.

sweaternotdone 2015-03-06

Truth is, everything has a price, and apparently, I relaxed way, way too much. I relaxed so much that I knit like an idiot.

It was still worth it. If you need me, I’ll be over here, excavating my desk, and fixing a whole lot of knitting.