Don’t get too comfortable

I’m almost at the end of this mad sprint, this thing where I’m teaching/travelling for so many days, almost in a row, and the end is in sight.  I’m stopped in here at home just long enough to wash my clothes – I literally take them out of the suitcase, run them through the washer and put them back again. The only thing that changes in the suitcase is the knitting. This last go round, I got on a plane and trotted off to Minneapolis for Yarnover, and to teach at StevenBe as a little cherry on the Minnesota cake, and my project was Cladonia. I didn’t have all the time to knit it that I thought I would (see previous post/cautionary tale) but it’s almost done now, after only a few days, and I think that if all goes well, it will be all done before I get on another plane on Friday for the Make Wear Love Retreat in California.  (I know I keep mentioning this, but I love that my job is to travel from knitting island to knitting island.  I had complete camnesia this weekend (didn’t take a single picture) but Yarnover and StevenBe were so great, and despite the travel fatigue that’s slowly killing me (just a few more days man) I love it all. Every retreat and event has it’s own personality, and I love them all. They are knitterific.)

Once I got the right needle, this shawl has proceed at lightning pace. It’s got nothing but stockinette and a little shaping through the body, then just a few rows of lace at the bottom.

cladonia 2015-04-29

I can’t tell you how much I’m sure I’m going to run out of yarn though.  I was knitting along, starting the lace bit, when it seemed to me like I had buckets of yarn. Heaps, even – so I ripped back, did a little bit more knitting, and then started the lace again, farther along. Now I can’t shake the feeling that I should have soldiered on, because what’s leftover now seems pathetically wee.  There’s nothing for it though, because I’m committed to the risk. I’m going to try to squeak it out. I’ll knit fast. That will help.*


*No. It won’t.