Postcard from over the edge

The last knitters have gone, and Debbi and I are tidying up, paying the bills, having meetings – going to debriefings, and essentially weaving in the ends on our retreat. I’ll have a little more time tomorrow, as I make my way home, all the way from one side of the continent to another, but for today, a few snapshots. It was a lovely, lovely time.

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71 thoughts on “Postcard from over the edge

  1. Someday, I would like to take photos like that at your retreat. It looks like it was a terrific place to learn some new things. The knitted pieces are beautiful!

  2. All right- I’m going to the cooking retreat next year!! I had so much fun in 2012, I have to go to another one!

  3. Peaceful, beautiful setting, lots of lovely (and complicated knitting), wonderful people, what more could a person ask for? Except to be there in person. Thank you for sharing the pictures with those of us who could not make it.
    p.s how appropriate that I got the foot since I am working on my second sock.

  4. Nice to see Terri’s rosebud embellished work. She is an amazing knitter. Fun to see someone I know here.

  5. I love the green bordered cream colored embroidered piece. Can you tell us about it? If that’s a project from a class, I want to take it!

    • Thank you! I took Franklin Habit’s “Embroidering your Knitting” class at Madrona last February, and I have been working on a pattern for an embroidered shawl since then. Steph photographed one of the mini-shawls that I developed as practice pieces, but the pattern for the full-sized shawl is nearly ready for the test knitters, tech editor, and photographer–I hope to have it ready for sale on Etsy and Ravelry by the end of summer. I will also be teaching classes on making the mini-shawls at A Good Yarn in Port Orchard, Washington, in the fall. Glad you like it–and the retreat was awesome!

  6. Someday
    Someday when I have no children in the house, I will go to a yarn retreat.
    Someday. . .

    Looks like it was a yarny blast!!!

  7. It was a lovely, lovely time at a magical place. Everyone from the teachers to the resort staff were dedicated to making sure we all had a wonderful experience. And I certainly did. After each class, I wanted to go home and do more – more cooking, more dying and more knitting. I learned so much and want to learn more! Thanks to all at The Resort at Port Ludlow and to Debbi, Judith and Stephanie! Now…can someone tell Chef Dan that it’s 6:00 pm and I’m wondering what he’s serving me for dinner?

    • Me too, Molly! I really felt like knitting and cooking MORE after the retreat! We made it to Churchmouse on Tuesday. What a great shop!

  8. I dream of going some day also. Am I the only knitter who fears she will be the least experienced, worst knitter on the premises? You fabulous guys are intimidating. Still…someday I hope to take the plunge.

    • “the least experienced, worst knitter on the premises”

      That would be me, so for the time being I remain content with the 3-hr. weekly knitting retreat that is my local group of yarn enthusiasts, who have patiently taught me so much.

  9. It was a perfect storm of lovely knitters, fabulous weather and amazing food. My first ever knitting retreat and the yarny goodness was topped off by a woman next to me on the plane home saying to me as she sat down..”OMG, they let you knit on the plane? Someone could get stabbed!” – a direct quote. I ran Steph’s blog from a few days ago through my head in 6 seconds, and managed to respond calmly that it was no more dangerous than a ball point pen, while stabbing myself in the palm with my needle to demonstrate. (I was knitting, btw, with a 12 inch bamboo circular that couldn’t break skin if you tried.) My first ever comment of that kind as I travel less than YH, so the knit experience was COMPLETE!!

  10. The photos are lovely.
    I must ask, what is the triangle with the green edging? The cream color one with the pretty flowers & viney looking stitching!
    It is wonderful! I would love to know if there is a pattern.

    • Thank you! Several others have asked about that little mini-shawl, too–see my answer to Barbara from Springfield on the 16th above. It was a fabulous time–this was my second StrungAlong retreat, and absolutely as wonderful as the first one I attended last year. Stephanie and Debbi are amazing and creative organizers and teacher, and you have to savor the foods to believe them!

  11. This is it! This is the retreat I will attend someday! It looks like such a fabulous place with fabulous knitting and knitters. Are the dates set for next year? Gotta start planning (and saving) to attend one of these.

  12. I (sort of) made the blog! My friend Pam and I were in that plane as it taxied away. The plane rides and the weekend were amazing!

  13. Hi Stephanie,

    maybe you can help spread the word and folks can help…the Sockeye fire in Willow Alaska has displaced many dozens of families and dog mushers. some of which have lost everything in this fire (no pets though). Fortunately local residents and businesses have stepped up to offer safe havens for dog yard/livestock owners, some of which have upwards of 75 to 100 sled dogs… there is a fund raising site within this link/article folks can go to if they want to donate money to the local musher’s assoc.

    I know how knitters love to help….being one myself and as a former dog musher who has helped relocate friend’s with large kennels during big wildfires I know how scary this can be…
    Melissa in Fairbanks

  14. Once I finish mopping up the drool, I will figure out how to get to one of these retreats before they’re gone! I hope you aren’t planning on retiring any time soon, Steph, the logistics are going to take me a while. So beautiful, and so grateful at the community you create around you.

  15. Does anyone know anything about the yarn with the beads…all my other questions have been answered in the comments already.

  16. Dear Stephanie. I have a dropped stitch with a safety pin in it hanging off the lower portion of a very long lace scarf wairing for you to show me how to fix it when you fix that crescent shawlette with the similar problem. Not holding my breath, but hope to see your tutorial soon. Actually I am holding my breath. Love always Suzanne

  17. What a wonderful time that must have been. I have always wanted to do a retreat.
    I saw the yarn with sparkles and the wine….I’m in

  18. One of these days…when I retire and win the lottery I’ll be able to go on retreats. It looks wonderful and so much fun. I’ll be watching for the rose trellis shawl – it’s gorgeous.

  19. Everything at the retreat was absolutely wonderful, thanks to Stephanie, Debbie, and Judith! And the staff of the Resort at Port Ludlow too! I so enjoyed every minute and the food was fabulous! The farm trip was a fun adventure as well. We lucked out with perfect weather too! It was fun meeting so many other fun knitters.

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