roving 2015-09-02

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single2 2015-09-02

skein 2015-09-02

ball 2015-09-02

knit 2015-09-02

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holdingcowl 2015-09-02

How much fun is that, to see the whole project, start to finish, all in order. Makes me think that knitting blogs are really just stop motion knitting movies, happening really slowly. Roving: Western Sky Knits  Pattern: Hudson Lace Cowl

I’ve got a little more time, so more gifts! (I swear there’s no end in sight. Your generosity is really unbelievable.) I don’t have time to do many, but a few is better than none.

Beth, who owns the beautiful shop Dancing Dog Studio, has this incredible hand made bracelet to give away.  Isn’t it pretty?  I hope that Debbie R thinks so.

beaded bracellet 2015-09-02

Generous knitter Sarah has a lovely gift she’ll be sending to Jyoti P. and not only is she generous, she has great taste. 320 yards of Argosy “Hannah sport” 50/50 merino/silk.

argosy 2015-09-02

The lovely Sally, friend of the show and owner at Rivendale Farms, has  2 skeins of alpaca/bamboo from her beautiful alpaca Teagan, that she’d like to send to Andrea G.
rivendalefarms 2015-09-02

Mia, sweeter than pie, has not eight, not nine, but ten skeins of a beautiful Merino/silk to send to Kristi P.

miasyarn 2015-09-02

That’s all I have time for today, but tomorrow I’m going to try and push through a lot of them. Thanks guys, you’re all amazing