I spent the weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta – I was in town for their Word on The Street Festival, and it was great. They did me the honour of asking me to be a featured writer, and I was in really, really excellent company.  I was nervous about this. When I say that mostly, I write knitting humour, usually the other authors have their eyes roll right back in their heads.  They are polite, of course, but I can always tell that any conversation we might have had about writing, or being a writer stopped right there, before it started.  I put the “K” word out there, and it cancels anything else. This time though, things were different.  Turns out that this event was filthy with knitters.  The evening before there was a reception, and look at this. That’s Kim Thúy, Elisabeth (the Library honcho who got this gig together) and me.  Knitters.

threeknitters 2015-09-21

It didn’t stop there. Maureen Jennings dropped by my reading (she’s the Murdoch Mysteries writer) and turns out, she’s a knitter.

maureen 2015-09-21

The library has a huge knitting group, and they yarnbombed the daylights out of the Lethbridge Library…

yarnbombing3 2015-09-21

and overall,

yarnbombing2 2015-09-21

I felt very much at home.

yarnbombing1 2015-09-21

The knitters in Lethbridge, they are everywhere.   Last night I took a bus from Lethbridge to Calgary, and that’s where I am now – getting ready to teach at Pudding Yarn. I’ll slip off there shortly, but look what I’ve got.

godotsocks 2015-09-21

godotsocks2 2015-09-21

Another finished pair of socks.  (That bus ride is almost three hours. I had time.)

legsmirror 2015-09-21

Also, ever wonder how you take a sock picture if you’re alone in a hotel room?

hotelmirror 2015-09-21

Mirrors.  See you tomorrow.