And So On

1. I got back from Calgary yesterday afternoon.

2. I’m writing this to you from the airport because I’m leaving again.

3. I’m pretty tired, but I think I’m going to make it.

4. I had a totally fantastic time in Calgary at Pudding Yarn. They were celebrating their 10th year in business, and I can totally see why they’ve been successful so long. Great shop, great staff, great yarn. You should go.

5. I suffered a wicked case of camnesia, and forgot to take any pictures at all with my proper camera.

6. Except I took one or two with my phone. The toilet in my hotel room was heated, and lit up.

toilet 2015-09-24

7. I was not a fan. The heating thing just makes it seem like someone just got up before you, but the way it’s lit up?  I guess it’s so you can find the thing in the dark, but I, well.  I think I can live without this particular technological advance. Some things don’t need direct lighting.  This has just got to be one of them.

8. That will be all.