Randomly, on a Thursday

1. I got home on Monday night from Knitting in the Heartland.

2. I am writing this to you from the airport again because I’m leaving for the Strung Along Retreat.

3. Knitting in the Heartland was terrific.Β  Like so many guild hosted events it was charming, friendly,

talkleft 2016-04-07 talkright 2016-04-07

and hosted by really, really lovely people who truly love knitting and the community it creates. People like my new bestie Stacey. (Thanks for all your hard work Stacey.)

stacey 2016-04-07

4. The Marketplace was pretty awesome, and there was lots of new-to-me vendors.

5. What happened after that re-enforces the idea I’ve had for a long time that a knitters ability to withstand the siren call of yarn has a lot to do with immunity – just like with the flu or something. I’m pretty sure it all has to do with if you’re in a weakened state or are running into a virus you’ve never had before.

6. So, I bought some yarn. (And some fibre. And maybe a bag. And maybe that is not a picture of all the yarn.)

cowlskeins 2016-04-07

7. I bought this yellow coat a while ago (someone has to buy all the yellow and orange coats, it might as well be me) and I realized today that not only do I not really have a knitted thing that goes well with it, I also bought exactly the right yarn for it at the Marketplace.

cowlstart 2016-04-07

That’s Stone Soup Fibers Elements/Skinny Skeins.

8. Somewhere between here and Seattle I am going to figure out what to do with it. (Well, that and and maybe all the other mini-skein kits I keep buying because they’ve got crack in them or something.)

9. I got to use an overhead projector and I remembered how much fun it is.

overhead 2016-04-07

10. What’s the neatest thing that happened to you this week?

190 thoughts on “Randomly, on a Thursday

  1. I work a lot with primary grades, and for three days in a row I was able to connect in a real way with some small people who were having trouble and help them refocus their energy into something positive. That’s a big deal in my line of work, and it isn’t a thing to take for granted… so that was pretty cool. (Also I got some lovely new yarn in the mail from WEBS and a sweater pattern from Twist Collective. A little intimidating, but I *think* I’m up to it.) Happy Thursday to you!

  2. With about 30 mins of online research, I saved my employer approximately $1,000 on one aspect of an upcoming project budgeted for about $25,000. Got immediate positive feedback from the leader of our organization (my boss’ boss’ boss, so made us all look good!). Another happy aspect – saved the money by switching from a big global enterprise to two small locally-owned companies. Yay all around!

        • Sorry, but I consider I won the birth lottery by being born Canadian – the maple leaf is tattooed on my heart and my brain (altho not anywhere else – yet). I’ve been lucky enough to live on the east and west coasts and points in between, can’t imagine living anywhere else. Kudos to one of my colleagues as well, who also found big savings in her aspect of the project, we started off spending $27,000 on paper and so far have got it down to $23,000. Sometimes it’s a good thing to not do things how they’ve always been done in the past…and to remember that many fedgov folks do treat the public purse as carefully as their own.
          😎 I got to Touch The Cat!

  3. Overhead projectors still exist? Those bring back memories of high school math classes, when the teacher would write on transparencies with those special markers to work through proofs and such. Come to think of it, those are not such great memories.

    My highlight of the week was making it to my regular knit night for the first time this year. Sadly, it was the last one for one of my friends, who is moving away. But she did bring me a big bag of fiber that she didn’t want to have to pack!

  4. I finished a poncho made with yarn I dyed myself. I love it and have had some nice compliments including one from a woman passing by on the street as we took the photos.

  5. I mailed wedding invitations two weeks and two days before the event.
    It’s gonna be a whirlwind — haven’t even finished sewing our clothes yet! I think last night I had the last hour of knitting time I’m likely to see for a good long while.

  6. If it’s just the most interesting thing that happened, I’d have to say the birth of my first grand-nephew! If we’re talking about something I actually had a hand in, I’m afraid it’s not very interesting to anyone but me: I managed to get all my supplements into the vanity drawer in the master bath. Please contain your excitement…

  7. Two years ago I saw your blog posts about the Color Affection shawl, and I started drooling! I was at the DFW Fiber Fest this past weekend, and bought the yarn to make that shawl for myself. Is it a bad thing that I haven’t cast on yet but am already planning a second one?

  8. My family and I caught 15 fish….all the while I was only 6 hours away from the Harlot and it was all I could think about. But we had fun anyway….not Yarn Harlot fun, but….

  9. Partner, sister and I drove two hours for our annual outing to the V8 car races. Early on we missed the turnoff to the bakery, but all decided that coffee and pastries were worth the backtracking. Rejoined the highway and were followed by the same red car all the way to the car park. The couple in the red car then gave us their three spare entry tickets ($150 worth). We thanked them profusely and luckily I had finished knitting a dishcloth (Peaches n Cream, pale yellow) on the way, so was able to give to them as a small, tangible thankyou.
    The tickets allowed entry to the pits area and our good fortune continued with my sister having her photo taken with her favourite driver of the last 20 years – and he ended the race in second place. For my sister – one of her neatest days ever! – and all because we turned back for coffee……..

  10. I finally decided on yarn for my Wendy shawl. What’s New Pussy Cat and Stone from Lemonade Shop. That took me a few weeks and help from the shop owner, Heather Rhoads. Thanks Heather.
    I am not much of a yellow person but all that yarn is gorgeous!

  11. I went on a tour of a cathedral in northern Kentucky-yes,k you read that right, a cathedral in northern Kentucky. I decided to go mainly because it was 1 1/2 miles from a yarn shop (Knit On!) I don’t get to too often because it is 35 miles away from home. I left what I purchased (a pair of Addis, 3 pairs of Brittany Birch needles, and a skein of Noro Taiyo) in the store. I think. Waiting for the store to open so I can call. I’ll have to make the trip to pick up my purchase. Oh darn, more time a great yarn store I don’t get to too often. I hear my credit yarn calling. Your ‘human verification’ asked me to touch the pants. They’re not mine but I’ll touch them anyway.

    • Package found. On a dining room chair. I think I’m a little disappointed that I don’t have to make the trip back to the yarn store.

    • Thanks for the heads up about Knit On! (your comment about the cathedral intrigued me). We travel right past there frequently; I think we’ll need to make it a rest top on our next trip!

  12. Oh, wow, that looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you do with that yarn.

    I got the chance to write about a bunch of books I love, and particularly one of my favourites– the Canadian classic “Borrowed Black.” That was probably some of the most fun I’ve had in a while.

  13. I am on a business trip to Boston with my CEO. We are staying at the business conference center at Babson College where, last night at the bar, we met a group of founders of companies from Norway. They’re here to learn about how to grow their companies healthily.

    I think this may be the first time my boss has seen my super power–the uncontrollable need to talk to everyone. (I call it a super power, other people may call it Oh crap, here she goes again.) Turns out, one of the women (who is doing work using drones to identify gas leaks so that humans aren’t in danger of them) knows all about Norwegian knitting because her grandmother knit samples for Norwegian yarn companies. Apparently, she was quite prolific and could knock out a Norwegian sweater in a day. Nina, my new BFF, and I exchanged emails and she will help translate the Norwegian patterns that have been tormenting me.
    Considering the fact that my job includes a lot of talking to people, finding common ground and making connections, I think the boss was pleased.

  14. This past week confirmed that our youngest grandchild is well and truly potty trained. So, after being grandparents for 13 years, six grandchildren, my husband and I are now (probably) done with diapers forever.

    I think I win. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Congratulations! Nothing like having a new baby in one’s life — and even better if that baby is your grandchild. Such joy for everyone. And, even as my grandson grows into a “big boy”, I already miss having a baby in the family. Enjoy every moment!

  15. Yay for yellow! I’m on a yellow kick myself knitting concurrently a vest, shawl and socks all in shades of yellow. I might have a problem…The neatest thing for me this week is my nine year old son started basketball and loved it. He’s never been in an organized sport before and I was a bit nervous, but he came back beaming at me saying it was awesome.

  16. The neatest thing that happened to me this week was slipping on an icy rug, breaking my left ankle, and finding out how absolutely fabulous knitters are. Not only do I get to sit on the couch knitting all day but they bring me yarn and magazines, run errands for me and my limited-mobility husband, sit and knit with me, and figure out to get me to a yarn crawl with a cast and walker. AND my Friday Night Knitting group is coming to my house tomorrow because I’m not allowed out yet. I’m so glad I learned to knit and met this whack of totally awesome people.

  17. Sounds like a great week for you! My exciting event was that I successfully defended my PhD on Tuesday- and despite it not being about yarn, knitting to calm the nerves was a big part of it! πŸ™‚

  18. Well the week isn’t over yet.
    I am closing in on completing the knitting of what I feel are really nice mittens for a long-time friend. That feels very good.
    What would be really neat would be if it stopped snowing in Toronto so the cherry trees and spring bulbs could bloom. We need flowers.
    Love the colours of yarn you chose. I too look forward to seeing what you will knit.
    safe travels

  19. Got a clear annual mammogram! Please ladies get your regular mammograms! It feels so good to hear “see you next year”!

    • seconded! and check your own breasts weekly in the shower!!! I found a lump in Jan, had a mastectomy, and am having the reconstructive surgery (start of it) in May. So grateful….but the surgeon said I can’t knit for a week after the May surgery….wait…what?! My BF is coming out to keep me distracted …..arg. This week, I completed a sweater for a friends 3yr old….its like knitting an adult size! whew

      • and I sang Happy Birthday to my BF by phone this morning – my singing is such that my little cat thought I was in distress and came over to comfort me….lol

      • You should check out knitted knockers. They are more comfortable (according to the friend I made some for) that the usual foam ones they give you afterwards.

  20. The best thing to happen to me last weekend was Knitting in the Heartland with The Harlot herself. Great classes, much learning and a fabulous vendor market. Yes, several bags and a fair bit more yarn and more also came home with me. Absolutely worth the 800 mile round trip!

    • I concur with you Pat. This was the best KITH with Stephanie. She even stopped by our morning guild meeting on Monday since her flight wasn’t until late afternoon. Such a memorable weekend. I’m glad that you made it to KITH and home safely.

  21. Neatest thing to happen this week…. hmm… it’s a tie….

    1 – Helping with my old high school’s spring musical production. The kids are just blowing me away with their talent! In a time where the news just harps on the bad apples, I am spending my evenings this week with kiddos who are saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, helping one another with costumes and make-up, and tell me and the other adult volunteers how much they appreciate our time. And at least three have started calling me ‘Mom R’. πŸ™‚

    2 – The family of one of the students has alpacas! I chatted with the mom and inquired about buying a fleece when she sheared this Spring. I might be getting FREE fiber AND paid to knit her a wrap with fiber that has already been milled and spun.

  22. Steph, you don’t buy ALL the yellow coats — Dick Tracy & Big Bird buy the ones that are too big for you! Best thing for me has been listening to some old CDs while packing for a move. Gilda Radner’s “Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals” anyone?

  23. My neatest thing? I am an occupational therapist and most of my clients have brain injuries. One of them is learning wood carving. He and his girlfriend, my rehab assistant (doing the direct work) and I met for coffee and the client had his completed project – a carved bowl in the shape of a cherry leaf. He was very, justifiably, proud. But the neat part? The people at the next table raved about it and asked him lots of questions and held it and fondled it. He was proud as punch! It was wonderful validation for his hard work and artistic skill.

  24. Finished seaming up a sweater I knit for my nephew, out of Universal’s Classic Shades Frenzy, in the “Creekside” colorway– makes for a very handsome sweater, if I say so myself. πŸ™‚

    (I have the same yarn in the “Into the Woods” colorway to make another sweater for me.)

  25. You aren’t the only one buying orange and yellow coats. My everyday winter coat is orange tweed and my raincoat is yellow with pink flowers. Hooray for coordinating knitwear!

  26. Neatest thing about my week was attending a fantastic concert Tuesday night. Top notch clarinet and piano duo, both guys I’ve studied or worked with, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Wish I would have brought my kids along it was so good.

  27. So funny: mini skeins have crack in them or something! Still laughing at that one. I agree, plus don’t you think they are just too darn cute????

  28. Cool!

    Me, I got to share some long-stashed but very good yarns with twin girls in fifth or sixth grade who have discovered just how much they love knitting. And if they run that angora through the washing machine it will become part of their fiber experience and knowledge and it won’t bother me a bit, but hey, one thing at a time.

  29. Although I do not do tai chi, last weekend I accompanied my husband to a tai chi retreat on Lummi Island, Washington (near Bellingham, a 6 minute ferry ride from the mainland). We stayed 3 miles from the retreat location in a lovely condo that had a view of trees only – not Mt. Baker or the Cascades or Puget Sound. So I packed up my little knitting bag, walked – on the road – to the retreat center and knitted the weekend away.
    Also: I made a new friend. Her husband also does tai chi but not her. We were tai chi widows! She was fascinated with my knitting. If she didn’t live in Honolulu I think I could make a knitter. Maybe via Skype??!!
    PS: See you tomorrow at Strung Along, Stephanie! Can’t wait!

  30. I went to a really cool fiber festival in Overland Park, KS and heard an awesome keynote address by an amazing textile artist. I WON a seat in the same amazing textile artist’s lecture. And I watched her use an overhead projector. The whole thing was totally bitchin’!!

    Thanks, Stephanie, and thanks, Stacey!

  31. My neatest things: I volunteer at an after school reading program, and I got to tell a boy and his mom that he is now reading above his grade level. And I got a hug from a second grader.

  32. Although not a huge sports fan, I watched the U Conn girls basketball team steamroll their way through the NCAA tournament, breaking records along the way. Congrats to the U Conn girls and their amazing coach! And did I mention I knitted while watching the games…

  33. My neatest thing – I had a call last night to say that my new spinning wheel is built. I ordered it last July and hoped it would be ready this September, but due to a cancelled holiday for the crafter, it will be ready for delivery in a few weeks. Squeeee! Now, I guess I need some more fibre?

  34. I found a silver & gold link bracelet that my sister-in-law had specially shopped for me, with me, in Israel, and I thought I had lost it for 2 days.

  35. Those colours are amazing and it is so good for my budget that I don’t go to these events. The other day I wrote out all the projects I’m planning that I have the yarn for. It is imperative that non knitters do not see the list.

    The neatest thing was being given sheet music from the buy nothing project and being able to give things to my neighbors as well. It’s designed to help people share things they don’t need with people in their community and it totally gives me the warm fuzzies.

  36. Big thing for me this week: I’m starting a new job in San Francisco. After 7 years of living overseas (5 years in Zambia, 2 years in Jamaica), my family and I are returning to the US. I’m starting now, the family will join at the end of the school year. I have to admit, even though I made this choice, I’m having trouble holding back the tears each day with the culture shock this new move and job brings. I’m excited to start something new, but really miss my family and overseas life.
    I’m already learning that I’ll need to increase my yarn budget now that I have unlimited access to yarn – that part is exciting!

    • Wishing you as smooth a transition as possible, and welcome back to mainland North America! Enjoy the “proper” knitting weather!

  37. I love the colors you picked & can’t wait to see what you make with them! I’m not as brave as you to wear yellow, although I’ve been rather drawn to it lately.
    As for my week: I finished some rather large WIPS on my week off from work (including my very first shawl)! But the side effects resulted in a nasty swelling of Startitis which has lead to two new shawls (one already halfway done) a tarot pouch, & the promise of a pair of socks for my travel knitting when I head back to work. I wish I could knit as fast as you.

  38. Feeling just a tiny bit less miserable than the last two weeks, because of the flue from hell… and finding a letter hidden by Facebook from someone whose kid I thaught to spin with the dropsindle in the yarn festival a couple of weeks ago, saying heartfelt thanks to me…

  39. I won a gold, silver and bronze medal at our local Senior Games. The gold was for a pair of socks made with yarn from Flying Goat Farm, silver for the EZ 100th Anniversary Shawl, bronze for a Myrna Stahman shawl. It has been a very good week! On to Raleigh, NC in September for the State Finals.

  40. Most exciting thing that happened this week….hmmm…would have to be the ‘present’ my cat brought me of a dead mouse. She left it right beside the bed, maybe in case I got hungry during the night or something. (ew)

    • Ok, had to add my story here: One of my kitties also brought a present in the middle the night, only it was a live bunny and he dropped it in between my husband and I and loudly announced his present! Argh, we scrambled and got the little bunny safely outside and it hopped away unharmed, much to my fluffy one’s chagrin (“what did you do with my present, mom?”). Just w-a-y too much excitement for 2:45 am in this household.

  41. I really enjoyed Knitting in the Heartland this year. It’s a bunch of work but it all pays off in the end when we have teachers, students, vendors and shoppers that are happy with the experience. Thanks for being a big part of that, Stephanie. And huge props to Stacey for all the work she puts into the event!

  42. In another life I was a primary school teacher. I used to love the overhead projector. It came in handy for a lot of different things. I can’t choose between three neat things for the week….our new business has been going for three weeks and is slowly growing! I’m on to my third sock and I’m “getting” what I’m doing, not just following the patterns. The third thing is it’s cool enough today for me to wear the second pair of socks I knit!

  43. The best thing that happened to me this week is my recovery from hyperemesis. I can now go back to looking after my daughter properly (not delegating to husband), to work, and to knitting. One project on the needles to finish, and 2 to start.

  44. Flying from Omaha to Seattle, taking the Link to University Station, walking to the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, riding that ferry and then walking to Churchmouse. *big sigh* back among my peeps. Had dinner with daughter, her husband and his folks. Hubby is home taking care of the cats. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Port Ludlow tomorrow.

  45. The neatest thing that’s happened to me this week is that my husband has vacation time while I’m on spring break (public school employee). We’ve done all kinds of house and yard projects, and I’ve found time to spin every single day. If I keep this up, I’ll run out of fiber. Oh darn, guess I’ll just have to buy more!

  46. Interesting things this week: I played the viola in the Indianapolis Symphony Teacher Side-by-Side Concert on Tiesday and am knitting Color Affection with yarn that our own alpacas grew for us! Spring Break 2016 is amazing!

  47. I learned to make a buttonhole more complicated than an eyelet one! (Not a big deal for those of you who can buttonhole in your sleep, but a fair step for me.) I did a horizontal 2-row buttonhole, using backwards loop for the 2nd row cast-on.
    There’s an annoying little hole where the last of the cast-off stitches pulls at the stitch it’s hanging off, but it’ll do. Hopefully it’ll be covered by a button most of the time!

  48. Let’s see… Hearing the KITH Keynote Speaker (and meeting her!!!) was pretty neat… My fiance and I signed the lease on our new townhome, and I’m signing up for a sock class tomorrow! Neat week! πŸ™‚

  49. Fighting off the last of an infection, work and more work (which is really good, except infection) so highlight of my week was I finished a sock. First thing I’ve finished since Christmas. It’s been a long winter…

  50. My highlight this week was last weekend when I went to a local fair with my girlfriends and found gorgeous wool that will work perfectly to replicate a cowl I saw in a clothing shop. My girlfriends were most impressed that I can find yarn in the least likely places.

  51. I went to a local Sugarbush, tried maple taffy on snow for the first time, and hiked 4 km to the trees with the pipelines coming out of them with the sap. Only downside was the presence of prickly ash everywhere!

  52. I went to the zoo in Austin, TX this week and got to watch a sheep, a goat, and a llama get a haircut! I asked what they did with the wool. They throw it away! I’m a knitter, not a spinner, so I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Any spinners in the Austin area — you might want to get in touch with the zoo and see when the next shearing day is.

  53. I enjoyed your key note on Friday, my friend who is not a knitter came with me, she enjoyedit and respected knitting a bit more when we went home. I showed her daughter how to knit on Saturday.
    Thank you also for giving everyone a few minutes during your book signing. I am sure it can take a lot of time sometimes.

  54. This week I checked out a (almost) local yarn store and accidentally acquired some Noro (… and some Manos del Uruguay … and some SeetGeorgia … and new Addi Turbos … oops). I need to go knit, a lot!

  55. This week I solved a billing problem with the hospital where they billed me twice for the same procedure. It was easy and not stressful. That was pretty neat.

  56. I got to take some lovely photos and take some amazing classes! Thanks, Stephanie for making KITH 2016 super awsome. ^_^

  57. The neatest thing I did all week was a ton of laundry. Now, this is only neat if you view it in the same context as I did: that our water pump died almost three weeks ago and we have been hauling drinking and cooking water from an artesian well almost three miles away, and using melted snow-water and greywater for flushing since then. Personal bathing and teeth-brushing with the artesian water. Laundry at the laundromat in a town 12 miles away from where we live. Then, on Monday, the plumber came with his helper and brought a brand new ludicrously expensive pump, hefted the old one out of the well (which took 3 hours because the explosion that destroyed it also pushed it sideways into the pipe and it was stuck there), and replaced the pump and all its wiring and switches. I ran around turning on taps because you need to get the air out of the system before it runs properly, and then I spent the next two days doing all the things that were five times more difficult, or in some cases downright impossible, without running water. On the other hand, as tough as it was, I see that experience as a gift, because 98% of the world lives EXACTLY like that, with respect to water. And at least our local communal well is artesian and regularly tested and maintained, so that we know the water is clean and safe. So, a ” third world ” experience really made me feel very grateful and blessed to live where I live and to have what I have. Now that’s neat.

  58. The neatest thing this week has been just hanging out with my baby daughter (16 days old now) when she’s awake and in a good mood. (She looks very smart in her Nouveau-nΓ© set, even if she does spit up on it far more than I’d like.)

  59. Responding to your #10.
    What I Did Last Weekend
    I went to Stitches South in Nashville. I trolled the Market on Saturday afternoon, and, like you, I also found (gasp) mini-skeins. The mini-skeins I came home with are in the Peacock colorway, hand dyed by Canon Hand Dyes, and they are too gorgeous for words. On Sunday I took Beth Brown Reinsel’s Gansey class, which I have wanted to do for years. (LOTS of years.) As is always the case when you have a long time to anticipate, the expectations I had were very high. The wonderful thing is – – – I was NOT disappointed. Beth is a great teacher, and a great person, and I enjoyed every minute of that six hour class.

  60. Dear Stephanie,
    I know I will get trashed for saying this, but I am getting really tired of airport stories. I bet you are too. You have been one of my inspirations and you have done so much good in this world for things beyond knitting, so this is hard for me to say. But you do know that airplanes are major contributors to greenhouse gases and global warming? Now that you are so famous and beloved around the world, use that power for real change. Don’t fly. Tell the knitters who are sad you are not coming to see them why you are not flying. I know you still have to do your job and all, but why not become the knitter in residence on Via Rail or Amtrak? How about offering luxury one-on-one knitter tutoring for those who ride their bikes to Toronto? I may sound crazy, but I liked you better when you were crazy too. You took crazy chances and made change in the world. I’d like to see that happen again.

    • OTOH, if nobody flies, the world becomes a bunch of little isolated communities that know nothing about each other. Again. So do the advantages of mutual understanding that come with actually knowing and talking to people from far away outweigh the ecological effects of airplanes?

    • I don’t know you personally, so OF COURSE I wouldn’t presume to judge you. But from a brief glance at your blog, it seems you had a wonderful trip to Japan.

      Did you walk, bike, or take the train from Canada to get there?

      • Why does anyone fly? I needed tickets from Kansas to Belfast, and to do a friend a favor, I used her favorite travel agent (yeah, I should have done it myself). The travel agent was not forthcoming, and time was running out. I kept pestering by telephone for her to get on the ball until she testily responded, “Why don’t you just fly into Heathrow and then take the train?”
        We did get to Northern Ireland, but on such a crowded schedule I was only able to window shop the yarn places. Next time . . . I still cringe at all the opportunities I had to bypass.

      • I figured someone would invoke the pot/kettle distraction technique. I did travel to Japan several years ago, and bought double the value of my ticket in carbon offsets. Trees were supposed to be planted to compensate for the carbon odium of my flight, but I didn’t follow up to see if that actually happened. I have flown once since, to St. John’s NF, and it is highly unlikely I will fly anywhere again.

    • It’s like anything else available online: if you aren’t enjoying it, there is such a simple solution: don’t read it!

        • While I understand your need to speak of the things that concern you, and I applaud your willingness to speak out, I think perhaps this was something that would have been better said in a less public forum.
          Chris S in Canada

  61. 1 week ago I was taking your Grok The Sock class at KTH weekend. I learned so much from you in all of your classes. Some information was, “duh, why didn’t I think of that”, some “Wow, that makes my knitting life much better”. You provided some much Knit history that was very interesting. Thanks for being in KS this past weekend, giving much info and inspiration, and writing this blog which links me to so many areas of knitting that I would otherwise not know of.

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  63. My news this week is we are having another baby again, baby #3! I just had my daughter in November. I will have two kids less than a year apart. It scares me because twins run high in my family, so I’ve managed to dodge that twice now, but no one in my family has dodged twins more than twice. I’ll know in just over a week. I shake at the thought of 3 kids under 1 year old!

    • Congratulations!! Ever notice how parenting is something we grow into and we somehow manage things we thought were impossible? Think happy, healthy thoughts and the rest will just come along.

    • Congratulations! My mother is an identical twin and my husband’s mother is an identical twin. But, it is not an inherited trait. None of the kids, or grandkids so far have had twins. Fraternal twins ARE an inherited trait, however! As hard as it may seem some days with the little ones, it is all good!

  64. I and my union have won an argument so I am being paid out my contract and I am free to find a new school to work in!! That and I cast on a new shawl now I have wanted to knit for AGES but didn’t have the time!!

  65. A friend and I arranged for our very dear mutual friend who HATES to be the center of attention to be surprised with a chance to play in the costume cupboard at a stately house, dress up at noblewomen, then bump into “Mr Darcy” on the way to afternoon tea. She stayed in character as an aristocrat for the whole meal and so did our Darcy, although she rejected his advances in the end as she is promised to another (i.e. getting married in five weeks – this was her hen party!). Couldn’t have asked for it to go off better, and she was totally thrilled with the experience.

  66. I went to my first ever knitting conference and got to hear Stephanie speak. Very enjoyable! Also attended a class on casting on and off for lace. Broadened my knitting horizon for sure. Thanks for coming to Kansas Stephanie!

  67. I managed to last an entire week at work -full days too- and can officially say I’m back after 2 weeks off with mono/glandular fever and tonsillitis! After the pain of being woken every hour and bracing myself to swallow I have never been happier to have something turn out to be bacterial and be practically gone in 24 hrs. Yay for penicillin!

  68. My neat thing: I’ve been a gardener, landscaper, and farmer for 25+ years. Now, at 50, I am learning to do maintenance on the tractors and equipment. Good to learn something new!

  69. My neatest thing was a “gender reveal” party for my first grandchild. There wasn’t such a thing when I had my children. I was thrilled to find out that I will have a granddaughter! Oh the options to knit! πŸ™‚

  70. The neatest thing that happened to me this week was the first member of the next generation arriving! My grand-nephew was born early Sunday morning. Seven pounds, eleven ounces of GORGEOUS. πŸ™‚

  71. Hi Stephanie, you have not posted since the 7th! I need you to share your knitting with us more often. My yarn shop closes in a week and with the overwhelming sadness it would help to read more blog postings. Thank you.

  72. Hope everything is coming up roses.
    My daughter and I usually read your blog together.
    We are going through withdrawal….

  73. The best thing that happened to me last week was flying out west to attend another absolutely amazing Strung Along retreat. I *could* wish they were every month, but then they wouldn’t be so special. Thanks to you, Judith, and Debbi for wonderful days full of learning and laughter (and food and yarn and wine).

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  79. My boyfriend (totally accidentally) revealed we’ll be engaged the end of this summer!!!!! (Squeal!)

    I need to choose yarn for a wedding shawl! And a pattern! The possibilities!

  80. My neat thing last week…Flying from Tahiti to Miami after spending 10 days on a cruise ship with a girlfriend. We met our husbands for a few days of fishing in the Florida Keys. There was sunshine everywhere. Very nice break after a northwestern Ontario winter.

  81. I know this is a late comment for this post, but have to share – what a week! We are finally closing on our house this Thursday (selling – what a load off our backs! It’s taken forever!); my husband, who was laid off at Christmas, may have a new job this week; our son, also laid off, may have a new job and apartment this week; everything is coming together all at once! I think on Friday we are just going to collapse! I hope everyone else is having a great week as well!!

  82. PS It has been fun reading about everyone’s good fortune. What a great response to this post. YH – I hope you are doing well as well! Safe travels and all that!

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  84. I got some Stone Soup Fibers too! I think I’m going to do a 3 Color Cashmere Cowl. Thanks for coming to Kansas City. It was a pleasure hearing you speak!

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