That’s a Week Excuse

It snowed again last night, which is not at all unusual for March/April, and is still inexplicably heartbreaking. I got up, took one look at it, thought about what this all means to spring and hope and then I thought “What do I care. I am going to Texas.”  In three days I will get on a plane and I will go somewhere that the sun is shining and it is warm and flowers are blooming (maybe even the bluebonnets which is very exciting) and I will walk outside and not once while I am there, will I think of knitted accessories in their capacity to prevent frostbite.

I thought this, gleefully and happily, as I drank coffee – cheerfully raising my cup to the snow in as much of a of “screw you” gesture as one can manage with coffee in one hand and knitting in the other. (I have been practicing this particular gesture with those exact items in my hands for some decades now, and it’s actually pretty solid.) I thought about how nice it will be to see my Texas friends and some of my colleagues, and reflected that this event is one of my favourites every year, only made more perfect by the fact that this year, I’m home in time for Elliot’s 2nd birthday, which is the Monday after DFW.

In that exact moment -two things happened.  I imagined how cute he was going to look opening his presents and wearing his new birthday sweater, and suddenly realized that if I was looking forward to seeing him when I got back and that I was also looking forward to DFW in just a few days, that this actually meant whatever idea I had about there being buckets of time to get his sweater knit might be crazier than a bag of wet weasels.

I have been looking at the yarn for his sweater for about three weeks now – and I keep thinking about what a little sweater it is, and how it’s going to be so fast and I don’t have to worry, and now, suddenly, I think I have to worry, or at least start knitting. I’ve got seven days to whack together a sweater.

I should at least make a swatch today.

55 thoughts on “That’s a Week Excuse

  1. Well, Steph…..
    It’s almost spring in central CT too and we missed the snow. It all went north but we did get rain…and it is still raining. Onions are in for 2019 as well as carrots. Next week…lettuce and FIBER FLAX SEED!!!!!!!!! Then I really know it is spring! Chickie babies go out to there new home to catch all the bugs and grow up to make eggs that I found out I can now eat again. (not been able for 10 years for some reason unbeknownst to me). The first sweater of spring. Perfect!

    • I’m in SW Missouri. We have planted onions & carrots, too! Had never thought about flax. Hmmm. You’ve got me thinking I need to research that.

      And, Stephanie, if anybody can get the sweater done in 7 days, It’s YOU!

  2. I’m sitting here smiling, Eliot is going to be 2 he doesn’t care if he gets a sweater on his birthday or not. Yes, start the sweater, but don’t make yourself crazy trying to get it done on time. Might I suggest a book? He will be tickled pink to have Grandma read him a new book while snuggling. Then, he can take the book from person to person wanting to be read to again and again until everyone is tired of reading him that book.

    My sister was in love with Humm the Humming Hamster. Youngest daughter was Tuesday, she was 8 or 9 before she realized it only had three words in it.

    • I also like the idea of a book. When our grandson was little, I bought 2 copies and read with him on Skype because we live in WA and he’s in CA. I continued to read with him this way thru 6th grade when he would read a page and I would read a page. I recommend this to grandparents with distant grandkids– really makes and keeps the connection. Yes, knit– but I agree, don’t make yourself crazy getting it done just in time for his birthday– birthdays, particularly at that age, are movable feasts.

  3. Methinks you’ve been doing mental knitting of his sweater rather than actual knitting. I’m sure (you being you) the actual knitting won’t take you too long, particularly as you’ve got traveling to do, but I do recommend actually casting on and not doing all the knitting in your head.

    • Heh, I was thinking exactly the same thing, and with the same intonation, Presbytera! That said, as someone said above, if anyone can accomplish it– it’s Stephanie! Also, I agree with those who said that rehearsing the knitting with her mind can’t hurt her quick knitting performance…

  4. Oh joy, a new expression to use. “Crazier than a bag of wet weasels.” Never heard that one before—–have to remember it though since it’s so apt and funny.

  5. Yes, the bluebonnets are truly amazing this year. Lots of cars stopping on the side of the road for pictures.

  6. here on the NY/CT border the temp is going to drop, and I have been frantically trying to finish Purl SoHo’s Very Long Socks with the idea that if I don’t get the second one finished before it goes above 50 degrees the whole project will go into never never land to be found years from now.
    I would suggest finding a way to get that sack of wet weasels in gear somehow and use them to generate some knitting zoom.

  7. Here we go again. It is seven days until Elliot’s birthday. Stephanie wants to knit him a sweater. Is there enough yarn? Will the sweater be done in time? Will Elliot hit a growth spurt first? Tune in again next week for another exciting episode of “Will She Never Learn?”

  8. I’m right there with you, knitting a sweater for my little guy who’s baby belly has outgrown his current sweater before the rest of him had a chance to.

  9. Yes, I’ve been driving in the outskirts of Dallas very near Irving this weekend, and bluebonnets are already in abundance. Safe travels!

  10. I love the “oh shit I just realized this yarn needs to be something next week” posts. It’s like watching a magic trick!

    • I know what you mean! I always want to write something like, “Relax and go with the flow,” and then I think, “Hang on– this is Stephanie– she doesn’t DO THAT and you know that,” and THEN I think, “Hang on– I know that I don’t do that, either, and that’s part of what’s so validating about Stephanie’s posts!”

      So, yes, it’s all traditional. Just laugh and enjoy, yes?

  11. Bluebonnets are all ready for your arrival. Glad we could get you home in time for Elliot’s birthday. Even though we have never met, he is special to all of us at DFW Fiber Fest.

  12. We are all so excited about FiberFest here in Texas! It’s supposed to be in the 70’s and there Are Bluebonnets!!!!

  13. I’ve been in Texas, but never in bluebonnet time. I’ve seen a field of beautiful bluebells in central Iowa. In northeastern Minnesota the snow is melting and daffodils are 1 inch high, but only because they are against the east side of my house. Still 2 1/2 feet of snow on the north side where the sun barely hits.

    • sounds like you need a weekend away… maybe this weekend? we have an amazing fiber festival going on, and the bluebonnets are everywhere… 🙂

  14. Tulips are coming up here in Wisconsin and the last of the snow is melting. We might get a stray snow shower yet, but it won’t last. I am willing spring to arrive. The colors for that sweater are beautiful – can’t wait to see the pics!

  15. Here in California we’ve got the daffodils, poppies, and cherry blossoms–and that’s just in my front yard! I know, I know, California doesn’t have winter nearly the same way that Canada does (although I did grow up in California, in the snow) but we’ve gotten just an absurd amount of rain this year and it’s actually supposed to rain again for the next six days so I am also clinging to the promises of spring.

  16. I knit a stranded tank top for a three year old last week – in a week. I did it every night and enjoyed the thrill of the chase but I didn’t have sleeves to do! Good Luck.

  17. Nah, I reckon you got it!
    True-blue Aussie expression: “piece of (rude word, starting with p, meaning urine)” .
    And we are happy it’s Autumn here. Been a long, hot, hot Summer.

  18. So you’re in luck. The bluebonnets are in full bloom and the weather is lovely during the day. At least in central TX. I hope you have a great shift.

  19. I was in Texas a week ago (really need to talk to DD about coordinating her schedule with DFWFiberfest). The bluebonnets were splendid. Enjoy your trip.

  20. Love the colors, can’t wait to see the sweater! (Also, I started a sweater for my nephew before he was even born (he’ll be seven months old tomorrow) and have yet to finish it. Thankfully I know myself and how little knitting time I get and so I had cast on the 9-month size (he’s a wee thing so it will fit perfectly – fingers crossed), but I really do need to get that done PDQ…

  21. Go enjoy DFW. Elliot will love his sweater whether it’s on his birthday or not. While you’re at DFW, check out a new vendor – Schmutzerella Yarns. One of my favorite Seattle area indie dyers.

  22. We can’t wait to see you! DFW Fiber Fest is one of my favorite events all year! And hold tight – a sweater for a two year old (how is that possible already?!?) is MUCH smaller than a NaKniSweMo sweater… A week (especially with two flights) is loads of time, particularly with how quickly you knit! Breathe, love… You’ll be fine, and he’ll be even more adorable than ever in his new sweater on his birthday. See you Thursday. 🙂

  23. Well, there is all that time in the airport and on the plane, coming and going…I’m sure that small sweater will be finished in time.

  24. Bluebonnets are still out! It was going to be my first year to go to DFW Fiber Fest, but I have to take a kiddo to Chicago on a college visit instead. Maybe next year… I hope you’ll have a lovely visit and eat delicious food. Have you tried Shiner beer yet?

  25. Too funny about your gesture and raising your cup to the snow Stephanie. Texas sounds amazing right about now. I planted Tulips only to have the deer eat them the first night. The yarn for the sweater is adorable with that combination. I can’t wait to see it.

  26. This morning one of the members of our knitting group (you’ll be visiting us several months from today) showed a green baby sweater with red lady bugs which she is working on. Made me start thinking in terms of a sweater for a new one not due for 5-6 months. We won’t know the gender until it arrives, and soft green is probably a good choice, and if I can decide I have a lot more time than you in knitting for the two-year-old. I’m particularly challenged, the mom-to-be is the girl I tried to teach how to knit, and, drat, what did she do but learn instead (not from me) how to crochet. (She’s an adopted grandchild, which led me into all sorts of pondering about the possibility of craft genes inherited from biological ancestors.)

  27. I love the color combination and want to see what you are going to make. Whatever pattern that little boy is going to love being cuddled up in wool.

    In my neck of the woods the cherry blossoms have come and are now gone with freezing temp at night no planting until April 15th! But we do get pansies most of the winter.

  28. We have daffodils. And rain.

    My husband says that it seems like a bag of wet weasels might be more angry than crazy. I said that I didn’t care, I couldn’t wait to use that phrase at work. Shouldn’t take too long for an opportunity.

  29. I’m down in New Zealand and it’s meant to be autumn, and yet last week we were sleeping with the air conditioning on cold and it was 70F through the WHOLE night.

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