Not even a pair of socks

Still no baby here, and still no blanket, and while Elliot didn’t care that his blanket wasn’t done and came anyway, I have begun to have concerns that this wee one may be more rule abiding. Meg herself is quite a lawful creature, and she was born two weeks early – the day I finished her blanket.  Meg’s currently so pregnant and uncomfortable that I’m starting to feel a bit of guilt, so  I’m trying to pour as much time as I can into the blanket, hoping that it won’t occur to Meg to hold me accountable for her discomfort.

I’m past halfway – only about 300 stitches left to work into the edging, which is about 17  repeats to go, which is about 612 rows of lace left to knit.  Just typing that makes it seem to me like I should be cancelling all plans that are not blanket related (like social engagements and sleeping and eating) but I’m trying not to get weird about it.  (As an aside, I am pretty sure that Meg would be fine with me getting as weird about it as I need to.)

Thus far, I have declared myself monogamous to this project, and I have made the incredibly brave choice to give up cleaning and laundry. We will see what further sacrifice is required.

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  1. As all second babies do, this wee one is just preparing her mother that nothing will be the same… The same soothing techniques? Nope. The same favorite foods? Nope… The same (fill in the blank)? Nope, nope, nope.

    Both my bairns were late (9 days and 16 days), and as babies do, they came right when they were supposed to… It’s so hard to wait, though, especially when you’re huge and uncomfortable, so may your needles fly and may the little lass come soon, healthy and happy.

  2. Keep knitting! This is getting dire. Eating and potty breaks are fine but otherwise you’ve gotta bang this knitting out. Plus I’m sure all the fine attendees of the Strung Along retreat are going to want to see new baby pictures. God speed!

    • No chocolate, for the lice of all that’s wooly! No red wine! Coffee only in the next room! We need a blanket/baby, not a hilarious catastrophe story! (You might want to start listening to War and Peace, though)

  3. I made my niece a quilt instead of knitting a blanket before she was born, and we figured out later that the moments I was finishing the binding was about exactly the time my sister in law went into labor. These fiber arts have magical powers, good luck to you and to Meg.

  4. What’s your definition of done, Steph? Bound off, or the whole blocking shebang? I’m thinking that you’re going to have block that puppy before your newest grand makes her appearance. No pressure.

  5. Oh no, here I was, thinking “yay, the baby is here-” and then reading the first line and going from “yay!” to “oh no” … Good luck to you both!! I hope everything goes well. Hold on, Meg!! (maybe Elliot could have a word with the baby? Like … older sibling to younger sibling?)

    • Oooooh! Me too! In fact, I started laundry today. Seven loads to do…first load is still in the dryer and second load is still in the washer! But I’ll give all that up for this blanket escapade!

  6. Go ahead, get weird about it. The sooner you finish the blanket, the sooner you can get started on something else. Something with color. Something with cashmere, angora, qiviut, mohair, &/or silk. Something smaller than a slipcover for a schoolbus.

    Besides, the sooner you finish the blanket, the sooner you can wrap your granddaughter in it!

  7. You put on a brave face but we all know cooking should be on this list as well. And since cleaning is on the list, delivery or go-n-get-it is the only solution. Joe will thank you for this suggestion because he wants to be supportive in the blanket completion. Or at least that’s what will be said as you place your order.
    Hopefully wee one will start their arrival as you’re stepping away from placing the last blocking pin.

  8. In the words of my esteemed Grandmother : “When apples are ripe, apples will fall.”
    Small consolation when one is ready before the babe (or the knitting for that matter).

    We stand behind you

  9. I am 480 rows to the almost finish of grand child the second’s blanket. She is due in April but Mama tends to early babies. I suspect that it will be still on blocking when I grab my duffel bag and roll out the door. Go Steph, That’s what frozen veggie lasagna is for.

  10. Oh gosh. Here’s hoping the baby and blanket are both finished soon. Looking forward to photos of both finished projects. See you soon with my photo album ready.

  11. Meg has been witness to more than a few blanket/birth standoffs…you can bet she’ll blame you.

    You’d better plan to skip sleeping, personal hygiene, and hot meals.

  12. I shall give up chores in solidarity. Don’t tell my kid, though. I’m trying to delegate some. Said child was given strict instructions not to arrive until after the weekend (a full week before she was due) when I was planning to make her curtains. Never one to do as she was told, even in those days, she arrived on the preceding Thursday, and had to put up with blankets pinned over her windows for three years (she was not a child who permitted much in the way of fibre arts)

    • “She was not a child who permitted much in the way of fibre arts”

      What a wonderful description, I had one of those too!

  13. I think we should all pledge to give up cleaning and laundry – you know, just in case it helps. Although as every longer-gestation Mama knows, each week after the magic 40 equals approximately eleventy billion years, so you have time.

  14. Well the next full moon, which will be a worm moon and a super moon! Is March 9. So I think you have about 5 days to finish!

  15. Fly needles fly go Stephanie go!

    Note to the baby: today is the only day on the calendar that is a command. March 4th!

    My son’s birthday is Saturday; his due date was Feb. 29 and he just wasn’t going for that.

  16. Wait, did you say “only” six hundred and twelve rows of lace left? Six hundred and twelve ROWS of lace? And here I was thinking you were almost done! I’d give up housecleaning, for sure!

    • Oh, oh, wait. I went back and read it again. The 612 rows are edging rows, so, I guess, little short ones. Phew, you had me worried.

      It’s still a lot of lace, though! Go go go!

  17. That is deeply charitable and chivalrous of you, Steph. I think there are a few blog readers who are large-hearted people and could also find it in themselves to make similar laundry-and-cleaning-related sacrifices. Such is the nature of love! I hope you can still enjoy the knitting, even amidst the hustle. Hugs to Meg, from the blog!

    P.S. I have to click on the woman. Even the internet digs the subtleties of this situation.

  18. We’re all with you in spirit! Each stitch brings you closer to the baby who will use it. Hang in there, Meg. <3

  19. Dear Stephanie, I am in awe of your skill! Your blankets are amazing! Knit away! I’m on hats #3 and 4 for grandchild 3 and I’m sweating it. One pink and one blue. The parents don’t want to know the sex of the child this time around.

  20. If the blog could give you speed, you would knit like the wind – not that you normally don’t anyway. Adding in my wishes for a quick finish to the blanket. But even greater wishes for Meg for a smooth and easy delivery, which I am sure she is oping happens soon!!

  21. In fact, the blanket is done…you are just working on extras! I think its probably safe for the wee one.

  22. Hi Stephanie
    Thank you for making me laugh. I love your posts. I live in Queensland, Australia ,and have just read some of your posts written during various winters. We are currently in the midst of a seemingly never ending summer so to read your work and be transported to a cold climate, even briefly, is a gift. Thank you. On another note, I am in awe of the amount of knitting you manage to achieve. Hope all goes well with your family.

  23. Tell Meg my first was 16 days past due. I was begging his dad to get me to a roller coaster after the first week in hopes it would jolt the kid into moving.

    Of course, once he arrived, he didn’t stop moving… and he’s 48 now and I’m still waiting.


  24. In solidarity with Meg (and all other women carrying babies a too long) as both my first and second were overdue, I will join the Blog in giving up laundry. I’d give up cleaning also, but that wouldn’t be so convincing as most of the house looks as if I had already given up cleaning about six months ago…

  25. I got pregnant very shortly after my mother died. In Judaism, the headstone is dedicated one year after burial. I should have ordered it but I kept procrastinating. My baby was 2 weeks late. I went to the OB hoping to be induced but he refused because it was the weekend before Thanksgiving and the hospital was full–and there were no signs of distress. I felt like a huge, beached, miserable whale. And the thought of ordering the headstone was hanging over my head. ‘

    Out of frustration, I did it–I ordered the headstone. Within about an hour contractions started, and she was born that night. I swear she was waiting for me to finish my business (and yes, she is named after my mother).

  26. My daughter was born on March 4, as was my dad. She entered the world as he was opening his gifts at his birthday party. I hope the wee one is healthy when she arrives.

  27. Our niece is also at 40 weeks and waiting for any sign that the little one is on his way! I didn’t have the heart to tell her my first arrived 15 days after his “due date”. He still takes his time in so many ways, even at 26 . Blessings of a quick and healthy labor to Meg!

    • My last was 2 weeks AFTER his due date… but he was in a hellavah hurry once he got started. I BARELY made it to the hospital, he was born 20 minutes after I walked in the front door…

  28. I’ll send good thoughts and light that you knit faster (tho I’ve seen you knit and have no idea how you could knit faster) in case Meg’s little girl is really as lawful as her mother.

  29. I vote for giving up laundry, dish washing, and vacuuming. Off set these with a doubling up of the usual knitting accelerators: coffee, red wine and dark chocolate. I also use fingerless gloves when knitting for long stretches to keep my hands warm and limber. You go, girl.
    Julie in San Diego

  30. Love your passion and I see you even curtailed your words on this blog undoubtedly to save time you’ve got this!

  31. I find myself checking obsessively 3-4 times (or possibly more) times a day to see if there is progress on either front: baby or shawl!

  32. Hmmm. Deni posted here that there was a finished blanket appearing on Instagram (I am not on this site) on March 8 So, if the blanket is finished, Meg might be too. Perhaps certain people are a little too preoccupied with someone else to post?…..

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