Things I thought

An incomplete list of things i have not been correct about lately.

1. I thought the baby would be here by now.  She is not. Clearly she’s on a timetable all her own, and is well and happy on the inside and I guess we just keep waiting.

2. I thought that since the baby was not here by now, that the mystical power of the knitted baby blanket was prevailing, and that as soon as i finished, she would arrive. I finished. She did not arrive.

3. I decided then that it must be that it didn’t work was because I hadn’t blocked the thing, and that the knitting force is so strong within this young one that she was calling bull on her grammy, and so I blocked it. She did not arrive.

4. When that didn’t work, I thought – fair enough. it’s not dry, and folded and I haven’t snipped off the last two ends.

The child noped that too. She remains unmoved. (Meg had high hopes for that moment, let me tell you. I’m going to wait to show you the whole thing until she produces the worlds next great knitwear model.)

5. I also thought that there was going to be a way for our Strung Along March retreat to go forward next week, but after looking at the situation realistically, realizing how many of the attending knitters are in the high risk group and having a chat with public health out Port Ludlow way… there wasn’t.  Our retreat thus joins the ranks of so many other knitting events that are cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19.  I don’t know a single knitting teacher or event organizer who doesn’t feel like they did the right thing when they cancelled, and isn’t committed foremost to the health and well being of our communities,  and to slowing the roll of this thing, so as not to strain health resources any more than they have to be…  but I’m not going to pretend it isn’t difficult.  Lots of people are going to have a hard time economically over the next little bit in all sorts of industries, but today I raise my glass to all the knitting teachers, vendors and event organizers out there who’d already written cheques and signed contracts and are wondering what comes next for their businesses.  Lets hang in there together.

6. I thought people might be upset or angry when the retreat postponed, but I was overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of everyone involved, including The Resort at Port Ludlow. I think it’s that spirit that will mean that these events will still be around when this is over.

7. I thought I was mostly over the urge to embroider on knitting.

Turns out I’m not even a little bit over it.  I finished a little sweater for the baby, and then something came over me and I put a rosebud on it, and the next thing I knew I had seven colours of embroidery floss and whammo.

I am in love with it more than I can say.  I really hope this baby isn’t one of those spitting up kinds. I haven’t given the sweater or blanket to Meg yet, I have decided to withhold all knitwear deliveries until she makes good on her part of the deal. She gives me a baby and I give her the goods. No exceptions.

7. I thought I was done knitting for the baby, but it turns out that I am helpless in the face of this kind of expectation and so now I’ve started something else.

8. I thought it would be finished today but it’s not. A wee vest thing – it’s the handspun merino from a few weeks ago.

9. I thought I could promise that maybe I would knit something for someone who weighs more than 10lbs.  I can’t.  I think I’m just going to keep racking it up over here. Maybe another bonnet.

10. I thought being a grandmother for the second time would be a bit more chill.

126 thoughts on “Things I thought

  1. Oh my, all the love! My kids are still young, but you almost make me wish for a grandbaby with all this gorgeousness.
    Hugs to you all during your (long) wait….

  2. Everything that you have ready for the little one is so lovely! Enjoy these moments of anticipation… all the best to you and your family!!

  3. So, I was just checking, and up came Megs smiling face, and my heart went OH!!!, then I saw the bump and my heart went ohhhhhh dear. But, is she absolutely sure she wants to give up that useful, built in child seat? Nice family pic, but want to see four!
    Love the embroidery.

  4. You knit, and now embroider, the loveliest things. Thanks so much for the update. I just assumed that since the knitting was finished, she was on her way. Hah, not so. Hope the wait isn’t too much longer.

  5. That little cardigan is just exquisite!
    If you ask me, the baby’s waiting for the weather to warm up before she makes her debut.
    The longest ever human pregnancy was apparently 375 days. Maybe don’t tell Meg that.

  6. Oh that cardigan!! And the blanket, I can’t wait to see photos with the story to the patterns. I’m glad to hear Strung Along has been canceled/postponed. I live within miles of the King County epicenter of the covid-19 outbreak. It is nothing to trifle with. It is absolutely crazy how strange things have become. I’m hoping Meg will deliver soon. That looks mighty uncomfortable.

  7. Beautiful knitting, beautiful family. I’m sure she’ll be worth the wait! Looks like the baby has dropped so it can’t be much longer. Wishing her a quick and easy labour.

  8. Good grief, your work is gorgeous! I been feeling a bit twitchy around the Covid-19 pandemic, so this was a beautiful respite…Thank you.

  9. I was due the night of the New York blackout in 1965. My dad was a NYC cop and they sent patrol cars out to pick up all who weren’t scheduled to work that day. They took one look at my mom and let him stay home. I, on the other hand, had no interest in being born into that kind of chaos so I stayed where I was, cozy and warm, for another month or so. Perhaps this darling girl is simply a practical soul who has no interest in dealing with the outside world right now. I can’t say I blame her.

  10. Oh Steph it’s so stunning. More baby things is never bad when it’s a chilly Canada. Though I did love that double digit positive burst we got briefly.

  11. Such an interesting new person already!!

    The blanket is yet another stunning heirloom. The jacket was scrumptious anyway and now with the embroidery – breath taking!

    Hope Meg’s last bits as pregnant mum aren’t too rough on her ribs. Here’s to a lovely delivery and most healthy mum!

  12. Wow. You have always knit fabulous things, but that embroidery! What amazing talent you have.

    I had to smile at the sight of Elliott sitting on Meg’s bump. I am glad you finished with the blanket and can no longer be blamed for the baby’s late arrival.

    Anticipation of impending birth does not diminish with the number of grandbabies (3 here, so far).

  13. The embroidery is beautiful – any chance you could share the names of the stitches so I can clumsily attempt to replicate it?
    Good luck to Meg – all three of mine went very much overdue so I am very sympathetic!

    • In case the baby comes and you don’t get an answer, I see bullion stitch, french knots and lazy daisy stitches.

  14. I just have to put in writing that I am grateful for you. For your lovely knitting projects, your lovely family and your outstanding sense of humour. My mind was really spinning after all of the news today and I very much appreciate you bringing me back to what’s good and real in life.

  15. I’m beginning to think that Meg is holding out on purpose, just to mess with your head. If so, I approve wholeheartedly.

  16. The embroidery is just…just…wow. Thanks for sharing. All the best to Meg and baby, whenever they decide to move to the next level.

  17. Sad how many lovely things are being sidelined just now thanks to this nasty little bug. They even cancelled the Junos a few hours ago.
    Still, there is knitting and yours is spectacular. Hope everything goes smoothly with babe. That wee sweater just needs a knitwear model, and Meg looks like she might welcome being able to draw a full breath again.
    PS: Re #10. Grandbabies (and tiny knitting for them)! It never gets old.

  18. 1. The sweater is one of the most beautiful pieces of handwork I have ever seen.

    2. If this keeps on you may be currently knitting for someone over 10lbs.

    3. I am so glad to have something beautiful to look at in the midst of the angst caused by the pandemic.

  19. Here’s a thought! My birthday is on Monday. Maybe it will happen then. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th – a lot of people think it is lucky – not me LOL. Hope Little Miss will make an appearance soon.

  20. Even at the birth of my 4th grandchild there was no chill. Enjoy every bit of the angst & drama as I see you have in the exquisite sweater, beautiful blanket & I’m sure it will be grand vest!

    My knitting convention got cancelled yesterday. I am so sad but find myself consoling the people contacting me about it. That’s our community always there for each other. I hope COVID-19 goes away soon.

  21. Beautiful knitting !
    Thanks for sharing those photos.
    Maybe there’s time for socks?
    Looking forward to next report.
    Keep well

  22. Sweetly beautiful sweater!
    Of course she’ll be the spitting up sort of baby! And who cares… it’s a lovely, gorgeous sweater, you have knitted and embroidered it with love, and that’s all that matters. : )

  23. You are truly an artist. That embroidery is exquisite. Bravo! Now hurry up Baby! The photos of Meg make me cringe when I remember how I felt at that point in my pregnancies. She looks like she’s bearing it beautifully, and lots of love to her from another mother of a tardy tot.

  24. The knitting is beautiful, and I can’t believe the grandchild hasn’t been moved to claim it. Meg has my deepest sympathies.

    I’m so sorry about the retreat. I’m very worried about our small businesses right now.

    • I hope knitters step up and help online. I sure will and I suspect lots of others will also. Hang in there…lots of love.

  25. That sweater is exquisite enough to make me weep. For the record, the rose James Galway is shaded the same way. I’m currently in residence at the MacDowell Colony, which has not closed one day since 1923, and they’re closing, too. Tough but prudent decisions. Good girl. Let’s have a baby as a reward and distraction, here!

    • does rams have a site of ones own, its been years since i’ve had opportunity to be around, but this is a gal i rememeber well

  26. Aww Steph. I have been refreshing your page endlessly. Today we cancelled an annual trip to Arizona to visit family and friends. It was bittersweet. However, good to know that the little one is still in utero and ever growing. Both of my sons were late and they came out spectacular(ly). All the best to you and your wonderful family.

  27. Hurry up, Meg! Your mom is going a bit stir-crazy, knitting only white, ecru, cream, ivory, etc., stuff! This is why she embroidered those colorful flowers on that sweater. . .stop her before she decides the blanket would look better with some neon purple paisley in the corners!

  28. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. That blanket and that sweater are things of beauty. Placing them on the child yet to arrive will be a joy that lasts past forever. <3

  29. I became a grandmother the second time around five minutes after the first time…that’s right, TWINS! I started knitting for them six months before delivery, and haven’t stopped yet, and they just turned three! Knitting for these grandbabies is a special blessing all its own, and I am so grateful I started knitting at age 13!
    Your embroidery on the cardigan is gorgeous, and I love it that you are adding to that wee ones knit wardrobe. Keep those needles clicking…and congrats on the completion of that blanket!

  30. The embroidery, wow.
    The family photo, absolutely lovely and joyful.
    The blanket, Oh My.
    And so now I’m pondering this baby girl’s motives. Is she stubbornly waiting for a few more wardrobe items to appear? Or is she just so damn comfortable she doesn’t want to move? Either way, I’m already smitten.

  31. … I … I thought the baby was already there by now!! Oh no … poor Meg (is she getting any sleep at night?) On the other hand, you got the blanket done in time, and hey! That’s amazing!
    The embroidery on the sweater is gorgeous. Keeping my fingers crossed that the kiddo won’t puke over it!
    Good luck to Meg!

  32. That sweater is absolutely gorgeous, and the blanket, well I must have the pattern…..since I can’t embroider, I won’t attempt the sweater. What a charmer that little girl will be in her new duds!!

  33. We had a new baby in the family this morning (the blanket sadly was not done before the baby was!).
    Hopefully she has started a trend and your new arrival will come soon!
    The cardigan is beautiful though, really lovely.

  34. A lot of us are being sent home with events being cancelled and gatherings being postponed, so what a perfect time to hunker down with some crafts? Maybe you could share a list of those vendors that would have been at the event and we can show them a little love to help them recoup any losses, and entertain ourselves at the same time?

  35. I can tell from that sweater that you were truly hoping for a grand-DAUGHTER. I totally don’t do fussy stuff, but the sweater is stunning.

  36. tell Sam we all need a bit of good news and an adorable baby to gaze at….it’s the least she can do!! wishing her a fulfilling, easy delivery short on pain and long on love.

  37. I get my first grand in May but the shower is tomorrow….I’m on the run to finish the blanket and then I’ll work on a few other things (quilt, romper, dress, etc) for when she shows up in May.

  38. Was getting excited when I noticed the blog had been updated at the thought that Princess Harlot had arrived.

    Guess she has her own ETA.

    Beautiful embroidery on the sweater. She’ll look darling being wrapped in all the stitches of love.

  39. I feel for Meg. My first two were rather late to the party. I hope she’ll have an easy delivery soon! Every grandbaby deserves no chill. Such treasures!

  40. A question from America – when do they induce in Canada? My doctor never let me go very far past my due date, so this is really interesting to me. Meg looks fabulous – but I remember what those final days felt like! Best wishes to everyone as baby decides when she’ll debut! And the knitting is stunning – as always.

  41. Thank you for the update…have been so wanting to know how this has been going…as always prayers and good thoughts flying out to your family…and the flowers on the sweater….sweetest thing since sugar!

  42. Your no exceptions comment cracked me up!

    Sending positive thoughts for a safe delivery and healthy baby in the immediate future.

  43. LOVED She gives me a baby and I give her the goods. No exceptions.

    The cardigan is beautiful. It almost makes me want to learn embroidery. Maybe when I am about to be a Grand.

  44. What a beautiful cardigan! Absolutely fabulous. Second time grandmothering is not more chill. I can swear to that clear up to grandchild #6. Exciting and wonderful every time, but not chill. Knitting needed for all – from the infant’s blanket that somehow got the job of ensuring the medical team saved baby’s life to the preschooler’s casual, “You should knit these socks. I wear socks.” Nope, of chill.

  45. That tiny beautiful thing embodies the hope of Spring and a new baby! I vote for little Mary Jane’s with rosebud toes!

  46. I have 30 nieces and nephews and 14 of them are girls. Those beautiful embroidered flowers on the sweater? I know exactly how much more fun it is to buy or make clothes for the girls than it is for the boys!

  47. Can you give us a list of your vendors for the retreat? Maybe we can purchase some items online that might help make up for some of the losses?

  48. That jacket is absolutely beautiful!

    I hope the baby comes soon and I hope that they come up with a vaccine for the horrid virus soon, too. And that all the problems just fade away.

    Thanks for brightening my life.

  49. I am in KC. I was so looking forward to your visit here in April but Hope’s are dimming. You came 4 years ago and I haven’t laughed as much since then.

  50. That is the most precious sweater!!! No baby would dare spit up on it.

    Then again…maybe you should just frame it and hang it in her bedroom.

  51. That sweater may be the most beautiful embroidery I’ve ever seen. So sweet and pretty.

    I hope Meg has baby soon. I know how uncomfortable she must be. Congrats to you all.

  52. Well this wee wonder will get here when she gets here (when’s the next full moon?)
    So glad the blanket is all the way done-washed,
    Blocked, ends woven. It’s an amazing heirloom.
    And that wee sweater blooming roses!!! Stunning!
    Maybe there needs to be a matching dress…and diaper cover…and Sox…this little girl is holding off for an ensemble!

  53. That sweater & embroidery is glorious as is the blanket! Magnificent use of your time & talents!
    Covid will pass but it’s going to take a bit & everyone doing there part to protect each other helps a lot. Thanks for sharing all the photos & many blessings to all as you await the new baby’s arrival.

  54. I just want to send you love, Stephanie. These are hard times. Stay safe and healthy, and keep those you love close… Thanks for committing to community in the face of (very necessary) social distancing!!!

  55. Oh Stephanie, I adore your utter and complete lack of chill when it comes to grandbabies. Please, I beg you, never change!

  56. As a mom of twins (5 lbs 10 oz and 6 lbs 5 oz at birth), I am having flashbacks and am blessing my spouse for limiting our photo sharing, as many of my family members would have been gasping at the huge abdomen I displayed!

    You go, mom and kiddo!

    And be glad that your spouse did not photograph you with tiny items displayed on your massive tummy as mine did (mini oil well pencil sharpener from Oklahoma, little cars from his model railroad, tiny plastic dinosaurs, you get the idea).

    Oh, and don’t get any ideas about tiny little knitted goods…Grammy!

  57. And let’s be perfectly honest: with that Baby unborn, there really is no WAY you’d be able to fly across most of a continent and really focus on a Retreat, no matter how compelling the content or marvelous the company!!! =)

  58. I love everything you produce, but that baby cardigan is just beautiful.

    I’m making a prediction that the baby girl will arrive on my birthday – March 16th 🙂

    Everyone stay healthy!

  59. “She gives me a baby and I give her the goods. No exceptions.”

    That line made me giggle! Pretty much how you have to get TP around here nowadays… 😉

  60. Your work is, of course, amazing, & that embroidery is exquisite!
    Just a heads up about being a cool grandmother though-
    2 years ago , when my daughter was pregnant with her second (my NINTH grandchild) she was bummed because she wanted a second boy but was getting a girl, & to cheer her up, I knitted a pineapple hat. Then a pear hat. Then an apple. Then a cupcake. Then a bear. Then a dinosaur for her brother…
    Grandmas have no chill for babies
    Grandmas have no chill for babies

    • THIS is hilarious!!!!! I hope your daughter lives somewhere that has a nice long chilly so that at least you could PRETEND that there was a practical requirement for that wide a variety of headgear…!!

  61. What a beautiful shawl! And your bullion knots! Be still my heart! I’ve wrestled with those for years and am completely incapable of making successful ones.
    I think she’s self-quarantining till the insanity (not the virus, just the panic) blows over. She’s one smart cookie (must be in her genes, eh?) Hugs!

  62. Any cobblestones for Meg to ride over?

    I strongly suspect that, if you were a Grandma 10 tomes more, you still wouldn’t be chill.

    Enjoy. When is next bout of nasty weather (since the full moon has past)?

  63. The wee sweater is beyond pretty. Will be lovely to see it on a wee there going to be a bonnet to match? Just asking…

  64. Clearly, this baby already knows you well, and is just holding out to get even more handknit goods out of you. She knows the longer she makes you wait, the more you’ll knit for her.

    That photo of Meg & family is beautiful!

  65. Check out the bonnet on the IG account of susanbanderson it is adorable! Meg and family look very happy, I hope the baby comes soon. Love the sweater!

  66. Either there is more than one baby in there, or she’s going to be more than a 10 pounder when she arrives!

  67. My daughter was three weeks late having her first baby. It was the longest three weeks of my life! The baby is going to be 7 next week! Funny how waiting seems to take forever then time moves to light speed when the baby arrives! I mean look at Elliot. It only seems like a few months ago you were waiting for him. Love your knitting and embroidery. Luckiest baby ever!

  68. I’m imagining the baby yet to arrive waiting to welcome another baby of her own, and taking out these wee heirlooms you’ve just made and marveling at how perfect they are and maybe having a little bit of a cry over them and calling you to kvell. XOXOXO

  69. Yes! Saw on Instagram– others here: Run, do not walk, to Instagram!!!

    Beautiful, perfect, exquisite– Meg’s work is even finer than your knitting!

  70. Thanks for this comment, I’ve been checking in here for days but forgot to look at Instagram. What a little munchkin! Those cheeks!

  71. My Aunt Lisa is a grandmother 9 times over a 16 year period. She was so funny and sweet when at grandchild number 13 or 14 she exclaimed, “I get so excited for each grandbaby, but I get more excited as each one comes along! I just can’t wait!!!” I think she gets more excited since she knows how much fun/lovely they are with their Nana.

  72. beyond chuffed just to see this beauty, and i had little to nothing to do with it other than remembering my own gran and my memories and the delight your words, books, and family have brought to the last ten, twentyish years. this illness is a terrible time, but the blessings of another beautiful spirit and life is glorious, bless megan and all her loved ones, i’m so glad to learn and know of the success of the birth, and for you dear to see the lovely crafts you share with your loveys

  73. Yes, I know its now July, but I’ve just got back to reading your wonderful blog (I’ll call it covid19 brain, and leave it there). I just want to say how I laughed at the line about being finished with baby knits. When my daughter was in labour I was finishing yet another project for baby. She is now 6 months old and I continue to knit like crazy for her. She is granddaughter number 5 (no boys) and her mom (and by extension, her) is so knitworthy I just get a little crazy. And her old two girls no longer care for grandma knits except the odd accessory like socks or mitts.
    Believe me, you will never have too many grandchildren that you get over it.

    • Well, now I’ve read further and I’m so very sad and so sorry for everything that has happened. Hugs.

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